ISEA2012 participants who did not publish in ISEA2012’s conference proceedings

Dear ISEA2012 presenters and artists,

On behalf of Media-N Journal please see the call below inviting ISEA2012 participants generally  – and in all theme and focus areas, including Artists Talks – who did not publish in ISEA2012’s conference proceedings, are invited to submit full papers and proceedings for consideration in the current Media-N publication by April 19th

Please direct all questions to Pat Badani ( or Andrea Polli (

Call for Papers:

ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition.


We are pleased to announce that ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness and 516 ARTS is partnering with Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus in order to publish a selection of conference proceedings in a dedicated online edition that will go live September 2013.

[1] Title of the Edition:

ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition.


[2] Editorial Team:

Guest Editors:

ISEA2012 Artistic Director Andrea Polli; Latin American Focus Leader Andres Burbano; Education Focus Leaders Agnes Chavez & Anita McKeown; and Econotopias Theme Leader Stephanie Rothenberg.



Media-N’s Editor-in Chief (Pat Badani) and a team of the journal’s Associate Editors will work with Co-Guest Editors in an editorial workflow that adheres to Media-N’s editorial guidelines.




April 19th 2013: Submission deadline


ISEA2012 participants generally  – and in the theme and focus areas below, including Artists Talks – who did not publish in ISEA2012’s conference proceedings, are invited to submit full papers and proceedings for consideration in the current Media-N publication by April 19th:


1-Wildlife: Trans-Species Habitats.


2-The Cosmos: Radical Cosmologies.


3-Creative Economies: Ecnotopias.


4-Power: Griddlocked.


5-Transportation: Dynamobilities


6-Latin American Forum.


7-Education Program.


8-Artists Talks and other papers.




June 2013: Notification of acceptance for this special edition




[4] Submission Guidelines


Please submit your paper/proceeding and media to the ISEA2012-MediaN email address below.




Email subject area: Designate the track of your submission + Title, for example:


TRACK 2: The Cosmos: Radical Cosmologies-Title.


TRACK 7: Education Program-Title


TRACK 8: Artists Talks and other papers





[5] Publication Guidelines:


All papers are to follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. Please check out specific details under Publication Guidelines in the link below. Do not send requests for special consideration deviating from these guidelines.






Word Count:


2000 word count. Please check our guidelines (above link) for specific information about content format and style.




You may submit one media file to illustrate your submission. Please refer to the Publication Guidelines (above link) for specific media specs.




[6] Questions:


If you have questions please contact ISEA2012 Artistic Director Andrea Polli and Editor-in-Chief of Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus Pat Badani:



[7] About Media-N Journal:

Media-N is an online and print journal that was established in 2005 to provide a forum for New Media Caucus members, featuring their scholarly research, artworks and projects. The New Media Caucus is an international non-profit association formed to promote the development and understanding of new media art. The NMC ­a College Art Association Affiliate Society­­ represents artists, designers, practitioners, historians, theoreticians, educators, students, scholars, and researchers, as well as like-minded organizations with interests including, but not limited to, digital media, electronic media, mobile media, virtual media, and emergent media. Our purpose is to support and advance a diverse range of inquiry in order to catalyze further evolution of the field of new media art.




Sue Gollifer is currently the Director of the ISEA International Headquarters. She is an artist, a Principal Lecturer in Fine Art and the Course Leader for Digital Media Arts MA and a researcher and curator at the University of Brighton, UK. She is on a number of National and International Committees, including (CAS) the Computer Arts Society, (DAM), Digital Art Museum, and (DAC) the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community. She is currently the ACM Chair of ‘The Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art’.

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