#067 Jul/Aug 1998



#67 July- August  1998



Dear Members,

We are proud to present you the new format of the ISEA Newsletter !
Starting from this month, the INL will be published bi-monthly, still
including the Calls for papers, events and participation, as well as
general information, but to make it more complete, we wish to make the
Newsletter a members' publication, if you have any posting you would like
to see published, events your are participating to, papers you gave, etc....
Don't hesitate to send it to us, either via email: isea@isea.qc.ca, F:
(514) 281.6728 or snail mail at our P.O. Box 508, Succursale Desjardins,
Montreal, Qc H5B 1B6 Canada


The deadline for voting for the new ISEA Board was August 1. We received 74
votes out of the 215 members, we were glad to see such participation and
interest from the membership.
We had to count from 70 votes, only 4 were invalid.
Our by-laws state that there has to be 5 to 9 Board members, so we counted
the 9 most voted nominees.
Here are the names of the new Board you have elected:

- Nina Czegledy
- Kathy Rae Huffman
- Tapio Makela
- Amanda McDonald Crowley
- Alain Mongeau
- Cynthia Beth Rubin
- Thecla Shiphorst
- Atau Tanaka
- Wim van der Plas

They will be presented to the membership during the Annual General Assembly
of members held on September 2 in Liverpool. (see below for more info)


For the very first time, most of the Montreal ISEA HQ was present at the
SIGGRAPH Conference held in Orlando, Florida, from July 19-24.
We were pleased to see some of our members who presented their works in the
Muriel Magenta	Token City: Subway Wall
Hans E. Dehlinger 	b97.9.3 and with left and right boundaries
Madge Gleeson	Replica
Joel Slayton	C5
Annette Weintraub	Pedestrian: Walking as Meditation and the Lure of
Everyday Objects

In the past years, the space reserved to the electronic arts was minimal,
they have decided this year to centralize the TOUCHWARE Gallery, allowing
the initiated and non-initiated to discover the works. There was a lot of
renown artists involved in the exhibition, Maurice Benayoun, winner of the
Golden Nica in the interactive art category, presented his "World skin"
project, and Elaine Brechin her "Windgrass" interactive installation.

It is also a tradition for the ISEA to hold a meeting at SIGGRAPH, we
planned ours for the Thursday. Around 15 people attended the meeting where
the HQ staff reported on the activities and answered the many questions
regarding the ISEA98 Symposium. We really appreciate these face to face
meetings, it allows us to inform ourselves, get an idea of what the
membership thinks and wishes for the future. We learn a lot from these
precious exchange that are too rare for a virtual community....

*Read Maria Stukoff's full report on SIGGRAPH in the ISEA News section*


Mark your calendars: We will be holding the ISEA Annual General Meeting of
members on September 2, from 13h00 to 16h00 at the Liverpool Art School
Lecture Theatre.
We count on you to be there !

The 3 english teams are getting ready for the 9th Symposium on Electronic
arts, if you haven't register, you can do so at:
The final programmes for Liverpool and Manchester are now online at:
If you wish to receive it through snail mail, contact us at the HQ:

Investigating Revolution and Terror
* An invitation to collaborate *

For the second consecutive year the ISEA HQ will provide a full multimedia
coverage of the ISEA98 Symposium held in Liverpool and Manchester (UK)
September 2-7.

Working in collaboration with the ISEA98 organization, and international
network of web reporters and several Montreal media art centers, the
webcast will cover the highlights of ISEA98 through the production of a
daily electronic magazine to be transmitted on the ISEA web site :

The electronic magazine will feature various sections and focus on three
thematic daily ezines:
Hearing the Noise : 	Revolution and Terror
		(Revolting project, activism, etchnicity, diversity, etc.)
Extended Bodies : 	Collaborative efforts in the Cyberspace
		(women, bodies, performance, etc.)
Network-Framework : Going for sensory overload
		(sound, net.radio, live network projects, etc.)

A pre-magazine will be on-line by August 15
Voice your concerns !
Join in by sending us comments, images or links related to ISEA98 -
Revolution and Terror

More over ...
In Montreal, on September 3-4, a special web public event will also take
place with the participation of various artists and media art centers. At
Cinematheque quebecoise, in collaboration with CESAM, Champ Libre,
Independant Video and Cinema Alliance, Slash Zone, StudioXX and Technoboro.
Don't miss it !


We announced it last year, but now it is true, the members' repertory now
called the Members Portfolio is now online !
We will be sending you very soon, a username and password as well as
information on how the Portfolio works. Your information will be displayed
as you put it in your membership form, with your username and password, you
will be able to change it as you wish. You can expect to receive all the
information in the next few days.


We would like to congratulate Peter Bosch and Simone Simons for their
Golden Nica ( prix Ars Electronica) for their musical installation called
"Krachtgever". It is always great to see people rewarded for their hard
work. Bravo !

a parternship event
To give expression to the oft voiced desire to change the traditional
format of the symposia, to synergize ISEA with other international events
and to spread the network to underrepresented countries, ISEA is opening a
new path through its 1999 collaborative project with Brazil. The São Paulo
based ITAU cultural center, organizer of a national electronic arts
festival, has invited ISEA and the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the
Interactive Arts (CAiiA; Wales, Great-Britain) to join in partnership for
the organization of an international conference on art and technology.
INVENCAO - thinking the millenium- will take place in São Paulo, August
9-13 1999.
You will find the CALLS FOR PROPOSALS in the CALLS section.


Maria N.Stukoff

For the past few years ISEA held an informal, yet lively public meeting at
Siggraph to exchange and inform on ISEA's goals and discuss up-coming ISEA
symposiums and events. This year the ISEA meeting was organized by the ISEA
HQ, located in Montreal, Canada. For the first time the ISEA administration
has an active staff to organize public meetings to inform and promote
ISEA's changing role in the international network of organizations which
support electronic art practices.

The meeting was scheduled to provide information on the isea98 symposium in
Liverpool and Manchester and our new organizational structure which had, in
the weeks leading up to Siggraph, been asks to be clarified. Important for
the ISEA HQ was to highlight that the Montreal team independently develops
projects and events in collaboration with local, national and international
partners to bring together a dynamic network of organizations and
individuals to communicate and exchange on new developments and ideas in
the field of art and technology. In addition the ISEA HQ was enthusiastic
to promote the isea98 web cast project which is taking place during the
isea98 symposium in collaboration with our Montreal partners and invite
participants to join the lively exchange between the cities on-line.

The ISEA meeting started off with the jubilation of one visitor who finally
found the missing link in his equation to make sense of all the
technological displays and industry presentations at Siggraph.  He was very
thankful to see that ISEA is an organization committed to support and
promote artists working with new media technologies and host a symposium
with a focus on education, research and practice. The following discussion
surrounding ISEA concentrated on how the ISEA HQ should become an open
window for the wider network individuals interested in art and technology
and act as a center for diffusion and exchange.

Over the years ISEA has witnessed an growing interest by Siggraph
participants to know more about the ISEA organization seen as dynamic
affiliation to bring together the graphic design and technology industry
with the artistic profession. Although Siggraph presented a very small
dynamic program of electronic art works, the emphasis however on art, the
artists and their place in the development of technological interfaces and
application was still left unexplored and left a feeling of spectacle
rather than professional artistic research and practice. Discussions will
now take place to involve ISEA in the Siggraph organization and possibly
collaborate in curating or shaping artistic programs and exhibitions.



LEONARDO, the leading journal for anyone interested in the application of
contemporary science and technology to the arts, is now available to
members of Inter-Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) at a special discount
price of $57.60 This is 20% off the journal's regular rate and includes the
companion annual journal, LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL.

Founded in 1967, LEONARDO provides an international channel of
communication between artists and others who use science and technologies
in their creations. The journal covers media, music, kinetic art,
performance art, language, environmental and conceptual art, computers and
artificial intelligence, and legal, economics, and political aspects of art
as these areas relate to the arts, tools and ideas of contemporary science
and technology. LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL (including compact disc), features
the latest in music, multimedia art, sound science and technology.



Muu is an artist organization which focuses on new and experimental
artforms such as media, video and performance art. The purpose of the
organization is to increase interaction between artists and support them in
their work. Muu has a gallery and a Medialab which is free for artistic use
(the only one of its kind in Finland). Muu also organizes different types
of seminars, provides advanced training in the media field and produces
yearly art events. Muu cooperates with cultural organizations in both
Finland and abroad.

The Medialab offers our members a chance to work with high end equipment
free of charge, offers low cost courses and free access to the internet (a
T1 leased line).

Muu keeps its members up to date by regularly mailing them info on
festivals, education, work and exhibition possibilities etc. If you
organize such events, please let us know and we will pass on the
information to the artists.

We are looking forward to making contacts with artists and organizations


TEL:            +358-(0)9-625 972
FAX:            +358-(0)9-625 376

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last year we had organised the 1st International Open Art Contest Online
which has being
the first ever Online Art contest on the WWW.
Over 1500 artworks had being displayed 100 days between the 1-01-98  and
During this period more than 275.000 people visited the contest Pages and
more than 8.500
voted as Web Juries.

We shall carry out the 2nd Contest between 01.01.99 and 15-04-99 and have
pleasure at this
stage to place an open invitation to Institutions and Organisations which
might be interested
to co-operate with us with the organisation from this new forth coming
international event.


Women Artists and Writer International along with The International
Association of Internet Artists have located a possible sponsor for our
Embrace '99 project. We  would be very appreciative if you would help to
support us by completing the following survey.

Thank you,


We are a computer manufacturer that would like to know more about our
customers, specifically Graphics/Content Creation professionals like
yourself.We remain anonymous only because we  do not want to bias your

Your time and thoughts are as valuable to us as they are to you, so we're
willing to pay you for them. Take this brief online survey (15 minutes
max), and you will earn a $10.00 digital gift certificate to CDnow, the
Internet's Number One Music Store!

Feel free to pass this invitation on to other professionals like yourself,
but note that the survey closes after the 1000th response.

We apologize if this survey invitation was sent to you without your
consent.  We will not contact you again without your express permission.

If you do wish to take this survey, please follow this link:



Kulturserver is a noncommercial online community for artists, institutions
and people interested in culture.

Artists and institutions are presenting their work  with their own
homepages. Those pages can be built with the help of a newly developed
online-editor software. No prior experience is necessary. A calendar
provides information about what's going on in the region. Events
listed in the calender are inserted by the artists and institutions themselves.

Kulturserver TV
In a self-produced interactive show, Kulturserver TV is  introducing art
from all fields. It is broadcasted regularly  via the Internet.

about culture and related topics are held in the chat rooms.

To create a steadily growing information pool, Kulturserver builds a
network of independent writers and publishes cultural reportages and
critics in an online magazine.
Kulturserver provides information on festivals, grants and sponsorship
within the respective art fields.

The community
Kulturserver is a selfgenerating community. Artists are responsible for its
shape and content.
In letting them create their own self-presentations (homepages) by
themselves they become citizens of their net culture village.

offers them a theme-orientated navigationsystem where they can place their
presentation and exchange information and experience with  people sharing
same interests.
Many artists still don't have great experience in building their own
Internet presentations. Designing and hosting Homepages are usualy related
to contracts, money or experience.
Publishing and reading  in Kulturserver is without any charge, thereby
offering anybody the possibility to use the internet as contemporary
information and communication system. Instead of beeing a world wide system
like the internet itself, the community here is based in a certain region,
so artists and culturaly interseted people can actualy go to see events,
meet and work with the people beyond the Internet.

Kulturserver has been developed by the Ponton European Media Art Lab
(www.ponton.de) and is initialy financed by the Ministry of Science and
Culture and Lower Saxony. It is based in Lower Saxony and is online since
February 1998.

Klaas Glenewinkel
Ponton European Media Art Lab
Lister Str. 17
30163 Hannover, Germany

email mailto:klaas@ponton.de
web   http://www.ponton.de
home  http://www.ponton.de/~klaas
tel   +49-511-627032
fax   +49-511-621799

* http://www.kulturserver.de *
To all contemporary artists,

Here just few lines to adress all artists who would be interested to come
and work in Québec,Canada, in studio facilities for contemporary art
Silex studio is a colllective of artists based in Trois-Rivières, a french
speaking town. Projects of residencies and exhibitions are evaluated year

For more informations ask for Guylaine Champoux at chag@globetrotter.net

School of Art and Design
Digital Imaging and Communication

The College is seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and well-qualified person
for this fractional (0.8) post. Candidates should have specialist knowledge
of digital imaging, video, web authoring and a range of imaging packages
and software (PC and Applemac experience). Knowledge of GNVQ programmes at
Intermediate and Advanced level (Art and Design) is desirable. Salary range
£15,882 - £18,816 per annum (pro rata).

Closing date for applications: Tuesday 4th August 1998

College Personnel Office, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Morecambe Road,
Lancaster LA1 2TY.
Telephone: 01524 66215 (Minicom 388863)

Job information pack also available in Braille, tape and large print.

Lancaster and Morecambe College promotes equal opportunities

School of Art and Design
Lancaster and Morecambe College
Adult Education Centre
White Cross
Tel: +44 (0)1524 382257
Fax: +44 (0)1524 840296

We have decided to ease your search by numbering and classifing the

1.[Call for proposals]
ITAU Cultural Institute, CAiiA-STAR, ISEA, LEONARDO
Deadline for submission of abstracts: November 30, 1998

2. [Call for Papers]
parallax 15 "IN VIOLENCE"
DEADLINE: January 29, 1999

3. [Call for Contributions]
Shrinking Worlds
Islands and Global Climate Change: An Internet Arts Project

4. [Call for Proposals]
The Banff Centre and CBC announce
$10,000 fund for development of new media projects
DEADLINE: Friday, August 14.

5. [Call for Entries]
September 1, 1998 to March 31, 1999
DEADLINE: August 15, 1998.

6. [Call for Artwork]
Bioethics: Thresholds of Corporal Completeness.
Santa Monica, CA, USA
November 13 - December 19, 1998

7. [Call for Works]
Contemporary Archives
From October 26- 31, 1998

8. [Call for Projects and Papers]
Conference at New York University
October 9 -11
Deadline: September 1, 1998.

9. [Call for participation]
Meeting of net artists, theorists, curators and netizens on the topic of
net - art - world: reception strategies and problems
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
October 16th to 18th 1998
DEADLINE: August 16, 1998

10. [Call for works]
Sao Paulo, Brasil
DEADLINE: August 30, 1998

11. [Call for works]
Competition for a multimedia miniature
Internet multimedia concert: Warsaw-Helsinki-Oslo
DEADLINE: September 10, 1998

12. [Call for participation]
RAT 2 - Réseau Art Technologie
C  Y  P  R  E  S
DEADLINE: Septembre 30,1998.

13. [Event]
26, 27 and 28 November 1998, Amsterdam

14. [Event]
The 1998 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC98)
October 1-6,1998
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

15. [Event]
Ars Electronica 98
Festival for Art, Technology and Society
INFOWAR - information.macht.krieg
7-12 September 1998
Linz, Austria

16. [Event]
Das Symposium ber interkontextuelle künstlerische Kompetenz.
Am 16. und 17. Oktober 1998 in der Alten Handelsbörse zu Leipzig.

17. [Event]
19 - 23 August 1998
University of Wales College, Newport, UK

18. [Event]
1st  International Festival of Film and New Media on Art
Athens, Greece
3- 6 December 1998

19. [Event]
October 16 1998
The Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, England

20. [Event]
VideoMath Festival
The International Congress of Mathematicians 1998
Berlin August, 18-27

21. [Event]
DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident
Rotterdam/NL, 17 - 29 November 1998

22. [Event]
"Beyond the Looking Glass"
21. August until 20. September, 1998

23. [Event]
The Experimental Television Center presents
OCTOBER 16-18, 1998
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

1.[Call for proposals]

thinking the next millenium

A conference presented by the ITAU Cultural Institutein collaboration with
Invencao is an opportunity for those working at the creative edge of the
arts, sciences and technology to collaborate in the transdisciplinary
development of  ideas and innovative strategies for life in the next
millenium. Invencao is a "seeding" event  that seeks to identify key
questions and issues that can lead to the radical transformation of
culture. Just as increasingly artists work with the metaphors of science,
so scientist are employing  forms of representation, such as visualisation,
which owe much to research in the digital arts. As art is transformed by
interactivity, so science increasingly recognises the subjectivity of the
observer. In turn, technology informs our aesthetic and epistemological
structures  and is engendering  new processes of perception, communication
and cognition.
Invencao will examine the consequences of this convergence of art, science
and technology on our sense of self and human identity, on consciousness,
community and the city, as well as on  learning and leisure. For example,
the artist is challenged to consider what might lie beyond "electronic
art": where might  the connectivity of the Internet, the interactivity of
hypermedia  and the  fluidity   of virtual reality lead us? The scientist ,
walking a delicate balance between the world of the quantum, deep space,
chaos and complexity has profound questions to ask about the constraints of
nature and the part that can be played by artificial intelligence and
post-biological systems in the construction of reality.  Bio-technology and
nano-engineering add further dimensions to these questions. Invencao will
take place in Brazil, whose  euphoric  energy, cultural diversity  and
productive optimism is intended  to characterise the conference. With its
history  of dynamic pragmatism coupled with utopian vision, Brazil is a
country where dreams can be reclaimed, a vast space both geographically and
culturally,  in which we can re-invent ourselves and collaborate in the
construction of new realities. Invencao will be structured to enable a wide
range of presentations, collaborations and interventions  to take place,
involving lectures, workshops, panel discussions, poster sessions and
breakout groups. The onsite activity will be integrated with online
activity. through a dedicated website. The proceedings will be embodied in
CD and print publications
*This event is produced by ITAU Cultural Institute in collaboration with
the ISEA, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, and CAiiA-STAR,  Centre
for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales College,
Newport and the Centre for Science Technology and Art Research, University
of Plymouth, UK, and Leonardo.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS (preliminary version)
(Papers, panels, work in progress)
The official  languages of the conference are Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Publication to be in these three official languages
Abstracts must be submitted in English to facilitate the work of the
organising and scientific committees.
Abstracts (350 word maximum)  must be accompanied by a brief biography (250
words). Include up to five keywords with your abstract.Submit  as an
attached document in Microsoft Word by e-mail
Panels may be proposed. Proposals should include details of each member of
the panel.  Innovative forms of contributions are welcomed, please provide
full details.
Include in your submission the title, author(s), institutional affiliation,
and contact address (including phone/fax/email and URL if applicable).
Your Abstract  must be accompanied by a declaration of intention to attend
the       conference.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: November 30, 1998
Abstracts will be acknowledged on receipt and authors will be notified of
acceptance by  mid-february 1999.
There will be a registration fee of US$ 100 for those who are selected to
present - 20% reduction for members of ISEA and CAiiA-STAR.
In order to be included in the Abstracts, Conference Programme and
announcements, presenters are required to pay the Registration Fee by April
30, 1999
Accommodation and Travel Logistics will be revealed in the final version of
the call for proposals.
Planning Committee:
Arlindo Machado (chair)
Roy Ascott, CAii A
Roger Malina, Leonardo
Alain Mongeau, ISEA

For more information, contact the ISEAHQ at: isea@isea.qc.ca

2. [Call for Papers]

parallax 15


-A man who belongs to this race must stand up on the high place with
gibberish in his mouth and rip out his entrails. It is right and just,
because he must! And anything that falls short of this frightening
spectacle, anything less shuddering, less terrifying, less mad, less
intoxicated, less contaminating, is not art. The rest is counterfeit. The
rest is human. The rest belongs to life and lifelessness.-
H. Miller  The Tropic of Cancer

Academia is inadequate. Cultural studies is complacent.
Is violence understood?
Is the understanding of violence simply its taming?

parallax wishes not to speak of violence, but to operate IN VIOLENCE.

parallax invites papers which attack, grapple with, perform, enact, explore
and celebrate violence - being  IN VIOLENCE.

Issue 15 of parallax seeks to do violence, asking:

How can there be an ethical privileging of peace when the imposition of
peace comes with the destruction of  its others and the violent eradication
of a prior violence?
Is violence the lesser evil?
In a peaceful situation, when  did or does the violence end?
Is peace the central metaphor of violence?
Why should we give peace a chance?
Without violence, whither pleasure?

parallax also invites poetry, original artwork, and translations.

Abstracts, proposals, submissions etc. should be sent to the editors at
either address by Friday 29th January 1999

Mark Little
Dept of Historical & Critical Studies
Lipman Building
University of Northumbria

0191 227 4363

Paul Bowman
Centre for Cultural Studies
University of Leeds

0113 233 5277
3. [Call for Contributions]

Shrinking Worlds
Islands and Global Climate Change: An Internet Arts Project

A huge question mark hangs over the world.  Have we changed the planet's
weather systems?  Do we face a future of global warming, of sea level
changes, and an increase in cyclones and other weather extremes?  This is
of concern to everyone, but especially those who are surrounded by sea.
How do people living on small islands and atolls feel about this strange
new future - a future which they may have had  little part  in creating --
but must  live with on a daily basis?

Shrinking Worlds  will use the  Internet to bring together the
thoughts,images and words  of island peoples in a time of global
uncertainty. To respond to climate change we must at the same time think
about the ways in which we are interconnected - now and in the past. While
global weather cycles and ocean currents draw the world into a single
integrated system, electronic communication  offers another mode of global
interconnectedness -with the potential to overcome the isolation that may
be a part of island life in the modern world.

We are calling for contributions from artists and writers who live on
islands around the world:  works which say something about issues of
climate change - and the changing forms of interconnectivity in today's
world - and what this might mean to island people. The work  will be
displayed on the Shrinking Worlds  website.

The  work featured need not engage directly or explicitly with the issues
in question - it may approach them  from any angle.  Neither do the works
have to be complete and stand-alone.  Just as ecological systems bring many
small elements into a larger whole, so too do communication networks enable
fragments and strands to meet and fuse into new forms.  New works are
welcome - but so too can existing pieces or sections of other works be put
to new uses. Alongside visual arts, we are interested in poetry, song,
prose and  sound pieces.  We are hoping to provide a site where diverse
works enter into new conversations and exchanges.

Shrinking Worlds is being curated by Nigel Clark and administered by the
Physics Room.

We are relying on the circulation and display of this message to reach
people in places often bypassed by mainstream cultural flows and exchanges,
so please forward it to people or groups who may be interested.  For
further information contact Nigel Clark:  21 King Street, Grey Lynn,
Auckland, New Zealand, telephone: 64 9  378 4108,< n.clark@auckland.ac.nz>

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 1998.

Nigel Clark is a sociologist who also works in the arts.  He lectures at
the University of Auckland.  The Physics Room
<http://www.physicsroom.org.nz/>  is a non-profit organization based in
Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand which promotes links between the arts
and other critical areas of cultural production.  It receives major funding
from Creative New Zealand.

4. [Call for Proposals]

The Banff Centre and CBC announce
$10,000 fund for development of new media projects

BANFF, Alberta. The Banff Centre for the Arts and CBC Newsworld's Rough
Cuts are committing $10,000 ($5,000 each) to finance the development for up
to two new media projects by Canadian producers in 1998. Representatives
for both organizations made the joint-venture announcement today during a
seminar at  the19th annual Banff Television Festival.

The new partners issued a call for proposals from Canadian producers who
are eager to apply emerging digital technology to the craft of documentary
making and interactive new media.

"As we enter the 21st Century, the way we are producing information is
changing," says Tony  Burman, head of CBC Newsworld. "We realize that to
maintain our reputation for programming excellence we have to keep pace
with, if not stay ahead of, technology. This development fund is just one
way we can continue to provide our viewers with quality, leading-edge
coverage of Canadian issues."

"We welcome the opportunity to work with a broadcaster that has
consistently strong, innovative and smart programs that push the creative
and informative  boundaries of documentary production in Canada," says Sara
Diamond, Executive Producer, Television and New Media/Artistic Director,
Media and Visual Arts at The Banff Centre.

"This professional development initiative opens the doors to collaboration
between documentary producers and the expanding multimedia industry."
Diamond adds. "It's an opportunity to produce content-rich, relevant, and
challenging multimedia works."

Call for Proposals

What: The partners are seeking proposals that push the boundaries of
documentary making and advance the digital future of communications.
Priority will be given to subjects where the application of emerging
digital technologies in production and distribution will advance public

How: Include a brief outline of the concept and proposal, a list of the
creative individuals, their resumes,  a detailed budget and schedule for
development.  Submit proposals by hard copy, e-mail or www posting to The
Banff Centre, Office of the Registrar.

When:  The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 14. Representatives
will select the project or projects for development by Tuesday, September 1.

The Banff Centre
Office of the Registrar
Box 1020, Station 28  Banff, Alberta, Canada  0L 0C0
Phone: 1-800-565-9989  Fax: (403) 762-6345
E-mail: arts_info@banffcentre.ab.ca
Website: www.banff.org
5. [Call for Entries]

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
Tokyo, Japan
September 1, 1998 to March 31, 1999

We will explore the artistic possibilities of Streaming Media. MCMOGATK
would like to encourage artists to make use of this exciting tool, as we
see its unprecedented potential as a medium of artistic of expression. The
theme this year is "Beyond Language Barriers".

Board of jurors representing various countries will select Grand Prize,
Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize. Those who have been selected will receive
300,000 yen, 200,000 yen and 100,000 yen respectively.

DEADLINE: August 15, 1998.
URL: http://art.by.arena.ne.jp/
6. [Call for Artwork]

Bioethics: Thresholds of Corporal Completeness.

Bioethics: "The study of the ethical and moral implications of new
biological discoveries and biomedical advances, as in the fields of genetic
engineering and drug research"
- American Heritage Dictionary 3rd Ed.

Please send 10 slides (or less) of artwork in any media that investigates,
the definitions of the body and how we define what is human.

Issues addressed could include: cloning, genetics, DNA, animal rights,
euthanasia, abortion, reproductive technologies, women and medicine,  what
evolved processes determine human behavior, evolution, the instinctual
nature of language.

Bioethics: Thresholds of Corporal Completenes will be a group show at  Side
Street Projects in Santa Monica, California from November 13 - December

Please send slides (or other appropriate documentation), a statement about
the work, resume and SASE to:
Bioethics: c/o Deborah Edwards
4825 1/2 Sawtelle Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230

Karen Atkinson, Director
Side Street Projects
1629 18th Street, #2
Santa Monica, CA  90404-3807

7. [Call for Works]


NOWfm wants to hear from artists who have pre-made text sound and music
based work, for possible broadcasting.

NOW ninety8 is Nottingham's festival of contemporary arts which features
the very best of innovative arts, music, theatre and technology work.
Previous festivals have featured A Guy Called Gerald, Graham Fitkin, Talvin
Singh, Pressure of Speech and Neotropic.

NOWfm is a new venue-in-the-air to be launched as part of the NOW ninety8
festival in Nottingham this Autumn. NOWfm is a very special kind of venue,
broadcasting new and experimental works for radio. The station will run
from 26 - 31 October 1998.

NOWfm aims to feature the exciting and innovative. If you want your work to
be considered for broadcasting please Send CD's/ DAT's to:

Contemporary Archives
Nottingham City Council
55 Castle Gate
We are NOT interested in band demos or DJ tapes.

For further NOWfm information call Kirstie McKenzie on +44 (0)115 9153553

8. [Call for Projects and Papers]

FALL 1998 Conference at New York University --- October 9 -11
Call for Projects and Papers in "Assessing New Tecvhnologies in Arts and
Humanities: New Renaissance or Dark Ages?"

Deadline: September 1, 1998.

A written one-page abstract of your project including a description of its
contents, implementation, the results, and the URL (if applicable). Papers
and projects can range from research projects, criticism and evaluation,
development projects of hardware and/or software, and creative works which
have been produced with the new technologies. Participants whose projects
are selected will receive free admission to the conference.

Mail abstracts to:

Commission on Arts and Humanities
c/o Helen J. Kelly, Director of Special Programs
Office of Program Development, School of Education
New York University
Press Building, Room 62
32 Washington Place
New York, N.Y. 10003-6644

FAX: 212 995 4923
telephone: (212) 998-5090 (FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION)

Abstracts may also be submitted by e-mail: jg12@is2.nyu.edu

John V. Gilbert, Director of Doctoral Studies
Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
New York University, School of Education
35 West Fourth Street, Suite 777
New York, Ny 10012
(212) 998-5424  FAX (212) 995-4043

http://www.nyu.edu/education/cahe (Commission on Arts and Humanities in
http://www.nyu.edu/education/music (NYU Dept. of Music and Performing Arts)
http://pages.nyu.edu/~jg12 (personal workshop on the web)
http://www.nyu.edu/classes/gilbert (class outlines and course materials)

9. [Call for participation]

The media arts lab in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin is organising a
meeting of net artists, theorists, curators and netizens on the topic of
net - art - world: reception strategies and problems

Date: October 16th to 18th 1998

We appreciate your ideas and proposals for discussions, lectures and
workshops. Please send us your abstracts (not more than 300 words) as soon
as possible.
Deadline 16th of August. We are looking forward to it.

Concept and general thoughts:

The Net developed a secondary presence a long time ago, such that it became
a symbol for modernity and social reality for people who do not participate
actively in the net culture. In public debates, TV serials, films and print
media a mythic image emerges, where the Internet seems to be the
battlefield of intelligence services and porno mafia, military forces and
conspiracy theorists fighting over the hegemony of the computer screens.

Netart as critical reflection of the medium of the Internet needs direct
knowledge of the technical and social conventions. Like high-technology it
demands of its audience a basic knowledge about specialized problems and
technical conditions which is absolutely necessary to understand and
estimate its solutions, doubts and proposals. This lets the insiders appear
to be the ideal public for netart. It is tempting to produce art for
artists and to stay among oneselves. The sphere of netart becomes a
parallel universe.

That is how netart gets in a paradoxical situation: An ever-growing
audience without knowledge of the technological basics, and the artists
with their relationship to innovation and to the electronic parallel
culture, do not come together; sometimes it seems, the public is a symbol
for the developments of blind consumerism, which netart is opposed to.

Between the difficulties of mediation and the claims for effect, aesthetic
radicality and social relevance we are automatically confronted with the
question of the transitions between the netart-world and the outer world as
an characteristic of the medium. How can we reconcile or shape these

This question gets even more important when we look at netart from the
perspective of the conventional, not electronically-mediated art world. The
conventional art scene -- not only since the context critique in the art of
the 80s -- experienced an internal critique of its own operating system.
Its elaborate marketing and reception systems promise -- apart from
economical chances -- also a well developed quality evaluation and
practical mechanisms how art and society can permeate. Considering the
technological race over the economical utilization of the Internet -- its
commercialization and its information overflow -- the consideration to
present netart to the selective publicity of the art world suggests itself.
Netart could have multifold profit from a tighter union with the gallery
system, the exhibitions and the institutionalized critique of the art
system. Vice versa it is nessecary to encourage conventional art to
meditate more profundly about its technological environment. It needs a
deeper reflection on technological innovation in order to understand,
examine and criticize the future formation of the society.

One question is what are the claims of both camps towards the relationship
between the two still - in most parts - divided spheres.

The problem can be discussed from the perspectives of production, mediation
and reception policies.

+ production: which artistic strategies are developed regarding these
contadictory requirements? How do the producers/artist react to this
problem? Do certain critical traditions of netculture lead to certain
limited publicities? What does a broader net-unspecific public mean for
project development and planning? It does not get one very far to explain
the net over and over again. To work for an inner circle, which knows what
one wants to say, limits the range of people who can participate and can
lead to a conceptional stagnation. What part does an net-unspecific
aesthetic, with its broader autonomous possibilities for netart play?

+ mediation: how do you exhibit netart? Until now one could see two
proposals: on the one hand the introduction of the working process as seen
at the "open x" at the ars electronica in Linz or the "hybrid workspace" at
the documenta X in Kassel; on the other hand the presentation of the work
of art as in the netart corner at the documenta X. The first form of
presentation confronts us with the same problems as the festival
phenomenon: people who know each other's work anyway meet to have a good
time together. The mediation is superseded by a fair event. The producers
talk with each other about their work. An audience from outside exists just
marginally. The latter form (exhibiting computer screens in a museum) asks
the question: What is a work of art? The pixel on the screen? The idea,
that maybe nobody understands outside of the net? Further questions
regarding mediation are: What is the role of institutions and curatorial
instances? What channels of distribution are nessecary? Does the lack of
curatorial evaluation do harm or is it an advantage? Is there a lack of an
(independent) critical public?

+ reception: on which conditions is netart received? What demands are made
on the conditions of reception? In what degree has the viewer to be an
user? Are forms of consumption possible and desirable, where the recipient
leaves and overcomes the desktop situation of the classical computer
workplace? How realistic is the alleged freedom of the network situation?
Does free access to the net bring this de-hierachizing freedom, which is
commonly believed to be an integral part of the net? Is it nessecary to
design the situation of reception in a community-enhancing way? How does
one cope with inexperienced users? Thesis: in addition to the ordinary
considerations on exhibition didactics it is necessary to think of more
targeted preparations and reactions to the conditions of the exhibition.

These are some questions, that arose from our reflections on the topic. The
symposium is meant to offer proposals and solutions through lectures,
discussions and practical workshops. We want to get artists, net.theorists,
museum scientists, art historians, gallerists and the audience together to
develop new strategies for netart.

Organisation and Concept: Vali Djordjevic and Gerrit Gohlke

Contact: valid@bethanien.de

10. [Call for works]


1. Works can be made in any type of equipment which produces moving images.
2. The minimum permitted length of each work is 01 second, and the maximum
permitted length  is 60 seconds. Picturemakers will have 10 complementary
seconds for credit insertion.

3. The theme is FREE.
4. Three works will be awarded. Each award comprises 01 trophy and R$
5,000,00 (reais).

5. Works shall be delivered in VHS, regardless of the support in which they
were made.
6. Works in PAL or NTSC shall be accepted.
7. In the event a work is selected for the competitive or parallel shows,
picturemakers shall send a copy of the work in Betacam, with subtitles in
8. Picturemakers shall enter 3 works at the most. All works must be
delivered in the same tape. A single tape shall not have works by different
9. The application fee is R$ 10,00 (reais) for each work entered.
10. Picturemakers shall enclose a picture (3x4) together with the entering
11. All picturemakers entering the VII One Minute World Festival shall
receive, free of charge, 01 event catalog by mail, by March 99.
Picturemakers shall opt for a printed catalog or CD-ROM format in the
entering form. Those who wish to have both catalogs shall pay an additional
fee of US$ 5 (five American dollars), for mailing expenses.

Works shall be sent to ONE MINUTE FESTIVAL, sole and exclusively by mail:

Estrada do Layer, 440 - Cotia -
Sao Paulo - Brazil - Cep - 067000-000

Deadline for delivery of works is August 30, 1998 (letters posted to this
date shall be accepted). For each entered work, an entering form shall be
enclosed. The form shall be delivered together with the work(s).

14. Picturemakers/producers are responsible for the non-authorized use of
images or music from third parties in their works. All and any burdens
related to copyrights shall be their full responsibility.
15. The festival's shows will take place in different cultural centers in
several countries, in that charging tickets is not permitted.
16. Picturemakers/producers selected for the competitive or parallel shows
shall cede the copyrights of their works to the making of an electronic
catalog in CD-ROM format, with 3.000 issues. Any extra issue shall be
object of a contract between picturemakers/producers and Agência
Observatório. CD-ROMs shall be numbered.
17. The works selected for the competitive and parallel shows will be aired
once, free of charge, in November and December 98 by the TVs that support
the One Minute Festival project. Any other broadcast shall only be
authorized in a contract of distribution between picturemakers/producers
and Agência Observatório.
18. Works can be aired, in their whole or in parts, for the protion of the
Festival in TV stations in 1998.
19. Entered works shall not be returned and shall be part of the One Minute
Video Library, gratuitously open to the general public.
20. The works selected can be inserted in the One Minute INTERNET site and
can be consulted gratuitously.

21. Agência Observatório is responsible for the coordination and
curatorship of the festival. The committee for the selection of the
competitive festival shall be formed by area professionals.
22. Entering the One Minute Festival means full acceptance of its rules.
23. Omitted cases shall be solved by the Agência Observatório.

Entering Form /VI One Minute Festival
(Please Print)

Name of Work(s):___________________________________________________________
How Many?_________


Full Address
___________________          _________________          ___________________
Zip Code                     Area Code + Phone		Fax

___________________          _________________          ___________________
Producer/Production 	     Area Code + Phone 		Fax



Originally Produced in: (works must be solely submitted in VHS)

Video:_____VHS  _____S-VHS  _____U-matic _____Hi8  _____Betacam
Film: _____8mm _____16mm  _____35mm _____super16
Computer: _____PC _____Macintosh _____Amiga

Entered in: _____Pal _____NTSC

I hereby declare I fully agree with the clauses of the present regulations



I wish to receive the Festival Catalog in the Format:  [photo.gif(1002 bytes)]

CD-ROM _____Note: If you choose receiving both, please add R$5,00 (reais)
to the
entering fee.
Both _____

(R$1,00 dollar = R$1,15 reais)

11. [Call for works]




41st International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn - North
'98" invites you to participate in an internet competition for a multimedia
miniature (1MB or less), HYDE PARK Internet Cafe and Internet Multimedia

Submit your multimedia miniature creation for the competition and to be
included in our internet multimedia gallery, HYDE PARK at the Internet Cafe
in The Centre for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.
During the Internet Multimedia Concert, HYDE PARK will become a part of an
audio-visual instrument.The works collected in the HYDE PARK gallery will
take part in the concert through the use of special computer software. All
artists submitting works for the competition, grant permission to use works
or parts of works during Internet Multimedia Concert on September 24, 1998.

Ten works will be selected for awards and presentation at the opening of
the Internet Cafe and will be included in the Internet Gallery, HYDE PARK
and associated sites of the Warsaw Autumn Festival, SACMUS in Finland and
NoTAM in Norway for one year!

All awarded artists will be presented with free tickets to all concerts of
the Warsaw Autumn Festival. One Artist will be selected for the top award:
a multimedia computer.

For details please visit us at http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/who-how/

SOON! -> SEPTEMBER 10, 1998

12. [Call for participation]

RAT 2 - Reseau Art Technologie

C  Y  P  R  E  S
Centre Interculturel de Pratiques, Recherches et Echanges Transdisciplinaires
rue Emile Tavan - 13100 Aix-en-Provence
telephone : 33 (0) 4 42 27 57 35 - fax : 33 (0) 4 42 27 63 99
email : cypres@aix.ensam.fr

CYPRES, en partenariat avec plusieurs autres lieux d'accueil en Europe et
aux USA :

 - ISP - Institut des Systemes de Programme de Pereslavl-Zalesski (Russie),
 - Moscow WWW Art Center (Russie),
 - CAiiA - Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (Pays de
Galle / U.K.),
 - Museo Electrografico de Cuenca (Espagne),
 - Parkbench - New York (USA)
 - V2 - Rotterdam (Pays-Bas),
 - CYPRES - Aix-en-Provence (France).

souhaiterait mettre en place une collaboration d'artistes travaillant sur
le net avec les objectifs suivants :

- elaborer une mise en reseau des personnes et des lieux autour d'un projet
commun, consistant  a realiser un metapaysage dans un metaenvironnement
- engager une reflexion  a partir des donnees geographiques, culturelles et
technologiques propres a chacun des artistes ou groupes d'artistes, sur les
questions de territorialite, de delocalisation et de metissage. Creation
sur un site web heberge par Cypres et monstration lors d'une manifestation
prevue a Avignon en juillet 2000.
CYPRES est charge de la selection d'artistes francais ou vivant en France.

Les modalites
- Sejour de realisation de 4 a 6 semaines dans une des structures
partenaires (periode : novembre 98- mai 1999)
- Transport et frais de sejour pris en charge.
- Accueil technique assure par les lieux d'accueil.

Dossier de candidature
Si vous etes interesse, merci de nous envoyer : un dossier comprenant 1 CV,
des documents (photo, video, adresses de site web) sur le travail que vous
faites actuellement, l'adresse de votre site Web  si vous en avez un, une
courte description de la maniere dont vous interviendrez sur le theme

Repondre a l'adresse mail de Cypres mentionnant sujet : RAT 2 ou par
courrier a l'adresse ci dessus.

Date limite : 30 septembre 98.
Adresse des pages RAT du site Web de CYPRES :  < http://siac.it/cypres/rat/ >

13. [Event]

26, 27 and 28 November 1998, Amsterdam


Does it pay to play? Can we design play into tomorrow's learning?
What about play at work? What are the best examples of new times, places,
tools  and media for play?

An international crowd from the worlds of design, science, media, business,
education and culture will gather in the famous Berlage Beurs in Amsterdam
for Doors of Perception 5 - the Netherlands Design Institute's celebrated
conference on multimedia, the Internet, design and culture.

Yasmin Kafai, professor of education and information at UCLA
Uffe Elbaek, Rector of Kaos Pilots business school, Denmark
Toshio Iwai, media artist and designer, Japan
John Thackara, director, Netherlands Design Institute
Caroline Nevejan, director of the Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam
Brenda Laurel, founder of Purple Moon, USA
Sarah Chesters, NCR KnowledgeLab, London
Tony Graham, artistic director, The Unicorn children's theatre in London
Danny Hillis, founder of Thinking Machines, Disney Fellow
Mitchell Resnick, director of MIT Media Lab's Toys of Tomorrow
Bruce Mau, graphic designer eg of S.M.L.XL.
J.C. Herz, author of Joystick Nation
Dragan Klaic, director of the Netherlands Theatre Institute
Gong Szeto, i/o 360 Digital Design, New York
Carl Goodman, computer games curator, American Museum of the Moving Image
Nobuyuki Ueda, director of the neoMuseum in Noshido, Japan
Stephen Heppell, director of Ultralab, UK
Lewis Bronze, director of Espresso, UK
Rick Prelinger, director, Prelinger Archives, New York
James Bradburne, design director, newMetropolis, Amsterdam
Tim Wright, director, NoHo Digital,  London
John Wyver, Illuminations Television director
Janet Abrams, editor, If/Then, Amsterdam
Conny Bakker, editor, 02 website

PLAY/TIME: The power of play
PLAY/THINGS: Inside the games we play
PLAY/SCHOOL: The design of play in learning
SIM/PLAY: Simulation and story-telling
DESIGN/PLAY: The shape of play to come

online at http://www.doorsofperception.com
Phone: +31 20 420 1711
Fax: +31 20  626 5845
Email: registration@doorsofperception.com

Phone: +31 20 420 1711
Fax: +31 20  626 5845
Email: info@doorsofperception.com

Phone: +31 20 551 6500
Fax: +31 20 620 1031
Email: doors@design-inst.nl

14. [Event]

The 1998 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC98)
October 1-6 1998
Ann Arbor, MI

Calendar of Events and Registration Forms are available on the WWW:

United States:	http://www.music.umich.edu/icmc98/


Europe:		http://www.pads.ahds.ac.uk:81/ICMC98/

Conference Management Services
University of Michigan
600 East Madison Room G121
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1372

15. [Event]

Ars Electronica 98
Festival for Art, Technology and Society
INFOWAR - information.macht.krieg
7-12 September 1998
Linz, Austria

Between 7th and 12th September 98, the 17th Ars Electronica will take place
under the banner of INFOWAR - information.macht.krieg

INFOWAR sheds light on the strategies and possibilities of
computer-supported conflict ranging from the Gulf War to the activities of
cyberguerillas, as well as assessing the internal logic of the Information
Society in connection with war.

A full schedule of events and performances, installations and network
projects are clustered around this complex of topics. The Ars Electronica
Symposium and the Prix Ars Electronica constitute the core of the festival.

September 8 - 9, 1998, Brucknerhaus Linz
Peter Arnett/USA, Viviane Forrester/F, Lucky Green/USA, Friedrich
Kittler/D, Paul Virilio/F, Michael Wilson/GB, Kunda Dixit/Nepal, Shen
Weiguang/RCH, Igor Panarin/RU, George J. Stein/US, Doyne Farmer/US, Ute
Bernhardt/D, Michael Geyer/US, Ingo Guenther/D/US,  Joichi Ito/J,
RTMark/US, Douglas Rushkoff/US, Georg Schoefbaenker/A, Tim Druckrey/US
Moderation by: Manuel de Landa/MEX

Events & Performances

Global Hockets - Supreme Particles/From Scratch/D/NZ
8.9. Brucknerhaus Linz, 20.00

Solar A Wardenclyffe Project - Marko Peljhan/YU
9.9. Brucknerhaus/Donaupark, 19.30

Pole - Granular Synthesis: Hentschlaeger&Langheinrich/A
10.9. Posthof Linz, 20.00

Staalplaat Sound of Music
featuring: Negativland/US, People Like Us/GB, Muzictoerist/NL
11.-12.9. Posthof Linz, 22.30

Super Collider- a sound accelerator by Fa.Huber/A
7.-11.9. Stadtwerkstatt, 23.30
9.-10.9. Ars Electronica Quarter, 21.00
with: Peter Kruder/A, Richard Dorfmeister/A, Shantel/D, Daniel Haaksman/D,
Sam Auinger/A, Tosca/A, Lukas Ligeti/USA, Paloma/D, Jim O'Rourke/USA,
Rachel de Boer/NL, Julia  Zdarsky/A, Kurt Mayer/A, Scanner/GB - preliminary
state of the project

openX - eine Versuchsanordnung
3.-10. 9.  Brucknerhaus Linz
openX is an experimental arrangement facilitating the encounter with
network art.

THE HEART: Hackers Electronic ART
In connection with openX, Ars Electronica 98 is hosting an international
hacker meeting.

including those by Robin Bargar/GB, Marko Peljhan/SLO, Calin Dan/RO, Paul
Garrin/US and David Rokeby/CDN will be set up in the Ars Electronica
Center, the Brucknerhaus and the O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst.
The CAVE Virtual Reality installation World Skin by Maurice Benayoun and
Jean-Baptiste Barriere/F, awarded the 1998 Golden Nica for Interactive Art

Prix Ars Electronica
Golden Nicas 98
Computeranimation: Liang-Yuan Wang/USA  "The Sitter"
Visual Effects: Robert Legato/Digital Domain/USA  "Titanic"
Enet: Knowbotic Research/D/A  "10_DENCIES"
Interactive Art: Maurice Benayoun/Jean-Baptiste Barriere/F "World Skin"
Computermusic: Peter Bosch/Simone Simons/NL  "Krachtgever"
U19 Freestyle Computing: Florian Nehonsky/Michael Mossburger/Valerian
Wurzer/A "Titanic - Der Film"

Cyberarts 98
Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition
8-13.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst, 10.00-24.00
exhibition's extended run
15.-20.9. 16.00
Cyberarts 98 provides an intense and impressive look at the
state-of-the-art and the extraordinary diversity of digital media art.

Cyberarts Nightline

8.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst/Mediendeck, with: Rupert Huber/A,
Gisburg/USA, Anna Clementi/I, Bettina Wackernagel/D, Mike Daliot/A,
Isabella Bordoni/I, Richard Dorfmeister/A
- preliminary state of the project

Electronic Theatre
9.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst/Mediendeck

Nerve Theory: Shades of Catatonia
Tom Sherman/CDN/US, Bernhard Loibner/A
9.9. 11.9. O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst

Ars Electronica 98
Organizers: Ars Electronica Center Linz and ORF Upper Austrian Regional Studio
Co-organizers: Brucknerhaus Linz, O.K Centrum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Posthof

Ars Electronica Center
Hauptstrasse 2
A-4040 Linz
tel. +43.732.7272-0
fax. +43.732.7272-77
email: info@aec.at

More information and updates in our program:
16. [Event]

Das Symposium ¸ber interkontextuelle kuenstlerische Kompetenz.
Am 16. und 17. Oktober 1998 in der Alten Handelsboerse zu Leipzig.

War laden insbesondere Kuenstler und Kunstvermittler zur Teilnahme ein.

Moderation:    Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen  (Kunstverein Hamburg)

Referenten:    Bettina Allamoda         (Kuenstlerin/Berlin)
               Jean-Christophe Ammann   (MMK Frankfurt)
               Christine Eichel         (Philosophin/Wiesbaden)
               Hans Dieter Huber        (Kunsthistoriker/Mannheim/Leipzig)
               Christian Hoebler         (Kuenstler/knowbotic research/Koeln)
               Christian Janecke        (Kunsthistoriker/Dresden/Berlin)
               Dietmar Kamper           (Soziologe/FU Berlin)
               Olaf Nicolai             (Kuenstler/Berlin)
               Horst Prehn              (Kuenstler/Hirnforscher/FH Gießen)
               Peter Weibel             (Neue Galerie Graz)

Performance:   Boris Nieslony           (ASA European/Koeln)
	Ralf Samens              (Stadtgalerie Bern)

Konzeption:    Marcel Buehler und
	Alexander Koch           (Kuenstler/Leipzig)

Wenn Sie an dem Symposium teilnehmen, einen "unangek=FCndigten" Kurzvortrag
halten oder möglichen Interessenten einen Hinweis geben möchten: unter
www.schau-vogel-schau.org finden Sie das Programm, die Exposees, das
Anmeldeformular und weitere Informationen. Oder fordern Sie
Veranstaltungsbrosch¨ren und Plakate an (kostenlose Zusendung im August)

oder beim Kunstverein
c/o Marcel Bühler - Ernst-Mey-Straße 24 - 04229 Leipzig
Tel/Fax: ++49/341/4800394

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Marcel Buehler und Alexander Koch

17. [Event]

An opportunity to be involved in the issues which are shaping culture at
the turn of the millennium . . .

2nd International CAiiA Research Conference

art and consciousness in the post-biological era.

19 - 23 August 1998

University of Wales College, Newport.

115  presentations by artists, theorists and researchers from Australia,
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel,
Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & Wales.

The University College, overlooking the ancient village of Caerleon is
located in some of the most beautiful unspoilt countryside in Britain, from
the Wye Valley in the east to the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons in the
north. www.newport.ac.uk/about/map.html>

Delegate Residential Conference Fee: (price per delegate)  GBP  415 pounds
Includes access to all presentations, Conference Proceedings, single
en-suite conference accommodation on the Caerleon Campus  on 19, 20, 21 &
22 August 1998, refreshment breaks and meals throughout the conference,
including the Conference Dinner.

Delegate Non Residential Conference Fee: (price per delegate)  GBP  315 pounds
Includes access to all presentations, Conference Proceedings,  refreshment
breaks and meals throughout the conference including the Conference Dinner.

For further information contact:
Kay Bosanko-Sheady at ACES, University of Wales College, Newport.
Tel +44(0)1633 432489     Fax +44(0)1633 432543    aces@newport.ac.uk

Programme Committee:
Roy Ascott (chair), Joseph Nechvatal, Michael Punt, Miroslaw Rogala, Bill
Seaman,  Victoria Vesna.

Convened by Roy Ascott, Director of CAiiA-STAR.

18. [Event]


I would like to inform you that the 1st  International Festival of Film and
New Media on Art of Athens is going to be  held the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th
of December 1998 in the greek capital, and to  invite you to submit any
cd-rom productions of yours (designed or collaborated  upon) that deal with
The festival is the only one of its kind in  Greece and in the wider area
of the Balkans and the northeastern Mediterranean  and aims to develop the
public's understanding and appreciation of art as well  as to encourage
this specific kind of multimedia production and  filmmaking. It will be in
two languages (english and greek)  and it is open to all cd-roms that were
produced within the last four years on  the following domains of art:
painting, sculpture, architecture, design, crafts,  decorative arts, dance,
perfomance art, music, film, cartoons, photography,  video art, multimedia
art, interactive art, fashion, literature, poetry, art  history, as well as
museology and restoration.
If you are interested in submitting your  productions for preselection to
the competition section please let me know in  order to receive the entry
form with all the necessary information. The  finalists can participate
with only two entries and there is not a registration  fee.
Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from  you soon.


Yiannis Skourogiannis
Director of IFFNMAA
57 Archimidous
GR-116 36
tel:01-7520065 fax:01-9242407

19. [Event]


The First trAce Writers' Conference

Friday 16 October 1998
The Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, England

The internet offers great opportunities for writers. There are fascinating
new forms of writing to be discovered; interesting people to meet, and
swathes of research material to be mined. But it also brings concerns.
Authors are worried about copyright and intellectual property. They are
wondering how they can earn money from working online. They fear that The
Book may be dying.
This conference brings together an international group of professional
authors and educators with extensive experience of the internet to address
some of these anxieties and provide informed opinion about the potential of
the net for the artistic community.

Keynote Speaker
Digital Arts: Breaking The Boundaries Through Online Authorship - DALE SPENDER

Socrates framed one of the fundamental objections to writing; it was
"one-way", it fixed ideas, it required readers simply to follow someone
else's argument - which is why he would put nothing in writing. But even
Socrates would change his mind if he could be an online author. For online
writing is two way, it engages readers to forge their own meanings, and to
become a new generation of writers in the process.

Hypertext, Web Publishing and Virtual Narrativity - MARK AMERIKA
In this presentation, Mark Amerika will trace his most recent research and
development focusing on the similarities and differences between novel
writing, hypertext authoring, journal publishing and digital art curation.
Discussing issues such as online networking, copyleftism, and
pla(y)giarism, Amerika will showcase both his GRAMMATRON project and the
Alt-X Online Network.

Reading with Others, Writing in Time - CYNTHIA HAYNES & JAN RUNE
In recent years technology has enabled interactivity in exciting ways. At
Lingua MOO writers can build a virtual space using only words, and work
together in real time with others around the world. When texts are
interactive, new modes of teaching and learning quickly evolve. Lingua MOO
is also host to the online headquarters of the trAce
International Online Writing Community.

New Ways to Write
Confirmed to date: Novelist Keith Brookes, editor of Infinity Plus and
journalist Lizzie Bailey.Authors who write on and about the net discuss the
potential of this new creative form.

Online Copyright: Problems & Issues
A panel discussion featuring Heather Rosenblatt, Legal Adviser for the
Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society plus authors Dale Spender and
Mark Amerika.


Dale Spender is the writer/editor of more than thirty books, many of which
have been university texts, and some of which have been translated into
Japanese, German, Italian  and Spanish. Required to make the personal
transition from pen to PC, she became fascinated with the changes that are
taking place for writers and readers as a result of the digitalrevolution.
These issues are taken up in Nattering On The Net (Spinifex, 1995) A member
of the executive committee of the Australian Society of Authors, and a
director of the Australian Copyright Agency Limited, she is committed to
extending the creative and professional boundaries of online authorship.

Mark Amerika is the publisher of Alt-X, which Publishers Weekly called 'the
literary publishing model of the future" and the author of two novels - The
Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently said
"the real counterculture is not gone and Mark Amerika is proof of that".
His most recent work is GRAMMATRON, a multi-media narrative for
network-distributed environments. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.
http://www.grammatron.com. & http://www.altx.com

Jan Rune Holmevik is a visiting assistant professor and doctoral candidate
in the Department of Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen,
Norway. He holds a Cand. Philol. degree in the history of science and
technology from the University of Trondheim, Norway 1994. He is co-editor
of High Wired: On the Design, Use, and Theory of Educational MOOs
(University of Michigan Press, 1998) and co-author of MOOniversity: A
Student's Guide to MOO Learning Environments (forthcoming) both with Dr.
Cynthia Haynes. Holmevik is co-founder and administrator of Lingua MOO
(1995), and the principal architect and maintainer of the High Wired
enCore, the first publicly available educational MOO core database.

Cynthia Haynes is Assistant Professor in the School of Arts & Humanities
and Director of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas at Dallas
where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate rhetoric, composition,
and electronic pedagogy courses. With Jan Rune Holmevik, she is co-founder
of Lingua MOO, and co-editor of High Wired: On the Design, Use, and Theory
of Educational MOOs  with Holmevik, Dr. Haynes is also co-author of
MOOniversity: A Student's Guide to MOO Learning Environments

Venue: The Broadway Media Centre, 14-18 Broad Street, Nottingham,
England NG1 3AL
Tel: 0115-9526611

Times:	9.30 - 5.00pm. Registration from 9.00am.

Date:	Friday 16 October 1998
£12	Attendance
£18	Attendance + Lunch
£6	Concession
£12	Concession + Lunch

Please note that places are limited and early booking is advised.

Bookings:	Sam Casterton, Commercial Administrative Centre, The
Nottingham Trent University, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU.
Tel +44 (0) 115 948 6409 (direct line), Fax +44 (0) 115 948 6536,
email comadmin@ntu.ac.uk
20. [Event]

VideoMath Festival

Herbert W. Franke
Puppling, Austria_e 12
82544 Egling, Germany
Tel: +8171 18329
Fax: +8171 29594
Email: <franke@zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de>

The International Congress of Mathematicians 1998 - the world-biggest
mathematical event - taking place in Berlin August, 18-27. An important
part will be the VideoMath Festival as a connection between art and
science. Further information is available at the URL:
21. [Event]

DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident

Rotterdam/NL, 17 - 29 November 1998

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival is a bi-annual international and
interdisciplinary event that deals with the inter-relations between art,
technology and society. Under the title 'The Art of the Accident', DEAF98
deals with concepts of time and space, and with their significance for the
organisation of real and virtual environments. It does this from the
perspective of the accident, of friction and rupture which are necessary
elements of any technical reality. The festival inquires how complex social
relations, individual actions and new forms of identity, take shape at the
intersection between the technical and social reality.

*Programme Elements

DEAF98 consists of several elements:
- the DEAF98 Exhibition of electronic media art works (main locations V2
and the Netherlands Photo Institute, and several special locations, incl.
the MSR Harbour Simulator)
- the transArchitecture 03 Exhibition (at the Netherlands Architecture
- the DEAF98 Symposium (an international two-day conference with artists,
architects, theorists, sociologists and scientists, on 20/21 November)
- the DEAF98 Publication (an extensive illustrated book about 'The Art of
the Accident')
- presentations, panel discussions and workshops (incl. the premiere
presentation of the first international Nettime publication)
- music and sound art performances (in cooperation with Nighttown)
- Future Moves (a festival devoted to media and dance, coordinated by
Lantaren/Venster, 17-22 November)

DEAF98 is realised in cooperation with several national and international
partner organisations, incl. the Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria; the
Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe/Germany; and the
Inter-Communication Center, Tokyo/Japan.


Ticket prices for the different programme elements vary. Exact prices are
yet to be fixed. Reservations for the Symposium, presentations and
performances will be advised as soon as the programmes and participants
have been confirmed.

*Further Information

More detailled information about the festival programme will be made public
as soon as possible. You can stay up to date by subscribing to the V2
mailing list through the website, URL: http://www.v2.nl - just follow the
'mailing list' links.

DEAF98, V2_Organisation, e-mail: DEAF@v2.nl
Info on Future Moves: Dick Hollander <hollander@lantaren-venster.nl>
22. [Event]

"Beyond the Looking Glass"

21. August until 20. September, 1998

After the successful first Sarajevo SCCA show last year "Meeting Point"
this secong event entitled "Beyond the Looking Glass" will consist of two
parts. One part will be videos which will be included in the Sarajevo Film
Festival as its video section.

The second part will be interventions in town (video installations,
installations, performances...). This will begin on the 21st of August and
run until 20. September. The Film Festival lasts from 21. August until 30.

Apparently a catalogue of Meeting Point (1997) is available, and certainly
and excellent video compilation does!

For further info contact Dunja, Lejla, or Enes <scca@soros.org.ba>
23. [Event]

The Experimental Television Center announces the conference VIDEO HISTORY:
MAKING CONNECTIONS to be held OCTOBER 16-18, 1998 at Syracuse University,
Syracuse, NY.

The conference will feature performances, screenings, panels, workshops and
a resource room. There will also be opportunities for folks to post
memorabilia and personal reflections to the website, and to document
personal histories on videotape.

The conference concerns the development of early video art and community
television in New York State, and its relationships to contemporary arts
practice. It will be held concurrently with Common Ground, the annual
conference of the NYS Alliance for Arts Education, which this year is
featuring a track on media literacy. VIDEO HISTORY: MAKING CONNECTIONS is
intended to build a better understanding of the media field, to explore
issues of media preservation and the teaching of media and media history,
to locate and link media history resource materials, and to connect those
in the field with a broader group of cultural and social institutions.

Conference registration information will be in the mail the last week of
August. Information concerning the registration and an updated list of
speakers and participants will be posted to the Video History website at
http://VideoHistory.Alfred.edu. Please join us.

Video History: Making Connections is a component of the Upstate Video
History Project of the Experimental Television Center. The conference is
organized in partnership with the Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred
University, the New York State Alliance for Arts Education and the Office
of Student Affairs of Syracuse University, in association with the Everson
Museum of Art, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Media Alliance and
Visual Studies Workshop. The Upstate Video History Project is made possible
with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, with
public funds from the Statewide Challenge Grant Program and the New York
State Council on the Arts, and from Media Alliance, with corporate support
from DesignLab and VidiPax and individual contributors.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 16 10:00 - 4:00 Two concurrent sessions.

VIDEO HISTORY SEMINAR - Video Rewind: A Seminar on Early Video History
Organized by media critic, curator and historian Deirdre Boyle, author of
Subject to Change: Guerrilla Television Revisited. Participants include
Barbara London, Paul Ryan and Parry Teasdale. A day-long seminar designed
to introduce curators, critics, librarians, archivists,
funders, artists, students, and interested others to the early history of
independent video in America (1965 and 1980). This seminar will offer an
intensive day of screenings, discussions, and presentations by and about
video pioneers. Screenings will include selections of significant video art
and documentary tapes that illustrate some of the diverse interests,
preoccupations, styles, and approaches of early video. Lectures and
discussions will explore how this new medium for art, activism, and
information was developed by artist-innovators, video collectives, new
technology manufacturers, funders, museum curators, and public television
producers, to name a few of the key players. VIDEO PRESERVATION MEETING - A
gathering of groups and individuals to share information and strategize
about next steps for collaborative efforts to preserve early electronic
arts collections. Organized by Media Alliance as part of the Video
Preservation Initiative.

VIDEO SCREENINGS: two programs simultaneously: * selections of historic
works from the collections of distributors such as Electronic Arts
Intermix, Paper Tiger Television and the Downtown Community Television
Center, and the excerpts from series Video Data Bank's Surveying the First
Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the US, 1968-1980 and the series
Set in Motion: Twenty-Five Years of NYSCA Funded Film and Video.
* old and new works brought by conference attendees, presenters and organizers

RECEPTION at the Everson Museum of Art. 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Exhibitions by
Janet Biggs and Carrie Mae Weems, and recently restored video works from
the collection.

**Steina Vasulka
**Steina Vasulka, Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode, Andrew Deutsch, Kevin McCoy
**Tony Conrad

On-going Activities 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

All participants will be encouraged to contribute the stories, writings,
photos, or other creations to the Video History web site for all to see.
Computers will be available in a number of locations for this purpose.

RESOURCE ROOM A selection of catalogs, articles, and books for browsing
through writings from the 1960's to the present. Artists and arts groups
will bring their wares - videos, CD's, CD ROM's, touring  packages and more.

TOOL WORKSHOP Browse a collection of analog and digital tools. During the
conference a team from Alfred University will be photographing and documenting
the tools. The photos will be uploaded to the web site, along with stories
about their development and use.

SCREENINGS in two auditoriums running simultaneously as above.

PIONEERS OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY - a lecture presentation by independent
curator Mary Ross featuring slides by artists whose work explored the
intersection of photography and the early electronic tools. The exhibit is
currently on view at Open Space Gallery, Allentown, PA.

WORKSHOPS/PANELS - each session is approximately 2 hours
ARTS PRACTICE THEN AND NOW (2 sessions) - ways of art-making and critical
theories about recurrent elements like long distance communication,
interactivity, mass media/cultural critique, and inter-media
experimentation. TOOL DEVELOPMENT/PEOPLE & MACHINES - the history of
analog/digital tool development/collaborations, relationships with new
media tools and related issues.
TEACHING VIDEO HISTORY - examples of how video history is currently being
taught, and how it can be integrated into various curriculums in
educational and cultural settings.
COMMUNITY/ACTIVIST MEDIA THEN AND NOW - forms of arts and community
connections including community access, social/political critiques through
media production,
the relationship to organizing efforts and means of production/distribution.
MEDIA INFRASTRUCTURE THEN AND NOW - an examination of organizational structures
and environments (collectives, TV labs, cable TV, digital media labs, etc.)
that supported or currently support how media work is made and seen.
CULTURAL CONTEXT/CONNECTIONS - issues of distribution and audience
as well as shifts in gender, class, and cultures of makers and audiences
over the past twenty-five years.
restoration company.

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm DINNER

PARTY and PERFORMANCE with Walter Wright and Carol Goss

10:00 pm - 1:00
On-going activities continue
SCREENINGS in two auditoriums running simultaneously: RESOURCE ROOM and

Visit the website at http://VideoHistory.alfred.edu for updated information
about speakers and participants, as well as conference registration

Video History: Making Connections is a component of the Upstate Video
History Project of the Experimental Television Center. The conference is
organized in partnership with the Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred
University, the New York State Alliance for Arts Education and the Office
of Student Affairs of Syracuse University, in association with the Everson
Museum of Art, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Media Alliance and
Visual Studies Workshop. The Upstate Video History Project is made possible
with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, with
public funds from the Statewide Challenge Grant Program and the New York
State Council on the Arts, and from Media Alliance, with corporate support
from DesignLab and VidiPax and individual contributors.

For more information, please contact the Center at etc@servtech.com

Sherry Miller Hocking
Experimental TV Center
109 Lower Fairfield Rd.
Newark Valley, NY 13811
(607) 687-4341 phone/fax

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