#030S Special Edition


                          THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                            SPECIAL EDITION

ISEA'94 NEWSLETTER 3, Helsinki, June 15
University of Art and Design Helsinki, UIAH / Media Lab
Hameentie 135 C, FIN-00560 Helsinki, FINLAND.
Tel: 358-0-7563601, Fax: 358-0-7563602, Email isea@uiah.fi
World Wide Web:  http://uiah.fi/isea/
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We have the pleasure to present you the Programme Outline of our
forthcoming Symposium. ISEA'94, the 5th International Symposium on
Electronic Art Helsinki Finland, August 20-25 1994 will be a discussion
forum for artists, theorists and specialists operating in the field of
electronic media and a meeting point for all those who share an interest in
the electronic arts. 

With its intensive conference sessions and extensive art programme, ISEA'94
will be among the leading electronic art events of the year. The over 200
contributions to the programme and electronic events around the Symposium
will make ISEA'94 a cornucopia of electronic culture.

Slight changes in the list of participants and the venues may still occur.
The Final Programme will be published in the ISEA'94 Navigator in time for
the Symposium.

See you in Helsinki !

Minna Tarkka
Programme director

Susanna Koskinen
Programme coordinator


Friday August 19

Opening: Toshio Iwai - Retrospective
Nordicil - Seminar on the New Narratives of Cinema
WOMAD@HELSINKI - Electronic World Music

Saturday August  20

Workshops & Courses 
Electronic Theatre
	Seminar on the New Narratives of Cinema
	Electronic World Music

Ambient City Radio
Planet of Love
Helsinki Water Festival

Sunday August   21

Workshops & Courses
	Electronic Art in Universities
Electronic Theatre
Opening Reception
	Conversion . M/S Stubnitz 
Nordicil . continued
People's Party in Kaivopuisto Park

Monday August 22

The Next Generation
Art Show Opening
Helsinki Mediascape
	Opening Reception
Electronic Theatre

August 23

	The Scholars
Electronic Theatre
Living Poets' Society
	Soiree of Electronic Verse

August 24

	High & Low
	The Alternatives
Electronic Theatre
Ambient Night Party
Helsinki Mediascape Live Broadcast  

August 25

	ISEA Plenary
Departure for St. Petersburg
	The Virtuosos

Night of The Arts
Planet of Art

In and around ISEA'94 During the Symposium

Game Arcade, M/S Stubnitz, ISEA/ONLINE, Network Projects at MUU Gallery,
Compu Cafe, Electronic Book Store, Bonk Expo 94, The Virtual Nightclub,
Helsinki Festival: Britain, Concerts, Exhibitions


The conference of ISEA'94 aims at a critical investigation of today's
culture. The intensive 4-day sessions feature statements by over 150
artists and specialists from all over the world. The programme is
thematically focused, with all-day sessions on the ISEA'94 issues.


Pedagogical Policies of Electronic Media . Sunday August 21

ISEA'94 looks for the next generations of electronic art by focusing on
electronic education. Hosted by the newly formed Media Lab UIAH, at the
University of Art and Design Helsinki, Electronic Art in Universities is an
international meeting of institutes that offer university-level education
in the field of electronic art.  

Invited papers: 

Gregory L. Ulmer  Dialogues with the Prosthetic Unconscious 
Roy Ascott  House of Ghosts or Interface to New Realities?  

Papers and presentations by:

Jose R. Alcala,  Kathleen Chmelewski, Michael Clarke,  Jurgen Claus, Pawel
Grabowski, Diane Gromala, Hans Henrik Hvidt, Veine Johansson, Isaac Victor
Kerlow, Richard Kriesche, Joseph de Lappe, Igor Linz-Maues, Cynthia Beth
Rubin, Stephen Sarrazin & Sylvie Peroueme, Annette Weintraub and others


Learning to Score? .  Monday August 21

Another view to the future of electronic art is provided by the sessions on
The Next Generation. Starting from the emerging forms of intelligence and
action (AI, A-Life, games), the programme of the day also focuses on recent
trends in interaction, computed images and sounds.


Invited papers: 

Pierre Levy Towards the Superlanguage 
Volker Grassmuck The Turing Galaxy. The Dimension of Action Inside Media 

Papers and presentations by:

Barbara Becker & Gerhard Eckel, Peter Beyls, Jean-Louis Boissier, Carsten
Bredanger, Florian Brody, Jorgen Callesen & Stine Schou, Karen Davis, Soke
Dinkla, Nicholas Gebhardt & Maria Stukoff, Beryl Graham, Josepha Haveman,
Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Erkki Kurenniemi, Machiko Kusahara, John Manning,
Eduardo Reck Miranda, Joseph Nechvatal, George Legrady, David Clark Little,
Delle Maxwell, Brad Miller, Ken Musgrave, Klaus Oesch, Simon Penny,  Ken
Rinaldo, Agostino di Scipio, Henry See, Jill Scott, Christine Tamblyn,
Heidi Tikka, Roman Verostko, Mary-Anne Williams, Richard Wright


The Re-Design of Experience . Tuesday August 23

The recent technological developments bring about new configurations of
space and experience. Meanwhile, both sciencs and cultural theory have
worked to dissolve the opposition of nature and culture. The rusulting
cultural hybridization has an immense impact on our lives, ranging from
philosophy to everyday routines. This web of connected
cultural/technological concepts is discussed in the Spacescapes sessions.

Plenary Session [SPACESCAPES]
Parallel Sessions  [ARCH-DESIGN]   [NET]   [SOUNDSCAPES]  
Evening Sessions  [BODY] [TERRITORIES] [CAVE]

Invited Papers: 

Margaret Morse Enthralling Spaces / Cyberplaces in the City of Nets
(Working Title)
N.N. (Speaker to be confirmed)

Papers and presentations by:  

Roy Ascott, Peter D'Agostino, Karen D Davis, Lily Diaz, Timothy Druckrey,
Frances Dyson, Fred Forest, Mathias Fuchs, Nicholas Gebhardt, Jane Goodall,
Heidi Grundmann & Gerfried Stocker,  Monica Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss
& Christian Bohn, Nigel Helyer, Kari Hintikka, Joseph Hyde, Linda Jacobson,
Sadhna Jain, Douglas Kahn, Tom Klinkowstein, Eric Kluitenberg & Arthur
Elsenaar, knowbotic research, Carl Loeffler, Jon Lomberg, Virginia Madsen &
Tony McGregor,  Artemis Moroni, Tapio Makela, Ola Odegard, Vito Orazem,
Marko Peljhan,  Beverly Reiser, Kathy Rogers & Rob la Fresnais, Jeffrey
Shaw, Stelarc, Stahl Stenslie & Kirk Wolford, Fred Stitt, David Tafler,
Martin Thomas, Samuel Kevin Todd, Frederick John Truck, Doris Vila, Axel
Wirths, Arthur Woods, Jukka Ylitalo, Yuxweluptun, Wolfgang Ziemer


Culture/Technology: Histories/Oppositions . Wednesday August 24

In spite of this 'wholistic' networking tendency a fragmentation of
experience is evident, while the cultural metaphors and oppositions,
considered obsolete, still seem to persist. ISEA'94 makes an inquiry into
these historical oppositions. Starting from technology and culture, through
questions of gender and power, to the collapsed distinction of Capitalist
West and Communist East, the High&Low Sessions aim at an updated version of
the cultural map coordinates.

Plenary Session  [HIGH&LOW]

Invited Papers: 

Erkki Huhtamo  Media Archaeology (Working Title) 
N.N. (Speaker to be confirmed) 

Papers and presentations by:

Virginia Barratt, Steve Binnion, Paul Brown, Luc Courchesne, Acha Debela,
Maria Fernandez, Matthew Fuller, Bulat Galeyev, Greg Garvey, Carol
Gigliotti, Gomma X, Marat Guelman, Ross Harley, Graham Harwood, Roger
Johnson, Brenda Laurel, Lev Manovich,  Viktor Mazin & Olessia Tourkina,
Alla Mitrofanova,  Tatjana Mogilevskaja, Sadie Plant, Gia Rigvava, Cynthia
Beth Rubin, Jeffrey Schultz, Chitra Shiram, Stephen s'Soreff, Zoe
Soufoulis, Rejane Spitz, Mike Steventon,  Bob Tow, Joan Truckenbrod, VNS
Matrix, James Walker, Jeremy Welsh, Richard Wright and others              

[further info Minna Tarkka / ISEA'94 tel. +358-0-7563601 fax +7563602 email


The Museum of  
Contemporary Art   
August 22-28	 

The Art Show of ISEA'94  is an international exhibition of cutting-edge
electronic art projects. The 29 projects of the show display a variety of
techniques and styles, with emphasis on interactive, telematic and network
technologies and a thematic focus on Women and Technology, Media
Archaeology, Collective/Personal Memory - not to mention the humorous
aspects of today's technology. 

Yoshiyuki Abe  . Prologue, Legend IV 
Berry Benoit  .  R-O-M (Read Only My Memory)
Philippe Boissonnet  . Awareness of Limits (Galileo)
Jean-Louis Boissier .  Flora petrinsularis
Peter  Broadwell, Rob Myers & Rebecca Fuson Plasm . A Country Walk
Rebecca  Cummins . To Fall Standing  
Paul DeMarinis  . The Edison Effect
Sylvia Eckermann & Mathias Fuchs  . Link
Ken Feingold  . Where I  Can See My House From Here So We Are
Takahiko Iimura  . AIUEO NN Six Features
Troy Innocent  . IDEA-ON>!
knowbotic research  . Dialogue with the knowbotic South DWTKS
Kimmo Koskela & Rea Pihlasviita  . Talking Picture
George Legrady  . An Anecdoted Archive From the Cold War
Marita Liulia & Jorma Kallela  . Maire 1993
Brad Miller  . A Digital Rhizome
Michael Naimark  . Field Recording Studies
Joseph Nechvatal  . The Computer Virus Project
Keisuke Oki   . Virtual Haze
Nina Pope  . Postcard from an Impossible Place, Herbaceous Protection
Catherine Richards  . The Virtual Body
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  . Anthroposcope (ISEA'94 SGI Grant)
Stelarc  . Stomach Sculpture
Stahl Stenslie & Kirk Wolford  . CyberSM (ISEA'94 SGI Grant)
Christine Tamblyn  . She Loves It, She Loves It Not: Women and Technology
Heidi Tikka  . A Dialogue with Hunger
Roman  Verostko  . The Diamond Lake Apocalypse
Annette Weintraub  . Night Light the Remanufactured Environment


Christian Moller . The Audio Pendulums
Michael Saup  . Plasma
Paul Sermon . Telematic Vision
Jeffrey Shaw  . EVE

[further info Susanna Koskinen/ISEA'94 tel. +358-0-7563601 . fax
+358-0-7563602 . email susanna@uiah.fi
Asko Makela/The Museum of Contemporary Art tel +358-0-173361, fax
+358-0-17336237email amakela@fng.fi]

CONVERSION. Customs Office and Warehouse. August 21-28

Russian media artists working in military technology factories - an
art/tech conversion from war to peace? ISEA'94 will feature the world
premier of the Conversion works, curated by the Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 

Nikita Gashunin  . Global Ambitions
Savadov & Senchenko  . Work in progress
Gia Rigvava  . You Can Trust Me,  You Are Powerless
AES Group  . Work in progress

Exhibited in the same location:

Igor Kaminnik, Vadim Fishkin & Andre Sumatokhin . Marquee
Dmitri Prigov & Marat Guelman . Yevgeni Onegin

[further info Jukka Mallinen / St.Petersburg Institute tel.+358-0-1352791] 

 THE BALTIC SEA TOUR. M/S STUBNITZ Kunst Raum Schiff. August 21-25

The Media Arc - In summer 94 the Rostock based art-ship M/S STUBNITZ - an
80 m former freezing trawler - is sailing through the Baltic Sea as an
experimentation forum for art and technology. The programme for ISEA'94 in
Helsinki is a summit of works from East and West.

Nicolas Anatol Raginsky  . Surviva 07  
Peter Dittmer . The Midwife 2, Wet Nurse 
Daniela Plewe . View Point Run  
Ulrike Gabriel . Work in progress 
Constanze Ruhm & Kai Fricke . The Tank, Soliton  
Nils Bonde . Market Theory for Beginners 
Bulat Galeyev . Radio Sculpture 
Tarvidas & Ratavicius & Kumetaitis . Work in progress
Lux Logis  . "Handshake" - Internet Workshop.

[further info Armin Medosch / M/S Stubnitz tel & fax +49-381-4590008]

NETWORK PROJECTS. MUU Gallery. August 21-28.I/O 

Various network projects clustered around I/O will be conducted from the
MUU Gallery. In addition, the online headquarters provide information for
the ISEA'94 visitors in the form of a daily newsbulletin, which can be
reviewed in several locations around the Symposium area and the city. The
network projects dispalyed in MUU Gallery include  
Artemis Moroni et al . Electronic Carnival


ISEA/ONLINE is an ongoing network conference prior to the Symposium. It
aims at pre-heating the debate on ISEA'94 topics, to be continued in the
Round Tables in Helsinki. The output will be distributed before ISEA'94.
The online conference can be reached from throughout the world, wherever
there is an access to Internet. 

A discussion forum with a hypertext interface, audio and image information,
I/O also contains updated information about ISEA'94. Send in your images,
sounds or statements to the discussion list or the mailARTbox of I/O!

[further info Susanna Koskinen ISEA'94 . Tapio Makela / MUU Gallery
tel. +358-0-625972, fax +358-0-625376] 

Music &  Performance

Opening Party
August 21 
Interactive violin &  duo by Jon Rose & Frank Schulte and other live
performances open the week of festivities in the late summer Helsinki
dedicated to electronic culture.

In and Around ISEA'94

Indoors . Outdoors 
Benoit Maubrey and the Audio Ballerinas will perform on town and in the
ISEA'94 venues during the Symposium.

Ambient Night Party 

M/S Stubnitz . August 24 
The Finnish ambient jazz band Rinneradio designs the musical space onboard
M/S Stubnitz in the Wednesday night farewell party.

Sibelius-Academy's  Chamber Music Hall .  
August 23-25 

The electronic music concerts of ISEA'94 will take place in
Sibelius-Academy's electroacoustic chamber music hall with an installation
of 32 channels, connected to 96 loudspeakers. The music performed will be
diffused in eight directions. The concerts will feature pieces on tape and
live electronics. The pieces display a variety of electronic music and
sound manipulation techniques.

Consert 1 . The scholars
August 23

Francis Dhomont 
Akemi Ishijima 
David C. Little 
Joseph Hyde  (ISEA'94 SGI Grant) 

Consert 2 . The Alternatives
August 24

Patrick Kosk 
Jukka Tiensuu 
Michael Rosas Cobian 
Andrea Libretti 
Eric Zoran & Srdjan Hofman  

Consert 3 . The Virtuosos
August 25

Mari Kimura 
Cort Lippe & Zack Settel 

[further info Shinji Kanki 
tel. +358-0-4054503
fax +358-0-4054560
email kanki@csc.fi]

                                        Screenings & Listenings
K 13 . August 20-25 

The Electronic Theatre of ISEA'94 will present screenings of recent works
in computer animation and video, including the compilations of Siggraph'94
and Ars Electronica.

ISEA'94 Screenings

Works by Maurice Benayoun, Beriou, Peter Callas, Char Davies, Sean
Fitzgerald, Ghislaine Gohard, Troy Innocent, Sang Mah, Milla Moilanen
(ISEA'94 SGI Grant), Tapio Takala, Leslie Wilson and others.

The Ride of Your Life

A ride in the ever-accelerating image flow, a virtual camera intruding the
simulated landscape. Hold on to your hat ! Curated by Erkki Huhtamo.

ISEA documents 

Shot during previous ISEA Symposia, Jonathan Cohen's Artists in
Cyberculture and Shalom Gorewitz's Eclipse will provide a historical
framework to the events in Helsinki.

[further info Perttu Rastas / MUUMediaFestival tel. +358-0-6944089 fax. 
 email rastas@finsun.csc.fi]

M/S Stubnitz . August 20-25 .

>From the multitude of electronic and computer music pieces submitted to
ISEA'94, a curated compilation will be produced for the Listening Space.

 [further info Shinji Kanki 
tel. +358-0-4054503, fax +358-0-4054560
email kanki@csc.fi]

 Port Area . August 20-25 .

The ISEA'94 Media Lounge is a multimediatheque for audio, video and data
presentation. Located on the ISEA'94 'Electronic Avenue' in cargo
containers specifically re-designed for electronic art purposes, the Media
Lounge will present an opportunity for project demonstration non-stop
during the Symposium. It will feature all the material submitted to ISEA'94
and the works brought in by the participants.

Audio Lounge
.works and demos on CD, DAT and C-cassette

Video Lounge
.works, demos and compilations on video (VHS PAl/NTSC, U-Matic LB)

Data Lounge
.works and demos on disk and CD-ROM (Mac & PC) .  2D works on PhotoCD

[further info OP Kallio / ISEA'94 
tel. +358-49-416646, fax +358-0-5031023, email opkallio@uiah.fi]


University of Art and Design

Electronic and Network Publishing - 
a Creator's Guide to the Electronic Frontier . August 20

Led by Paul Brown (Mississippi State University), the one-day workshop
makes an overview of the theory and practise of multimedia electronic
publishing (Internet, WWW). The Sunday course will be followed by a
hands-on edition of the ISEA'94 Newsbulletin.

Course fee: 1400 FIM / 260 USD

Computer-generated Imagery and Printmaking . August 20-21 

A two-day workshop led by Michi Itami (City University of New York) focuses
on fine arts printing of computer generated images.

Course fee: 1400 FIM / 260 USD

[further info Harri Ruohomaki 
tel. +358-0-7563523, fax +358-0-7563223 email harri.ruohomaki@uiah.fi or 
Eija Salo tel +358-0-7563236 fax +358-0-7563553
email eija.salo@uiah.fi]

ELECTRONIC ART IN UNIVERSITIES . Pedagogical Policies of Electronic Media .  
University of Art and Design  Helsinki UIAH . August 21

Electronic media serves as an interface to different cultural realities -
art & the humanities, science and technology, the public and the private
sphere. This multi-dimensionality often leads to an uneasy coexistence with
the traditions of the Art Academy / University / Institute of Technology.
Hosted by the newly formed Media Lab UIAH, at the University of Art and
Design Helsinki, Electronic Art in Universities is an international meeting
of institutes that offer university-level education in the field of
electronic art. The meeting aims at fostering discussion on the choices
being made in curriculum design and the formation of a network of media art
universities. For a list of presenters, see Conference.

[further info Philip Dean 
tel. +358-0-7563594, fax +358-0-7563602
email pdean@uiah.fi]


A seminar for Finnish Teachers . 
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH . August 20 .

The seminar aimed at Finnish school teachers deals with the change of
educational concepts broght about by computer technology. SEMINAR LANGUAGE:

[further info Eija Siivonen tel. +358-0-7563239, fax +358-0-7563553]


Sound with Vision 
Sibelius-Academy, Pitajanmaki Studios . August 20 .

A one-day workshop by David Ward  (Gateway School of Recording and Music
Technology, London) focusing on recording problems and studio techniques
from the visual artist's point of view.

Course fee: 800 FIM / 150 USD

Overcoming Technofear 

Sibelius-Academy Pitajanmaki Studios . August 21 .

David Ward will help participants examine their fears and take steps to
overcome them. The success rate is high.  

Course fee: 800 FIM / 150 USD

[further info Erkki Lehtiranta
tel. +358-0-4054709 fax +358-0-4054678]

Marina Congress Centre   

The recent trends in electronic edutainment and consumer technology  -
CD-ROM publishing, interactive teaching applications, computer games and
related audiovisual equipment -  multimedia and interactive teaching
applications will be showcased in the ISEA'94 trade show, the Game Arcade. 

[further info Eero Nurmikko, Larri Helminen / CompuCafe 
tel. +358-0-308077 or +358-49-490709 fax +358-0-4003736]

The Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki STOA  TV 1 .  August 22-25 

Helsinki Mediascape is an experimental tv-project that probes the language
and aesthetics of the electronic environment. Realized by 90 students at
the Finnish Art Academies in co-operation with professionals of the
Magnusborg Studios, Helsinki Mediascape will be a collage of media
performances that use electronic and interactive techniques.
Helsinki Mediascape will feature an electronic multimedia theatre in the 
Cultural Centre STOA of Eastern Helsinki and a live broadcast performance 
on TV 1 / The Finnish Broadcasting Company

August 22  1st Preview . Helsinki Mediascape Reception . 
August 23  2nd Preview . 
August 24  Live Proadcast performance TV 1 .
August 25  The Night of the Arts performance . 

[further info Marikki Hakola, Outi Rousu / Kroma Ltd, Magnusborg Studios 
tel. +358-15-585 900, fax. +358-15-585 901]

                                            AROUND ISEA'94
Seminar on the New Narrative of Cinema .  K 13 . August 19-21 .

The Scandinavian seminar Nordicil 94 on the new narrative of cinema focuses
on the narrative techniques in digital cinema, computer games, interactive
films, video art, hypertext and rock videos.

Presentations by:

David Blair, Mark Dippe, Francois Girard, Robert Fischer, Eric Hoffert,
Erkki Huhtamo, Barbara London, Asko Makela, Heikki Salo, Ilppo Pohjola,
Hannu Puttonen, David Tafler and Graheme Weinbren.

[further info Mrs. Petra Tarjanne / Ad astra
tel. +358-0-627179, fax +358-0-627179]

Club Tavastia . August 19-20 .

Focusing on the newest trends of world music - ethno techno, global music
and global ambient - the WOMAD@HELSINKI Festival will present performances
by Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart, Transglobal Underground and others.
The Festival info and other materials will be available on the Internet:
womad@global.pp.fi / WWW (NCSA Mosaic/Lynx) http://www.eunet.fi/womad 

[further info Ms. Anu Laakkonen Global Music Centre tel. +358-0-7523377,
fax +358-0-7523376]

96,8 MHz . August 20 - September 13

Soundscapes on the air: Ambient music is a most fruitful crossing of modern
art and the masses. Static and meditative, it is music for the soul.
Ambient City is an experimental radio project, a narrowcast 24-hour station
for Helsinki with commissioned pieces from Muslim Gauze to Pete Namlook and
Ambient classics from Brian Eno to Iannis Xenakis. 			

[further info Elukka Eskelinen / PopZoo productions tel & fax +358-0-640007]

Gallery Otso . August 20 - September 18

A Retrospective show of the Japanese media artist. Between magic and
algorithmic image. Primitive 'gadgets' such as zoetropes, praxinoscopes,
flip-books. Get married with state-of-the-art technologies.

[further info Paivi Talasmaa / Gallery Otso tel. +358-0-466216 fax

Customs Office and Warehouse . August 16 - October 15

'Head of the Product Development' at BONK Business Inc. and inventor of
machines that do not work,  Alvar Gullichsen presents a historical
exhibition of mechanical creations that have never existed.

(Further info Helsinki City Tourist Office, Pohjoisesplanadi 19 or Helsinki
City Information Office, Jugend Hall)

Weekend Festivals 

Helsinki Water Festival . People's Party in Kaivopuisto Park .
The late summer weekend invites to several festivals by the sea. Dragon
Boat Races and a floating Boat show can be seen in Helsinki Water Festival
in the Market Square and harbour area. The Festival culminates over the
rooftops of Helsinki with the flashiest fireworks show of the year. The
Radio Symphony Orchestra plays in People's Party on Saturday and on Sunday
many popular bands, artisans, merchants and tents with music from all
corners of the world turn Kaivopuisto Park into a cultural oasis.

The Helsinki Festival . Aug 25 - Sept 11

Each year, the city celebrates its cultural richness and diversity by
grandly letting loose one last time before summer's end. This, the 26th
festival, features an extensive range of cultural events by some of the
best Finnish and international performers in their fields. Included under
the festival umbrella are Chaplin's film The Gold Rush, the dance work
Francis Bacon, The Michael Nyman Festival and the Michael Nyman Band, Peter
Greenaway's films, the Urban Night of colliding cultures, the London
Sinfonietta playing Benjamin and Birtwistle, British Black Photography,
British Contemporary Art - Some Went Mad, Some Ran Away, English
Environmental Art and many more. 

The Knot at the Cable  
The Cable Factory .

The pilot project of the Helsinki City Library, situated in the factory
premises of the cultural polis Cable Factory, aims at providing an equal
access to electronic information for the public. It also functions as an
electronic publishing house for non-governmental organisations, cultural
movements and individuals.
Address: Tallberginkatu 1 / 39 . FIN-00180 Helsinki . FINLAND . tel
+358-0-694 7730 . fax +358-0- 693 32129 . Internet: solmu@kaapeli.fi, WWW
URL http://www.kaapeli.fi

Planet of Love / Planet of Art
Old Student's House . August 20&25 . 

Raving round ISEA'94: the closing night of the Planet of Love Summer Club
at the Old Student's House will present a 5-hour set by Dr Alex Patterson
(ORB), a live act by Appreggiators and Dj Tom (microbots)... to be
continued as the Planet of Art on the Night of the Arts, with full 6-hour
set by Sven Vath!

Living Poet's Society 
A Soiree of Electronic Verse  
The Cable Factory . August 23  

Founded by ardent young poets, the Living Poet's Society has organized
popular soirees with live recitals and performance. For ISEA'94 the Society

will present an evening of electronic verse at the Cable Factory.

Kluuvi Shopping Centre . During The Symposium

CompuCafe is an info-tech showroom where you can meet friends, eat well
have a drink and listen to good music. Located centrally to the ISEA'94
venues, CompuCafe will be the space for off-session discussions and a
communications centre for the ISEA'94 participants.

Shadow Takes a Walk 
Theatre Museum at the Cable Factory . From August 8 on

A light and sound installation by Tarja Ervasti and Ilkka Volanen on our
time on the shadowside.

Locations . Addresses 

1	The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH . Hameentie 135 C . 
        00560 Helsinki
2	Sibelius-Academy . Chamber Music Hall . Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 9 N .
        00100 Helsinki
3	The  Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki . Kaivokatu 2-4 . 
        00100 Helsinki
4	Marina Congress Centre . Katajanokanlaituri 6 . 00160 Helsinki
5	K13 . The Finnish Film Foundation . Kanavakatu 12 K 13 . 
        00160 Helsinki
6	M/S Stubnitz . Cruiser Dock . Katajanokka . Helsinki
7	Cable Factory . Tallberginkatu 1 . 00180 Helsinki
8	Club Tavastia . Urho Kekkosenkatu 4-6 B . 00100 Helsinki
9	Customs Office and Warehouse . Kanavakatu 6 . 00160 Helsinki
10	CompuCafe . Aleksanterinkatu 9. 00100 Helsinki
11	MUU Gallery . Rikhardinkatu 4 . 00130 Helsinki
12	Old Students' House . Mannerheimintie 5 . 00100 Helsinki
13	Gallery Otso . Ahertajankuja 4 . 02100 Espoo
14	STOA . The Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki . Turunlinnantie 1 .
        00900 Helsinki

ISEA & Organizers

 The International Symposium on Electronic Art was conceived in 1988. The
subsequent ISEA symposia (Utrecht 1988, Groningen 1990, Sydney 1992,
Minneapolis 1993) have been major international meeting points for
electronic arts specialists and have displayed a critical and
interdisciplinary approach to the problems and potentials of electronic


ISEA'94 Helsinki is endorsed by ISEA (The Inter-Society for the Electronic
Arts) and ISAST, Leonardo (The International Society for the Arts, Sciences
& Technology).


ISEA'94 is hosted by the University of Art & Design Helsinki UIAH and
organized in collaboration with Sibelius-Academy, Theatre Academy, The
Museum of Contemporary Art, MuuMediaFestival, in association with the
Ministry of Education, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK,
the Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and the
City of Helsinki. A special contribution to ISEA'94 is made by the Media
Space Ship M/S Stubnitz.


Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Minister of Education 
Arne Wessberg, Director General, Finnish Broadcasting Company  (Helsinki

Steering Committee

Yrjo Sotamaa, Rector, University of Art and Design  
Sakari Sunila, Director, University of  Art and Design Helsinki UIAH /  
Further Education Centre 
Minna Tarkka, Programme Director  
Susanna Koskinen, Programme Coordinator  
Kari Happonen, Producer 
Olli-Pekka Kallio, Technical Coordinator 
Mikko Rahikka, Press Director 
Kari Hintikka, Press Coordinator 
Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Minister of Education 
Arne Wessberg, Director General, Finnish Broadcasting Company  (Helsinki


Raija Berg, Sirpa Hemmila (ISEA'94)


Roy Ascott, Artist, Professor, CAIIA, Gwent College of Higher Education, Wales 
Jean-Baptiste Barriere, Composer, Director, IRCAM, France 
Red Burns, Director, TISCH Program, New York University, USA 
Anne-Marie Duguet, Professor, Univ. of Paris I, France 
Ross Harley, Media Artist, Director TISEA, Australia 
Theo Hesper, Co-founder, ISEA, Indonesia 
Erkki Huhtamo, Critic/Curator, Finland 
Derrick de Kerckhove, Director, McLuhan Program, Univ. of Toronto, Canada 
Machiko Kusahara, Critic/Curator, Nicograph Art Committee, Japan 
Roger Malina, Executive Editor, Leonardo, USA 
Margaret Morse, Associate Professor, Univ.of California, USA 
Simon Penny, Artist, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 
Wim van der Plas, Co-founder, ISEA, Netherlands 
Christine Schopf, Programme Director, ORF, Ars Electronica, Austria 
Jeffrey Shaw, Artist, Director, Institute for Image Media ZKM 
Roman Verostko, Artist, Director, FISEA, USA 
John Vince, Hughes Rediffusion Simulation Ltd., U.K. 


Art Exhibitions

Erkki Huhtamo, Asko Makela (Museum of Contemporary Art), Paivi Talasmaa
(Otso Gallery), Maija Elo (Tele Gallery), Jukka Mallinen (East Meets West)

Concert & Listening Space
Pauli Laine, Andrew Bentley, Paavo Heininen, Shinji Kanki (Sibelius-Academy)

Electronic Theatre
Perttu Rastas (MuuMediaFestival), Antti Kari (IMI/UIAH), Ilppo Pohjola

Papers & Panels
Erkki Kurenniemi (Heureka), Pauli Laine (Sibelius-Academy), Jukka Sihvonen
(University of Turku), Tapio Takala (Helsinki University of Technology),
Minna Tarkka (ISEA'94)

Electronic Art in Universities
Philip Dean (Media Lab/UIAH), Hannu Kari, Martti Raevaara (Dept. of Art
Education/UIAH), Minna Tarkka (ISEA'94)

Harri Ruohomaki (UIAH) & Erkki Lehtiranta (Sibelius-Academy)

East Meets West
Jukka Mallinen (St.Petersburg Institute), Minna Tarkka (ISEA'94)

Game Arcade
Eero Nurmikko, Larri Helminen (CompuCafe)

Helsinki Mediascape
Marikki Hakola  & Outi Rousu (Kroma Oy, Magnusborg Studios)

Joel Ortila, Susanna Koskinen (ISEA'94), Andy Best,  Tapio Makela, Merja
Puustinen (MUU Gallery),  Harri Salminen (Funet), Kari A. Hintikka, Martti
Lummaa (UIAH)

Media Lounge
Shinji Kanki (Sibelius-Academy), Perttu Rastas (MuuMediaFestival),
Kari-Hans Kommonen (UIAH/Media Lab), Olli-Pekka Kallio (ISEA'94)

Ambient Night
Elukka Eskelinen (Ambient City Radio), Irmeli Kokko (Muu ry), Susanna
Koskinen (ISEA'94) 


Registration Fees

Full Registration 2600 FIM / 450 USD
First-degree student fee 750 FIM / 140 USD *
* Please indicate school and enclose copy of certification
One-day registration (Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed) 750 FIM / 140 USD

The Registration fee covers

The 4-day conference programme . Admission to the ISEA'94 Exhibitions .
Electronic Theatre . Concerts . Helsinki Mediascape . Media Lounges . Game
Arcade . Lunches during the conference (Sun-Wed) . Receptions


Ambient Night . Workshops and Courses . The Cruise to St. Petersburg (see
other side) . Accommodation

Confirmation of registration and hotel information will be provided upon payment

Notice of cancellation must be submitted by letter or telefax. The
following charges apply if notice of cancellation is received by ISEA'94
after confirmation:
Cancellation before July 20, 1994
	250 FIM / 50 USD
Cancellation after July 20, 1994
	The full registration fee

Travel & Accommodation
Participants are to make their own travel and hotel arrangements. UIAH has
negotiated a reduced hotel rate at  hotels in Helsinki. More information on
travel and accommodation will be provided upon payment.

Workshops & Courses

Please check the workshop you want to attend. Before sending a cheque,
please confirm that the workshop is not fully booked by calling
+358-0-7563236/Eija Salo or by fax +358-0-7563602. The cheque should me
made payable to the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, to
Postipankki Ltd, Account no. 800016-13990, with the reference 1991/ISEA'94
WORKSHOPS. The registrations will be confirmed upon payment.

Electronic and Network Publishing - A Creators Guide to the Electronic Frontier
Paul Brown . University of Art and Design . 1-day + practice . 1400 FIM /
260 USD

Computer Generated Imagery and Printmaking
Michi Itami . UIAH . 2-day . 1400 FIM / 260 USD

Sound with Vision
David Ward . Sibelius-Academy . 1-day . 800 FIM / 150 USD

Overcoming Technofear
David Ward . Sibelius-Academy . 1-day . 800 FIM / 150 USD

Multimedia Publishing Workshop . Still in planning stage
I am interested in a 1-day digital multimedia publishing workshop that is
being planned. The details and costs will be confirmed later upon request.

Registration to the Cruise to St. Petersburg

In context to the Symposium, a 'cruising session' to St. Petersburg is
organized on August 25-28. As the number of participants on the cruise is
strictly limited, the priority to travel reservation is given to the
attendees of ISEA'94 Helsinki. Registration for others will begin in the
end of July. 

M/S Konstantin Simonov sails at 4 p.m. on Thursday  August 25. The
programme in St. Petersburg is loosely programmed with touristic
attractions as well as  get-togethers with local artists or raves in local
clubs. 3 nights are spent onboard M/S Konstantin Simonov, the final East
meets West session of ISEA'94.  The return is at 2 p.m. on Sunday 28.

The price includes the travel, full board (3 nights) onboard M/S Konstantin
Simonov and the two-day programme in St. Petersburg including a
sight-seeing tour. The passengers are not obliged to obtain a visa in
Russia on the condition that the time from 2.00 a.m. until 7.00 a.m. is
spent onboard M/S Konstantin Simonov. There are expensive fines for
breaking this rule.

Bookings to the cruise are made through Raija Berg at the ISEA'94 Office.
Please check the availability of cabins before sending in your registration
form and cheque.
The cheque for the cruise is to be made payable to The University of Art
and Design Helsinki UIAH, to Postipankki Ltd. Account no. 800016-13990,
with the reference 1991/ISEA'94 CRUISE. The registrations will be confirmed
upon payment.

Cabin Categories

	   In a cabin of 4              In a cabin of 2
1				1250 FIM / 230 USD
2	  800 FIM / 145 USD	1100 FIM / 200 USD
3				  900 FIM / 165 USD
4	  450 FIM / 100 USD	 600 FIM / 115 USD

The supplement for a single cabin is 50% of the cabin for two passengers






City / Postal Code / State:


Phone Work:

Phone Home:



Workshops & Courses
Please check the workshop you want to attend:

Electronic and Network Publishing            ____

Computer Generated Imagery and Printmaking   ____

Sound with Vision                            ____

Overcoming Technofear                        ____  

(Multimedia Publishing Workshop
   Note: Still in planning stage)            ____


Full name .........................................................

Nationality .......................................................

Passport number ...................................................

Date and place of birth ...........................................

I can share a cabin:  Yes / No
	I wish to have a  Male / Female   place
	Together with... Indicate 1 to 3 names:

		1. ......................................................

		2. ......................................................

		3. ......................................................


Registration	                _____________

Workshops	                     _____________

The Cruise to St. Petersburg	 _____________

TOTAL	                     _____________

Please find enclosed the cheque of the above amount, made payable to the
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, to Postipankki Ltd, account no.
800016-13990, reference 1991/ISEA'94.


Please return this form filled to ISEA'94 Office Ms. Raija Berg
UIAH / Media Lab
Hameentie 135 C
FIN-00560 Helsinki
tel +358-0-7563601
fax +358-0-7563602 
email isea@uiah.fi

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