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ISEA2002 *

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by Wim van der Plas

This is, with some delay, INL#84. We waited with publishing this issue until
the ISEA2002 Call for Papers & Participation was ready to be included. Media
Select, the organizers of ISEA2002 in Nagoya, recently organized a
pre-symposium to help prepare a succesful ISEA2002. A short report on the
pre-symposium can be found below.

Part of the delay in preparing the ISEA2002 Call was the long discussion the
ISEA Board needed in order to propose an International Program Committee
(IPC) that truely represents the strong desire of ISEA (and it's members) to
see more cultural diversion reflected in it's composition.

We think we succeeded in (in a way) revolutionizing the composition of the
IPC. However, since not all candidates have agreed to participate at this
moment in time, the IPC is not included in the current version of the Call.
Very soon the hard copy Call will be mailed out, including the IPC names.

Attached to this Newsletter is a shorter than usual Calendar of events, job
positions, calls, etc. We are working on a new formula for the calendar,
because it tends to become a much too large document and the e-mailing of
this bi-monthly info, does not seem to be the most efficient way to
distribute the information. We are planning to start a Web page that is
updated daily. If anyone feels this has disadvantages and/or prefers to
receive the info via e-mail, please let us know.

The ISEA Web site will be migrated soon from the Canadian server (where SAT
hosted it for a long time for us) to the server at Media Technology in
Amersfoort, Holland, the location of the current HQ. By doing that we hope
to restore and improve all it's functionality, including the Newsletter
archive, members port folio's, etc. We would like to thank both our old host
(SAT) and our new host (Media Technology) for their kind co-operation.


*ISEA2002 'Orai'*
by K. Motoyama

We, ISEA2002 Nagoya, JAPAN presented the pre-symposium of ISEA2002--"Orai -
Possibility of electronic arts" on Oct.28, 2001.  We had over 300 dedicated
participants at Nagoya Port Building, which would also be the venue of
the ISEA2002 symposium.

Dr.KOHMURA Masao (the president of ISEA2002) and Ms.ROH Soh-Yeong (director
of art center nabi [http://www.nabi.or.kr/e/index.html]) from South Korea and
Mr.Jeebesh BAGCHI (fellow of media center sarai [http://www.sarai.net]) from
India gave keynote speeches for the first half of the symposium.

Intensive panel discussion with Mr.FANG Zenning (art journalist) from China,
Mr.OENOKI Jun (artist) and Mr.TSUDA Yoshinori(artist / member of
MEDIASELECT) was organized by Ms.SHIKATA Yukiko (media art curator /
director of ISEA2002) for the second half of the symposium.

All participants stayed for the 4 1/2 hours symposium with enthusiasm.

After the symposium, we had an exchange party combined with the opening of
MEDIASELECT2001 "Meandering Look" Show, among citizens, artists, presenters
and students.

We stayed for the party until the middle of the night and worked on
friendship networking among Asia, aiming at next year, ISEA2002 Nagoya,



                              ISEA2002 'ORAI'

	                  OCTOBER 27-31, 2002
     		                   NAGOYA, JAPAN

On October 27-31, 2001, the Eleventh International
Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2002) will take place in the
city of Nagoya, Japan. Organizers for this event are the
ISEA2002 Steering Committee [MEDIASELECT, City of
Nagoya, Nagoya Port Authority,etc] in partnership with the
Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA), ISEA Japan, artport
Executive Committee, local universities, and others.
The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts was founded in 1990
and is currently based in Amersfoort, Netherlands. ISEA is an
international non-profit organization dedicated to the
promotion and development of the electronic arts.
ISEA is committed to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural
cooperation between the arts and the fields of technology,
science education, and industry. ISEA2002 proves to be a
major international event for members of the artistic
community involved with electronic arts.

ISEA2002 NAGOYA[Orai] the first ISEA symposium in Asia, is
expecting about 1500 participants including artists,
researchers, engineers, students, and presentations of over 200
papers and works from 30 countries around the world. Many
related exhibitions, concerts, performances and other events
are also planned to take place in the Nagoya area during the
time of ISEA2002.

ISEA2002 is committed to hosting an inclusive event,
encompassing the many trends in electronic art throughout the
world, including those with limited access to the latest
technology and those working from a cultural context, which
may be unfamiliar to the reviewers. Submissions to ISEA2002
from those who believe that a fuller understanding of the
context of their work is needed for proper evaluation may
attach supplemental information.
Please mark this material clearly as supplemental.

Members from communities that traditionally have been
under-represented at ISEA are encouraged to identify the new
perspectives that they can bring to ISEA2002.

The ISEA2002 Symposium is a continuation of the successful
First ISEA 1988, Utrecht, Netherlands
Second ISEA 1990, Groningen, Netherlands
Third ISEA 1992, Sydney, Australia
Fourth ISEA 1993, Minneapolis, USA
Fifth ISEA 1994, Helsinki, Finland
Sixth ISEA 1995, Montreal, Canada
Seventh ISEA 1996. Rotterdam, Netherlands
Eighth ISEA 1997, Chicago, USA
Ninth ISEA 1998, Liverpool/Manchester, UK
Tenth ISEA, 2000, Paris, France

This event ISEA2002 NAGOYA[Orai] is oriented toward many
groups, ranging from specialists to the general public.
ISEA2002 will offer Papers, Panels, Round Tables, Posters,
and Institutional Presentations for scientists, artistic experts,
and professionals. Workshops and Tutorials hold special
interest for teachers, students, and practicing artists.
Exhibitions, Performances, Concerts, and Electronic Theater,
are also aimed at the cultural exchange program and are open
to the public.

ISEA is committed to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural
communication/cooperation between the arts and the fields of
new media technology, science, education and industry. The
aim of the symposium and the parent organization (also called
ISEA) is to systematically investigate the problems and
potentials of electronic art and to further inter-disciplinary and
inter-organizational cooperation. For the purpose of the
symposium, Electronic Arts is defined as 'all art forms that use
electronic technology as an essential prerequisite for their
production'. The symposium will be held from Sunday,
October 27th to Thursday, October 31st in Nagoya, Japan.

[Orai] is a Japanese word that has many interpretations. It
refers to comings and goings, communication, and contact, as
well as streets and traffic. About 200 years ago, a book titled
Nagoya Orai was compiled and published in Nagoya which
was used as a kind of textbook for teaching, writing, and
development of literacy. Through discussions around art and
its inter-disciplinary studies, ISEA2002 NAGOYA [Orai] hopes
to provide an opportunity to create a new text and explore new
forms of literacy in the electronically networked society.

Topics include theory, Internet & electronic society, art, design,
architecture & urbanism, music, performing arts, programming
& software, education & literacy as well as the 2002 special
topics, [Orai].

For ISEA2002, We organize Support Committee for foreign
participants especially for ones from under-represented
regions. The Support Committee will offer a wide variety of
information about supporting work to be shown at ISEA2002,
and on facilitating attendees' stay at ISEA2002. The Support
Committee will provide access to information about grants, fee
discounts, and reasonable accommodations. The Domestic
Relations Committee will strive to build relationships between
domestic institutions, colleges and universities to help
participants arrange lecture opportunities to help participants'

Jury for art works (presentation format; Exhibitions,
Performances, Concerts, and Electronic Theater)
-AMAMO Kazuo, Curator
-KOHMURA Masao, President of ISEA2002 NAGOYA
-MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu, Artist
-MORI Shigeki, Director of ARTEC 89-97
-SAKANE Itsuo, President of IAMAS, Executive Advisor of
-SHIKATA Yukiko, Director of Steering Committee of


(List Members)


ISEA2002 invites Papers to be given during the symposium.
Proposals for Panels, Round Tables, Poster Sessions and
Institutional Presentations are also welcome. All proposals
must be directly related to the aforementioned topics.
Proposals that relate to the special topics [Orai] are especially

-Papers can be short (20 minutes) or long (45 minutes). The
Papers will be published in the ISEA2002 Proceedings, to be
published for the event. All Papers must be original,
unpublished and in English. Please note that only an abstract
(maximum 500 words, both formats) is required by the
deadline (February 28, 2002)

After an initial screening, the pre-selected authors will be
requested to send their full materials, including illustrations.
-Panel proposals should contain a description of the planned
panel members.
-Round Tables are discussions that any participant can join
(sign-up during the symposium), so no description of the
planned panel members is required.
-Poster Sessions are rather informal presentations of research
or art practice, with the aid of audio-visual equipments. They
are not meant as performances but as presentations of
interesting examples in order to trigger discussion.
-Institutional Presentations are meant to introduce institutes,
organizations, festivals etc in the field of the electronic arts.
In principle, all relevant proposals will be accepted, but it
must be noted that presenters in this category have no free
admission to the symposium.

During the ISEA2002 symposium, practitioners and educators
will have the opportunities to share information through a
series of workshops and tutorial sessions. Workshops involve the
guided development of ideas and exploration of specific
theoretical and practical topics in arts and technology.
Likewise, tutorials offer the chance for students and educators
to learn programs and techniques in a classroom setting.
Proposals should include which format is desired, a concise
description of the given workshop or tutorial class, the number
of participants envisioned to participate, as well as a clearly
defined listing of resources (technical and physical) required.

Proposals for the Exhibition of prints, slides, video installations,
interactive works, computer aided works, etc. are welcomed for
the ISEA2002 Exhibition. Proposals should clearly describe
the contents of the materials to be submitted, the necessary
prerequisites (including hard and software, audio-visual
equipment, necessary assistance, etc.) and include audio
and/or visual material (pictures, tapes, etc.) for judging of the

During the ISEA2002 Symposium, a series of Performances
and Concerts will be staged. These events are meant for both
the Symposium's Participants and the general cultural public.
The proposed Performances and Concerts should preferably be
no longer than 20 minutes, although this is not a prerequisite.
Proposers should include their equipment requirements in the

A Film & Video Show will be held during ISEA2002.
Individuals and institutes are invited to submit the best and
most recent examples of their work in the fields of computer
animation, image processing and video art. Besides
autonomous pieces, the submission of applied work, such as
commercials with aesthetic qualities, is explicitly invited. A
selection will be included in the Electronic Theater program; a
broader selection will be shown at the exhibition site.

The documentation of Exhibitions, Performances, concerts and
Electronic theater will be published in the ISEA2002
Catalogue, to be published before the event.


ISEA2002 Steering Committee
Honorary President, MATSUBARA Takehisa(Mayor, City of
Honorary Vice-President, TONOUCHI Youto (Deputy Mayor,
City of Nagoya)
Honorary Vice-President, SOMEYA Akio (Executive Vice-
President, Nagoya Port Authority)
President, KOHMURA Masao
Chairperson, MOTOYAMA Kiyofumi
Vice Chairperson / Program Committee Chairperson,
Domestic Relations Committee Chairperson, TSUDA Yoshinori
Support Committee Chairperson, KOBAYASHI Ryosuke
Publicity Committee Chairperson, ISHII Haruo
Secretary-General, TATEMATSU Yumiko
Vice Secretary-General, YAMADA Ko

Contact ISEA2002 NAGOYA Office for further information
Submission guidelines and entry form are available on our
URL http//www.isea.jp/
e-mail info@isea.jp

Lodging is available at a number of locations near the
ISEA2002 site and information on accommodations for all
price ranges/ classes will be made available on our website.
Information on travel arrangements and packages will also be
available on the website.

If you are part of a demographic that has special requirements
(disabled, etc.), please inform us upon your application, and
we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Presentation Format
[ ] a. Papers
[ ] b. Panels
[ ] c. Round Tables
[ ] d. Posters
[ ] e. Institutional Presentations
[ ] f. Workshops
[ ] g. Tutorials
[ ] h. Exhibitions
[ ] i. Performances
[ ] j. Concerts
[ ] k. Electronic Theater

(For Presentation Format #a-#g)
[ ]1. theory
[ ]2. internet & electronic society
[ ]3. art
[ ]4. design
[ ]5. architecture & urbanism
[ ]6. music
[ ]7. performing arts
[ ]8. programming & software
[ ]9. education & literacy
[ ]10. 2002 special topics, [Orai]

Sample submission
[ ] 1.Video documentation (max. 10 min.) on VHS or S-VHS
[ ] 2.CD-ROM or DVD
[ ] 3. Slides
(Please label each slide clearly with your name, title of work,
dimensions [if applicable], and date of completion)

[ ] Additional support information (sketches, drawings, notes,
etc.) on the work entered.

- A description of the artistic concept and technical realization
(The artistic concept will be published on the catalogue)
-Slides of the work(s)
- Title of the work(s), Dimensions of the work(s) and an
explanation of how the work functions (space requirements,
form of interaction, role of the participants, etc.)
- Biography of the author(s) 100 words
- If a submission is from a member of an under-represented
community, and that is relevant to the work, please send
supporting information for consideration by the jury.

- Mr. Ms.

-First name

-Family name


-Contact information


-Postal code







Please send your complete submission to ISEA2002 NAGOYA
e-mail info@isea.jp
Nagoya Urban Institute Bldg.,
2-15-16 Kanayama, Naka-ku,
Nagoya 460-0022 Japan
Tel/Fax +81-52-321-6066

(We request that no originals be submitted, as materials will
not be returned.)

*As soon as your material (tapes, etc.) has been received, we
will e-mail to confirm our receipt of your submission as soon as
your material has been received.

All submitters whose work is selected will receive a letter of
acknowledgement including a possible request to use
materials for ISEA2002 publicity. All participants will be
credited properly for their work and the best of the entries will
be shown to the international press during a press conference.

end of part 1 of this Newsletter
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Madris Duric, Milo Patiniott (ISEA HQ)

ISEA, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
POB 512, 3800 AM Amersfoort, Netherlands
Phone ++31-33-4228923 Fax ++31-33-4228933
isea@isea.qc.ca * http://www.isea.qc.ca

ISEA Board Members: 
Nina Czegledy, Kathy Rae Huffman, Peter Anders, 
Cynthia Beth Rubin, Bill Vorn, Atau Tanaka, Wim van der Plas, 
Marina Grzinic, Niranjan Rajah


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