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by Wim van der Plas

Since July 1st, the ISEA HQ is staffed by a new coordinator: Angela 
Plohman. ISEA is very happy to welcome her on board. As was explained 
in the past in this Newsletter, after the termination of the Montreal 
based ISEA HQ, HQ was staffed by students of the Media Technology 
department of the Utrecht University for Professional Education. 
Madris Duric and Milo Patiniott did a wonderful job, keeping the ship 
on it's course. However, this construction was an emergency measure, 
while the ISEA Board looked for a more permanent solution.

Angela was brought in touch with the board via Joel Chabade of the 
Electronic Music Foundation. Angela received an M.A. in Art History 
from Concordia University in Montreal, and was the Program Officer at 
the Daniel Langlois Foundation where she worked from 1998-2001. Now 
living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Angela recently co-founded 
nonbreakingspace, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing 
administrative support to media artists and organizations. 

The current re-organization of ISEA, including Angela's new role, 
comes after a careful review of our operational needs and goals. This 
led to a resolution to make a fresh start  - one which reflects 
ISEA's original mission but also its relevance to current 
developments in the electronic arts worldwide. Below, Angela will 
introduce herself further and tell us about her motivation, aims and 
intentions as the new ISEA 'interface'.

The ISEA Board would like to thank Milo Patiniott for his dedication 
to ISEA and wish him good luck in his future endeavours. Madris Duric 
will stay on a bit longer, to help Angela on her way. Madris' work 
for ISEA HQ has been and is still invaluable. Thank you very much, 
Milo & Madris!

And finally we would like to announce that, due to a very busy 
schedule, Marina Grzinic is no longer an ISEA Board member. We all 
would like to thank her profusely for her efforts and commitment to 


New interface for ISEA
by Angela Plohman

Although ISEA has faced some turbulent times since the termination of 
the Montreal HQ, the interest and support for this international 
network has not wavered. However, there is a lot work to be done and 
changes to be made to the existing operations in order to improve and 
optimize the way ISEA develops over the next years. My motivation for 
wanting to be implicated in the administration of ISEA is simple: 
there is a lot of potential inherent in ISEA, and I therefore hope to 
help encourage a renewed interest in this organization, what it 
stands for, and the possibilities it can offer to the electronic art 
community at large. While being called an 'interface' may not sound 
overly flattering, it is precisely what I intend to become over the 
next period, by restructuring current operational aspects of the 
organization and instigating wider discussions about what ISEA can 
offer that no one else currently can, all the while taking into 
consideration the very spread out and international network of ISEA 
members, board members and collaborators. I am hopeful of the new 
changes being discussed among the dedicated and diverse board 
members, and hope to match these discussions with active results in 
the very near future. 

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to think about how ISEA 
can be beneficial to you and your activities - we welcome your 
proposals and ideas, comments and complaints. Your support will help 
to define a strong new phase in ISEA's development.


Thursday, July 25
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
Room: 213A

Bring your own lunch!  Come hear about plans for upcoming ISEA 
events, including ISEA2002, news about ISEA projects, and engage in a lively
discussion about how ISEA is growing and how you can be part of it!

no need to rsvp - just spread the word and meet us there!

ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan
October 27-31

ISEA2002, the first ISEA in Asia, expects approximately 1500 
participants including artists, scholars, researchers engineers and 
students. It will feature over 200 presentations of research and 
artworks from more than 30 countries and regions around the world.  
All official exhibitions, symposium, social events and related 
programs will be open to the public during the symposium.

Theme: Orai
'Orai' is a Japanese word, meaning comings and goings, communication, 
and contact, as well as streets and traffic. Around 200 years ago, a 
book titled Nagoya [Orai] was compiled and published in Nagoya and 
was used as a kind of textbook for teaching and writing. Through
discussions around art and its interdisciplinary studies, ISEA2002 
NAGOYA [Orai] hopes to provide an opportunity to create a new text in 
this electronically networked society. 

For more information about ISEA2002 Nagoya and to consult the general 
program, go to the official web site at http://www.isea.jp


ISEA2002 Program

October 27 [Sun] 13:00-16:30 at Artpia Hall, 11F NADYA Park

MATSUBARA Takehisa, Mayor of Nagoya City, ISEA2002 Honorary President
HASEGAWA Nobuyoshi,  Deputy Governor of Aichi Prefecture, ISEA2002 
Honorary Vice-President
SOMEYA Akio, Executive Vice President of Nagoya Port Authority, 
ISEA2002 Honorary Vice-President
Keynote Speech/ KOHMURA Masao, ISEA2002 President
Guest Speech/ SUDA Hiroshi, Chairman of Central Japan Railway Company
Dialogue/ Roger F.MALINA, Executive Editor, Journal LEONARDO, Co-
chair, ISEA International Advisory Committee
YOSHIOKA Hiroshi, Professor of IAMAS, Advisor of ISEA2002

*ISEA General Meeting
October 31 [Thu] 17:00-19:00 at Meeting Room, 5F Nagoya Harbor Hall

*ISEA2002 Official Programs
Papers, Panels, Poster Sessions, Round Tables, Institutional 
Presentations, Workshops, Tutorials
October 28 [Mon]-31 [Thu] 10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00 at Meeting Room, 
4-5F, Nagoya Harbor Hall

*Exhibitions, Performances
October 27 [Sun]-31 [Thu] 11:00-21:00 at Warehouse No.4 , No.20, 
Garden Pier in port of Nagoya

*Electronic Theater
October 26 [Sat]-31 [Thu] 11:00-19:00 at Assembly Hall, 4F Nagoya 
Port Building

October 28 [Mon] at Aichi Arts Center
October 29 [Tue] at Aichi Arts Center

*ISEA2002 Welcome Party
October 28 [Mon] 17:00-19:00 at Warehouses, Garden Pier in port of 

*ISEA2002 Associated Programs
-Exhibition [Media Art by American Artist] at Nagoya City Art Museum
co-organizer: U.S. Consulate Nagoya/Nagoya American Center, Nagoya 
City Art Museum
-Concert for Electroacoustique and Computer Music
October 29 [Tue] at Aichi Arts Center
co-organizer: Japanese Society for Electronic Music (JSEM)

*ISEA2002 Related Programs
-Children's Program on Electronic Art at artopia, Nagoya Youth 
Cultural Center, NADYA Park
-Electronic Music Project [Arch] at "FUJI" Antarctic Museum
-NCSM & JSEM Science Talk & Electronic Music Concert [Meigetsu-
Orai](The Moon - Orai) at Planetarium, Nagoya City Science Museum 
-Nagoya University of Arts Exhibition [photo active Hitsuda Tamami & 
Yoshioka Toshinao]
-Printing Methodology #3- at Gallery BE &be, Nagoya University of 
-Aichi Sangyo University / Nagoya Kogakuin College Digital Art & 
Design Exhibition [Orai-Roji]  at Media Center, Nagoya Kogakuin 
-Exhibition [Transit 2002 ] at NAGOYA CITIZENS' GALLERY YADA
-ZKM Project [Web of Life] by Michael GLEICH & Jeffrey SHAW at 
Warehouse No.20, Garden Pier in port of Nagoya
cooperation: INUI Yoshikazu

*Social Events,Satellite Exhibitions at Galleries in Downtown, Art 
Schools and Colleges, etc. further information : 


-"Orai" Symposium
October 28 [Mon]-30 [Wed] 19:00-21:00 at Meeting Room, 5F Nagoya 
Harbor Hall
- Oasis21:Sakae Park Public Media Art Program [Resolution 2002]
October 25 [Fri]-29 [Tue] at Oasis21:Sakae Park
-Exhibition [The Early Works of Video Art in Japan] at Assembly 
Hall,Nagoya Port Building
October 26 [Sat]-31 [Thu] at Assembly Hall, 4F Nagoya Port Building
-Exhibition [peaks] at Warehouse No.20, Garden Pier in port of Nagoya
October 25 [Fri]-November 4 [Mon] at Warehouse
-Exhibition [electropti [e]  nice meeting you@NAGOYA]
October 27 [Sun]-31 [Thu] at Shumokukan
-Exhibition [Consciousness of Water]
October 23 [Wed]-November 3 [Sun] at Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, 
The Museum of Contemporary Art. Nagoya
-Exhibition [The immortal space]
October 22 [Tue]-November 3 [Sun] at NAGOYA CITIZEN'S GALLERY YADA, 
co-sponsored by Seian University of Art and Design Center for Arts
-Exhibition [mental rotation]
October 22 [Tue]-November 3 [Sun] at NAGOYA CITIZEN'S GALLERY YADA
-Project[Alternative Communication @OSU Electronic Village] Micro 
Radio, Streaming...at OSU GOODWILL
-Excursion Program [YAKATA]
Other Exhibitions,  Live Events, etc.

further information: http://www.isea.jp/registration/E/

further information: http://www.jecs.org/isea/iseainfoe.html


ISEA2002 NAGOYA Office
e-mail : info@isea.jp

2-15-16 Kanayama, Naka-ku,
Nagoya 460-0022 Japan
Fax : +81 52 321 6066


We have received many questions from artists whose work was accepted 
for ISEA2002, mainly about the facilities and technical equipments.

We must dedicate a great deal of funds to the repair of the symposium 
building due to the Japanese fire law, and to remodeling the interior 
of the building due to artists' needs for the exhibition, etc.  We 
apologize that we were unable to provide technical material for all 
artists' presentations. This is due to the existing tough economical 
conditions in Japan.  Of course, we are trying our best to help each 
individual artist. However, we will give priority to artists under 22 
years of age or students and individuals from under-represented 
groups. We are going to talk with artists individually and try to 
find the best solution for between the artists and us. Following is 
the technical support that we can confirm at this point.

1. Conditions of internet access

We have been negotiating with NTT (telephone company) and they have 
promised to help us.  There is a good chance that they will support 
ISEA2002 with the installation of broadband access (ADSL or fiber 
optic cable) in the venue for paper presentations, exhibitions, 
performances, and parts of concerts. NTT is now checking the 
possibility to set up an optical fiber line for both the symposium 
and exhibition venues. At least ADSL for both sites is confirmed.

2. Material support

We are able to offer basic facilities for paper presentations. For 
example, VCR (VHS-NTSC), PC, Mac, DVD player, and video projectors 
will be available from colleges and other institutions who have been 
supporting ISEA2002. We have been negotiating with private 
enterprises over the last year. We are receiving some help, but it is 
still difficult to raise funds for a totally new event in Japan. We 
are willing to help individual artists as much as we can, however, we 
can not promise that we are going to be able to offer the materials 
as per their requests. For performances and concerts, we will be able 
to offer basic materials including PA systems.  However, we are going 
to use a part of the space in the warehouse instead of theater spaces 
for the performances. Please note that we do not have a full time 
director, but an ISEA2002 project director.

3. We will have approximately 30 volunteer assistants and 10 
volunteer interpreters for the set-up of the venue and installation 
of works. A student group is working on a Nagoya sightseeing guide in 

Lastly, we received about 700 proposals of artworks for ISEA2002 
official shows, and over 300 research proposals for the symposium.  
Approximately 200 exceptional artworks and 100 valuable research 
papers from over 40 countries and regions were selected for the 
symposium. In order to ensure that the first symposium in Asia will 
be a valuable contribution to the future of the electronic art world, 
and to seek for the true understanding of cultural diversity, we 
would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

By Guest Editor: Patricia Martin


Every emerging technological paradigm implicates profound 
transformations in how we perceive the world and ourselves. In this 
context the electronic arts can play an important role interrogating 
and exploring our current technologized condition and its impact on 
our culture; or better : in every different culture. 

Throughout the world artists are engaging and confronting the 
significant possibilities and complex difficulties embedded in the 
central technologies of our time. In this issue, ISEA Newsletter will 
attempt to introduce a panorama of electronic arts in Latin America, 
highlighting artists and events that present a rich perspective from 
the cross-cultural point of view. Some of them are well known 
internationally; others will be a pleasant surprise to most of you. 
In any case, the aim is to open up new windows for dialogue and 
frameworks of collaboration within ISEA and beyond.

To be at least slightly representative of what's going on in this 
part of the world, this Panorama will obviously have to transcend the 
limits of this edition, which cannot and will not be solely devoted 
to Latin electronic arts. We will try to complement it in further 
editions. Right now, we are happy to help foster synergies in order 
to amplify the participation and exchange between artists and 
associations from different parts of the work illustrating all of us 
about the transformations taking place in each others' cultures and 
the way artists are engaging them.

* Just happened:

Havana, Cuba

The Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, with the support of 
the Historiador de la Ciudad de la Habana, el Museo Nacional de 
Bellas Artes and HIVOS, organized the IV Sal…˜?y Coloquio 
Internacional de Arte Digital (International Digital Art Exhibit and 
Colloquium) in Havana, Cuba. 

The annual event, which opened on June 17, exhibited work that 
represents the current field of digital art in Cuba and abroad, and 
convened a series of meetings and discussions to encourage exchange 
and reflection among designers, artists, critics and scholars whose 
work is related to these new forms of expression. 

The exhibition had two juried components: a competitive exhibition of 
the work of 110 Cuban artists, and an international exhibit, where 
the work of 160  artists from 40 different countries was shown. Work 
selected by a jury of well known artists and critics was exhibited in 
the Sala Majadahonda of the Centro Pablo, galleries of the Oficina 
del Historiador de la Ciudad, and in the Museo Nacional de Bellas 

Among the artists awarded are: Yelián Rodríguez Benítez, Víctor 
García, Orlando Galloso, Carlos José García, Angel Alonso Blanco and 
Yanes Llanez.

The Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau is an independent, 
non-profit cultural institution, created with the support of the 
Uni…˜?de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba -UNEAC (Association of Cuban 
Writers and Artists). 

For additional information about Centro Cultural Pablo de la 
Torriente Brau and past International Digital Art Exhibits and 
Colloquia, check the following web sites:

Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau
Calle de la Muralla No. 63 entre Oficios e Inquisidor
Habana Vieja, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
phone & fax: ++53-7-666585
email: centropablo@cubarte.cult.cu 

Other links for Cuban Art and Culture:
Cuban Arts & Culture Portal: http://www.cubarte.cult.cu
Official site of Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano: 
More on Cuban Cinema: http://www.cinecubano.cu
Pablo Cabado's Excellent Photo Exhibit about Cuba on the 90s: 
The Washington Post's Online Photo Exhibit on Cuba: 


A Program of the Private Foundation Ita“Cultural, Transmídia was 
conceived to support artists whose work intersect the scopes of art, 
science, media and technology. 13 projects were just selected from a 
total of 540  proposals for the three different sections: Project 
Development, Publication and Production.

Projects Awarded

Project Development:
O Fantasma Solitário do Porão Eletr‡˜‰co Devora os C…“‰gos Secretos 
do Sistema Operacional  Como um Espaguete Retorcido e Impreciso, by 
Lucila Meirelles (São Paulo), Nove Atos para um Jogo, by Malu Tavares 
and Daniela Capelato (São Paulo), Sorria Você Está Sendo Filmado, by 
Paola Barreto Leblanc (Rio de Janeiro), Visorama - A Arte do 
Observador, by André Parente (Rio de janeiro), Hekuras, by Tânia 
Fraga (Brasilia), and  Banhos, by Kátia Maciel (Rio de Janeiro).

OP_ERA: Uma Jornada Através de Dimens‰“Paralelas e Experimentos 
Multisensoriais, by Daniela Kutschat and Rejane Cantoni (São Paulo), 
Reflexão, by Raquel Kogan (São Paulo), SKR, by Grupo Cena 11 Cia. De 
Dança (Santa Catarina), and Rádio Re:combo - Recombinando o 
Territ…š‰o, by h. d. mabuse, Haidée C. Câmara Lima, DJ Tarzan, Miguel 
P. de Souza Jr., Saulo C. Dourado e Daniel Maucriado (Pernambuco).

Arte Telemática: Dos Intercâmbios Pontuais aos Ambientes Virtuais 
Multiusuários, by Gilbertto Prado (São Paulo), Dança e Videogame, 
Sangue e Pixel: Os Corpos P…šƒHHumanos no Grupo Cena 11, by Maíra 
Spanghero (São Paulo), and Leituras de N…šž- Acerca das Textualidades 
Informatizadas / Dos Desconcertos da Vida Filosoficamente 
Considerada, by Alckmar Luiz dos Santos (Santa Catarina).

Ita“Cultural has increasingly consolidated itself as an institution 
that plays the role of elaborating expression forms and issues 
relative to the Brazilian contemporary culture. Products, 
programming, and support to art manifestations in several areas of 
expression reflect this position, which was achieved due to a 
coherent and constant policy of action.

Among the highlights of such policy, Ita“Cultural promotes actions 
to map the Brazilian art production. Those activities are carried out 
by means of the different programs in the "Rumos" (Routes) series, 
which have been contributing to renovate the cultural scene in the 
country since 1998. On the other hand, its actions are also guided by 
the "Eixos Curatoriais" (Curatorial Lines), which are theme-based 
lines that define the yearly direction to be taken by the Institute 
and ensure renovation, preservation, and dissemination of culture 
within the society.

In August 1999, Ita“Cultural Institute organized in collaboration 
with the ISEA, Arts Leonardo/ISAST and CAiiA-STAR, Centre for 
Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts "Invenção". The event was an 
opportunity for those working at the creative edge of the arts, 
sciences and technology to collaborate in the transdisciplinary 
development of ideas and innovative strategies for life in the new 
millennium. Invenção was a "seeding" event that seek to identify key 
questions and issues that can lead to the radical transformation of 

Further information:
telephone: ++55-11-32681776
email: instituto@itaucultural.org.br
Transmídia Program: 
"Invenção": http://www.itaucultural.org.br/index.cfm?cd_pagina=974


During the 6th International Video.Art.Electronica Festival (Lima, 
Peru, May/June 2002) was held the first ever hands-on seminar on 
Digital Animation and Film making Techniques organized in Peru.  This 
program, an ATA  (Alta Tecnologia Andina) Media Lab initiative 
encouraged the interest in digital creation in Peru, offering the 
artists the possibility of developing multidisciplinary projects on 
teamwork basis. The Seminar was leaded by Eric Henry and Syd Garon 
who recently co-directed Wave Twisters, the latest release from the 
renowned turntablist DJ Q-Bert (Wave Twisters premiered at the 2001 
Sundance Film Festival).  Both also recently co-authored a chapter in 
"After Effects 5.5 Magic", by New Riders Publishing.

The Seminar was possible thanks to grants received from the Daniel 
Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology and the Embassy 
of United Sates of America in Peru.

Further information:

A T A [Alta Tecnologia Andina] http://www.ata.org.pe
phone: ++51-14-4445525 fax ++51-14-4473981
email: cletts@ata.org.pe


Created by Roberto Monza, the CD-rom Catalog of the Borges Collection  
was presented at an International Exhibition organized by the Centro 
de Arte Moderno gathering 350 works by renowned artists from 21 
countries, all inspired in the life and works of Jorge Luis Borges, 
one of the most important Argentine writers of all times and, without 
doubt, the best known internationally. 

Further information:
http://www.cam.org.ar (site being updated until the end of the month)

Centro de Arte Moderno
Dorrego 176 
B1878IYD Quilmes 
Pcia. de Buenos Aires
telephone: ++54-11-42246499
email: centroartem

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