#044 Aug 1995


                               THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                                 #44 AUGUST 1995

Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Peter Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko
(US/Canada), Paul Brown (Australia), Annick Bureaud (France), Jurgen Claus
(Germany), Roger Malina (US), Rejane Spitz (Brazil).
Lay-out: Rene Pare (Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth
Shostak. Honorary Member: Herbert W. Franke
               ISEA, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
                             Tel/fax 31-10-4778605, 
         Email: ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@SARA.NL (Newsletter)
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Wim van der Plas

As usual, SIGGRAPH was a madhouse. Thirty five thousand people attended this
year, in the L.A. Convention Center - a new record. The Art Show was small,
with very few interactive installations, and many pictures traditionally
hung, but the quality was high. Interactive installations had their own space
('Interactive Communities/Interactive Entertainment'), but there was not much
that could be called art. A real (artistic) improvement were the Artist &
Designer Sketches - morning sessions in which artists talked about their
work. These sessions were set up by Art Show Chair Ken O'Connell and chaired
by Eduardo Kac.
The most important news at SIGGRAPH was the (almost) completion of Toy Story,
a feature length 3-D computer animated movie, produced by Disney in
cooperation with Pixar. Steve Jobs, giving the key note address, talked about
nothing else, calling it an important milestone, realized in the 100th
anniversary of cinema. Jobs, founder of Apple and NeXt, is now Chairman of

Since ISAST was not represented, this time, it was an ISEA meeting only at
SIGGRAPH, on the 10th of August. Cynthia Rubin and Greg Garvey presented the
very impressive program of ISEA95. As in Helsinki last year, a boat trip has
been arranged, on Sunday September 17 to one of the exhibition venues. Some
very impressive names are on the program, like Douglas Hofstadter ('Goedel,
Esscher, Bach'). An experiment this year is to reserve much more space for
panel discussions this time, instead of papers being read. The
representatives of ISEA96 will monitor this change in order to see whether
this improves the quality of the symposium. This will be the first bi-lingual
ISEA Symposium (French/English) and it already promises to be the best
attended so far. The price of ISEA95 is 400 CAN$ (full registration), $360 
for ISEA members. Student registration without lunches is only $125.
Remember: Canadian $$ are only some .70 US$.

Cees Waal (President) and Anton van Gemert (director of the Art School) of
the Rotterdam Regional College (H.R.& O.) presented their plans for ISEA96.
Although it will be difficult to beat Montreal, the planned cooperation with
the R96 Festival (organized by the City of Rotterdam) and the Dutch
Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), organized by V2, should result in an
impressive event, both large scale and high quality. A preliminary version 
of the Call for Participation was distributed (see our Website).

The ISEA meeting at SIGGRAPH was successful, as always, but the attendance is
about the same every year. The people are never the same of course, but
always a number between 50 and 80. Last year, we distributed some 1000 small
flyers among the people queing up for the Electronic Theater. Additionally we
had a little booth space, courtesy of the Educational Committee, from where
we distributed many more flyers. It did not make any difference. One
conclusion may be that no more than 0.25 percent of the Siggraph 
attendees are interested in electronic art. 

However, this can not be true. The meeting on art last year, was an occasion
for many artists to express their dissatisfaction with the position of art
within the SIGGRAPH events -see the ISEA Newsletter #32- and was attended by
some 2000 people! In any case, that meeting resulted in the founding of the 
SIGGRAPH Art Task Force, later renamed to SIGGRAPH Art & Design Forum. And
all year, there was active discussion via e-mail. The Forum's meeting was
right after the ISEA meeting, in the same room. However, less people turned
up for that meeting than for the ISEA meeting! Perhaps the wave of protest
has died out already?

In the mean time, ISEA is discussing cooperation with SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH as a
very large scale technical conference and commercial trade show is probably
not the best environment for an electronic art event. So, both SIGGRAPH and
the ISEA Symposia have their own place. We are looking for ways for SIGGRAPH
to support us and of course, how we can be useful to SIGGRAPH.

The article on Ars Electronica in Newsletter #43 contains an error. The
energy company of Linz, mentioned as a main sponsor, has nothing to do with
Ars Electronica. Thus they are not going to be on the Board of A.E. either. 
The city of Linz will be represented in the Board. 
We are awaiting a short article by Christine Schopf about the changes at Ars
Electronica. We hope to publish it in the next Newsletter.

Wouter Vanden Broeck is looking for people that are interested in 
setting up a Belgian branch of ISEA.
Contact: Wouter.VandenBroeck@ping.be
Wouter also asked us to let you know this exciting Web address:

"Interfacing Realities"
21 - 26 November  1995, V2_Organisatie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

WORLD WIDE WEB SITES - Call for Contributions
During the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF 95, V2_Organisatie
will be producing a special program for the presentation of
outstanding WWW sites. We are inviting suggestions of such sites
and the submission of URLs for consideration by 15 September.

DEAF95 is an international art event, presenting a wide spectrum of art
productions created by, with or thanks to the use of new technology. This
festival consists of concerts, performances, lectures, demonstrations, and
exhibitions. The central theme of the festival is 'Interfacing Realities'.
Artists and scientists will visualize our changing view on human-machine
DEAF95 will enable the general audience to get to know the achievements and
productions of the electronic arts. DEAF95 will also provide a platform where
artists, researchers, scientists and the audience can meet each other and
exchange ideas. DEAF95 is a festival which will link art (film, video, music,
design, architecture) and science (biology, robotics, physics), presenting a
view on current technological developments in relation to art and society.

DEAF95 is organized by V2_Organisatie, in cooperation with ISEA-NL and
Lantaren/Venster Theatre, all located in Rotterdam. The festival will take
place in several locations in Rotterdam, including the Lantaren/Venster
Theatre, the V2_Building, and the Harbour Simulator.

The last year and a half have shown an explosive growth in the use of
Internet and, more specifically, the World Wide Web. More and more artists
and institutions use the Internet as a platform to launch their projects. The
development of this platform for the arts is the central issue in this part
of the program.

Call for Contributions and Suggestions
We are inviting individuals and institutions to make suggestions of
outstanding WWW sites for presentation during DEAF95. The sites should
explore the characteristics and the potentials of the medium, and they should
present creative and innovative artistic solutions.

All contributions and suggestions will be evaluated. A selection of five
outstanding projects will be on show as part of a special WWW exhibition
during DEAF95, and will be presented during the World Wide Web Day on Sunday,
26 November.

Additionally, we are inviting suggestions of outstanding CD ROM productions,
a selection of which will be presented in a special setup during the

All entries should be submitted by 30 September 1995.

For entries and further enquiries, please, e-mail, mail, call or fax:
V2_Organisatie, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31.10.404.6427, Fax: +31.10.412.8562, Email: v2@v2.nl
URL: http://www.vpro.nl/www/arteria/V2onW3/Icons/V2Page.html

November 7 - 11  1995, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The third Doors of Perception this November has a new approach, a new
theme, and a new format. This letter is to give you a first opportunity to
take part before we publish the programme more widely.

Our new APPROACH is to be pro-active about interactive multi-media and
global networks. The question raised by the first two Doors conferences
basically was, "what is this stuff for?". People from many disciplines and
countries were excited by the question - but we did not receive a
convincing answer ! So this year our aim is to drive the industry's agenda
- not simply respond to it.

Our new THEME therefore is 'Info-Eco'. Doors of Perception 3 will ask: "in
what ways might information technology contribute to environmental

Because large conferences are not very interactive, our new FORMAT centres
on a series of 12 three-day workshops in which 15 professionals from a
variety of disciplines will develop scenarios and a presentation in
response to a set of questions. These workshops will be run in parallel
with four high-level professional seminars. These two strands converge at
an all-day 'Big Event' on 11 November when the results will be presented
for the first time.

We have three aims for Doors of Perception 3:

* develop scenarios for a convergence of 'info' and 'eco'
* make these scenarios visible and therefore capable of being acted upon
* foster projects and collaborations, and stimulate business

We can look after a maximum of 180 workshop participants, so we cannot
guarantee everyone a place. Workshop commissioners will select applications
in the light of each workshop's aims and will therefore look for the best
balance of skills and experience in each group. If you don't want to or
cannot participate in the workshops, we have 300 extra places in the four
seminars from 7 - 10 November and 550 in the 'Big Event' on 11 November. A
brochure with the Final Programme will be published and sent to you in
September. Tickets for the plenary events can be purchased in advance by
returning part of the brochure to us, and will also be sold at the door at

Deadline for the Call for Participation: September 4th

For more information: Annelou Evelein or Yvonne Janssen
Keizersgracht 609 NL-1017 DS Amsterdam
Tel: 31-20-5516506, Fax: 31-20-6201031, Email: doors@design-inst.nl
Doors On Matter Environment: www.dds.nl/dome (from September/October)


A new computer animation studio founded by Canadian C.O.R.E. 
Digital Pictures is being set up in Potsdam, Germany. It will produce, among
others, TV Specials (science fiction stuff). 8 SGI workstations will be
installed in September, 8 more within half a year after that date. Software
includes Alias, Softimage, Wavefront, Prism and morphing software.
They are looking for both junior and senior computer animators.
The address is Virchowstrasse 23, D-14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany.
Contact Michaelle Rothmund in Berlin for more info: tel. 49-30-8027587.

Artists Wanted / Artists For Hire.
Website: http://www.3dartists.com/ads/jobs.htm
Info: tel 1-505-9823532, e-mail info@3dartist.com


Fifty artists are invited to participate and can send their contributions to
the collection area (the central computer) at any time by means of computer
modem or fax machine. The viewing sites can be set up any place one chooses
and in unlimited number. The viewing sites go into operation without
assistance, actualizing themselves automatically.
Info: tel 43-1-5228145, fax 4933429, e-mail kunstlabor@thing.or.at

Intermedia Project Research. A production and research platform for art and
new technology. It operates as an organizational and communicative interface
for the exploration of new informational media formats, and the elaboration
of artistic strategies with digital techniques and environments.
HILUS, Kleine Neugasse 12/3, A-1040 Vienna, Austria.
Tel: 43-1-581449-0, fax 3, e-mail hilus@thing.or.at
WWW: http://www.thing.or.at/thing/hilus.html

"YORB is delivering Interactive TV - all you need is a telephone and a TV to
navigate through our 3D world. YORB is 'Web TV' - what the Web might be 3-5
years in the future". Every Thursday  live on Manhattan Cable Channel 34, 11
pm - Midnight. Call in (in USA): 212-443yorb, BBS (upload your graphics and 
sounds): 1-212-9954330 or telnet: yorb.itp.nyu.edu.
E-mail: nick@inch.com
WWW: http://www.itp.tsoa.nyu.edu:80/~yorb/Yorb.html


ALBANY, New York.  eMUSIC - the compact disc sales program of Electronic
Music Foundation (EMF) - announces the publication of its summer catalog.

Through eMUSIC, serious music lovers worldwide have access to any and all
compact discs of experimental, exceptional, and/or electronic music --
including hard-to-find CDs and discs published by small companies or
independent composers.

Joel Chadabe, President of EMF, said: "Our goal is to find and contact
everyone in the world who has an interest in experimental and electronic
music, and to make CDs available to them through mailed and electronic

EMF was launched in September 1994 to disseminate information and materials
related to the history and current development of electronic music.

For more information about eMUSIC and its catalog of musical offerings,
contact Electronic Music Foundation via telephone at (518) 434-4110 (voice),
via fax to (518) 434-0308, or send an email message to: eMusc@aol.com.  Or
write to:  Electronic Music Foundation, 116 North Lake Avenue, Albany NY
12206, USA.

Electronic publication about culture of contemporaneity

The strong development and diffusion of technology, not only about
representation, simulation and communication in everyday life,  leads to a
lot of things to consider. Technological instruments concern themselves with
all aspects of our lives, from communication to didactics, from means of
trasportation to information, from new materials to environment, from
nourishment to entertainment, from medicine to biology, from architecture to
art... The "new nature" outlined is an anthropocentric, cultural habitat that
activates our body in its whole and sometimes  takes the place of the natural

NetMagazine BBS is a publication that concerns itself with the relationships
between culture and technology not only theoretically, by means of essays
from different fields and topics,  but also by pragmatically publishing plans
and artworks.

Instead NetMagazine in WWW is the multimedial and telecomunicative test
laboratory, where information is offered in a richer and more complex way. It
is a periodical publication, regularly updated, and open to the new graphical
interface and communication technologies, and is attentive with respect to
the graphic and the presentation of information.

So there are two different things, originating from the same source, and the
readers will be able to see both of them. All of this in the two editions is,
in many ways, a complete work of discovery. Those who contribute to
NetMagazine make up a part of this experiment in progress.

We will be glad to know your opinion about this, also just as users (we will
respond in the mailbox). Make yourself a part of NetMagazine, because it can
only be done together.  And thanks for now to everybody who will contribute
with essays and advice.

                              Pier Luigi Capucci   


NetMagazine is an International Forum on Culture of Contemporaneity founded
in 1994, March, and directed by Pier Luigi Capucci. It is published by
Baskerville Centro Studi sulla Comunicazione in collaboration with the
University of Bologna.

Redaction and research (multimedia, interfaces, logical organization of the
information): Riccardo Balli, Alessandro Barile, Simone Bedetti, Simona
Caraceni, Daniele Poidomani, Matteo Tontini.

1) Languages
.Italian, English, French

2) Main topical areas
-Theoretical and pragmatic aspects of technological communication and
-Networking as environment.
-Natural vs Artificial?
-Art-Science-Technology relationships. Theories and projects.

3) Surveys
Essays; Articles, reportages, interviews; Editorial; International
information bulletin about worldwide events (conferences, symposia,
exhibitions, research activities, publications) on art and communication
technologies; Networks and Democracy; Public forum for debate; Electronic
mail from readers; Projects; Symposia; Book Reviews; Technicalities about
networking;  Advice and curiosities.

4) Contributions
-ontributions must be in e-mail form (preferably) or on electronic support.
All contributions must include an abstract (max. 100 words) and a brief
curriculum of the Author (max 1000 characters). Decision on which
contributions to publish among the ones received remains with the board of
-The length of written texts should not exceed 15-20 thousand characters.
Standards and programs used for written files should be specified.
-Iconographic, sound and video files can be attached to text files . These
documents must be accompanied by exhaustive information notes (Authors,
titles, explanations, dimensions of files, systems and programs used). If
these files require a relevant memory space (in Mb) they must be previously
agreed upon with the board of NetMagazine.

5) Generalities and rights
-NetMagazine is free of charge. It can be freely viewed and downloaded.
-Authors' contributions to NetMagazine will not be remunerated.
-Rights for contributions of any kind (written texts, images, sounds,
remain that of the authors. It is forbidden to use the material published on
NetMagazine in any way, on any support or format, completely or in part,
without the previously obtained written permission of Baskerville.
-Materials not sent via e-mail will not be returned.
- NetMagazineC  is a trade mark of BaskervilleC s.r.l., Bologna, Italy.

6) Addresses
Redazione NetMagazine,
Baskerville, via Farini 3, 40100, Bologna, Italia.
Tel: 39-51-333399, Fax: 39-51-333309, E-mail: netmag@baskerville.cineca.it
WWW: HTTP://www.baskerville.cineca.it/netmag
FirstClass - Internet: IP number (TCP port 3004)
FirstClass BBS:  (39) 51 334455

                                  WORLD WIDE WEB

If you are experiencing frustration with technology in any way, then we need
your contribution. Blasthaus Gallery will present an interactive multimedia
exhibition featuring CUI (Cathartic User Interface) a collaborative art
installation by Perry Hoberman and Nick Philip. We welcome your
participation. For more information visit
http://www.cityculture.com/Blasthaus/Cui/ or


Classic HyperModern Photos... posted/mailed every 12 hours... perfect
trans-avant-garde art for the 90`s!
A continuous random sequence of original photos... authentic gritty,
greyscale...  corrupt and compelling experience. 
An extension of the printed ISBN-Book series... critically acclaimed... 
imagery is gradually acquired, selected and re-sequenced over time...
[ see ftp.netcom.com/pub/bb/bbrace/books ]

Promulgated, de-centered, ambiguous, homogeneous, de-composed...
Multi-faceted, excentric, oblique, obsessive, obscure, opaque...

Every 12 hours, another!...  view them, re-post `em, save `em, trade `em,
print `em, even sell them... 

Here`s how:

~ Set www-links to ->  ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/bb/bbrace/bbrace.html
  Look for the 12-hr-icon. Heavy traffic may require you to specify files
  more than once! Anarchie, Fetch, TurboGopher... 
  Or -> http://www.teleport.com/~bbrace/bbrace.html

~ Download from ->  ftp.netcom.com /pub/bb/bbrace
  Remember to set tenex or binary. Get 12hr.jpeg

~ E-mail -> If you only have access to email, then you can use FTPmail to
  do essentially the same thing. Send a message with a body of 'help' to the
  server address nearest you: 

  www by email: agora@mail.w3.org /body: www

~ Mirror-sites requested! Archives too! 
  The latest new jpeg will always be named, 12hr.jpeg
  Perl program to mirror ftp-sites/sub-directories:

~ Postings to usenet groups:

~ This interminable, relentless sequence of imagery began in earnest on 
January 1, 1995. The basic structure of the project has been over fifteen
years in the making. While the specific sequence of photographs has been 
presently orchestrated for more than 5 years worth of 12-hour postings, I 
will undoubtedly be tempted to tweak the ongoing publication with 
additional new interjected imagery. Each 12-hour posting is like the 
turning of a page; providing ample time for reflection, interruption, 
and assimilation. 

~ The sites listed above are currently active. They also contain some 
information on other cultural projects.

~ A very low-volume mailing list for announcements and occasional 
commentary related to this project has been established. Send e-mail to: 
listserv@netcom.com /subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg

This project has been largely funded in advance. Some opportunities still
exist for financially assisting the publication of a CD-ROM archive of all
the 12hr-ISBN-JPEG imagery. 

Jpeg and gif are types of image files. Get the text-file, _pictures-faq_ to 
learn how to view or translate these images.
 [ftp ftp.netcom.com/pub/bb/bbrace] 
(c) No copyright 1995
Any use acceptable

< bbrace@netcom.com >

YLEM, Artists Using Science & Technology, has started "a 
browsable art gallery":

Computer Aided Curating
Invited artists integrate the projects they have developed especially for C@C
into the presentation structure of C@C. Every artist receives an individual
studio with various editing tools already built in. These tools enable the
artist to combine pictures, moving images, texts and sounds in a multiplicity
of ways to create complex works.
Eva Grubinger, Kunst-Werke Berlin, Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin, Germany.
Tel 49-30-2153335, fax 2834786, e-mail: grubi@is.in-berlin.de
WWW: http://www.is.in-berlin.de/CAC/CAC_hall.html

SUN Microsystems unveiled a newly redesigned WWW site, 
incorporating the Java programming language to deliver customized 
interactive content, the ability to launch sounds and animation, 
and frequently updated information on Internet issues. "Goes 
beyond providing company information".
http://www.sun.com (use a tool such as Netscape or Mosaic)

"Stratton, a husband/wife musical team out of the Los Angeles area, are
proving that the Internet is THE place to be for up and coming musicians to
WWW: http://www.mw3.com/band/stratton

Bureau of Inverse Technology. They sell art. Their Voice Boxes were in the
SIGGRAPH Art Show - they are fun. E-mail: na250963@anon.penet.fi
WWW: http://sandbox.xerox.com/pair/bit/sigCATALOG.html

Visualization software freely available over the Internet.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
To learn more about sound for cyberspace and virtual environments, listen to
the Web site at http://www.nsca.uiuc.edu/VEG/audio

Artist Barbera Nessim has recently included her work as part of 
The Williams Gallery On Line:

Info on VRML software, events, documentation, projects, etc.

                             CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION

the Rotterdam Academy of Art & Design, H.R.&O. Rotterdam Regional College

                         CALL FOR PAPERS & PARTICIPATION

          The Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA96 
               September 16 - 20  1996,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Including DEAF, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival
September 17-22, 1996, organized by the V2 Organization

In cooperation with the R96 Festival 'Media Man'
September 16-29, 1996, organized by Rotterdam Festivals

The ISEA-Symposia are sponsored by ISEA, the Inter-Society for the Electronic
Arts and co-sponsored by Leonardo/ISAST, the International Society for the
Arts, Sciences & Technology 

                   POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands
                              Tel/fax: 31-10-4778605
                              E-mail: isea96@hro.nl
                     ISEA Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~isea

>From September 16-20, 1996 the Seventh International Symposium on Electronic
Art (ISEA96) will take place in the modern city of Rotterdam. Organizer is
the  Rotterdam Academy of Art & Design, part of H.R.&O. Rotterdam Regional
College (Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken)
Included in ISEA96 is DEAF, the third Dutch Electronic Art Festival,
organized by the V2 Organization. ISEA96 and DEAF are part of R96, 'the Media
Man', a festival organized by Rotterdam Festivals.

The ISEA96 Symposium is a continuation of the succesful series:
First ISEA: 1988, Utrecht, Holland
Second ISEA: 1990, Groningen, Holland
Third ISEA: 1992, Sydney, Australia
Fourth ISEA: 1993, Minneapolis, USA
Fifth ISEA: 1994, Helsinki, Finland
Sixth ISEA: 1995, Montreal, Canada
(The 8th ISEA will take place: 1997, Chicago, USA)

ISEA96 is:
-An Academic Symposium, consisting of Paper & Panel sessions, Poster
sessions, Round tables and Institutional presentations, mainly juried.
-Preceded by Workshops & Tutorials
-Accompanied by Concerts, Performances, Electronic Theater, an Exhibition,
Publications and Public Events.

DEAF is:
-A curated Exhibition, accompanied by a Symposium, Performances and Special
events. It is a continuation of the former annual  V2 'Event for Malleable

R96 is:
-The 'R' stands for Rotterdam. A festival for the general public, spread over
the city, including the specialized events ISEA96 and DEAF. The 'R-events'
are annual international cultural and art events around the relationship
between art, people and city. R96 questions the influence of  electronic
technology on people.

This Call for Participation invites proposals for all of the above mentioned

The event targets various groups, ranging from specialists to the general
public. The Symposia (ISEA96 and the DEAF symposium) are oriented towards
both scientific and artistic experts in the field. The Workshops & Tutorials
are intended for teachers, students and practicing artists. The Exhibitions,
Concerts and Performances aim at the general cultural public. The Public
Events aim at the general public at large.

The aim of the symposia and the parent organization (also called ISEA) is to
systematically investigate the problems and potentials of electronic art and
to further inter-disciplinary and inter-organizational cooperation. For the
purpose of the symposium, Electronic Art is defined as 'all art forms that
use electronic technology as an essential prerequisite for their production'.
The symposium will be held from Wednesday September 18 to Friday September
20, in the city center of Rotterdam.

Topics include: Computer graphics, computer animation, image processing,
electronic and computer music, video art, interactive installations including
VR, art & robotics, computer poetry and literature, computer aided dance,
integration and synchronization of electronic art forms, research &
development of new electronic media, aesthetics of electronic art, electronic
art & electronic culture, interfaces for artists, etc etc.

Special emphasis will be given to the following Themes:
-Education as a Bridge between Technology and Art.
-Networked Art (see below: 'Digital Territories')
-Design and the Web


Peter Beyls (Belgium)
Paul Brown (Australia)
Mike Chanowski (Neth.)
Rene Coelho (Neth.) 
Michael Girard (USA) 
Craig Harris (USA)
Theo Hesper (Neth.)
Raymond Lauzzana (USA)
Louis van der Linden (Neth.)
Thomas Linehan (USA) 
Roger Malina (USA)
Alain Mongeau (Can.)
Jos de Mul (Neth.)
Cynthia Beth Rubin (USA)
Joel Ryan (Neth.) 
Keisuke Oki (Japan)
Christine Schopf (Austria) 
Roman Verostko (USA)
John Vince (UK) 
Iannis Xenakis (France) *)
Siegfried Zielinski (Germany)

*) Not yet confirmed at time of printing. 

ISEA96 invites papers to be given during the symposium. Proposals for Panels,
Round Tables, Poster Sessions and Institutional Presentations are also
welcome. All proposals must be directly related to the above mentioned
topics. Proposals that relate to the above mentioned themes are especially
-Papers can be short (20 minutes) or long (45 minutes). The Papers will be
published in the ISEA96 Proceedings, to be published after the event. A
selection of the best papers will appear in a forthcoming issue of Leonardo,
the Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences & Technology
(ISAST). All Papers must be original, unpublished and in English. Please note
that only an abstract of maximum 500 words is required for the first deadline
(January 1st, 1996). After a pre-selection, the authors will be requested to
send their full materials, including illustrations.
-Panel proposals should contain a description of the proposed panel members.
-Round Tables are discussions that any participant can join (sign-up during
the symposium), so no list of panel mebers is required.
-Poster Sessions are rather informal presentations of research or art
practice, with the aid of audiovisual equipment. They are not meant as
performances but as presentations of interesting examples in order to trigger
-Institutional Presentations are meant to introduce institutes,
organizations, festivals etc in the field of the electronic arts. In
principle, all relevant proposals will be accepted, but it must be noted that
presenters in this category have no free admission to the symposium.

The DEAF Symposium will be held during one day within the time frame of the
ISEA96 symposium and at the same location. It will be on the theme 'Digital
Territories' (see below). Although this symposium is curated, proposals for
free papers will be considered.

Workshops and tutorials will be held on Monday, September 16 and Tuesday,
September 17. Proposals can be for a half day session, a full day session or
two day sessions.
Tutorial proposals should aim at introducing professionals from the art world
to one or more of the fields of electronic art (see above for a list of
Workshop proposals should aim at both local teachers and students in the
field of the electronic arts (including music) and at Symposium participants.
Proposals can cover any field of electronic art. Workshop proposals that aim
at integrating electronic art in more traditional art forms are especially
welcome. Since available equipment at this stage is limited, it is important
to indicate the equipment requirements as completely as possible in the

During the ISEA96 Symposium, probably on Thursday September 19, an evening of
Concerts and Performances will be staged in a 500 seat theater. This evening
is meant for both the Symposium Participants and the general cultural
public.The proposed Concerts & Performances should preferably be no longer
than 20 minutes, although this is not a prerequisite. Proposers should
include their equipment requirements in the proposal. A selection will be
made on the following criteria:
Aesthetic quality, Originality (preference given to premieres) and

Since the 'R96' Festival, of which ISEA96 is a part, aims at the general
public at large -which, by the way, is culturally diverse in Rotterdam- a
special call for proposals is included here. 
Proposals are welcomed for Performances, Concerts and Installations that can
be shown or performed in public spaces and/or in the open air and will
attract the positive attention of  the ordinary passer-by. More information
on the city of Rotterdam is available if desired. 

Two large-scale public events are being planned for which proposals are
invited. They are meant as part of R96 and as ISEA96 Special Events.
1. The Reality of Virtual Reality
During ISEA96 the large harbor simulator of MarineSafety Rotterdam will be
used for an artistic project. The simulator consists of 360 o visuals, 3D
sound and a moving platform (the pilothouse) with two degrees of freedom. The
computersystem consists of 22 SGI Crimsons and a DEC Vax. The idea is to
travel with groups of 10-15 people through an artistic impression of 
Rotterdam in the year 2096. Interactive special effects should make it even
more attractive. We are aiming to make the event accessible via the WWW and
the two way cable system that will be available in Rotterdam.
Artists that think they may be able to contribute (visuals, ideas), can
request an information package.
2. Virtual Community
This is a networked event, that anybody can join into. The idea is to build a
virtual city, where anyone can have his/her own room. Icons in the room
reveal the interests of this particular person. People with compatible
interests will have a possibility to be connected to each other. Incompatible
interests will 
generate other effects. For the public, there are 4 levels of joining this
-By phone and TV, or by phone and teletext
-Via computer and WWW or via two-way cable
-Via special locations in town, with CD-i players and ISDN connections
-Via a central location, with computers.
Artists with experience in this kind of telematic, communal art and a desire
to contribute ideas can request an information package.


Proposals for the exhibition of prints, slides, videotapes, interactive
installations, computer aided sculpture, etc are welcomed for the ISEA96
general exhibition. Also, proposals for complete exhibitions will be
considered. Proposals should clearly describe the contents of the materials
to be submitted, the necessary prerequisites (including hard and software,
audio-visual equipment, necessary assistance, etc) and include audio and/or
visual material (pictures, tapes, etc) to give an 
impression of the work.
All submitters whose work is selected will receive a letter of
acknowledgement including a possible request to use materials for ISEA96
publicity. All participants will be credited properly for their work and the
best of the entries will be shown to the international press during a press

Is the theme of DEAF, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, curated by the V2
Organization (Rotterdam). DEAF96 will curate an exhibition, performances, a
symposium as part of the ISEA program and other activities that investigate
the electronic network as a platform for the arts.
What strategies do artists develop in these networks? What kind of art is
presented in these networks? How do artists cope with the myths about the
network? How can they reveal the underlying structures of this information
space? How do artists deal with the visualization of the scientific,
mythological, political and cultural information that merges in the network?
What metaphors can represent the time and space structures of the net? How do
we look at the world and ourselves through the net?
This exhibition is intended to discuss the network in all its aspects and
wants to show, give direction to and discuss developments that are unfolding
in the net. People will be able to participate in projects, discussions and
performances that will link people in and outside the net. You can already
have a look at the V2 Webserver: 

A special exhibition, and possibly lectures, will be organized in cooperation
with the Netherlands Design Institute. The theme of this exhibition is the
Design of Websites. We are looking for Websites that are particularly
interesting both from an aesthetic and structural point of view. The selected
Websites will be copied and connected to each other, in order to create an
exhibition on the Web, accessible from anywhere. We are also interested in
Websites that are (the basis of) artistic projects. Before the first deadline
we just require Web addresses (URLs). 

A Film & Video Show will be held during ISEA96. Individuals and institutes
are invited to submit the best and most recent examples of their work in the
fields of computer animation, image processing and video art. Besides
autonomous pieces, the submission of applied work, such as commercials with
aesthetic qualities, is explicitly invited. A selection will be included in
the Electronic Theater program, a broader selection will be shown at the
exhibition site.
All submitters whose work is selected will receive a letter of
acknowledgement including a possible request to use materials for ISEA96
publicity. All participants will be credited properly for their work and the
best of the entries will be shown to the international press during a press

Rotterdam Regional College (Hogeschool Rotterdam & Omstreken, H.R.& O.) is
one of the largest colleges in The Netherlands, with some 13000 students and
1700 staff. In the 19th century, the Academy of Fine Arts and Technical
Science (1851) and the Nautical School (1833) together laid the foundation
for the Rotterdam College. In 1988, seventeen other institutes were added to
them and the Rotterdam Regional College came into being. Four departments
accommodate five sectors of higher education: Technology, Health Care, Social
Welfare, Education and Fine Arts.  The Fine Arts Department is cooperating
closely with the Education and Technical Departments for ISEA96.

The Rotterdam Academy of Art & Design is part of the Department of Art &
Architecture of  the Rotterdam Regional College. It is subsidized and
supervized by the Dutch government in accordance with the Higher Education
and Research Act. It originates from a painters' association set up in 1773,
which in 1851 merged with the Association of Visual Arts and Technical
Science. Former students include Willem de Kooning and other very succesful
Studies in autonomous arts include 2-D and 3-D Design and Mixed Media (which
includes Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, etc) and applied studies include
Illustration, Graphic Design, Audiovisual Design, Fashion Design, Interior
Architecture and Commercial Design. In 1995, the Academy starts Post Graduate
studies in Autonomous Art based on the view that there is 'an undivided
relationship between art, technology and science.' Preparations are taking
place to start an inter-departemental Multi-Media facility at the Academy for
the College at large.

For ISEA96 the H.R.&O. cooperates with:
-Rotterdam Festivals
-the Rotterdam Academy of Music
-Erasmus University Rotterdam 
-Spirit/Rotterdam City Development Corporation
-The Rotterdam Art Council
-the Netherlands Design Institute
-theater Lantaren/Venster
-BSO Medialab
-Philips Interactive Media Systems
-the Virtual Reality Society
-WDS Dutch Dynamic Media Design
-PH Design
and many others

                                    REPLY FORM

Note: All proposals, papers or other entries should be accompanied by a first
page stating full name, address and position of the author(s), the title and
a short abstract of the contents. 

City/State/Postal Code
Phone/Fax/e-Mail address


O I Intend to submit a paper entitled
     O The abstract is enclosed (see instructions)

O I have a proposal for
     O Panel
     O Round Table
     O Poster
     O Institutional Presentation
     O Tutorial
     O Workshop
     O Concert
     O Performance
     O General Exhibition
     O Web Site Exhibition
     O Electronic Theater
     O General Event

O I would like to contribute to the preparations for the following Public
Event (see 'Special Events'):
     O The Reality of Virtual Reality
     O Virtual Community

O I am interested in an advertisement or a booth (industry only)

O Please keep me informed

Send to: ISEA96, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel/fax: 31-10-4778605, E-mail: isea96@hro.nl
Courier mail (only!) to: ISEA, St. Jobsweg 30, 3024 EJ Rotterdam, The
ISEA Website: HTTP://WWW.xs4all.nl/~isea


Dear friends: we are sending you this invitation to participate in an World
Wide F*A*X Art-project from Art Prom. Please send us your
fax-works/definitions or statements on art. The question is as old as art
itself. F*A*X us your answers & visions & reflections. F*A*X us your
image/text or collage. The works will be presented at the "Salon D'Artistes
'95", Nekkerhallen, Mechelen. Belgium.
Size A4. Theme: ART IS...

Send your F*A*X-work to:       
++ 32 (O)15. 55.48.51
++ 32 (O)15. 55.48.52
++ 32 (O)15. 55.48.53
++ 32 (O)15. 55.48.54
++ 32 (O)15. 55.48.55

Enter & enjoy the networking! The five lines are open. 
We are looking forward to hear from you! day & night.
Activity date: 12-16 Oct '95.  Deadline: 16 Oct '95. 8 PM. 

... without life no art -Magritte
... no art without play -Huizinga 

Transform & transmit... Interact & connect... Create & explore... Cut & Paste

Concept & coordination: Hugo Heyrman, digital artist, E-mail:
More info: Art Prom vzw, Volksstraat 64, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: + 32 (0)3 216 08 86  Fax: + 32 (0)3 216 38 63

"In Search of Ingenuity:" that's the theme for this year's photo contest by
Technology Review, a glossy, four-color, national magazine with 100,000 
subscribers that focuses on the social implications of science and 
Since attempts to devise a clever solution to a problem can yield not only
answers but also the distinct pleasures associated with creativity, the
contest organizers hope to receive images capturing some of the resourceful 
techniques people use as well as their emotions as they invent. 
Technology  Review will publish a selection of winning photographs and award
prizes of $500, $300, and $200 to the first-, second-, and third-place

To enter, photographers should send no more than six previously unpublished
entries--prints or slides in a sleeve--to Photo Essay Contest, 
Technology Review, MIT, Bldg. W59-203, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. Entries 
sent by overnight mail should be addressed to: Technology Review, 201 
Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139. All entries must be postmarked no later 
than October 2, 1995.

Technology Review acquires the right to publish the award-winning
photographs, including honorable mentions, in one issue. Entries without 
return envelopes and sufficient postage will not be returned, and the 
magazine cannot take responsibility for loss or damage. Photographers 
should include cardboard for protection and their names on each slide cover
or the back of each photograph, and note the type of film and photographic 
equipment used. 

If you'd like more information about Technology Review, you can check it out
on the World Wide Web. The home page is http://web.mit.edu/techreview/www.
The magazine regrets that it cannot take telephone calls or provide more
information about the contest. 

C.A.T., an Australian group promoting Contemporary Art and Technology is
sponsoring a major digital imaging competition. It's happening very soon
(entries must be advised by August 15th and the work received by August
25th.) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Please Email or Phone/Fax Werner Hammerstingl
for details:  e-mail: cat@netspace.net.au
t/f: 61-3-97281162.

The First Festival of Independent Audio/Visual Arts Online.
October 9 - 22  1995

Virtual media arts festival. No entry fees, no parking problems.
Deadline: September 1, 1995 (festival application form must be postmarked by
this date).
Info: FIVA Online 95
3455 Hotel de Ville, #4, Montreal, H2X 3B5, Canada.
Tel 1-514-499-3448, fax 9082, e-mail benthin@montreal.com

"The central proposal ForumBHZvideo 95 is to step through the critical scenes
which have been created and printed on film strips, magnetic tapes and bits
during this century, celebrating the daring actions of their producers who
had foreseen a fertile field to artistic expressions when experimentally
manipulating the means of producing audio video works" the brochure says.
The Festival is October 17-22, 1995, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
First deadline (VHS, PAL or NTSC only) is September 2. There is a
registration fee of 12 US$.
ForumBHZvideo, Rua Santa Rita Durao 384, 30140-111 Belo 
Horizonte/MG, Brazil
tel/fax: 55-31-2232474

The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York will present an exhibition
entitled "Youth Media" in the fall of 1996. Stephanie Owens of The New Museum
asks us to "provide any names of young media artists or further information
on organizations who may want to participate by submitting an entry for
review by The New Museum by January 1, 1996". Grab your chance, if you are
young. An e-mail address only: stepho@nyo.com 

"Stuff like accounting software, aircraft cockpits, web sites, conference
software, inventory system, toys, process control systems, games, management
information systems, simulations, programming environments, electronic
publications, interactive museum exhibits, educational software,
communication devices, interactive art, little electronic personal things.
We are looking for designs that effectively help people work, learn, live,
play or communicate.
Fill out the kit and send it by September 30, 1995.
If your entry wins, it will be featured in a special issue of Interactions,
and we'll probably send you some kind of extremely cool, but very cheap
Rosemary McGuinness, ACM, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA
E-mail: interactions.awards@acm.org
WWW: http://www.acm.org (interactions awards page)

Computer Graphics Grand Prix: 500.000 Yen, total prize money 
1.300.000 Yen. 
Graphics, Animation, Interactive work, CD Rom or 'home page' type work,
Stereo, Installations, VR. Work has to be created in 1995. 
Deadline for entries January 20, 1996.
Entry forms:
CG Grand Prix in STEC Committee
Shinjuku Techno Campus, 21F
1-24-1, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160
Fax 81-3-33423510, e-mail cginfo@kogakuin.ac.jp
WWW: http://penguin.ee.kogakuin.ac.jp/CGInfo

August 4 - 9  1996, New Orleans, USA
Early proposals (strongly encouraged) October 4
Educators program: December 6
Courses: December 13
Papers, Panels, Award nominations: January 10
Digital Bayou (interactive systems, network environments), Art 
Show: February 14
Student volunteers: March 13  
Technical Slides: March 20
Artist/Designer Sketches: April 5
Animator Sketches: April 12
Technical Sketches, Posters, Applications: April 19
Computer Animation: April 24

Get the Call from:
Cindy Stark, SIGGRAPH 96 Conference Management.
Smith, Bucklin & Ass., 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611, 
USA. Tel: 1-312-32168-30, fax 76, e-mail siggraph96@siggraph.org

August 26 - 30  1996, Futuroscope Poitiers, France
Tutorials: October 6
Papers: January 17
Slides, Videos, WWW competitions: April 26
Info & Call:
Eurographics '96, INRIA Rocquencourt / Relations Exterieurs
POB 105, 78153 Le Chesnais Cedex, France.
Tel 33-1-396356-00, fax 38, e-mail eg96@inria.fr
WWW: http://www.inria.fr/eg96


Art / Computer Interface, Los Angeles, USA
Until September  2, 1995
Exhibition by over 25 artists. Tues-Sat 11 am - 4pm.
SITE Gallery, 719 W.7th Street, L.A., CA 90017, USA. Tel 1-213-6294532

16e Festival International de la Video et des Arts Electroniques,
Forum des Nouvelles Images et de la Culture Emergente.
August 31 - September 3  1995, Locarno, Switzerland
All in French, apparently. Info:
AVArt, POB 146, CH-6604 Locarno 4, Switzerland
tel 41-93-312208 (Festival), 91-585111 (Swiss TV), 33-93-872907 
(Alex Mitteregger) http://www.tinet.ch/videoart

Two installations by Patrick Henri Burgaud (August 8 - September 
2, 1995). Lectures on the Montevideo/Time Based Arts video 
collection: each Tuesday in September.
Montevideo, Spuistraat 104, 1012 VA Amsterdam, Netherlands
tel 31-20-6237101, fax 6244423, e-mail info@montevideo.xs4all.nl

August 28 - September 3  1995, Maastricht, Holland 
Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Realty. Tutorials on Monday and
Tuesday, Papers & Panels Wednesday-Friday, Workshops on Monday-Tuesday and on
Saturday-Sunday. Exhibition, demonstrations and industrial presentartions
Wednesday-Friday. Advance Program available from:
Eurographics95, c/o Lidy Groot Congress Events, POB 83005, 1080 AA Amsterdam,
Holland. Tel: 31-20-67-93218, Fax: -58236, E-mail: eg95@cwi.nl

September 3 - 5  1995, Edinburgh, UK.
Info: Emilios Cambouropoulos, Faculty of Music, Univ. of Edinburgh, 
12 Nicolson Sq., EH8 9DF Edinburgh, UK. Email: emilios@music.ed.ac.uk

September 6 - 10  1995, Osnabruck, Germany
For information and entry forms contact
EMAF, Postfach 1861, D-49008 Osnabruck, Germany.
Tel: 49-541-21658, Fax: 28327, Email: EMAF@BIONIC.ZER.DE
WWW-info: http://EMAF.NDA.NET/nda/emaf

September 12 - 14  1995, San Francisco, USA
Info: Tel: 1-212-226-4141, Fax: -4983

September 17 - 24  1995, Montreal, Canada.
Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art
Info: ISEA 95, 307 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Bureau 515B, Montreal, Quebec,
Canada. Tel: 1-514-990-0229, Fax: 1-514-842-7459, Email: ISEA95@ER.UQAM.CA
WWW: http://isea95.com.uqam.ca/isea95.html

September 19 - 21  1995, New York, USA
Info: Tel: 1-914-328-9157, Fax: -0649

International Symposium on Science, Technology and Aesthetics
September 22 - 24  1995 Art Museum of Luzern, Switzerland
Includes Neural, System, Chaos and Computer Research, Robotics, Artificial
Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Neuro Informatics, Neuro Philosophy and Neuro
Technology. No contact address available

September 23 - 25  1995, Munich, Germany
Info in USA: Tel: 1-714-51384-00, Fax: -81

September 28 - 30  1995, Moscow, Russia
Info: Alexandre Sokolof, Moscow Conservatory
Ua. Tepuena 13, Moscow 103871, Russia. Fax 7-95-2297630

Each Thursday from October 5 to December 14, 1995, 7.30 pm
Videoconferencing at 4 locations, 3 in Holland (Amsterdam, Delft 
and Groningen), 1 in Canada (Toronto). Lectures and performances. 
Info: Karel Koch, tel 31-20-4204505, e-mail karel@acsi.nl

October 8 - 11  1995, Chicago, USA
Info: Graphic Arts Show Company, Tel: 1-703-2647200, Fax: -6209187

October 19 - 22  1995, Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
Virtual museum, Internet, Star Trek Special, Cyberfeminism, Virtual
communities, Performance, Installations, Computer graphics, Virtual reality,
Cyber party.
Info: tel: 34-1-4310007, fax 5778330, e-mail artfutur@ran.es
WWW: http://www.ciberteca/artfutura.es

October 25 - 29  1995, Luzern, Switzerland
International Film- and Videofestival.
Info: Viper, P.O. Box 4929, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland. Tel/Fax : 41-1-2717227

October 29 - November 3, 1995, Atlanta Airport Hilton & Towers, Georgia, USA
Info: Bill Ribarsky, GIT, tel 1-404-8946148
E-mail: bill.ribarsky@oit.gatech.edu
WWW: http://www.gatech.edu/vis95.html
or: http://davinci.informatik.uni-kl.de/Vis95

November 1 - 3  1995, Hamburg, Germany.
International Symposium. For a Program contact:
Interface 3 Office, Studio Andreas Heller, Tel/fax 49-40-470968
E-mail: interface2@hfbk.uni-hamburg.de
Web Site: http://www.hfbk.uni-hamburg.de/interface3/link.html

November 1 - 5  1995, Sofia, Bulgaria
The seventh edition of the international computer art forum
COMPUTER SPACE 95 will incorporate the following categories:
1. Computer Graphics(slides or pictures A4,A3)
2. Computer Animation(VHS tape)
3. Computer and Electronic Music(tape,CD or DAT)
4. Multimedia
5. CAD systems
Entry deadline: September 10, 1995
For further info and the entry form, contact:
Rossen Petkov, phone/fax +359-2-870293
SCAS, office 407, 10, Narodno sabranie sqr.,1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

November 4 - 12 (exhibition) and 10 - 11 (symposium), 1995
Luxemburg International Trade Fair
Exhibition and Symposium on the Interactive and Networked City
Contact: Medienlabor Munich, Lothringerstrasse 13, D-81667 Munich, Germany.
Tel: 49-89-48407-3, fax: -4, E-mail: telepolis@mlm.extern.lrz-muenchen.de
Web Site: http://www.lrz-muenchen.de/MLM/telepolis.html

November 7 - 10  1995, Amsterdam, Holland
Title: Info-Eco Communities'. Theme: 'on matter'
NVI, Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam, Holland. 
Tel: 31-20-5516500, Fax: -6201031, E-mail desk@nvi.mediamatic.xs4all.nl

November 8 - 12  1995, Dessau, Germany.
The International Video Forum at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
Video-installation, performance, workshop, symposium, emare.
For info and application form:
Stephen Kovats, Studio Electronic Media Interpretation, Bauhaus Dessau
Foundation, Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau, Germany. 

November 9 - 11  1995, Bologna, Italy.
Info: Lelio Camilleri, Comitato Organizzatore del XI Coloquio di Informatica
Musicale, Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini, Piazza Rossini 2, 40126
Bologna, Italy. Tel: 39-51-233975, Fax: 223168, Email:

November 9 - 15  1995, Arnhem, Holland
Info: AVE, POB 307, 6800 AH Arnhem, Netherlands. Tel 31-85-511300, fax 517681

November 22 - 26  1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina
World Wide Competitive Section, Informative Section, Seminars and Workshops. 
Info: Festival Internacional de Video, Guardia Vieja 3360, 1192 - Capital
Federal, Argentina. Tel: 54-1-862-0683/865-8024, Fax 54-1-866-1337

December 3 - 8  1995, San Diego Convention Center, CA, USA
Info: tel (in USA) 1-800-niisc95, fax 1-619-5345039, e-mail 
WWW: http://sc95.sdsc.edu/SC95

December 4 - 17  1995, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Info:  Cultuurcentrum EKKO, t.a.v. Springtij 1995
Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3, 3513 BH Utrecht, Holland
E-mail: Springty@dru.knoware.nl  Fax: 31-30-310402 
URL: http:\\dru.knoware.nl/maatschappij/organisaties/ekko/springt.htm

December 14 - 15  1995, San Diego, USA
First Annual Symposium on the Virtual Reality Modelling Language
University of California, San Diego. 
Info: http://www.sdsc.edu/Events/vrml95

February 21 - 23  1996,  Monaco, France
Conferences on Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality, Infohighways, 
Special Effects. Panels, Workshops, International Competition, 
Industrial Exhibition.
Info: INA-Imagina, 4 avenue de l'Europe, 94366 Bry-sur Marne cedex, 
France. Tel 33-1-4983-2693, fax 3185, e-mail imagina@imagina.ina.fr

September 16 - 20  1996, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Organized by H.R.& O. Rotterdam Regional College. 
Including DEAF96 (Dutch Electronic Art Festival, September 17-22, organized
by V2) and in co-operation with R96 (city-wide festival on New Media,
September 16-29 organized by Rotterdam Festivals). 
Call for Participation will be mailed September 1995. Also available  
at our Web site: http://www.xs4all.nl/~isea

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members
can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses mentioned in this
Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept),  Amsterdam University,
V2 Organisation,  YLEM,  ISAST,  Media Research, Museum der Stad Gladbeck,
The Council for the Int. Bienale in Nagoya,  KITT Engineering,  Viking
Eggeling-Salskapet,  Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts & Design,  Softimage
Inc,  Lokman Productions, ARTCOM in Deutschland e.V., Painatuskeskus Oy,
Tallinn Art University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BSO Medialab,
Koln Academy for Media Arts, Monitor Information Systems, Nordiska
Konstkolan, Centre Georges Pompidou .

End of Newsletter


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