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ISEA2018 The 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art to be held in Durban South Africa

23-30 June 2018 


Durban University of Technology’s Faculty of Arts and Design, The Trinity Session, eThekwini Municipality and Durban KwaZulu-Natal Convention Bureau is hosting the prestigious ISEA2018, the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art in Durban, South Africa.

The ISEA2018 theme of Intersections involves viewing creative technological innovation as an activist engagement into public space and public practice.

SUB THEMES : hybridisation & purity / emancipation & pain / spirit & flesh / in-between the cracks


  • Peer Reviewed Papers/Panels
    Institutional Presentations
    Artist & Scientist Talks
    Work Group Meetings
    Keynote Performances
    Open Mic Sessions


  • Public Space Interventions
    Experimental Performances
    Thematic Exhibitions
    Site-Specific Workshops
    Activations in Alternative Spaces
    Pre/Post Symposium Tours

ONLINE – #isea2018

  • Cross-platform Publishing
    Social Media Action
    Virtual Residencies



ISEA2019 The 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art will be held in Gwangju, South Korea.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) will be hosting the prestigious ISEA2019, the 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art and it will be held in the Asia Culture Center, Gwangju 10 – 17 June 2019.

The ISEA2019 Theme is Luxhybridisation & purity / emancipation & pain / spirit & flesh / in-between the cracks.

Lux Aeterna celebrates Light in Gwangju — City of Light — in Korea. Blessed with the lush glow of the sun and fertile land on the Southwestern Korean peninsula, Gwangju is home to Korea‘s exceptional traditional art, culinary culture, and dynamic progression into the modern world. This is the embodiment of the essence of Light — traversing the boundaries between harmony and chaos, conquest and challenge, nature and man, mystery and mastery, and the future and the past.

The subthemes lay out the paradoxical yet all-embracing nature of light in nature, science, and art with which Lux Aeterna challenges all participants.








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