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The ISEA Board is working with a number of (other) 'volunteers' on a new,
more definite structure of the ISEA website, that will be a strong basis for
the ISEA online community. People in this taskforce include Tapio Makela,
Yoshiyuki Abe, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Nina Czegledy, Jim Demmers, Nisar
Keshvani, Oleg Kireev, Joel Chadabe, Gavin Sade, Andres Burbano and ISEA HQ
(Madris Duric &Milo Patiniott)

ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan
October 27-31

The International Program Committee is now jurying the symposium proposals.
The following news came from the program chair:

Many proposals reached us, divided up as follows
Papers & Panels: over 310
Artwork (second round): 607
Exhibition proposals: 348
Performance proposals: 84
Concert proposals: 57
Electronic Theater proposals: 118

Chairperson, ISEA2002 Program Committee
ISEA2002 Nagoya Office, Nagoya Urban Institute Bldg., 2-15-16, Kanayama,
Naka-ku, Nagoya
460-0022 Japan

We heard plans on registration fees are around US$100 for ISEA members 
and US$120 or more for non-members. More information (on accommodation, 
travel arangements, etc) can be found on the ISEA2002 website 
(www.isea.jp). An update of the site is expected these days.

by Maarten van Toor &
Wim van der Plas

ArTv: Webcast/webart @ ISEA2002
Maarten van Toor & Wim van der Plas

In the last INL we reported on the plans we have to webcast the entire
ISEA2002 symposium (3x24 hours) and combine that with an interactive
interface, that makes one feel the presence of other visitors. Besides
that a web art gallery will be prepared, for which 80 artists, worldwide
have sent work and/or are planning to contribute live. This project is
called ArTv and is organized by a local foundation called <LiNK>.

To prepare for ArTv, we are doing several tests for a live audience in
Amersfoort, Holland. The first session of <LiNK> was held on Thursday
the 18th of April at the Observant center in Amersfoort. The theme was
"DJ thru the Web".
The whole event was broadcasted live over the internet. Visitors of the
event were given the opportunity of controlling one of
the three VJ machines. The machines were connected to beams that projected
the images on a large screen. There was also a midi keyboard that could 
be played by the live audience. The keyboard controlled the lights outside
the building. The music that was played and webcasted during the event was
streamed over the internet to Amersfoort from DJs located in different
places in the world.
We used two DV cameras, a digital video mixer, an audio mixer and one pc
for the encoding of the audio and video. The internet connection was an
ADSL , 256kb/s upstream and 1024kb/s downstream. The video was at 100kb/s
25fps and the audio at 16kb/s mono. Due to the limited bandwidth we were
unable to send out several streams, but the bit rate we chose was too
high for limited bandwidth connections, like ordinary modems or isdn,
so people using low-bandwidth connections received a poor quality stream.
Something we learnt from and will do different next time.
We expect the ArTv project to be broadcasted via satellite during ISEA2002.
We invite all institutes that can receive satellite data and redistribute
via their LANs, to do so. Please contact us if you are interested at

If you like you can watch a short video impression of the event at the
following URL http://www.observant.nl/link.


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Maarten van Toor, Wim van der Plas, Steven van der Linden

Madris Duric (ISEA HQ)

ISEA Board Members:
Nina Czegledy, Kathy Rae Huffman, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Peter Anders,
Atau Tanaka, Wim van der Plas, Marina Grzinic, Niranjan Rajah.

Madris Duric, Milo Pationiott

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Phone ++31-33-4228915 Fax ++31-33-4228933
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