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The ISEA Symposium Online Archive is an initiative that aims to bring together the proceedings, videos, images and other materials that have been presented through the history of ISEA. It provides an important resource for researchers and historians and also an archival resource for many of those who have presented at ISEA over the years.

Current State

The current project is managed by Wim van der Plas and Bonnie Mitchell.  Content is being added daily and updates will continue as the symposium progresses from year to year.  Technical upgrades and design modifications will also occur as we strive to deliver a robust resource to the community.


The project was initially assisted by the Mondriaan Foundation and the VSB fund in the Netherlands. Material was gathered by intern students under the co-ordination of Nadia Palliser. Programming of the site was undertaken by Michiel van der Haagen from de Balie, Amsterdam. The first version of the online archive was launched in 2008 at the ISEA symposium in Singapore. At the end of 2013 the original archive was terminated and a new version was designed and is currently in the process of being populated.




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