#040 Apr 1995


                               THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                                 #40 APRIL 1995

Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Peter Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko
(US/Canada), Paul Brown (Australia), Annick Bureaud (France), Jurgen Claus
(Germany), Roger Malina (US), Rejane Spitz (Brazil). Lay-out: Rene Pare
(Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth Shostak. 
ISEA, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tel/fax 31-10-4778605, 
Email: ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@SARA.NL (Newsletter)


The number of people who have access to the Internet is rapidly increasing.
Here in Holland, suddenly everybody has an E-mail address.
This is great news!

This Newsletter appears both in an electronic shape via the net and in a hard
copy version. Since the hard copy travels from the editors to the designers
at Grafico de Poost then back to us, after which the copying, labelling and
mailing have to be done, hard copies are received by the readers over a week
later than the electronic version. Since many announcements come in just 
after the last Newsletter appeared, quick delivery is essential if
announcements are to be current.
Also, airmailing costs the Inter-Society much more than E-mailing.

The Dutch branch of ISEA (ISEA-NL) is constructing a WWW site for ISEA. The
address will be in the next Newsletter. We also hope to inform you about the
plans we have with this site.

in association with ISEA 95
September 19 - 25  1995, Montreal, Canada

In 1995 the Manifestation will be associated with ISEA 95, the 6th
International Symposium on Electronic Art (September 17-24). 
The Manifestation is organized by Champs Libre, an interdisciplinary art
center, "whose thoughts have as objectives to propose events that put us in
touch with the new technologies and actual practices in contemporary art."
Another statement: "The vivid evolution of technological culture in today's
society establishes a new dominant discourse which, by the priority that 
it accords to the economic 'virtues' of the new technologies marginalize too
often the voices of those who participate in a non-economic but ecological
linked vision which unites humanity to its technical environment."
"A current preoccupation for Champ Libre rests in relocating video within the
larger framework of electronic arts. The 'Deuxieme Manifestation' will take
into account such preoccupations by prsenting an international program as
well as a selection of single channel works from Canada and Quebec, thematic
conferences, a space for encounters between artists and audiences,
installations, a video-on-demand library, a documentation center, an
educational section for youths, and a cafe."
There is a Call for Videos. Deadline June 1st.
Info and Entry Form:
Champ Libre 
1908, rue Panet, espace 301
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L 3A2
Tel: 1-514-597-2533, fax 0515, Email: champ_libre@fc.babylon.montreal.qc.ca 

Dutch residents can receive the SIGGRAPH 95 'advance announcement' (including
registration forms) by sending a self addressed stamped (Hfl. 2,10) envelop
(A4 size) to the ISEA address (POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam). For other
countries these are the members of the International Operations Committee:

*Midori Kitawaga, USA, 
tel 1-614-292-3416, fax 7776, email intl.s95@siggraph.org
*Igor Alexandrov, Russia,
tel 7-095-2084529, fax 1281854, email igorsa@glas.apc.org
*Len Breen, UK, tel 44-71-2420551, fax 8319377, email lenl@mdx.ac.uk
*Paul Brown, Australia,
tel 61-7-8755286, fax 8441486, email p.brown@ins.gu.edu.au
*Felipe Carrasco, Mexico,
tel 52-5-652-9566 (ext 210), fax 3176, email felipeca@spin.com.mx
*Thierry Frey, France, 
tel 33-94-021560, fax 245050, email tfrey@email.enst.fr
*Masa Inakage, Japan,
tel 81-467-32794-1, fax 3, email inakage@media-studio.co.jp
*Myeong Won Lee, Korea, 
tel 82-2-526-6567, fax 5909, email mwlee@pine.kotel.co.kr
*Maria Grazia Mattei, Italy, 
tel/fax 39-2-2640062, email maria.grazia.mattei@galactica.it
*Joachim Rix, Germany, 
tel 49-6151-1552-20, fax 99, email rix@igd.fhg.de
*Hung-Chuan Teh, Singapore, 
tel 65-77-22912, fax 94580, email tehhc@iscs.nus.sg 
*Steve Shi-Nine Yang, Taiwan, 
tel 886-357-31074, fax 23694, email snyang@cs.nthu.edu.tw
*Marcelo Knorich Zuffo, Brazil,
tel 55-11-8185254, fax 2114574, email mkzuffo@lsi.usp.br

ISEA-NL is no longer cooperating with the Art Show or any other 
part of the trade show 'Imagination 95' in Utrecht, Holland.
Instead, ISEA-NL is now negotiating cooperation with 'InterAct!', 
a trade show in the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam, taking 
place next November. We will keep you informed.

April 27 - 30  1995, The Hague, Holland

"Watching the rapid development of electronic media like the Internet, CD-Rom
and CD-i, it sometimes seems as if the medium has indeed become the message.
(...) Video has defenitely proven itself as an important medium both for and
in art. So what about all these new media? That's a question the 13th World
Wide Video Festival means to address. (...) What do they contribute to the 
electronic landscape and what, if any, conceptual value do they add to it?".

100 Videotapes (with the artist present whenever possible), Lectures by
Michael Saup, George Snow, Laurent Mignonneau, Christa Sommerer, Symposium on
digital image culture, Installations by  Keith Piper, Jose Antonio
Hernandez-Diez, Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow, Klaus von Bruch, Erik Nerinckx,
Egbert Mittelstadt. 
Draft proposals for installations will be shown as part of the ongoing
project The Imaginary Reality. This project was initiated by the World Wide
Video Centre and aims at stimulating the use of video and computer in the
conceptualization phase of video installations.
Art School Day, Video Market, Catalogue.
Hours: 10.30 a.m. - 02.00 a.m.
Theater aan het Spui, Spui 189, The Hague, Holland.
Tel 31-70-36-44805, fax 14448, email 100340.411@compuserve.com

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995:  Simploding Machinic Desires
May 26 - 28  1995, University of Warwick, Coventry, England, UK.

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995 is an interdisciplinary event that examines the role of
cybernetic & non-linear systems in the arts, sciences, philosophy & business.
The conference will explore the relationship between postmodern philosophy
& chaos theory, with topics ranging from: information technology, hypertext,
multimedia, virtual reality, the matrix, complexity theory, cyberfeminism,
artificial life & intelligence, nanotechnology, & the theoretical
implications of technology in regard to the future of economics, politics, &
Literary themes such as apocalypse, narcotics, & cyberpunk science fiction
will all be addressed, & the conference will tend to emphasize materialist
schools of continental philosophy & neurophilosophy, with a particular
stress on the works of Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.  

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995 will feature:

-Panels on: NetWar & Virtual Security, CyberFeminism, Deleuze, Guattari &
Schizophrenic Capitalism, CyberPunk Fiction
-A Special Performance on May 25th by Stelarc (cybernetically-enhanced artist
from Australia)
-MultiMedia Performances All Weekend: including O(rphan)D(rift), TechNet, &
members of VNS-Matrix
-A Warwick Arts Centre film talk featuring the work of Film & Video Umbrella
-Displays of the latest in computer-bred art by William Latham, Jane Prophet,
Gordon Selly, I/O/D & Collapse
-Late-night dancing, drinking & neural networking
-And several surprise guests & events!
"The hardest drinking, most politically incorrect philosophers in the world"
--Stelarc, in The Guardian

VIRTUAL FUTURES 1995 is brought to you by:
Eric Cassidy, Otto Imken & Dan O'Hara, Tel: 44-01203-523523, 
Fax: 44-01203-523019. E-mail: virtual-futures@warwick.ac.uk

Urban Digital Color, 1616 16th Street, San Francisco, USA.
May 26 -June 30, 1995.

The five internationally recognized fine artists of Unique Editionsx will
individually and collectively explore and experiment with mixed media and
digital technologies at a workshop with master printer Robert Buckenmeyer
of Urban Digital Color. The project culminates with an exhibit of their
work at Buckenmeyer's art gallery which is dedicated to presenting the
complex visual aesthetic of the current and oncoming digital age.

An  Opening Reception to meet artists-Helen Golden, Bonny Lhotka, Dorothy
Simpson Krause, Judith Moncrieff and Karin Schminke will be held Thursday,
May 25, 1995 at 6pm in the gallery at Urban Digital Color. 

The exhibit, Unique EditionsxxNew Directions  will illustrate the artists'
mixed media approach as they show one of a kind images and limited editions
of work created through Mixed Media, Montage, Collage, and Polaroid transfer
-printed on various substrates such as handmade paper, canvas and metal. The
artists may be contacted through Urban Digital Color at 1-415-6268403 or
Helen Golden 1-415-4943461.


We received the following two messages recently, we thought we'd better
let you know."

...You have a Collect Call from Marshall McLuhan...
He wants to Explore Media Theory as an Anchor in a Sea of Change.
New and Astounding Discoveries await You.
Please Don't Refuse his Call !

The McLuhan Archives (mcluhan@eworld.com) in Toronto presents:
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             The Medium Is The Message with Marshall McLuhan

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Ask about our Catalog and many other McLuhan products including the famous
Global Village T-Shirt and DewLiner Cards and McLuhan Posters.


This is to inform you that whoever is operating this service may be
violating copyright laws. Marshall McLuhan died on December 30, 1980. All
his work is held under copyright by the McLuhan estate, supervised by his
widow Mrs. Corinne McLuhan. "The famous Global village T-shirt and
Dewliner Cards and McLuhan posters" have been produced without the
permission of the estate. 

"The McLuhan Archives" is not operating with permission from the estate. 
The Audio compact disc offered for sale, "The Medium is the Message with
Marshall McLuhan" is not authorised by the estate. 

There appear to be a number of computer listings under the name McLuhan
accessible through the Internet. Please approach with caution. 

There are some genuine services re McLuhan's work available.  For further
information:  contact "mcluhan@passport.ca" 

Eric McLuhan


If you are a professional it is possible to receive a subscription to the
following interesting magazines for free:

Studio Sound and Broadcast Engineering 
Up to date info on the latest products and trends, in-depth technical
reviews, studio reports, news updates, regular columns.
Ask for a registration form from: 
Spotlight Publications, 40 Beresford St., London SE18 6BQ, UK
Tel 44-181-8557777, fax 3173938

Advanced Imaging
Solutions for the electronic imaging professional.
445 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, NY 11747, USA
Tel 1-516-84527-00, fax 97  

Also available for free:
The Audiovisual Sector in Russia, Chronicle of a transformation.
Audiovisual Eureka #13 (EEC)
5-7, rue de la Bonte, B-1050, Brussels, Belgium.
Tel 32-2-53804-55, fax 39

                                  WORLD WIDE WEB


Leonardo Announces 1994 New Horizons Award for Innovation

Kitsou Dubois, Choreographer

The 1994 Leonardo New Horizons Award for Innovation has been awarded to
French choreographer Kitsou Dubois for her research on weightlessness and how
the dancer's experience can aid astronauts in adapting to microgravity.
Dubois has been developing a new training system, based on dance techniques,
for improving the physical consciousnesss of astronauts as a complement to
existing astronaut-training methods. Ms Dubois has incorporated her research
results into the choreography for a number of dance works.

Ms. Dubois has also worked in the field of dance and psychiatry, as well as
in theatre, dance education, film and fashion design. 

Ms. Dubois has documented her work involving dance and weightlessness in
Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and
Technology, Vol. 27. No. 1 (1994) pp. 57-64.

For further information: isast@garnet.berkeley.edu
or WWW: http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/Leonardo/home.html

Steward Dickson 

Explore FractalMUD at http://mathart.com/FractalMUD/FractalMUD_home.html
The piece is the multi-user exploration of a three-dimensional Julia set -
a four-dimensional, infinite Mandala of cosmic mystery.  The Oracle of
Fractal MUD speaks from Beyond the Boundary.

I invite you to visit the following areas:

Play MathArt Lotto!
 - statistical analysis and systematic game choosing strategies:

Surf on Mathematical topology in Virtual Reality:

Direct physical sculpture of parametric surfaces using Mathematica(R):

Direct physical sculpture of 3-D deterministic fractals:

Zometool - the 31-zone hyperspace structural visualization system.

(Stewart Dickson, dickson@mathart.com)


CMP Senior Curator Edward Earle develops Internet projects with
artists and educators.

In the Gallery: UCR/CMP announces the first photography gallery devoted to
"surfing the Net." The Internet Gallery offers the public an opportunity to
explore World Wide Web arts projects via a dedicated high speed
telecommunications system. The Internet's World Wide Web allows for
transmission of image, text, and limited sound and video. In addition to
the Museum's own Internet projects, photography and contemporary art
activities across the broad expanse of the Web are accessible in the
gallery. The Internet is quickly beginning to mimic society as a whole,
complete with haves and have-nots; the UCR/CMP Internet Gallery provides a
unique opportunity to explore the future, today. Instead of just reading
about the "Information Superhighway, visitors can test drive a fast
Internet connection and explore arts resources internationally.

On the Net: the Museum has been working on Internet based projects since
1993. Through an equipment donation from Apple Computer's Apple Library of
Tomorrow program, Senior Curator Edward W. Earle has been developing a
series of Network Exhibitions offering access to both historical photographs
and newly commissioned projects by contemporary artists.
The Museum's system is now serving about 8,000 visitors a month from 45
countries.  Additionally, the Museum is working with a consortium  of Los
Angeles area schools to allow access to high resolution images from
historical photographs. By integrating history, contemporary art and
digital imaging, the UCR/CMP is working to use new technologies to create
new communities. Museum's World Wide Web site can be found on the Internet
at: http://cmp1.ucr.edu


The California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside
is happy to announce the expansion of its NETWORK EXHIBITION project.
Digital image files as exhibitions on Internet were first presented in the
summer 1993, on the UC/Riverside Gopher server. The Museum has now installed
a World Wide Web server in the CMP Collections with the help of a grant from
Apple Computer through the Apple Library of Tomorrow program and through
telecommunications support from the University's Department of Computing and
Communications, with additional hard disk support from MicroNet Technology.

ADDRESS: http://cmp1.ucr.edu

Contact: Edward Earle, Senior Curator


October 2, 1995 - May 25, 1996 Paris, France
Courses taught by Curtis Roads, Julio Astrada, Gerard Pape, Brigitte
Robindore. Guest lectures by Iannis Xenakis, Jean-Claude Risset,
Francois-Bernard Mache and Harry Halbreich.
Techniques of Computer Music
Compositional Theory and Practice
Electroacoustic Composition on the UPIC System
Advanced Topics in Computer Music.
Bi-lingual. Individual studio time. Moderate tuition fees. 
Student dormitory.
Les Ateliers UPIC
5, allee de Nantes, 91300 Massy, France
Tel/fax 33-1-60139339, email 100422.1771@compuserve.com

Professor Pierre Levy, author of Collective Intelligence.
By Josephine Grieve.

Lecture:  thursday 20 april at 17:00 at the Netherlands Design Institute,
Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam. 
RSVP telephone to Mimona Mouhdad 31-20-5516500, fax 31-20-6201031

Pierre  Levy is one of the most exciting intellectuals to have emerged from
the worldwide knowledge economy.  He says of his lecture: The mapping of
virtualisation has never been so urgent.  Virtualisation began with the birth
of the human race- languages, techniques, religions - and is not just a
recent development linked to digital technology.  At this moment, there is a
marked acceleration of virtualisation - of bodies, of economy and of society.
Virtuality has always been the dynamic part of human reality.  Therefore
contemporary choices are not between reality and virtuality but among various
kinds of virtualisation processesS. In his presentation, Pierre Levy,
Professor of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of
Paris at St Denis, will propose ways to map these processes of virtualisation
in the contemporary context with reference to the history of virtualisation. 
An expert in the knowledge economy, artificial intelligence, cognitive
science, culture and the digital revolution, Pierre Levy, has written
numerous books including Intelligence Collective, pour une anthropologie du
cyberspace (Paris 1994) and Les Arbres de Connaissance (Paris 1992).  Levy
co-founded TRIVIUM, a software company that develops and sells Trees of
Knowledge, interactive and dynamic maps of the knowledge skills and
communication systems of a community.

The lecture will be in English.

                             CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION

Rockport Publishing is currently accepting entries for this new title. It
will be printed as a full-color, large format, showcase book. Categories:
Feature film, Computer game/digital ride, Short film, Broadcast TV, Other.
Deadline is April 26, but who knows, maybe they will accept your work later
if you call them.
Entry forms:
Rockport Publishers, Dept AG
146 Granite St., Rockport, MA 01966, USA.
Tel 1-508-546-9590 x 114, fax 7141

May 13 - 21   1995, Karlsruhe, Germany

A total of 100.000 DM worth of prizes, donated by Siemens, will be presented
to Peter Greenaway, Jean Baudrillard, Lynn Hershman, Steina & Woody Vasulka
and Knowbotic Research. 
Exhibitions in two museums "which are to be inaugurated by ZKM/Center for Art
and Media Karlsruhe in 1977": 'Fin de Siecle' (Bill Viola, Gary Hill, Jeffrey
Shaw, Thorbjorn Lausten and others), 'Media Stories' Jill Scott, Tjebbe van
Tijen and others, 'Newfoundland II' with contributions by Peter Callas, Bill
Seaman, Tamas Waliczky and many others. 

Symposia: the Second Modern Age, New Media-New Criteria, the Digital Museum.  

Addresses issues like: 
-Are traditional criteria of art appreciation applicable?
-Is there an aesthetics of interactivity
-What is the identity of the artist in a technological work?
-Will the digital art forms supercede, coexist with, or 
invigorate the traditional forms?
and others.
Speakers include Dieter Daniels, Anne-Marie Duguet, Paul Groot, 
Lec Manovich, Simon Penny, Florian Rotzer and Rolf Sachsse.

SOLART GLOBAL NETWORK; Call for artists' work before June 21, 1995      

The Solart Global Network is a group of artists around the world who use
solar energy in their artworks. They are committed to the cultural changes
needed to move our societies towards renewable energy sources.

The Solart Global Network has set up sites on the World Wide Web at URL:
http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/Leonardo/solart/solartHome.html and at  URL

The Solart Global Network is inviting interested artists to submit one image
(.GIF or .JPEG) together with contact information and short texts. These will
be posted on the Leonardo Solart Global Network WWW site. To obtain the
survey form send email to tferguson@igc.apc.org 



Pratt Institute. Assistant Professor. Tenure track, $30-$34,000.
Start Fall '95, M.F.A., required, teaching experience preferred.
Knowledge of Director, Hypercard, and Macintosh-based imaging software plus
experience with design for interactive media required. Experience in one or
more of the following additional areas is desirable : programming, 3D
modeling and animation, video technology.

Responsibilities include: teaching 4 graduate and/or undergraduate courses
per semester in Interactive Multimedia and Computer Graphics, curriculum
development, student advisement and committee work.

Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, names of three references
(include telephone number and address), 20 slides and videotape of personal/
professional work, 20 slides and/or videotape of student work, SASE.

Application deadline is June 10 or until position is filled.  Interviews 
will begin immediately. AA, EOE, WMA. Isaac Victor Kerlow, Chair,
Department of Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia, Pratt Institute,
200 Willoughby Avenue, Pratt Studios 21, Brooklyn, NY 11205 USA.


April 10 - 23 1995, The Centre for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle in
Warsaw, Poland
Works by: Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow, Michael Bielicky, Simon Biggs, Gabor Body,
Patrick Bokanowski, Vera Frenkel, Izabella Gustowska, Alexander Hahn, Gusztav
Hamos, Lynn Hershman, Sanja Ivekovic, Dalibor Martinis, Laurent Mignonneau &
Christa Sommerer, Daniela Alina Plewe & Horst Schulte, Jozef Robakowski.
Additional screenings, lectures and presentations.
Exhibition curated by Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, with assistance of Adam 
Info: Adam Szymczyk, Fax: 48-2-6289550, Tel: 48-2-6287683.
Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Tel/Fax:48-42-368405, E-mail: rwk@krysia.uni.lodz.pl

April 19 - 21  1995, Geneva, Switzerland
Where Television and Multimedia meet. Computer animation film festival and
symposium, 3D Forum, Multimedia Seminar.
International Conference Center
15, rue de Varembe, Geneva. Tel 41-22-7919111 (during the conference only)

Time in the Eye of the Needle
April 21-22 and April 28-29
Montanaro Dance and the Institute for Studies in the Arts Arizona State
University, Tempe, USA. "Call Fine Arts Box Office 965-6447" and the above is
all the info we received.

'Between the Ears' Concerts.
April 20: Electronic art going 'Baroque': Tom Cora cello, SensorLab and live
sampling, Phil Minton voice.
April 27: Jon Rose: 'Badminton', Young Farmers Claim Future: 'Pong', Deborah
Richards: 'Some Southpaw Pitching'.
STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam, Holland. Tel 31-20-6228690

April 27 - 30  1995, The Hague, Holland
Videotapes by Charles Atlas, Sylvie Peroueme, Gabriel Yuvone, Pablo Rodriguez
Jauregui, Ines Cardoso and others. Video installations by Jose Antonio
Hernandez-Diez, Paul McCarthy, Keith Piper and others. New: CD-is and
CD-roms. Lectures, symposium on 'Culture of the Digital Image'. Special
exhibition: 'on war & peace & art RECENT WORK' by Klaus vom Bruch.
World Wide Video Center, Spui 189, 2511 BN The Hague, Holland
Tel: 31-70-3644805, fax 3614448, email 100340.411@compuserve.com

May 3 - 7  1995, Wroclaw, Poland.
Fifth Sound Basis Visual Art Festival.
Info: Open Studio/WRO, POB 1385, 54-137 Wroclaw 16 Poland.
Tel/fax: 48-71-448369

May 9 - 13  1995, Clermond-Ferrand, France
Conference, screenings and exhibition of installations. 
Installations include works by Bill Viola, Nam June Paik, Kulchitsky &
Chekorsky, J.P. Labro, J.F. Guiton, P. Sorin, Chr. Chatel, Pitch and Cho &
Yun. Contact:
Videoformes, BP 71, 63003 Clermond Ferrand cedex 1, France.
Tel: 33-73-906758, fax 924418

The shadowside of the digital revolution
May 10 1995, Rotterdam, Holland
The faculty society of History and Arts organizes a symposium about the 
shadowsides of the digital revolution. It will take place at the 
Filmtheatre Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 129-133, Rotterdam, Holland. 
For more information and program, contact: Histartes, Diescomity, 
kamer L4-001, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 
3062 PA Rotterdam, Holland. E-mail: Histartes.Studorg@FHK.Eur.nl.

May 26 - 28  1995, Conventry, England, UK.
Info: VF95, The Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature, University
of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, England, UK.
Tel: 44-203-523523, Fax: 523019, Email: virtual_futures@warwick.ac.uk

May 31 - June 3  1995, Toronto, Canada
Conference May 31- June 3, Trade show June 1 - 3.
Keynote addresses (free to all visitors) will be given by James Clark
(founder of Silicon Graphics and now with Netscape Communications, the
programmers of the Internet tool, Mosaic), Fred Klinkhammer of MediaLinx and
Satjiv Chahil of Apple Computer.
Info: Multimedia Trade Shows Inc., 7-70 Villarboit Crescent, Concord, 
ON, Canada, L4K 4C7. Tel 1-905-660249-1, fax -2

June 7 - 10  1995, Osnabrueck, Germany.
This unique cultural event covers all aspects of "music and electronics"
including a scientific congress, the Musitec and the "Festival" with a series
of concerts and performances.
For a complete programme contact:
KlangArt, P.O.Box 4460, 49034 Osnabrueck, Germany.
Tel: 49-541-24960, Fax: 49-541-24913, 
Email: kschwirz@rzserv.rz.Uni-Osnabrueck.de

June 9 - 11  1995, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Conference of the Australian Computer Music Association.
Info: ACMA 1995 Conference, PO Box 186, Post Office Agency, La Trobe
University, Bundoora 3083, Victoria, Australia.

June 18 - 21  1995, Graz, Austria
World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Papers, short papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, demonstration, posters
Info: ED-MEDIA 95/AACE, P.O. Box 2966, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA.
Tel: 1-804-973-3987, Fax: 1-804-9787449, E-mail: AACE@Virginia.Edu

June 20 - 24  1995, Linz, Austria
Theme: Mythos Information; Welcome to the Net Worlds.
"Ars Electronica 95 will ask critical questions to dogmas and myths of
postmodern information society".
Info: Brucknerhaus, Untere Donaulande 7, A-4010 Linz, Austria
Tel: 43-732-7612244, Fax: 7612350

International Conference and Exhibition
June 25 - 30  1995, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Info: CGI 95 Secretariat, 
Conference Office, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK.                    
Tel: 44-0-113-233-6102, Fax: 44-0-113-233-6107                  
Email: rcsdmw@central.admin.leeds.ac.uk 

June 30 - July 2  1995, Fribourg, Switzerland.
An International symposium to examine art, technology and phenomena. See INL
#38. Info: The Incident, Casta Postale 120, CH-1700 Fribourg 1, Switzerland.
Tel: 41-37-222285, Fax: 226185, Email: 75337.206@compuserve.com

August 6 - 11  1995, Los Angeles, USA.
22nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
Conference and exhibition.
Info: SIGGRAPH 95, Conference Management Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA.
Tel: 1-312-321-6830, Fax: 6876, Email: siggraph95@siggraph.org

September 3 - 5  1995, Edinburgh, UK.
Info: Emilios Cambouropoulos, Faculty of Music, Univ. of Edinburgh, 
12 Nicolson Sq., EH8 9DF Edinburgh, UK. Email: emilios@music.ed.ac.uk

September 6 - 10  1995, Osnabruck, Germany
For information and entry forms contact
EMAF, Postfach 1861, D-49008 Osnabruck, Germany.
Tel: 49-541-21658, Fax: 28327, Email: EMAF@BIONIC.ZER.DE
WWW-info: http://EMAF.NDA.NET/nda/emaf

September 17 - 24  1995, Montreal, Canada.
Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art
Info: ISEA 95, 307 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Bureau 515B, Montreal, Quebec,
Canada. Tel: 1-514-990-0229, Fax: 1-514-842-7459, Email: ISEA95@ER.UQAM.CA

November 9 - 11  1995, Bologna, Italy.
Info: Lelio Camilleri, Comitato Organizzatore del XI Coloquio di Informatica
Musicale, Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini, Piazza Rossini 2, 40126
Bologna, Italy. Tel: 39-51-233975, Fax: 223168, Email:

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members
can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses mentioned in this
Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept),  Amsterdam University,
V2 Organisation,  YLEM,  ISAST,  Media Research, Museum der Stad Gladbeck,
The Council for the Int. Bienale in Nagoya,  CSL Computers,  Viking
Eggeling-Salskapet,  Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts & Design,  Softimage
Inc,  Lokman Productions, ARTCOM in Deutschland e.V., Tampere School of Art &
Communications,  Nordiska Konstskolan, Painatuskeskus Oy, TAU Talinn Estonia,
School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

End of Newsletter

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