ISEA95 May 1995


                               THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                             EXTRA EDITION, MAY 1995

Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Peter Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko
(US/Canada), Paul Brown (Australia), Annick Bureaud (France), Jurgen Claus
(Germany), Roger Malina (US), Rejane Spitz (Brazil). Lay-out: Rene Pare
(Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth Shostak. 
ISEA, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tel/fax 31-10-4778605, 
Email: ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@SARA.NL (Newsletter)

September 17-24, 1995
An invitation to hear, see and touch electronic art

Come fall 1995, electronic-art researchers and practitioners from the
world over will converge on Montreal.

After Utrecht, Groningen, Sydney, Minneapolis and Helsinki, Montreal has
the privilege of hosting the upcoming edition of the International
Symposium on Electronic Art, a major annual event of growing significance.

ISEA95 is a "must" for all artists, researchers, theoreticians and
scientists who want to meet and present the latest developments in their
work. It is also an ideal opportunity for those interested in new techno
logies to discover and understand the newest art forms: virtual reality,
interactive installations, telepresence, network art, robotics, multimedia
performances, music and sound art, and more.

This year, ISEA95 Montreal will organize discussions, hold a variety of
round tables and present over 15 distinguished guest speakers to create an
exciting atmosphere celebrating the most innovative creations.


A city at the crossroads of two cultures, Montreal will offer ISEA
participants a first: a chance to present their work, exchange views and
gain access to material in two languages, English and French.

Taking full advantage of the energy of Montreal's artistic community,
ISEA95 will spread its activities over an extensive network of venues.
Museums, galleries, research centres, artists associations and universi
ties are all partners in the Symposium program. This broad-based involve
ment will show off the city's cultural effervescence while enabling
Montrealers to appreciate the vitality of their up-to-the-minute creative

Fall in Quebec is the season many consider its most glorious, a season of
brilliant multicoloured foliage and mild weather (a light sweater is
usually all you need). All this make ISEA95 a gathering you can't afford
to miss!


ISEA95 MONTREAL is a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors, an
Honorary Committee, an Organizing Committee and an International Program
Committee. The 6th International Symposium on Electronic Art, like the
preceding editions, is endorsed by the Inter-Society for the Electronic
Arts (ISEA), an umbrella organization established in the Netherlands in
1988 to offer an interdisciplinary platform for artists and researchers
working in the field of new technologies.

Louise Poissant, President, Henry See, Vice-President, Luc Courchesne,
Vice-President, Denis Martineau, Treasurer, Alain Mongeau, Secretary.

Francois Colbert, Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Chaire of Arts Management,
Francis Fox, Martineau Walker, Germaine Gibara, Caisse de depot et de
placement du Quebec, Monic Houde, Bell Canada, Communications, Daniel
Langlois, SOFTIMAGE, Paule Leduc, Universite du Quebec, Enseignement et
recherche, Marcel Masse, Groupe CFC

Michael Century (Special Events), Luc Courchesne (New Art Marketplace),
Greg Garvey (Conferences), Denis Martineau (Publications), Eric Mattson
(Emergent Senses Cafe), Alain Mongeau (Exhibitions), Bruce Pennycook
(Performances), Don Ritter (Performances), Cynthia Beth Rubin (Conferen

Roy Ascott, United Kindom, Paul Brown, Australia, Hank Bull, Canada,
Juergen Claus, Germany, Derrick de Kerckhove, Canada, Sara Diamond,
Canada, Anne-Marie Duguet, France, Vera Frenkel, Canada, Craig Harris,
USA, Theo Hesper, Indonesia, Robin G King, Canada, Machiko Kusahara,
Japan, Roger F Malina, USA,  Jolle Metzger, France, Simon Penny, USA,
Rejane Spitz, Brazil, Minna Tarkka, Finland, Wim van der Plas, Nether
lands, Roman Verostko, USA, Gary Warner, Australia

Alain Mongeau, Program Chair, Monique Savoie, Coordinator, Nancy Tobin,
Production Director, Claude Schryer, Assistant to the Program Chair

                             M A I N   P R O G R A M


The central theme of ISEA95 Montreal, Emergent Senses, is an invitation to
examine and investigate the relationship between the viewer, technology
and the works emerging from it. It is also intended to guide participants
through a series of reflections on the development and exploration of new
contents and the different forms of access to them.

The great diversity of artists approaches and the array of multisensory
experiences offered by the Symposium will give tangible expression to
thoughts on the media implications of technology, changes in sensory
perception and aesthetic sensibility, and new ways of relating and
communicating between individuals. The merging of art and technology that
will characterize ISEA95 Montreal will be most conducive for taking stock
of this fast-evolving scene.


Papers, Panels and Round Tables

The conference will bring together some 100 artists and will allow several
hundred delegates to participate in exploring current issues raised by the
production and dissemination of technological art. The papers, panels and
round tables will offer you an opportunity to discuss the visionary ideas
of the many artists, aestheticians, philosopher/critics and managers from
the art world who will take part in the conference. The program will
enliven the conference formula by publishing the proceedings in advance,
in order to stimulate and open up the discussions.

Poster Sessions

The poster sessions will give artists a chance to present their work in a
more informal setting.


A variety of workshops introducing or teaching selected technological
applications will be offered. The content of these workshops will be
announced in the final program.

Forum: "Convergence Between Culture and Technology: The Role of Govern
ment" (concurrent with ISEA95)

Technological, socioeconomic and political changes call for a radical
overhaul of traditional approaches toward government involvement in the
field of culture. Canada is certainly affected by this new reality. The
Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Chair of Arts Management), in
collaboration with the Department of Canadian Heritage, is organizing an
international forum to examine some of these issues.



The exhibition program will feature the works of 100 or so artists from
more than 40 countries. A circuit will cover a dozen sites throughout
Montreal, connecting the individual character of each of the host locati
ons with the national and international nature of the exhibitions.


The performing arts will join together with new technologies to present a
series of shows that will highlight the conference program. Words, sounds,
music, lighting and actors=D5 performances will be redefined by these
multimedia and acoustic experiences.

Electronic Cinema

The presentation of the 9th International Computer Animation Competition,
organised by Images du futur/Cite des arts et des nouvelles technologies
de Montreal, will offer a panorama of the current production using
computer image processing.

New Art Marketplace

The New Art Marketplace will provide a venue for consulting various
electronic publications on arts-related subjects and will allow the
general public to browse through a prototype of the bookstore of tomorrow.
This project is developed in cooperation with the Universite de Montreal's
Ecole de design industriel.

Emergent Senses Cafe

Chance encounters, new friendships and informal discussions will play a
part in the success of ISEA95. The Emergent Senses=D5 Cafe will foster
such exchanges and will be a hub of ongoing activities with an assorted
program of events, performances, video screenings, and so on.

The Cafe will also host special telepresence projects, setting up a
virtual space based on selective real-time links with other sites,
including Quebec City, Toronto, Banff, Vancouver, New York and Los

Special Events (partial list)

"Electronic Neighborhood," a large-scale interactive television experi
ment, produced jointly with Videoway and New York University's School of
Interactive Telecommunications.

"Lascaux," a virtual visit to the Lascaux caves, offered by artist
Benjamin Britton, in collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Archaeology
and History, Pointe-a-Calliere.

"Multimediale 3," a selection of works presented at the 1993 Zentrum fur
Kunst und Medientechnologie biennial, held in Karlsruhe, Germany.

and, in collaboration with the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal:

"Osmose," the world premiere of a virtual-reality installation by Char
Davies of Softimage.

Trial run by Robert Lepage: first draft of a multimedia piece based on the
character of Hamlet, presented in exclusivity to the ISEA95 deleguates.

"Le tunnel sous l'Atlantique" (Tunnel under the Atlantic), an experimental
telepresence project with France, by Maurice Benayoun.

ISEA95 Pre-registration

Since places are limited for ISEA95, participants are strongly advised to
pre-register. Some venues have limited capacity, so priority will be given
to those registered first. The registration fee includes four lunches
(Sept 19 to 22), conference proceedings and access to all ISEA95 events,
except for workshops and the Forum, for which there will be a separate
registration once the final program is released.

Early registration (before July 1).Full registration (from July 1 on)

Regular pass:   $300 (Early registration (before July 1)
                $400 (Full registration (from July 1 on)
Student pass (with proof of student status): $200

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Method of payment:
Cheque (payable to ISEA95 Montreal)

Credit card: __MasterCard __Visa
Account number:___________________________________
Expiry date:______________________________________
Name of cardholder:_______________________________

Postal code_______________________________________
Phone:  Work_____________________

__I would like to receive the final program before registering for ISEA95
__I would like to receive information on the Forum "Convergence Between
Culture and Technology: The Role of Government"

*Registrations will be confirmed by return mail.
*Final program to be available July 1

The logistics of the event have been designed to make your participation
as stimulating as possible and to fully enhance your stay.

The ISEA95 Montreal headquarters will be set up at the Hotel Le Meridien,
which will be the Symposium nerve centre and where the lunches will be
served. All of the suggested hotels are located in the heart of Montreal,
in the area of greatest artistic concentration, about 10 minutes' walk
from Old Montreal and the St. Lawrence River.

Room rates, per night, are as follows (in Canadian dollars):
$35-$50 :Bed & breakfasts and small hotels (limited quantity,so reserve
$75 :Hotel des Gouverneurs
$95 :Holiday Inn
$105    :Hotel Le Meridien - Symposium headquarters

All prices quoted are special ISEA95 Montreal rates and are the same for
single or double occupancy, so join up with a friend and come to the
Symposium together -- a two-for-one hotel bargain!

TO RESERVE, contact L'Office du tourisme et des congres de Montreal 1555
Peel Street, Suite 600, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1X6. Tel: 1-514-844-0848,


AIR CANADA Air Canada offers substantial airfare savings, from 15% to 50%,
on travel in North America and 25% on cargo from all destinations. For
North American travellers, contact the Air Canada Central Hot Line
1-800-361-7585, for others, contact your closest Air Canada office. In all
cases, ask the agent to enter CV951219 in the 'LT Code Box' of the ticket,
regardless of the fare basis.

ISEA95_Montreal, #310 - 307 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC,
Canada H2X 2A3. Tel: +1-514-990-0229, Fax: +1-514-842-7459, Email:, ftp/gopher, WWW,  list-e

To subscribe to the ISEA95_Montreal mailing list, send the message:
"SUBSCRIBE ISEA95"   with no subject header to:


Mediamatic Interactive Publishing for:
Thames and Hudson, London / New York
BIS Publishers, Amsterdam
Bangert Verlag, Germany
and Co-Publishers in Japan and France

Multimedia Graphics 1 will be a high-production-value book with an overview
of the very best examples of current Multi Media design in the world. It will
be an exciting reference work for professionals in the field of design and
media as well as a very attractive showcase for the general public. 

Publishing date: fall 1995. Deadline May 21 1995

the projects needn't to be finished yet, (syquests, golddisks, M.O.-s,
floppy's etc are welcome as well) but should be published in the end.
People who are interested in submitting their project can send it to:

Mediamatic Interactive Publishing (MMip)
Jorinde Seijdel
Postbus 17490
1001 JL  Amsterdam, the Netherlands

for more information, please mail: 

and/or check:


We are very pleased to invite you to participate in an international part
of project called 'Manuscripts'.
The 'Manuscripts' project will have three parts:
-internet or fax project
-interactive multimedia application

You can send your art materials for 'Manuscript'-project by email or fax.
You can send works by internet like attached files in different formats
such as: PICT, GIF, TIFF. All the works we will print in colour (or black
and white, depend on original) and prepare for exhibition.
Works sent by fax we will exhibit directly, like fax originals.
All the works will be exhibited. After the exhibition SCHRODER Foundation
will make a kind of 'Manuscript Book'. Each participant will get one
example of the book, also with the SCHRODER journal that will be published
for this project. in the last part of the project, we will use all of your
works (with your agreement) for preparing interactive multimedia applica-
tion. This publication will probably be published in the form of CD-ROM.

You are free to send all kinds of thinking and creating on the subject
'manuscripts'. But, the idea is to create electronic (computer based)
manuscripts, or classic based manuscripts (drawings, collages, photos etc)
that are transported by the electronic highway or fax.
The Old Testament, stories from the Bible, manuscripts of Talmud, predictions
of Mohammed, Budda's visions,..... all those are sources of deep and distant
spiriualism. All those documents essential for our civilization are recorded
in the form of manuscripts that are rich in aesthetic and visual (decorative)
values. The theme of the exhibition is manuscripts that are seen, experienced
and transformed through vision and experience of the art of XX century,
through intention of making of reminiscence of artefact - simply, manuscripts
as aesthetic source.

Deadline for sending the works is 30th May 1995. The opening of the
exhibition 'Manuscripts' will be on June 10th 1995 in the SCHRODER
Galerie/Ateliers, Anna Paulownastraat 56a, Den Haag, Holland.
For further information please contact: 
Predrag Sidjanin, Edisonstraat 90, 2561 BH Den Haag, Holland.
Tel: 31-70-3620082, E-mail:


The Solart Global Network World Wide Web Homepage has been on the World
Wide Web now since January.  We are looking to develop pages for each of
the artists, institutions and affilated activites by the Launch of the
Solart Global Network effort: June 21st--Summer Solstice--through August
30, 1995.  

Please take the time to fill out the following survey to insure that 
the Solart Global Network (which could well be an ongoing  endeavor)
properly recognizes your contribution and serves to  stimulate others to
investigate and create with solar energy.  

The format is the following:

On the Solart Global Network Homepage, there is a section for 
"Participating Artists", "Affiliated Institutions" and "Associated 
Activities".  If a "web surfer" clicks on the "Participating Artists", a 
list of participating artists by country is accessed.  The next level, 
the one under construction at this time, is linking individual profiles 
and a single representative artwork.  These would be hypertext links 
from "Participating Artists"--etc.  

Please complete the following survey as succinctly and thoroughly 
as you can.  If there are major survey aspects which you do not see 
included, please inform the Solart Global Network coordinator in 
your region.  

I. Graphics:
    Please send a single, most telling graphic either as a '.GIF' or 
    '.JPEG' file or, if those formats are not available, in '.ppt' or 
    '.tiff' for mac or dos platforms.  

II. Please provide the following:
    *Artist name
    *Contact Information
        *City, State, Zip
    *Solar medium
    *Participating in the following Solart Global Network      
        1) Exhibits
        2) Video/TV
        3) Electronic media/WWW  (this effort--or the WWW   
            Solart Global Network Homepage out of   
            Cologne, Germany--see Institute for Media   
        4) Publications: contact Juergen Claus for regular  
            publication in the journal, Leonardo        

        5) Seeking (whatever resource you might want to     
            contact for the next step/phase in the      
            development of your work) e.g. Architect    
            Associate: willing to joint venture on 1% for   
            Arts Programs funding in US

        Include as well:

        1) Birthplace and date
        2) Education
        3) Commissions
        4) Patents
        5) Solo Exhibitions
        6) Group Exhibitions
        7) Awards and Grants
        8) publications

There are two upcoming opportunitites to write about your work 
through the YLEM Newsletter, published monthly.  YLEM, the 
Artists Using Science and Technology, is a 14 year old 
contemporary arts non-profit organization..  A Special Issue of the 
YLEM Newsletter in  July on Art and the Environment will be 
edited by Anita Margrill, an instructor at the San Francisco Art 
Institute and a Solartist who uses sun and wind in her sculpture.  
The theme will be Art and the Environment.  Solartists and those 
supportive of the Solart Global Network are invited to submit 
information and observations by the end of June c/o Anita Margrill, 
670 Shotwell, San Francisco, CA.  94110, phone/fax: 415-826-

The August issue will include more Solartists as I will be building 
towards an Ylem Forum--a Solart Global Network Event sponsored  
by Ylem, Artists Using Science and Technology, Leonardo/ISAST, 
and the Exploratorium, an YLEM Forum on September 6, 1995 in 
San Francisco, California at the Exploratorium.  Juergen and Nora 
Claus, the instigator of the Solart Global Network,  has been invited 
to attend.  I will coordinate and present this event. 

If you have access to public relations or publications leads, there 
are a spectrum of events planned in the San Francisco Bay Area in 
celebration of the Solart Global Network.  If would be HOT to be 
able to produce a calendar of "Solart Open Spaces--Houses and 
Institutions" or the like from Summer Solstice through the end of 
August.  Anyone with leads or the interest to coordinate "Solart 
Summer Calendar of Events," do not hesitate to call me or contact 
me on line.  It is time to catch the Summer Sun!

Many thanks for your continuing creativity and willingness to 
contribute to the Solart Global Network.  Please do take the time 
and make the effort to seek out WWW access--Berkeley Public 
Library has a World Wide Web site now! The Solart Survey, as 
noted above, is also on the Solart Global Network Homepage.  You 
could answer online! 

Theodosia Ferguson, 1642 Milvia #4, Berkeley, CA  94709, Phone: 
510-548-7490; Fax: 510-548-7942; email:; 
Solart Global Network HomePage:  http://www-

Sunday May 7 1995, admittance from 13.00hrs, start programme 14.00uur

>From January 1995 V2_Organisatie presents a monthly programme named
WIRETAP, this programme is an informal series highlighting current
developments in the field of non-lieair media like Internet (World Wide
Web), CD-ROM, CD-i and Virtual Reality. A focus will be on the relation
between these media.
The audience has a free internet access in order to explore image and
sound archives by art and science insititutions and individual artists.
Furthermore we offer the possbility to view CD-ROM individually.


A programme on the possibilities for new ways of literature in the
electronic age. Presented by Louis Stiller in cooperation with Jules
Marshall (UK) and Gerard Unger (NL).

Louis Stiller is the winner of the ECI-essay contest in 1991 with his
essay titled 'the Machine that contains the Song'. Stiller states herein
that the transfer of culture took place using various means of cultural
expression simultaneously (like the story-teller singing his story and the
magic lantern show and its explainer). In a next stage technology limited
the possibilities, and nowadays we have new possibilities, using digital
multi-media, to combine text, image and sound in an interactive way.
Together with Peter Mertens, Louis Stiller owns a publishing company named
ALBUM ( for CD-ROM and other non-lineair media.

Writing vs the Image
Focussing on written culture versus image culture

Writer vs Reader
Highlighting various examples of literature on floppy-disc, in these
examples the writers regain the power of the interactive product: the
reader still makes the choices, the software however deletes the choices
that were not made.

Hardware vs Software
A focus on the (im)possibilities for publishing in the electronic age and
on the hardware limits for graphic design.

Internet vs the Bookshop
Points of interest are: magazines, bulletin boards and other forms of
electronic publishing on Internet.


Louis Stiller will discuss the themes mentioned above and he will present
a number of examples of non-lineair literature. Furthermore he will speak
with Jules Marchall (UK), editor for WIRED - and one of the collaborators
on the predecessor of WIRED, the Dutch magazine Electric Word - Marshall
will speak about publishing, magazines and Internet. The second guest for
WIRETAP 1.4 is Dutch typographer Gerard Unger, his main focus will be on
the (im)possibilities for graphic design for new media.

Some examples for non-lineair literature are:

'Poetry in Motion' - Ron Mann (Voyager - Mac): an older title, presenting
the works of various American poets.

'the Clue' - Robert Kendall (PC): a poet who earned a stipendium for
realising this work after he stunned the world with his 'SoftPoetry'.

'Afternoon' - Michael Joyce (Mac): the archetypal hypertext book. Many
times awarded. Published by Eastgate.

'Victory Garden' - Stuart Moulthrop (Mac): prof Stuart is the second
renowned writer for the Eastgate company.

'Agrippa' - William Gibson: a collectors publication by Gibson presenting
some details of his personal life. The work destroys (!!!) itself after
one minute of reading. 

'Blam' (Voyager - Mac): an interactive magazine in CD-ROM. A hypermedi
a-journal named 'sadomasochist propaganda'.

'All my Hummingbirds have Alibis' - Morton Subotnik (Voyager - Mac):
inspired by the Devil's Novels by Max Ernst. On the eternal themes love,
hate and life.

'I Photograph to Remember' - Pedro Meyer (Voyager - Mac): an older but
clarifying title, a photographer on the life of his parents who escaped
the Nazi-regime in the 40s.

Info: V2_Organisatie, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012XL Rotterdam, The Nether
lands. Tel: 31.10.404.6427, fax: 31.10.412.8562, e-mail:

Dear SIGGRAPH colleague:

In adition to my participation on this list serve, I am also a member of 
the Board of Directors for the College Art Association.  One of my 
duties there is co-chair of the Committee on Electronic Information.  
The weekend of May 20 & 21, I will attend a mini-conference hosted by 
CAA's Committee on Intellectual Property to discuss the adoption of 
CAA's position on fair use of visual material in both print and 
electronic media.

As members of the SIGGRAPH art task force, you can be very useful in the 
establishment of policies directly related to what visual artists think 
and need. SIGGRAPH has a very important role to play  and an important 
contribution to make in this concern.

CAA is looking at ways in which visual images should appropriately be 
used on the network in a way that will respect the rights of artists, 
scholars and museums.  The internet has changed the old way we do 
business.  We would like to hear the concerns artists have in terms of 
how their images might be used on the net.  As the artist, you have 
copyright to your images and the right to determine how those images are 

 I would like whatever feedback you can provide me with before May 10 to 
the following hypothetical questions and scenarios that are or might 
occur in relation to your images and their use electronically on the 

1) What are some concerns that you might have about the use of your 

     a)  would you like or allow your images to be re-used by students and 
educational institutions as fair use?

     b)  would you allow your images to be changed and appropriated as 
of another artist's work?

2) Might there be statements individual artists could put on their WEB 
pages so stating appropriate use?

     a) do you have any wording you think would be helpful?

3) Is their a  certain DPI you use intentionally for advertising 
purposes only that you put on the net, noting that higher resolution 
images could be purchased by the artist? 

4) How do yo allow other's to use your images?  Can they freely download 
and put your images on the net?

5) How do you distinguish between an original image that has been 
produced electronically from an image that is represented by a slide in 
its representation on the net?

6)  Do you differentiate betwen advertising ploys to show your work and 
educational interest in which no profit is to be made and the aim is to 
share your work with students?

     e.g., if you were the producer of an outdoor sculpture, that I as an 
art hstorian photographed where it was publicly installed and I wanted 
to download my slide of your sculpture on to the net for eduational 
uses, what caveats would you, as the artist, expect, require, demand?

[NOTE: If you can think of other "hypothetical scenarios" like this one 
with appropriate responses, please include in your e-mail to me.]

) What other issues would you like a group like CAA to present to the 
government committee (NII) in their revising of the copyright laws as 
they are effected by the digital revolution -- in particular, 
intellectual property and fair use of printed and electronic media?

 Please send your response to me directly at: rather than to the Siggraph list serve. If 
you want to continue this conversation with each othe, please send to 
both.  Needless to say there is alot to sort out and many scenarios to 
consider, but I would like to represent your interests and concerns at 
this mini-conference so that the perceptions and points of view of 
visual artists working in electronic media can be heard and included.  

Thank you in advance for your input and responses.  

 Nancy Macko
 Professor of Art and
 Director, Scripps Computer Art Lab
 Scripps College, Claremont, CA 91711 
 909/621-8555 x3628

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those
members can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses
mentioned in this Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept),  Amsterdam University,
V2 Organisation,  YLEM,  ISAST,  Media Research, Museum der Stad Gladbeck,
The Council for the Int. Bienale in Nagoya,  CSL Computers,  Viking
Eggeling-Salskapet,  Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts & Design,  Softimage
Inc,  Lokman Productions, ARTCOM in Deutschland e.V., Tampere School of
Art & Communications,  Nordiska Konstskolan, Painatuskeskus Oy, Tallinn
Art University Estonia, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BSO
Medialab, Koln Academy for Media Arts.

End of Newsletter


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