Future ISEA Symposia

ISEA2022 will be held in Barcelona, Catalonia

  • Dates: 10-16 july 2022, 
  • Main Venue: CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona  https://www.cccb.org/en


Quote: The Possible’ opens a yet unfinished world of futures, but also presents and pasts behind us. The Possible is openness and movement, an horizon of change that unfolds and organizes the world. The Possible started with the polis, the city, and is political by definition. The Possible has nothing to do with the unreal, the impossible, or the fiction, but it has to do with the unfinished real in front of us.


  1. Possible Humans and Non Humans Neuroscience, Technological Singularity, Human Brain, Artificial Life, Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics. What is to be a human now What is to be a human now? How do we relate with the non-humans? How we become bodies in the world? How do we construct and gain knowledge? How to develop the interaction between man and machine? And with the other animals?
  2. Possible Natures and Worlds Bio Art, Biotechnologies, Hypernatural, Climate Change, Global Warming, Complex Networks, Space Art, Quantum Art or Nano Arts, Speculative Design. How do we understand and experience life nowadays? How do we relate with nature? How to fight climate change and global warming? How do we transform and inhabit our world? How would we inhabit other worlds that we long to discover and experience?
  3. Possible Futures and Heritages Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Preservation, Collections, Documentation, Histories, Data Science, Visualization of Data Which is the role of history? Which is the role of history? How can we construct our futures? What is the role of the arts? How should we take care of our past and heritage? How to remember and forget when there is so much in-formation available?
  4. Possible Education and Societies STEAM, Labs and Maker Movement, formal and non formal learning, Art Residencies, Festivals and Events, Art and Design production centers and Labs, Artistic Research. How to experience and learn from inter/multi/trans/anti-disciplinarity? How to integrate the Arts into Science and Technology and the other way around? Which experiences need to be shared to re-inforce that connection? How and why is there a need to congregate around events such as festivals or conferences?

Main Venue

CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona  https://www.cccb.org/enMain



Organisational Committee 

Dr. Pau Alsina (UOC) – General Chair



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