How to Bid

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host ISEA2017 

How to Bid

ISEA International makes an annual call for proposals to host the International Symposium on Electronic Art. The call for proposals is made 3 years in advance.

If you are considering submitting a proposal to host ISEA, please download the Host Candidate Guidelines here Guidelines for host ISEA2017

ISEA is a forum for interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The first International Symposium on Electronic Art was held in 1988. ISEA is an annual nomadic event, hosted by organisations around the world.

Potential host organisations must consult the Guidelines for Symposium Host Candidates prior to making a bid and are encouraged to contact ISEA Director Sue Gollifer <> for further details.

The Expression of Interest should be comprised of a short proposal including details about host organisation, partners, symposium themes, artistic programme, dates, registration and fee process and other relevant details, plus an outline of budget and finance plan.  Please structure your Expression of Interest according to the bid specifications in the Guidelines section 4.3.

Potential host organisations are required to meet with the Board and also present their Expression of Interest to delegates at the ISEA International General Meeting during ISEA2014 in Dubai.

 Timetable for ISEA2017 bids:

Timetable for ISEA2017 bids:

**New Deadline – May 15, 2014  Expression of Interest

June 30, 2014 Bidding organisations notified and upon acceptance, the candidate will be invited to develop a Draft Bid

November 2014 Presentation of Draft Bid at ISEA2014 (Dubai) and meeting with the ISEA International Board

February 1, 2015 Full Bid Document due

April 15, 2015 Candidates notified of outcome

Sue Gollifer

ISEA Director HQ

University of Brighton, UK

email: <>

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