#005 May 1992


                           THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                            NUMBER 5, MAY 1992


ISEA/ASTN Meeting at SIGGRAPH                   Wim van der Plas
FISEA93, Preliminary Announcement               Roman Verostko
The Park Project                                Jim Demmers
3Dmt'92 Conference date correction              Nancy Nelson
ISEA Announcements                              Dirk Boon
Workshop on Music Signals                       Giovanni De Poli
Evidence of Secretary X                         Marianne Connolly
Computer Art Museum                             Bill Ritchie
Student Poster Contest                          William Joel
Visual Dialogue                                 Roger Malina
Computer Color Formulation Conference           Ellen Carter
Art and Mathematics Conference                  Nathaniel Friedman
7th Electroacoustic Spring                      Marie Marais
The Networked Virtual Art Museum                Carl Eugene Loeffler
Calender June 1992

Wim van der Plas

ISEA will organize a meeting in cooperation with ASTN at SIGGRAPH '92.
During the meeting, representatives of TISEA (Sydney, Australia),
FISEA '93 (Minneapolis, USA) and possibly FISEA '94 (Europe) will present
their plans.
Anyone interested is welcome. Anyone whishing to give a presentation on
institutes, organizations or plans in the field of electronic art during
the meeting, is asked to contact ISEA ahead of time.

SIGGRAPH, the large annual conference and exhibition on Computer Graphics
and Interactive Techniques, is held this year in Chicago (July 26-31).
The SIGGRAPH conferences are attended by thousands of people from all over
the world. The (commercial) exhibition is attended by tens of thousands of

The exact place and time of the meeting will be stated in the Final
Program of SIGGRAPH (look for the list of 'Birds of a Feather' meetings.
If known in time, ISEA will publish these data in the July issue of the

Abbrevations used:
ISEA     :Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
ASTN     :Art Science & Technology Network
SIGGRAPH :Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (of ACM, the
          Association for Computing Machinery)
TISEA    :Third International Symposium on Electronic Art
FISEA 93 :Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art
FISEA 94 :Fifth  International Symposium on Electronic Art

Roman Verostko

Fourth International Symposium On Electronic Art
Minneapolis / Minnesota , USA  November 3-7, 1993

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, host for FISEA 93, is
coordinating regional, national and international initiatives to
make this a lively "state of the art" forum.

The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and Leonardo, the International
Society for Art Science and Technology, endorse this Symposium which will
build on foundations established at Utrecht (FISEA 88), Groningen (SISEA
90), and Sidney (TISEA 92).
Committed to an exchange of ideas among professionals on the practice and
theory of electronic art this Symposium presently plans to:

- exhibit recent electronic art: animation theater, 2-D art "tele-art"
  and electronic concert/performance arts.
- present papers and workshops (Nov 3-4) on "state of the art" research
  and technology associated with electronic art.
- present papers on historical and philosophical issues related to this
- publish proceedings and documentation of exhibitions.
- provide a forum for professional @i(poster sessions).
- provide a trade show.

Through a call for participation, to be issued later this year, this
Minneapolis symposium will draw electronic artists and scientists into
greater dialogue with humanities scholars and vice versa.  Papers addres-
sing philosophical issues (aesthetics), critical language, and historical
context will be included.  We anticipate a lively mix of exhibitions and
installations with discussions exploring continuities between these
on-going electronic arts activities and historical art traditions.  The
symposium welcomes artists, scientists, philosophers and art historians to
participate in this critical dialogue.

Preliminary program plans are now under way. If you or your organisation
is able to contribute some service please be in touch with us.

FISEA 93:       Minneapolis College of Art & Design
                2501 Stevens Avenue South
                Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA
                Phone: (01) 612 874-3754  FAX: (01) 612 874-3732
                Email: fisea93@mcad.edu
Program Chair:  Roman Verostko
  Home/Studio:  Phone/Fax (01) 612 822-3800  Email:roman@mcad.edu


Public Domain has been invited to participate in the Arts Festival of
Atlanta, an annnual nine (9) day event held at Piedmont Park (Sept. '92)
in midtown Atlanta.  The festival is a showcase for contemporary visual
and performing arts by local, regional, and national artists.  This year
the festival celebrates its 39th year.  The festival attendence for 1992
is projected at over 2,000,000 visitors.

The project being proposed by PD is a communications station that will
occupy a 10' X 12' plot.  The station will be a hyper-media installation
that will include video, computer networks, and live as well as remote
collaborative performances.  The station is being designed by an archite-
chural sub-group of Public Domain, Inc.  Monitors in key traffic areas
within the park will refer visitors to the "nerve center" where they will
have the opportunity to interact with the various kinds of information
being presented.

For example, visitors will be provided with the opportunity to "cruise"
Internet via terminals connected by modems to PD's Sun server at Emory
University.  They will also have the opportunity to explore various
Macintosh hypertexts and Amiga driven multi-media presentations.  In
addition, their will be opportunities to view and interact with computer
generated and/or enhanced videos, and to attend performances and lectures
by artists and theorists each of whom will provide an extensive question
and answer session as a followup to their presentation.

We're looking for folks who might be interested in participating is some
sort of collaborative piece over the internet - anyone interested can get
in touch with Public Domain (pdomain@emory.edu).

Public Domain, Inc.
internet: jd21@prism.gatech.edu


Selected items from Fineart Forum , Volume 6 #5, and Leonardo Electronic
News,  May 15, 1992. The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts contributes
to Fineart Forum and republishes the items on electronic art on behalf of
its members. FAF and LEN are published by the International Society for
Art, Science and Technology on behalf of The Art, Science and Technology

Nancy Nelson

The 3Dmt'92 conference has been moved to November 3 - 5, 1992
not May 18 - 20 as reported in the ISEA Newsletter #4.

Dirk Boon

Florida Film Festival at Orlando.
The Florida Film Festival at Orlando, an invitational exposition of film
and animation (computer and traditional), will be held from June 5 - 14,
1992, in Central Florida.

Send inquiries to:
Florida Film Festival, Enzian Theater, 1300 South Orlando Avenue,
Maitland, FL 32751, USA. Tel: 1-407-6291088   Fax: 1-407-6296870

Giovanni De Poli

Focus on microstructural and macrostructural representations
Capri (Napoli) - Italy  5-7 October 1992

The first international Workshop on Models and Representation of Musical
Signals was held in Sorrento, Italy, in October 1988. After the workshop a
478-page hardcover book entitled Representations of Music Signals was
published by MIT Press summarizing the experience gained by the authors at
the workshop. After four years a new workshop is planned at Capri, Italy.
The aim of the workshop is to discuss, in an informal way, current issues
in models and representations of musical sounds.  Models and representati-
ons are crucial for understanding the world of musical sounds from both
microstructural and macrostructural points of view.
Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

 - Parametric and adaptive models;
 - Perceptual models;
 - Nonparametric representations;
 - Macrostructure analysis and synthesis;
 - Representations of sound microstructure;
 - Object-oriented representations
 - Statistical models and noise;
 - Physical models;
 - Parameter control and transformation;
 - Musical applications of innovative representations.

Authors interested in presenting their work are invited to submit abs-
tracts (one-page) on completed or ongoing research related to the the
topics of the workshop to the Scientific Secretariat. The abstract should
begin with the title of the paper, name, address, telephone, fax numbers,
E-mail address of author(s). It should indicate also technical require-
ments for presentation. The format of the meeting will allow significant
time allotted for discussion of each presentation and with provision for
unscheduled time to encourage informal interactions among participants.

Important dates:
- submission of abstract               June 15, 1992

For more information, contact:
Giovanni De Poli, Scientific Secretariat CSC-DEI, Universita' of Padova,
Via Gradenigo 6a, 35131 PADOVA, Italy.
Tel.: 39-49-8287631  Fax: 39-49-8287699, E-mail: depoli@dei.unipd.it

Marianne Connolly

Evidence of Secretary X and Her Secret Life After 5:00
Mobius, Boston,    June 10-14, 1992
M.I.T., Cambridge, June 23 - July 10th, 1992

Evidence of Secretary X and Her Secret Life After 5:00 is an art event
administered by artist/secretary Marianne Connolly. Secretary X is about
the dual life that many artist's live, where the paid work of the day job
support the unpaid work of the art job.
In late spring, this work will be installed at Mobius in Boston, and later
in an office at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Around these
installations mail-art and work stories will be collected, discussions and
events scheduled, and performance and film presented.

Call for Mail Art
Evidence of Secretary X and Her Secret Life After 5:00

Please send mail about work:  your work life, your secret life, labor,
time, money, production, reproduction, gender, etc. All mail will be
shown at Mobius the week of June 8-13 and at MIT from June 23 - July 10.
Mail can be almost any format: letters, pictures, e-mail, artifacts,
Macintsh-compatible disks, overhead transparencies, audio tape, video
tape, etc.
If you have preferences, requirements or limitations on the use of your
mail, please specify.
Secretary X; c/o Mobius; 354 Congress Street; Boston, MA  02110, USA
Marianne Connolly 1-617-7761793 or  maric@eagle.mit.edu

Bill Ritchie

Proposed founding of a Computer Art Museum in Seattle, USA

The Founding of a Computer Art Museum been proposed by Bill H. Ritchie
Jr., a Seattle artist and educator. The museum will emphasize education,
live exhibits, research, and publishing. Donations of original electronic
systems in use since the 1970s have been promised to the living museum.

A charter for the museum is now being written and strategies laid for a
1995 grand opening. The idea has been developing since the early 1970s
when Ritchie saw interest in interactive multimedia while a professor at
the University of Washington.

Modeled on the practice here and abroad of locating cultural centers near
shopping areas, one site currently under consideration for the museum is
in a major retail department store situated near business, retail, tourist
services, and residential communities. The living museum will emphasize
Washington state's human resources and technology and spotlight the growth
and impact of US Northwestern technology industries on the art, craft, and
design disciplines. Programs at the museum will promote international
exchange and multicultural formatting.

For more information contact LMOCACAD,
Bill H. Ritchie, President Ritchie's, Inc.
360 Halladay St., Seattle, WA, 98109-2030, USA
Voice and voice mail 1-206-2850658; CIS 76670,621

William J.Joel

George Mason University and the Los Angeles County High School for the
Arts, with the support of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, are
sponsoring a computer graphics Student Poster and Animation Competition
and Exhibition.  The posters and video pieces will be on exhibit in
Chicago, Illinois at SIGGRAPH '92.  Selected video pieces will also be
shown in the Information Age exhibition in the Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, DC.

This competition provides an excellent opportunity for students working
with computers to exhibit their creative work. It is open to all students
currently attending elementary or secondary schools, colleges or universi-
ties. We encourage teachers to have their students make posters and video
tapes using computers, to select the best works produced in their classes,
and to enter them in SPACE.

The rules of the competition :
All entries must be created using a computer graphics system.

This year's theme is NEW WORLD ORDER (real or imagined)
DUE DATE: JUNE 15, 1992

For entry forms contact:
Jackie White, Art Department, LACHSA/Cal State L.A.
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA

June 18 - November 9 1992

Vast panorama of artistic activities at the Centre Pompidou:
- presentation of a new project: "La Revue Virtuelle", devoted to the
  study and the representation of new technologies in the arts;
- various visual arts exhibitions (Antiform, Arte Povera, Minimal Art,
  Conceptual Art, Pop Art, Nouveaux Realistes,  recent acquisitions of
  Henri Matisse, works of architects, video installations, access to a
  large library of video and computer graphics tapes, experimental cinema,
  children's workshops, etc.
- Musical presentations and interactive environments by IRCAM, Sept.11-13;

- Under the title "Voix et Images", the "Revue Parlee" will present a
  number of documents related to contemporary Literature, September 21-28;
- An interactive Video-disc will be co-produced by "Revue Virtuelle" and
  "la Cite des Sciences et de l'Inductrie" of La Villette:
- An International Symposium: "Des musees et des oeuvres" will be held
  on June 3 and 4;

For more information, contact:
Jean-Pierre Biron, Dir. de la Communication, fax: 33 (1) 42 77 40 03
Musee d'Art Moderne (MNAM): Sarah Heymann,   fax: 33 (1) 42 71 54 38
Centre de Creation Industrielle (CCI),       fax: 33 (1) 42 79 29 49
IRCAM: Magali Noel, Marie-Helene Arbour,     fax: 33 (1) 42 77 29 47
Atelier des enfants, Revue Parlee: Anne-Marie Pereira, fax: 33 (1) 42 79
29 49

Roger Malina

Visual Dialogue - Second International Conference of Visual Artists
August 3 - 5, 1992, San Francisco State University, California, USA

This conference will be part of the ongoing dialogue of artists speaking
to other artists about pressing issues which concern us now and in our
immediate future.  Conference themes: Artistic Identity, Art and Technolo-
gy, Public Art, Art and Peace, Multicultural Arts, Markets for Artists,
Art and Ecology, Artists in the Twentieth Century.  The deadline for
papers to be presented is July 1, 1992 and the registration deadline for
the conference is June 15, 1992.
For more information, contact: Artist Equity, P.O. Box 460931,
San Francisco, CA, 94146, USA, tel: 1-415-6266808.

Ellen C. Carter

The International Colour Association (AIC) is celebrating its 25th
anniversary with an international symposium on Computer Color Formulation
preceded by the Inter-Society Color Council's 61st annual meeting.  The
dates are June 21 - 24, 1992.  All conference sessions will take place at
Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
For more information, contact Dr. Allan Rodrigues, E.I. Du Pont,
P.O. Box 2802, Troy, MI 48007-2802, USA.
tel: 1-313-5838245, fax: 1-313-5838479.

Nathaniel Friedman

Art and Mathematics Conference (AM92), State University of New York Albany
June 9 - 11, 1992

The purpose of this conference is to bring together a wide range of
persons that work in fields where there are relationships between the
visual arts and mathematics.  For more information, contact: Nathaniel
Friedman, Department of Mathematics, University at Albany, SUNY, 1400
Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222, USA.
tel: 518 442 4621, email: am92@bst.albany.edu, fax: 1-518-4424731.

Marie Marais

7th Electroacoustic Spring, Sound ecology in an urban environment
June 6 - 21, Montreal, Canada

In an atmosphere of celebration and innovation, Montreal will transform
itself into a gigantic sound theater. Electroacoustic premiers and unique
multidisciplinary performances will sensitize Montrealers and their guests
to the sound environment in which they live and permit them to explore and
rediscover the sound of their city with "clear hearing".

For more information, contact: Marie Marais, tel 1-514-8452821, 7e
Printemps electroacoustique, CP 416, succursale Outremont, Quebec,
Canada H2V 4N3.

Carl Eugene Loeffler

The Networked Virtual Art Museum project supports the design, development
and operation of long distance, multiple user, networked virtual reality
environments. The project team will design and construct a multi-cultural
art museum  articulated through networked virtual reality, and established
by a grid of participants, or nodes, located in remote geographical
locations. The nodes are inter-connected using modem to modem, or high
bandwidth telecommunications.

Each participating node will have the option to interact with the virtual
environment and contribute to its shape and content. Participants will be
invited to create additions or galleries, install works, or commission
researchers and artists to originate new works for the museum.  Further,
guest curators will have the opportunity to organize special exhibitions,
explore advanced concepts, and formulate the basis for critical theory
pertaining to virtual reality and cultural expression. The museum can also
function as a stand-alone installation and is easily transportable for
presentation in cultural or industrial venues.

Project goals :

- To investigate long distance, multi-user networked virtual reality
  environments with applications for immersive work stations, paperless
  office,  cultural and educational  projects.
- To develop high speed moTXT

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