#055 Dec 1996


#55 DECEMBER 1996
Editors: Alain Mongeau, Isabelle Painchaud (Canada). Contributors: Dirk Boon
(Holland), Yoshiyuki  Abe (Japan), James  Faure Walker (UK), Roger Malina (USA),
Shawn Decker (USA), Roy Ascott (UK)
        ISEA, P.O. Box 508, Succ. Desjardins,
        Montreal (Qc), H5B 1B6, CANADA

        Phone: (514) 861-4077, Fax: (514) 861-7262
        Email: isea@sat.qc.ca
        URL: http://www.sat.qc.ca/isea

Secretariat Coordinator: Isabelle Painchaud
ISEA Board Members: Peter Beyls, Theo Hesper, Roger Malina, Amanda McDonald
Crowley, Alain Mongeau, Simon Penny, Patricia Search, Wim van der Plas
Ex-officio Board members: Shawn Decker (ISEA97), John Hyatt (ISEA98)

Check out the digital version of the Newsletter on our Web site
With in addition the Member's corner of the Newsletter



The Inter-Society has been located in Holland since it has seen the day. Since
last September, ISEA has moved its headquarters to Montreal where it will evolve
in the hands of the team that organized ISEA95, the 6th International Symposium
on Electronic Art.   The new HQ is committed to enhance ISEA's role as a META
organization facilitating communication and complementarity in the field of
electronic arts. The ISEA symposium is already very successful in bringing
together the international community year after year, offering an excellent
opportunity to show work, exchange ideas, develop contacts and initiate

The new HQ intends to extend ISEA's importance and presence by consolidating its
members' network and accrue the benefits related to the membership. The new HQ
will also undertake to become more active as a platform for the convergence and
dissemination of information related to all disciplines in the field of
electronic art. And finally, efforts will be made to reach and involve countries
and continents that have traditionally been underrepresented in the electronic
arts circuit and community (South America, Africa and Asia). All in all, the
Montreal Team wishes to induce new blood into ISEA as an organization,
developing new ways to animate the associative life of its members.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to ISEA in the past 8
years. There's already some history to the organization, with a past membership
of more than 400 individuals and institutions and the sponsoring of 7
international symposia that have been held on 3 continents. We sense that there
is an ISEA community out there and that ISEA represents a wonderful vehicle for
the coordinated development and the critical evolution of the field of arts &

Most of the work done at the new HQ in the past few months has been directed to
prepare and reorganize ourselves in order to take on this new ISEA mandate. The
signal that we want to send through this edition of the newsletter is that the
new Montreal team is now ready to help ISEA make its transition into the next
millennium and assume its role as an umbrella organization serving as a
catalyst.  We invite you all to join us and participate in making this happen by
sending us contributions, suggestions, ideas of collaborations...

ISEA's Board of Directors has just finished holding its first "Virtual Meeting".
From now on, such meetings will be held every two months. They will insure that
the new HQ has ongoing contacts with the Board. This regularity should also help
to induce more continuity in ISEA's development.

You will find below a few announcements related to Board decisions and to
initiatives taken by the new Montreal team in order to enhance the role of ISEA
as a key platform for the interdisciplinary development of arts and technology.

A first SUBCOMMITTEE was created to ensure that ISEA looks seriously at
developing strategies to address issues of cultural diversity and the inclusion
of peoples from diverse cultural backgrounds in its activities and programs. The
starting point of this subcommittee is the working group that formed
spontaneously at the end of the Rotterdam plenary.

The Board did not elaborate further on the mandate of the subcommittee. The idea
is to let it to the committee to define its own agenda. The ISEA97 symposium
will be used as a point of convergence to reveal the results of this

This development is very recent so potential members of the diversity
subcommittee have not been contacted yet. If you are interested in participating
to its deliberations, please contact the ISEA office.

mandate is to work on a 5 year development plan for ISEA. Initial exchanges
would start on-line. Real life meetings will then be held in Chicago to finalize
a development plan that will be presented during the ISEA plenary/general
assembly. Once adopted, the development plan should be mapped onto the HQ's plan
of action and serve as general guidelines for the future of ISEA. Again, if you
are interested in participating to this process or to contribute with
suggestions, do not hesitate in contacting the ISEA office.

The ISEA Board of Directors has just adopted a new rule stating that the process
for the selection of candidates is to be launched three years in advance for any
given symposium.  This new disposition implies that the location for both ISEA99
(10th International Symposium on Electronic Art) and ISEA2000 (11th
International Symposium on Electronic Art) will be decided next year.

The timeline will be the following:
-Deadline for submission: April 1997
-Assessment: July 1997
-Announcement: September 1997

All interested parties are encouraged to contact the ISEA office in Montreal and
request a copy of the Guidelines for the symposium.

3) ISEA has a NEW WEB SITE:  http://www.sat.qc.ca/isea
A few volunteers have designed the basic structure of the site. The main task
that now awaits us is to develop its content and to animate it. The new ISEA
site has two main functions:
   • to document the past, present and future life of the organization and its
annual symposium;
   • to develop communication tools and Internet activities enabling the
interdisciplinary development of arts and technology - these are to be found in
the INTERZONE, a section of the site dedicated to ISEA members

In the months to come, the ISEA HQ should have staff that will continuously
maintain its web site. Do not hesitate to send contributions and suggestions as
to how you would like the ISEA site to evolve.

The former Dutch team has produced 54 ISEA newsletters in the past 5 years,
under the dedicated care of Dirk Boon. In the next few months, we will proceed
to restructure the newsletter. A global calendar will also be maintained on the
ISEA web site. If you have suggestions on the format of the newsletter or for
any  announcement to be included in the newsletter or the calendar, please send
your information to the following address: isea@sat.qc.ca

A new ISEA discussion list has just been launched. The purpose of this list is
to provide an open forum for our membership. This discussion list can be used to
exchange ideas about ISEA and its symposia, to propose projects for ISEA, to ask
questions, and to share information of interest to ISEA members.

To subscribe, send a message to:
no subject
with the message in the body:
subscribe ISEA-forum First_name Last_name

All the messages are sent to: isea-forum@uqam.ca

A new ISEA discussion list dedicated to the issue of multi-culturalism and
representation has been launched.

Hosted by the University of Vermont, this is a closed discussion list for those
who want to extend cultural diversity within the ISEA framework. It grew out of
the discussion at the plenary session of ISEA 96 in Rotterdam.

Since one of the primary obstacles to making ISEA more inclusive appears to be
the English language bias of the organization, we are experimenting with making
this list multi-lingual.

To subscribe, send a message to:
no subject
with the message in the body:
sub ISEA-Multi Your Name



The Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Electronic Art should
be made available in January 1997. The Proceedings will contain most of
the long and short papers as well as several papers based on the ISEA96
Poster presentations.

The ISEA96 Proceedings will be printed in a limited number.

The Proceedings can be ordered for Hfl 50,-. This price includes postage, 6%
value Added Tax and credit costs when necessary. We strongly encourage payments
via credit card (Euro, Master and Visa) to the secretariat. We will only
process your credit card payment when mailing the Proceedings to you.

However if you wish to pay other than by credit card you may send it via
bank transfer. The price in those cases due to banking costs will be Hfl 70,-.

We would also like you to take note that the CD-ROM of ISEA96 will still
be available for a short while yet. The CD-Rom contains pictures, abstracts
selected websites and other ISEA96 projects.
The CD-Rom can be obtained for Hfl 22,50 also postage included.

If you wish to receive one of the above materials please fill out the form
below and return it to us.


Mailing Address:

Email address:

O I wish to order ... copy/copies of the ISEA96 Proceedings @ Hfl 50,-
O I wish to order ... copy/copies of the ISEA96 CD-ROM @ Hfl 22,50

Payment will be via:
O credit card----name credit card:
number card:
expiration date:
cardholder name:

O Bank transfer (at an extra Hfl 20,-)
  Bank: Postbank Amsterdam, account# 4524912 to Stichting ISEA96
ISEA96: Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art
POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, Netherlands
Courier mail (only!) St. Jobsweg 30, 3024 EJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tel/fax 31-10-4778605
email isea96@hro.nl


Here's a brief statement of what we in Chicago have initially set out as our
goals with regard to having a more diverse conference next year in Chicago. We
have already spent a great deal of time discussing and working locally on this
issue, and look forward to broadening this discussion onto the ISEA diversity

For ISEA97 in Chicago, we have formulated a set of goals which we will work to
achieve to the best of our ability.  These are:

1) To get all calls for participation, registration information, etc. out to as
internationally, racially, culturally, and economically diverse a population as
is possible within our means.

2) To make the honorary board, international program committee, and local
program and other committees as diverse as possible.

3) To work to increase community involvement on a local level with all
interested parties.

4) To work to provide resources to assist members of under-represented groups or
communities whose distance or economic situation makes it difficult for them to

We feel that the correct way is to work "from the top down" making sure that
everyone is invited to submit, and that the review and decision process is as
representative as possible. Our hope is that this will lead to a conference
which includes those issues of importance to previously under or unrepresented
groups at ISEA, and that this increased diversity will appear at all levels of
the conference.  Likewise, on a more local basis, we are striving to these same
goals within the Chicago and midwestern United States region, and currently
already have a number of initiatives underway which we should be able to
announce soon.

What we could use most from this list is help!  Specifically, we need your
recommendations and contacts in the following areas:

1) Suggestions for Keynote speakers you would like to hear from.

2) Suggestions for sources of mailing lists, web pages, organizations, etc. from
underrepresented areas (particularly, Africa, South and Central America, Asia,
and Eastern Europe) which we should contact to distribute our calls,
registration info, information.

3) Suggestions for members of our international program committee

4) Ideas for workshops and proposals for panels which you would like to see.

5) Potential sources of funds for underwriting travel, conference fees,
translation assistance, etc. with the aim of increasing representation and

Please feel free to contact any of us with ideas or information, or of course to
bring it up on the ISEA diversity list-serve as well.  I look forward to working
with you all to make ISEA97 a success!

Shawn Decker
Associate Professor
Chair, Art and Technology Studies Dept.
Chair, International Symposium on the Electronic Arts, 1997
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60603



The Foundation for Art & Technology, Liverpool John Moores University and
Manchester Metropolitan University are currently setting up research units based
in both Liverpool and Manchester.  The Research Units will contribute to the
ongoing process of developing the ISEA98 Conference, its related events and
exhibitions and will both coordinate and network development opportunities
related to ISEA98:REVOLUTION.  Full mailing details including e-mail addresses
will be circulated to members in due course. In the interim, please contact:

c/o F.A.C.T.
Bluecoat Chambers
School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BX
Tel: +44 151 709 2663
Fax: +44 151 707 2150
e-mail: isea@fact.co.uk
The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT)
The UK's leading development agency for video and electronic media art
(formerly known as Moviola)

                        JOB POSTING

*The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Full-time, tenure-track faculty position listing

Art & Technology Artist
Rank open. Teach electronic/computer media at first-year, advanced
undergraduate, and graduate level in an interdisciplinary fine arts program. MFA
or equivalent and two years college/university level teaching experience
preferred. Strong exhibition or performance history and ability to teach
innovative curriculum essential. Experience in one or more of the following
necessary: electronic media installation, kinetic art, interactive multimedia,
telecommunication art, algorithmic composition, computer programming,

Send resume, 20 slides or up to 10 minutes of work on video or audio tape or
disk with one-page description/list, names and addresses of three references,
and SASE by January 15, 1997 to:

Art & Technology Search Committee/inet
Dean's Office
37 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60603

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative
Action employer/educator. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

*The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Full-time, tenure-track faculty position listing

Rank open. Animator with teaching responsibilities in both filmmaking and art
and technology departments. Ability to teach at both the beginning and advanced
levels, as well as in the First Year Program. Experience in 2D/3D film and
computer animation, experience with UNIX as well as Macintosh-based platforms,
knowledge of Softimage and motion control systems preferred. Applicants
interested in combining traditional approaches to animation with new techniques,
and applicants interested in immersive environments, VRML, interactive media,
and alternative media are encouraged to apply. MFA or equivalent professional
experience and teaching experience at college/university level preferred.

Send resume, artist's statement, sample syllabi, 20 slides or up to 10 minutes
of work on video, film, or disk with one-page description/list, names and
addresses of three professional references, and SASE by January 15, 1997 to:

Animation Search Committee/inet
Dean's Office
37 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60603

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative
Action employer/educator. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
to be held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on September 22-27,

by January 15, 1997

English is the official language of ISEA97.
Conference theme: Content

In the decades since McLuhan's observations on media, a profound change has
taken place in the arts. As computer technology becomes increasingly widespread
and affordable, many artists are asking "Now what?" For years, the challenge for
electronic artists has often been the overcoming of technological barriers and
the pioneering of new media. Today, we find ourselves wrestling with the more
perplexing questions of meaning, content, and social context. Is the medium
still the message? How are computers shaping the languages of expression for our
age? What can we say now that we could not before? Do these new media
fundamentally change our vision of ourselves and the world? How is physical
experience, even architecture, being redefined by the virtual? Does advancing
technological obsolescence preclude historical continuity?

At ISEA97, people from around the world will meet in Chicago to discuss these
questions and many more. Join us and participate in this exciting discourse.

What questions are you asking? Your participation in our web-based chat group
will help determine the topics to be discussed at special round-table
discussions at the conference.

To respond, please fill out the form below and send it with attachments to us
at: isea97@artic.edu

While this form may be printed and mailed, receiving via EMAIL is the preferred


All supporting materials (video, slides, audio tapes, etc) MUST BE RECEIVED BY
FEBRUARY 24, 1997

Applications not received by January 15 will not be accepted and any materials
will be returned.

Anyone wishing that submitted materials be returned must include a
self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Joelle Rabion, ISEA97 Conference Coordinator
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Department of Art & Technology
112 S. Michigan Avenue, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
312/345-3571 phone
312/541-8078 fax
email isea97@artic.edu
Web Site http://www.artic.edu/~isea97


CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED: art and consciousness in the post-biological era.

Call for Papers and Multimedia Presentations


1st International CAiiA  Research Conference 5 & 6 July 1997

Organised by CAiiA - the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts,
University of Wales College, Newport, UK.


An international conference to look at new developments in art, science,
technology and consciousness.

Papers, posters, multimedia presentations and performances are invited from
artists, professionals, theorists and  researchers in the arts, architecture,
communications, education, biology, cognitive science, complexity and artificial
life, and other relevant fields.

Deadline for Paper Abstracts and Multimedia Presentation proposals 15 December

Notification of acceptance
20 January 1997

Deadline for Final papers, detailed Multimedia Proposals and/or CD ROM 1 April

Composite  Fee (Conference Registration, accommodation and meals)
will be circa 350 pounds including VAT.

CAiiA  Director:
Roy Ascott:   100143.100@compuserve.com

Programme Committee:
Jonathan Bedworth:  j.m.bedworth@newport.ac.uk
Char Davies:  cdavies@microsoft.com
Dew Harrison: dharriso@newport.ac.uk
Gillian Hunt:ghunt@newport.ac.uk
Jill Scott: jscott@hermes.zkm.de
Bill Seaman: seaman@umbc.edu
Joseph Nechvatal: jnech@imaginet.fr
Miroslaw Rogala: rogala@aol.com
Victoria Vesna: vesna@humanitas.ucsb.edu

Joseph Nechvatal: jnech@imaginet.fr
Conference Coordinator,  CAiiA,
Newport School of Art  & Design, University of Wales College, Newport
Caerleon Campus, Newport NP6  1YG   UK
Phone/Fax +44 (0)1633 432174



In 1997 LEONARDO will be celebrating its 30th year of publication! As an
editorial board member I have been asked to actively seek out and solicit
articles in two particular areas of interest, which Leonardo wishes to focus on
in its 30th volume.

1. Artists' writings:   Artists' Articles (3000-5000 words), Artists' Notes
(2500 words) and Artists' Statements (500-750 words).

2. Art and Genetics/Art and the New Biologies: We will be featuring this theme
throughout the 1997 volume.  Articles by artists, theorists and historians
investigating aspects of genetics, genesis of form, etc. are sought.

Articles may be submitted directly to me:

Roy Ascott


A Call For Web Based Art | Writing

Initiated by  digital eARTh
co-curated by  Thecla Schiphorst &  Oliver Hockenhull
supported by the Canada Council for The Arts and BCIT

digital eARTh announces a call for web based art and writing under the theme of
Transverse Worlds. This is an invitation to construct web work based on notions
of cultural, personal, theoretical, political, and physical transversal.
[  < L < trans- prefix across, beyond, through; on the other side of; through
and through, changing completely, surpassing; transcending; across, transverse ]

[  Fusion of OE fers and OF vers, both < L versus a turning, verse 
Thecla Schiphorst 1128 Rose Street
Vancouver BC Canada V5L 4K8

THAW 97: A Festival of Film, Video and Digital Media

F O C U S :  THAW 97 is a festival of alternative film, video and
digitally-produced moving images. The festival was organized in the spring of
1996 as a forum for the presentation of new experimental works which have often
been unrecognized, overlooked or refused by conventional exhibition circuits.
Thaw implies emergence, movement, and a loosening of the rigidity that
often locks the artistic moving image into preconceived categories. The festival
seeks to present a wide range of new work. There are no restrictions based on
content. Independent productions, especially those which challenge the
conventional standards of their media through experimentation in form and
content are strongly encouraged.

E L I G I B I L I T Y :  THAW 97 is organized by media artists as a venue for
groundbreaking works using film, video and digital media. Intelligent and
impassioned works in any of these formats is welcome. Entries must have been
completed after January 1, 1994. Anyone and everyone, including amateurs,
professionals and students, are encouraged to submit.

A W A R D S :  Cash prizes will be given for the best work in each category.  A
panel of distinguished media artists and critics will select entries of
particular merit to receive these awards. These, together with other works of
merit, will be publicly screened during the festival, which is to be held at the
University of Iowa in May 1997. The amount of each award will be based upon
number of entries received.

F O R M A T :  We will accept entries for our review purposes in the film and
video categories only on VHS-NTSC. Digital media submissions may be made on
CD-ROM. (Other formats may also be accepted, but please inquire by phone or
e-mail before sending them.) After the selection is made for the festival
screenings in May 1997, we may contact you for a copy of the work in its
original format, where applicable.

Entry fee
        $15 per entry for works of 30 minutes or less in duration,
        or for Digital Media works, including Websites
        $25 per entry for works longer than 30 minutes
        Make checks/money orders payable to-
        School of Art and Art History/THAW 97

Entries must be received by March 1, 1997

E-mail inquiries can be directed to
For ongoing updates on the festival's progress

The University of Iowa
THAW 97 c/o Intermedia & Video Art
6 International Center
Iowa City IA 52242-1802

Ph.: (319) 335-5402 or (319) 358-1053
Fax: (319) 335-1774


6th international sound basis visual art festival
April 30 - May 4,  1997

WRO 97 is an international biennale of media art which for the sixth time will
take place in Wroclaw, Poland from April 30 to May 4.
WRO presents the artistic interpretation of new technologies and the decisions
made in art in relation to new experiences. WRO is also devoted to exploration
of the aesthetic and technical potentials of the visual representation of sound
in various fields of media art.

WRO features

International competition
for video art and computer animation works in which image and sound equally
create an artistic form. See regulations and entry form for details . Deadline:
February 1st 1997
Exhibition of media installations
Mixed media Performances
Broadcast live events in the studio of Telewizja Wroclaw
Lectures and seminars on problems of media culture

For more information:
Open/Studio/WRO---P.O.Box 1385---54-137 Wroclaw 16---Poland tel/fax: 48 71
---email: wro@info.wcss.wroc.pl---http://info.wcss.wroc.pl/~wro/prog.html

Impakt Festival for audiovisual arts, Utrecht

The 8th Impakt Festival will be organized from May 7th to 11th, 1997 in Utrecht,
The Netherlands.

Impakt is an international festival for innovative audiovisual arts. The
festival is a showcase for avant-garde film, video art, music, installations,
performances and multimedia events. Lectures and exhibitions complete the

With its unique approach to the audiovisual arts the Impakt festival clearly
distinguishes itself form other festivals. To push creative frontiers forward, a
historic perspective or context is essential. Therefore we put great effort in
the presentation  of contemporary art in combination with works from the past.
We believe that similarities between artforms are more important than
differences and we try to stimulate the interaction between the audiovisual arts
as much as possible.

In 1997 Impakt festival will present several thematical programmes in which
music, film and video will be integrated. In one of these programmes we will
explore the influence of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze on audiovisual
artists. In another programme, called the "Art of Destruction" we will focus on
artists integrating destruction in their work.

Deadline for contributions is January 1st 1997
For more information:
Impakt P.O. Box 735, 3500 AS Utrecht, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30 2944 493 Fax: +31 30 2944 163
email: impakt@xs4all.nl

Jim Noble, Printmaking Research Project

I am currently in the third year of a doctoral research project looking into
computers and printmaking. Part of the project is an international E-Mail survey
of artists` beliefs, opinions and thoughts concerning their use of computers and
print. If you have access to E-Mail and use computers in your artworks which are
in some way (however bizarrely) printed, I would like to include you in this
Please E-Mail me at
Thank you.

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scientists
and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and individual members
to share expertise with each other. The aims of the Inter-Society are to promote
a structured approach to electronic art and to help finance worthy electronic
art projects. For membership information contact ISEA at the address on the
front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep its
members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members can, if
they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses mentioned in this Newsletter
by contacting ISEA.

Support: School of the Art Institute of Chicago,  ANAT, FACT, Leonardo, EMAF,
Ars Electronica, University of Vermont, Marche Bonsecours, SAT, McGill
University, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Ministere de la culture et des
communications du Quebec.


Notes on terminal conscience from " the cathode-ray" window (Virilio)

a re-defining of intellectual practice, trials

Migratory concepts
Economic principles of chaotic determination
With and without borders
Culture technology
To hold conflicting ideas in the mind and
continue to function is defined as intelligence
To stay on the edge, on the line, one terrifies oneself
Any imbecile can cross a boundary, go beyond
or over the line, and frighten everybody else

Visual communications
Concepts and research
Contemporary cultural studies, dynamics
Consumer-economic positions of enough


The igloo
The silkworm
The planting of rice paddies over thousands of years
And writing
Wisdom-knowledge technologies of enough

The impossible is immediate
not necessarily relevant
Try the probable
Then maybe a graceful accident with some
kind of a truth

The shock of the old
Orthodox is radical

"Please" "Thank you ", "excuse me", " I made a mistake"
Or respect for physical life
And plain speech

What we used to call "civilisation"
when we used to call the "new" politics of "leverage", blackmail

Then, I once overheard a loud cellular rap on the subject of a family member's
death during surgery, at a newsstand in a shopping mall and wondered whose
dignity, privacy, had been invaded, subjected, co-erced
When maybe I was expected to say "Hello Caller!"
Indeed, how is content determined except by technical means ?

Mapping cultural practices
So many "captive audiences", "nomadic" subjects, "outlawed" intellectual

Cultural exile
It's all in one place, really
Shopping mall

Po-mo tourists gazing around taking snapshots
They don't know where they're going
Phantom existences
Hi-jacked identities

Smarts with bank accounts to prove it

The ethical being in the shopping mall

Try walking the walk
A maxim, original premise, a fundamental justification
"Technology is access for those who don't have it"  As in power

Harwood's "Rehearsal of memory"
Geert Lovinck's  "Organized Innocence" in solitude and independent media

A chance of significant relation between form and substance
Maybe, culture is the ultimate self-denial

Not a hero
No cult status
Just human refusal to master the horrible off the face of the earth
Sensibility in the face of sensationalism,
self-definition in the sensual torrent

Consciousness fragmented by joy, by fear, by pleasure, by pain ?
Or,  over-exposure at a time-center ?

Try switch on, again
A reconstitution on a broad base with a conceptual approach
Practice. Theory. History. Criticism. Politics. Maintaining integrity

It's just too easy to attack somebody else's and build a reputation on their
while you're doing it. Intentionally inflicting emotional psychological
distress, destroying livelihoods and reputations with cheap shots,
interrogations, convictions with no chance of defense, recourse, ambushes with
baseball bats. Annihilation by hearsay.

McCarthies in residence. Too blindly exacting "a pound of flesh" to notice that
Miller's "The Crucible" has staying power.

And nature is cruel. One day we all wake up to the realization that access to
power has been given to those who use it to pervert one's own principles. Moral

Switch on , again
The citadel
The observatory
The sanctuary
The igloo
Emits light

Daring simplicity
The mindful flaw
Rather than mindless perfection

Reflections, introspections of a cybermonk
re-fusing orders from , incarcerations by, those with no past, no dark and no
compelling histories, no re-thinks, no re-writes, no-rememberings, no
re-visions, no "common-sense" (sense in common) that truly, the foundations of
human nature are quite uncertain

And for those who love the world and try to have a cigarette while they're doing

December 1996

N.C Wagner
Assoc. Prof. and Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Studies
Faculty of Fine Arts-VA
Concordia University
1455, de Maisonneuve West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3G 1M8

(514) 848-4600 (Messages)
e-mail: normacw@alcor.concordia.ca

Mark Tribe

RHIZOME INTERNET is an organization dedicated to fostering communication and
community in the field of new media art.

Our energies are focused on this Web site and our two email lists (RHIZOME RAW
and RHIZOME DIGEST). Together, these services constitute a comprehensive
resource for information and critical writing about what's going on at the
intersection of emerging technology and contemporary art.

A forum for the exchange of ideas is crucial if new media art is to emerge out
of its current boom as a significant contribution to the broader concerns of
contemporary art. Such a forum will also help bring the ideas generated within
the relatively rarefied world of new media art to a broader public.

The RHIZOME community is geographically dispersed, and includes artists,
authors, designers, programmers, musicians, curators, critics and others.
RHIZOME brings people together by providing a platform for meaningful
communication and the exchange of ideas.

Check out their Web site: http://www.rhizome.com


The Survey
Results of the survey, compiled on November 11, 1996

Personal Info

How would you describe yourself ?
17  Artist       5  Developer    2  Student       5  Author/Writer
8  Educator      2  Journalist   5  Researcher    1  Scientist
3  Other:       - 1 performer
                - 1 visual communicator
                - 1 cultural theorist

What age category do you belong to ?

1 - 00-20     5 - 20-30     9 - 30-40     3 - 40-50     4 - 50 +

In which category is your annual income ? (In American dollars)

3 -  0-10,000       13 - 10-30,000  4 - 30-40,000       2 - 40- and more

Do you have access to the Internet ?
                21 - yes                1 - No

If so, what kind of connection do you have ? (modem 28.8, T1, etc)
3 - modem 14.4   8 - modem 28.8   3 - T1           3 - don't know
3 - university facilities

General Info

How did you hear about the Inter-Society ?
2 - Web
2 - TISEA 92
1 - Through an Erasmus project in Gent
1 - Through ARTEC
1 - Through the Uni of Art & Design (Helsinki-ISEA'94)
1 - Through the ICMC (international computer music conference)
4 - Brochure or Leaflet
3 - Friends
1 - Assisted to a symposium
1 - Was invited to do a panel
2 - Mailing announcement for FISEA Utrecht
1 - reading Wired

Are you or have you been an ISEA member in the past ?
6-Yes   15-No

What brought you to become a member ?
- solidarity
- information
- the conference, discount on publications
- participation at ISEA94
- enthusiasm for the idea, and because it was from Holland.
- I want to become a member. I appreciate ISEA potential an unique position 
  vis a vis the Fine arts.
- for work/interested

What was your main interest in joining ISEA ?
 4 -the 10% discount
11 -being part of an association for the advancement of the electronic arts
 2 - other: - interact with other artists, excuse to travel especially 
              in Holland
            -Showcasing work
* note only 1 person checked only the 10% case the others was with the being
  part of....

If you are not a member, what would it take to interest you in becoming one ?
1 - an affordable rate for old independent artists who are contributing every
2 - being part of an association for the advancement of the electronic arts
1 - cheaper costs all round: Symposiums, Leonardo& other related subscriptions
1 - better PR, Reclame
1 - Student rate
1 - Reducing the price for unemployed artists
1 - don't know
1 - If African experience both in terms of culture and art  becomes a visible
    reality in ISEA
1 - Connections not just with art, but also science & theory.
1 - A reasonable membership fee. Don't make it prohibitive.

Would you be ready to pay more and become a member for a longer period ?
5 - Yes
9 - No
1 - possibly
Comments: - I'd need a serious senior discount

If so , How long would be best ?
3 - 2 years
3 - 3 years   Comments: with discount
0 - 5 years

What other organization(s) do you belong too ?
1 - Various music related (e.g. ICMA, Sonic Arts)
1 - AIAP (Rome, Italy), ICOGRADA (London, UK), IIID (Vorareberg, Austria)
1 - different educational institutions
1 - ICMA
2 - ANAT
3 - none
1 - several
1 - Aarhus Filmworkshop
1 - Association of Women filmakers

Are you a longtime follower of the symposiums? What was the first symposium 
you've attended

Symposiums   Lecturer    Exhibiting artist       Performer       Attendee
FISEA                               2                                1
SISEA           1
TISEA                               2                                1
FISEA93         1                   1               1                1
ISEA94          2                   1                                4
ISEA95          1                                                    2
ISEA96          6                   3               1                8

Do you think the ISEA symposium attains its goals ?
1 - Not always as it can some times be very "clicky" & not mix enough 
    successful & not so successful artists, researchers, scientists, etc...
1 - Yes, but it is theoretically funded and it should (as a whole week the
    symposium itself)
6 - yes
1 - If to physically meet others round the world (that have access, finance,
    etc..)then yes.
1 - No ! Only to talk and show work but not succeed in development
1 - Yes, Depending on organizing committee
1 - In many ways yes, but the exhibition this year (the ISEA exhibition) was
    very poor and that is some very serious trouble for the organization!
1 - To some extent
1 - It reflects the view point and interest of a dominant elite
1 - more or less
1 - no

What is the best exhibition relating to electronic art have you seen in the 
past years?
3 - DEAF in Rotterdam
1 - Jean-Michel Jarre
1 - none
1 - Digital Diaspora
1 - Joachim Santer's VR in Sydney
1 - As a total impression I think the ISEA'94 was 2 fine exhibition. An 
    installation by Brian Eno at Kulturhaus in Stockholm many years ago is 
    still in my memory and I think there were some good works
1 - Mediale'93, Hamburg Germany
1 - Burning the Interface and Phantasmagoria, and ISEA95
1 - TISEA Sydney, the use of gallery is vital
1 - ARTEC95 Japan
1 - Too new to area to comment
1 - KRC+F in Vienna
2 - The Tony Brown "Downtown" at Witte de With Rotterdam
1 - Electronic Ballerinas ISEA94
1 - Can not specify but learning from a wide variety was always good. Meeting
    other artist such as the Bangerts, Roman Verotsko and Hans Dehlinger.

What is your opinion on the ISEA Branches ? (Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, etc...)
Do you think local representation is needed  ?
1 - Yes, it can be helpful to obtain information locally, relatively local, 
    & cheaper to communicate with ISEA branches
1 - I miss one in Scandinavia
2 - Yes
3 - No
1 - Don't know
1 - Probably
1 - No. ISEA is small enough to get info to the people.
1 - Yes, we use communication systems which make this easy
1 - Good Idea
1 - Yes very much so otherwise you are mimicking a colonial relationship which
    would be .....to set a medium of communication
1 - Definitely it is needed if the society is to be called international.
1 - If it is consistent and remains representative of ISEA central, then yes 
    yes yes

What kind of benefits would you like to have as a member of ISEA?
(Please check all the benefits you would like)
A web environment containing:

 9 - a "members only room" where discussions between the members can take place. 
     A password would be given to you as you register.

11 - a gallery where works of art would be exhibited

15 - a data base with information on artists and their works;

 9 - a "New Media Marketplace" where one could purchase available works.

 7 - a hard-copy passport containing a members' directory. Permanent cover with
     removable sheets. It would be updated every year.

10 - services such as translation of documents, representation of your work at 
     symposiums and festivals, etc...

- site for music distribution on the web
- "birds of a feather" room with equipment at every symposium.
- ISEA site should link to other art sites,
- Papers available on the net
- Financial Help for members projects which would otherwise never realize & 
  advice on how to acquire funding.

Do you think ISEA could act as a promoter of your works ? 12-YES  5-NO
Do you personally need such a promoter?                    8-YES  8-NO
Have you ever sold a work of art ?                        12-YES  4-NO
Would you use a space on ISEA's Web environment?          13-YES  1-NO  3-perhaps

Would you like the I-Society to become a reference center, a place where you
can always turn to with your queries, demands and questions ?
                13  yes         2  No

A reference center bringing you information on the symposium or festivals you
missed, and wish to know all about it ?

                13  yes         2  No

What would you like to see developed as an ISEA-related activity?
1 - Get connected
1 - Linking with indexes, existing Electronic Art sites artists and 
1 - Concerts of Electronic/computer music
1 - New Media Marketplace
1 - Web based art exchanges, maybe workshops, philosophy, discussions, networked
1 - Exhibitions spread out ("satellites") (linked) during the ordinary yearly
    ISEA exhibition.
1 - Real discussion venue, more round tables
1 - Don't know
1 - A critical stance on itself
1 - More performance (electronic) & more cooperation between countries & a web
    page where artists could seek funding for ISEA future exhibits..
1 - The annual symposium is a very important activity. I would not detract from
    it. I would focus on the Fine Arts. I would invite more scientists.

Would you like to become more active in ISEA?
     8 -yes          4-No            1-possibly

If so, in what field of action:
- Electronic Performance Art & robotics, etc...
- Exhibition co-ordination for Australian artists & International
- Maybe more exhibition options of the art
- to be discussed
- linking
- Making TV-documentaries about the symposiums.
- Maybe locally in Spain
- Art & Science collaborations
- Possibly on 2D art (aesthetics)
- Stress on Fine Arts and inclusion of "others".

Comments, questions, Rants&Raves, .....

- Questions of power etc, not addressed. More critical (theory) debate needed.
- I don't know much about ISEA, so it's hard for me to comment I am also not a
  professional artist.
- How can I get the necessary funding to continue with my project "Olmec Stamp
  designs" first demonstrated at ISEA94 ? In a dormant state at the moment even
  though following many conversations with other ISEA96 participants in Rotterdam
  it is obvious that the public interest on this project is great. I need help & I
  am ranting & raving about How I would like to present this next stage of the
  "Olmec Stamp Designs" project at the next ISEA in Chicago.
- Good food is always needed
- I have just completed a CD-Rom archiving and presently almost 50 years of my
  Fine art highlighting the transition from traditional media to digital media.
  I'd like to find a non-commercial conduit to help sell copies of this enormous
  project esp. to museums, galleries, libraries and schools.
- ISEA conferences are getting too academic, based on a competitive-based
  ideology rather than collaborative; this is very destructive for the arts.
- I marked almost everything on question 10 and 12, but I am afraid it is not
  realistic to expect that ISEA could do that many things at the same time.

- ISEA needs to be more representative of people and cultures of the world. The
  majority of the world's population are being used by the west as disposable
  commodities to feed western ideas, theories and even your self content but like
  all commodities we become disposable only to be renewed- never ending cycle.
  ISEA needs to acknowledge us as people with a wealth of potential that could
  only benefit and therefore propel ISEA into a new age of respect of others. No
  more master & servants relationship. The world is tired of that archaic
  non-productive stale mentality that has only crippled the potential of humanity.
  Lets us through ISEA free ourselves of such decadence !

- I believe that we can make ISEA an important focus for science and art with
  the focus on art and science as help thereto. I think most other major groupings
  focus too much on the practical arts. Some of the strongest do not seem to
  understand painting, sculpture, etc... I think it would be good to be partners
  with symposia who focus on music so that we can combine efforts on occasion.

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