The foundation ISEA International co-ordinates and oversees the continued occurence of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). The first ISEA symposium took place in 1988 and has been held since either annualy or bi-annualy. It is a nomadic event, organised each year in a different part of the world. Candidate cities or regions can apply to organise a future version of the symposium (see:

The symposium includes an Academic Conference, Workshops and art events such as Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Performances, Screenings and other public events (‘public event’ means that anyone can buy a ticket). Also General Events (free and in public space) are part of an ISEA symposium. The conference is documented in the Symposium Proceedings and the Art elements are typically documented in an ISEA Catalogue.

For the complete list of ISEA symposia see The symposium proceedings and other documentation can be found in our on-line archive (see