Future ISEA Symposia

ISEA2020 Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

The host city will be Montréal, with Printemps Numérique and MTL Connect as main organising partners

The Main Theme “SENTIENCE” – The ability to feel and perceive:

  • In a world that goes faster and faster, does the succession of euphoria and daily pain anaesthetise human emotions, leaving room for algorithmic reason?
  • Can these algorithms reach a state of consciousness?
  • A symbiosis Humans vs Machines, is it reasonable?

Sub Themes

  • Sentience/Past – TIME MACHINE – How AI can revisit the past to recreate the figment of our collective memories?
  • Sentience/Present – CHANGE MACHINE – How AI can create a collective narrative about a shared goal? How can algorithms be used to create more equality in societies?
  • Sentience/Future – DREAM MACHINE – How AI could shape the identities and visions of the next generation?

More information about the call will be open early August.

The dates are yet to be finalised but tentatively they are 18th – 24th May 2020


ISEA2021 Barcelona, Spain

June 27 – July 3rd to be confirmed

Theme : Possibles

  • The Possible opens a yet unfinished world of futures, but also presents and pasts behind us.
  • The Possible is openness and movement, an horizon of change that unfolds and organises the world.

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