#065 May 1998


#65 May 1998

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		URL: http://www.sat.qc.ca/isea

ISEA Board Members: Peter Beyls, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Tapio Makela,
Alain Mongeau, Simon Penny, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Patricia Search, Wim van
der Plas. Ex-officio Board members: Shawn Decker (ISEA97), John Hyatt
(ISEA98), John Brady (ISEA98)
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ISEA Board Elections Update !

In the last Newsletter, we made an important announcement regarding the
ISEA Board Nominations still open until June 12, 1998
We would like to inform you of how the ISEA Board Elections will take shape:

* We wish to have the elections outside the AGM, in order to reach as many
people as possible. Every member will therefore be entitled to have a
-The deadline for submission for ISEA Board nomination closes June 12.
-You will then be sent a voting ballot on June 19.
- Your votes must be received at the HQ office by August 1.

Right now is a time when ISEA's membership has the chance to make
significant difference in the direction of our organization. We hope that
our membership cares enough to cast their voting ballots.
Your participation assures us that you continue to care about our future.

Don't hesitate to send us your feedback, comments, etc...

** Call for CONTRIBUTIONS  - for your ISEA eyes only- **

Over the past few months, the ISEA HQ team has worked hard to re-develop
our web site and newsletter to reflect not only ISEA's international news
but more importantly to reflect the interests of our membership and make a
space available for your participation in the exchange of information and

The newsletter will re-introduce the *ISEA members' corner*, a designated
space for your voice and on the ISEA web site we have launched new five
ISEA zones for easier navigation. We now are ready to receive ideas and
content for their rigorous development and animation.

This call for submissions, for both the web site and the monthly
newsletter, is opened to web projects, work in progress and abstracts,
photographic material, articles, critics, reviews and any other information
about events you are involved in focusing on art & technology.

The ISEA HQ is committed to support and help with the promotion of your
work and your specific interests. Our editorial team is standing by to
receive all submissions. If you have any other artistic material or
publications such as CD-ROM's or video material, we may also be able to
assist you with more global visibility.

** ISEA launched its web site at the 5th Multimedia and Info-Highway
International Market of Montreal ! **

ISEA and our two Montreal partners, the Technological Art Society (SAT/TAS)
and the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Medias (FCMM)
got together under a common banner for the MIM98, held in Montreal, from
May 13 to 15, 1998.

This joint artistic presence during an international convention, whose
colors focus on a corporate market, had a real impact on the general
public, the milieu's professionals and government representatives. ISEA
still lacks recognition as an international functioning organization
outside our annual Symposium, our participation surely contributed to
attract new interest, establish dialogue with local and international
representatives ... and draw new partnership on potential projects.

The ISEA web site was submitted to the official "Golden Web" MIM
competition . We did not win but the important thing was to participate and
officially launch our site in Montreal !!


Mise =E0 jour du Secretariat D'ISEA

Elections du Conseil d'Administration d'ISEA !

Dans le dernier bulletin d'ISEA, nous avons fait une importante annonce
concernant l'appel de candidatures pour le conseil d'administration d'ISEA.
La date limite pour les appels demeure le 12 juin, 1998.
Nous aimerions vous informer des proc=E9dures de votes pour ces elections.

* Nous d=E9sirons tenir les elections avant l'assemblee generale annuelle
prevue en septembre, dans le but de rejoindre le plus grand nombre de
membres possible.
Nous tenons a ce que chaque membre ait son droit de vote.
- La date limite pour l'appel de candidatures est le 12 juin.
- Nous vous enverrons un bulletin de vote le 19 juin
- Nous devons recevoir vos votes au Secretariat au plus tard le 1er aout.

Il est temps pour nos membres de prendre cette chance et de faire une
difference dans la direction de notre organisme. Nous esperons que notre
membership votera sans hesiter. Votre participation nous assurera que vous
tenez =E0 ISEA et son futur.

N'h=E9sitez pas =E0 nous envoyer vos commentaires, opinions, etc....

**Appel =E0 la participation  - pour vos yeux "ISEA" seulement-**

Dans les derniers mois, l'=E9quipe du secretariat d'ISEA a travaille tres
fort au "re-developement" de notre site Web et du bulletin. Ces derniers
refletent non seulement les nouvelles internationales d'ISEA, mais aussi
les interets de notre membership dans le but de  creer un espace pour
l'echange d'information et d'idees.

Le bulletin re-introduira le "Coin des membres", un espace dedie aux
travaux et opinions des membres, nous avons egalement lancer nos cinq
nouvelles sections pour faciliter la navigation. Nous sommes maintenant
pr=EAts =E0 recevoir vos id=E9es et contenu pour le bon developement et une
animation vivante.

Cet appel =E0 la participation pour le site Web et le bulletin, est ouvert
aux projets Web, aux travaux en cours et soumissions, photographies,
articles, critiques et toutes autres information sur les =E9venements dont
vous faites partis et qui se concentrent sur l'art et la technologie.

Le secretariat d'ISEA tient a vous supporter et a vous aider dans la
promotion de vos oeuvres et des vos interets. L'=E9quipe de l'editorial du
bulletin attend vos soumissions.
Si vous avez toutes autres publications ou materiel artistique, tel que
CD-ROM ou video, nous pouvons aussi vous supporter avec une visibilite plus

**ISEA lance son site internet au 5=E8 March=E9 international des inforoutes=
du multim=E9dia de Montr=E9al !**

ISEA et ses deux partenaires montr=E9alais, la Soci=E9t=E9 des arts
technologiques (SAT) et le Festival international du nouveau Cin=E9ma et des
nouveaux M=E9dias de Montr=E9al (FCMM) se sont r=E9unis sous une m=EAme=
 banni=E8re =E0
l'occasion du MIM 98, tenu =E0 Montr=E9al, du 13 au 15 mai 1998.

Cette pr=E9sence artistique dans un salon international aux couleurs plut=F4=
corporatives a eu un impact certain aupr=E8s du grand public, des
professionnels du milieu et des repr=E9sentants gouvernementaux. Si ISEA est
encore m=E9connue comme organisation internationale en dehors des symposiums
annuels, cette participation a contribu=E9 assur=E9ment =E0 attirer de nouve=
partisans, =E0 dialoguer avec divers intervenants locaux et internationaux e=
=E0 =E9baucher de nouveaux projets de partenariat.

Mentionnons =E9galement que le site internet d'ISEA =E9tait inscrit =E0 la
comp=E9tition officielle des =ABWeb d'Or=BB du MIM. Nous n'avons pas gagn=E9=
l'important c'=E9tait de participer et d'inaugurer officiellement notre site
=E0 Montr=E9al !!


LEONARDO, the leading journal for anyone interested in the application of
contemporary science and technology to the arts, is now available to
members of Inter-Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) at a special discount
price of $57.60 This is 20% off the journal's regular rate and includes the
companion annual journal, LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL.

=46ounded in 1967, LEONARDO provides an international channel of
communication between artists and others who use science and technologies
in their creations. The journal covers media, music, kinetic art,
performance art, language, environmental and conceptual art, computers and
artificial intelligence, and legal, economics, and political aspects of art
as these areas relate to the arts, tools and ideas of contemporary science
and technology. LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL (including compact disc), features
the latest in music, multimedia art, sound science and technology.



I am working with an outdoor theatre/arts project called "EXIT98- Transit
Hall Runways in the south east of Sweden, this our fourth year and we are a
part of "Stockholm European Culture Capital 98".

New for this year is our virtual stage, a large format (5mtr), high
quality,  video screen, standing alone on a rise, with the baltic sea as
background. Here will be shown, via split-screen the products of our
multimedia experiments with input from live cameras, internet, digital
photography, weather satellite, digital art, 3D and video art etc.

What we need are contributions from video artists who wish exposure for
their work. Unfortunately we cannot pay anything but we will see that
credit is given and if possible and wished for by the author, further
exposure and distribution. Films will not be tampered with and will be
shown in their entirety.

We require videos up to 5 minutes long and preferably silent, but this is
not written in stone.

Another wish is for out-takes and rejected sequences which could find a
place in a video metaphore of Transit Hall.

Would appreciate all help and tips.

Mark Goldsworthy, EXIT98
The euroARTchannel has substantially updated its Web System and has
extended its coverage also to EUROPEAN DESIGN, CRAFTS  and ANTIQUES.

You may submit your own URL in the corresponding category or update your
existing at http://www.eurochannel.de/art

Your euroARTchannel

Electronic Music Foundation and Sigma6 Announce a New EMF Website

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) and Sigma6 have
collaborated in a new design for the EMF website.

The new EMF website is divided into two parts. The primary EMF site
contains The EMF Guide to the World, Our Electronic Music Heritage, and
About EMF. The second site is a new site dedicated to CDeMUSIC, through
which culturally important materials such as compact discs, books, and
other items are available worldwide.

With this collaborative design project, Sigma6, an interactive web design
company located in Detroit, Michigan, becomes an EMF Corporate Partner.
Joel Chadabe, EMF's President, said, "We greatly appreciate the creativity,
skill, and support of the Sigma6 team. Their work is contributing in a
significant way to our growth and progress. We are delighted to welcome
Sigma6 as a Corporate Partner."

Rodrigo Sanchez, Director and founding member of Sigma6, said: "EMF is
leading the way towards making visible the basic work of the pioneers in
creative musical technologies. EMF is an extremely important organization
and we are very pleased to be able to contribute to its efforts. As a
Corporate Partner, we look forward to an ongoing role in EMF's development."

To draw attention to the collaboration between EMF and Sigma6, Sigma6 has
created an EMF screensaver, available for download at:


=46or further information on Sigma6, refer to:


=46or further information on EMF's programs and services, refer to:

Electronic Music Foundation
116 N. Lake Ave.
Albany, NY 12206
(518)434-4110  voice
(518)434-0308  fax



XVIII VideoArt Festival Locarno - Lago Maggiore

Locarno, Monte Verit=E0 du 30 avril au 2 mai 1997
Locarno, Bellinzona du 7 au 17 ao=FBt 1997
Cannobio du 2 au 5 octobre 1997
Roma du 11 au 16 octobre 1997
Lugano du 21 au 22 novembre 1997

Prix Laser d'Or 1997

Luigi Dadda, CH-I
Marc Andreessen, USA

Laser d'Or 1997

Marc Andreessen, a pioneer of the Web, as an undergraduate at the
University of Illinois in Champaign, Marc Andreessen created in 1993 the
NCSA Mosaic browser prototype for the Internet with a team of students and
staff at the university's National Center for Supercomputing Applications
(NCSA). With a friendly, point-and-click method for navigating the Internet
and free distribution to network users, NCSA Mosaic gained millions of
users worldwide and opened the way to all browsers.

Laser d'Or

I am looking for a hands-on creative person to help develop products
related to the equipment which we manufacture. We manufacture products
which accurately feed and cut flat, flexible materials, using servo and
stepper motors.  We have our own CPU and driver modules based on the Z-80
chip. The person we need must enjoy building prototypes, troubleshooting,
testing and working hands-on to develop and integrate new products and
components, have some experience in the packaging and converting industries
and a basic knowledge of C,C++ and Assembler to program our Z-80 processor.
If you know of anyone that might be interested, please have them contact

Azco Corporation
385 Falmouth Ave.
Elmwood Park, NJ  07403
Position Title : Technologist
=46aculty of Arts
Department of Music
Job reports to : Chair, Department of Music
Salary		Minimum		Standard		Maximum
		$33,708		$39, 656		$46,001

Job Summary
Under the direction of the Chair and in collaboration with the
Administrative Assistant and the Coordinator, Cultural Activities, acts as
technical director for lighting, stage management and recording of all
concerts, recitals and other major events presented by or in collaboration
with the Department.  Acts as technician for the computer music laboratory
and studio.  Teaches one technical course per semester, including a course
in computer applications in music. Oversees the maintenance and operation
of the Department's electronic equipment and musical instruments.


- Knowledge of music normally acquired through a university education
program or equivalent experience
- Knowledge of the various concerts and recitals techniques (lighting,
recording, etc.)
- Knowledge of the computer and electronic music applications
- Teaching experience
- Experience in the verification and maintenance of electronic equipment
and music instruments
- Ability to supervise staff and manage lab
- Bilingualism, spoken and written

Interested parties should submit a CV to :

Lise Desjardins
Administrative Assistant
Department of Music
=46aculty of Arts, University of Ottawa
50 University, P.O. Box 450, Station A
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5

The Media and Democracy Programme of the European Institute for the Media
is looking for interns.
The Media and Democracy Programme offers three to four-week work placements
with German media organisations to junior level journalists and media
professionals from central and eastern Europe.  Applicants need to have
some working experience and must have both an oral and written knowledge of
=46or the months August and September 1998, the Media and Democracy Programm=
offers several work placements  in the areas of media management and media
=46or more information, please contact Ms. Eda Arer or Dr. Elena Chernyavska=
at the EIM.
Interested applicants can send, fax or email their applications including a
CV and a picture to:

The European Institute for the Media
Media and Democracy Programme
Kaistrasse 13
D-40221 Duesseldorf
tel: +49 211 9010480
fax: +49 211 9010456
email: 100443.1706@compuserve.com

Demanding the Impossible - An exhibition of Mail/E-MAIL Art at the Temple
Bar Gallery, Dublin, June 1998

" Be realistic: demand the impossible"
Situationist Slogan, Paris 1968

Demanding the Impossible is a Mail Art exhibition that will be held at the
Temple Bar Gallery in Dublin and will run from 4  to 19 June 1998. Details
are as follows:

it is a non-curated exhibition - all work received will be included in the s=

all contributed work will be given away when the show ends - at an official
closing and through the gallery itself
all contributors will receive illustrated documentation after the
exhibition. This will include samples of work from the show and the names
and addresses of all participants.
the theme of the exhibition is the exploration of the relationship between
art, anarchy and protest. However, the first rule of anarchy being that
there are no rules, this needn't be too literal.

The scope of the exhibition is international, to date works have been
received from (to name a few): Montevideo, Serbia, Italy, Spain, France,
Britain, USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Finland,
Brazil, Hungary,  and Denmark.

So, what is Mail Art?

Mail art is any artwork sent through the postal system (or, in recent
times, e-mail). It is usually disposable (photocopies, handmade postcards,
small works etc.) and is sent on the basis of no-return. It is an
international network (as reflected in the contributors to this
exhibition). For a more in-depth introduction please read the attached
article Surfing the Postal System.

Submissions to Demanding the Impossible must be posted to:

Demanding the Impossible
66 Blessington Street
Dublin 7

Work may also be e-mailed to: crighton@bigfoot.com

Deadline: 31 May 1998 (although works received during the exhibition will
also be included).

On the Internet
A website for the show which includes a handful of work submitted so can be
seen at:

All Enquiries to Gary Crighton:
E-Mail: crighton@bigfoot.com
Telephone: 01-4023278 (daytime)

27th EDITION: OCTOBER 15 to 25, 1998

(Version fran=E7aise ci-bas)

Regulations and entry forms are also available in PDF format (ACROBAT) on
the Festival's web site: http://www.fcmm.com


The oldest (and youngest!) international event in Canada dedicated to
independent cinema, video and new media. Visionary, challenging,
provocative and pioneering, the Montreal International Festival of New
Cinema and New Media is a unique discovery place that encourages the fusion
of genres as well as a dynamic promotion of the selected works to promote
their distribution and broadcasting.

Since its very beginning in 1971, the Festival has focused on independent
cinema by revealing the bold vision of contemporary authors. All-out,
no-limits exploration stands out as the programming's main characteristic.
=46urthermore, the Festival has held spectacular outdoor screenings in
unusual public places and even under-water. At the crossroads of cinema in
the Americas, the Festival has contributed to the emergence of numerous
filmmakers who have since made a name for themselves. The Festival's
eclectic and creative selection is composed of fictions, documentaries and
experimental works, as well as short and medium-length films that challenge
- a tradition of research and renewal.

The essays, portraits, documentaries and eclectic mix of video works
presented to the Montreal public over the past seventeen years in the video
section have been incomparable. Promising newcomers rub shoulders with
seasoned veterans. The Festival video program gathers, rearranges and
provokes reflection, but most important, it bridges the gap between genres
and forms, as well as styles and ideas, to offer a feast of images destined
for the curious mind.

Diving head first into the diversity and growth synonymous with new media,
the Festival promotes the progressive convergence of cinema, art and new
technologies. By constantly seeking new experiences, the Festival blends
technological innovation with emerging forms of creation. The new media
program is a true multidisciplinary happening at once stimulating,
bewildering and always surprising.

The festival for the second century of cinema - the breadth of its
programming makes this assertion ring true.
- Jerry White AFTERIMAGE, New York


As a strong supporter and promoter of bold and innovative artistic
endeavours in the fields of cinema, video and new media, the Montreal
International Festival of New Cinema and New Media is dedicated to the
discovery and development of new talents and new tendencies.
Pursuing a twenty-six-year-old tradition, the Festival is still best
defined today as a springboard for original and innovative works, a forum
for research and creation. Above all, it is a common meeting ground
bringing together the public, industry professionals and artists from
Quebec, Canada and all over the world in a relaxed and stimulating
atmosphere favorable to the exchange of ideas and the joyous revelation of
artistic expression.

The Festival's market, as well as diverse conferences, debates and a number
of less formal events, allow the selected works to benefit from the best
possible exposure in terms of local and international promotion and
distribution. Explosive and inspirational, visionary and challenging,
provocative and pioneering, the Festival has always been a unique showcase
where wide-ranging, eclectic forms of moving images merge and converge.

Spread over eleven days, from October 15 to 25, 1998, the Festival's
programme will take place in various theatres located in downtown Montreal.

=46eatures (All genres. Film and video formats).
Medium-length and short works (All genres, under sixty minutes, film and
video formats).
New Media (All genres. Performance, installation, multimedia, network

Special programmes
Retrospectives and portraits: Various events pay tribute to renowned
creators in the fields of cinema, video and new media for their exceptional
artistic contribution.

Conditions of participation
Only works produced after January 1st, 1997 are eligible. Works must not
have previously been shown in Quebec. All selected entries must be in their
original language, preferably subtitled in French, or in English. Submitted
documents will not be returned.

Entry procedures
All entries must be received by June 15, 1998 at the latest. Results will
be mailed out in mid-August. Each entry must include:
- one duly completed application form
- one VHS video copy of the submitted work, or the equivalent for a piece
submitted in the new media section
- one still photo of the submitted work (black and white, horizontal format)
- one still photo of the director or author of the piece
- payment of the entry fee

Entry fee
A standard entry fee of CAN$25 is required for all submitted works (foreign
works: US$20). Methods of payment: Canada/United States (cheque or money
order); other countries (international money order in US dollars; please
note that cheques are not accepted).

Promotional Material
=46or each piece selected by the Festival, the following publicity material
must be submitted for press, promotional and marketing purposes:
- 20 press kits
- 3 sets of 5 different still photos
- 5 posters
- one VHS NTSC video tape of the selected work for the press office
- one Betacam SP NTSC video tape of excerpts (for television)
The Festival reserves the right to authorize broadcast and publication of
excerpts or other appropriate segments of selected works as part of the
overall promotion of the event (web site, television, newspapers,
magazines, etc.)

Shipping and Insurance
Shipping, customs and insurance costs for the selected works must be paid
by the applicant (including return costs). The Festival will cover
insurance costs only while the material is in its possession. In case of
loss or damage during this specific time, the Festival is only responsible
for the replacement cost of the material. To avoid problems clearing
customs, only indicate the replacement value of the actual tape, film stock
or other medium submitted on the pro forma invoice. Also, please take note
that it is important to write the following statement on the air waybill:

Independent juries of professionals will award money prizes to the most
distinguished works in all three sections. Prizes include: Best feature -
Louve d'or - (film or video), Best short or medium-length work - Loup
argent=E9 - (film or video), Best new media piece (performance, installation=
multimedia, network project), Best Canadian work (all categories), as well
as an Audience Award (all categories).

Conferences and Debates
In order to encourage exchanges between creators, professionals and the
public, the Festival offers a series of conferences and debates proceeding
>from the presented works and with the participation of Festival guests.

In order to promote the development of projects and encourage the creation
of a network of contacts while supporting the distribution of the selected
works, the Festival invites all individuals and companies active in the
fields of cinema, video and new media in Quebec, Canada and abroad to
participate in its first official market. Various professional activities
will be organized and a meeting place, an information center and screening
area will be at the participants' disposal.

Video library
Video screening booths will be made available to all professionals and
=46estival guests. The video library will include all works participating in
the Festival.

A press bureau offering a complete promotional service will make documents,
photos and video excerpts of selected works available for accredited
members of the national and international press. Special press screenings
can be arranged by request. Please note that the Festival offers only a
general promotional service and cannot cater individually to every film,
video or new media piece presented. The Festival encourages participants
who desire a more extensive media coverage to hire their own press agent.
=46estival organizers have the final decision in all matters not specificall=
dealt with in these regulations. In signing the application form, the
participant implies acceptance of these regulations.

Entry forms are available on the Festival's web site (www.fcmm.com) or send
a demand by fax at (514) 843-4631.

3668, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montr=E9al (Qu=E9bec) Canada H2X 2V4
T +1 514.843.4725 F +1 514.843.4631 - montrealfest@fcmm.com


27e EDITION: 15 AU 25 OCTOBRE 1998

Les r=E8glements et le formulaire d'inscription sont aussi disponibles en
format PDF (ACROBAT) sur le site internet du Festival. http://www.fcmm.com


Le plus ancien ( et le plus jeune ! ) =E9v=E9nement international au Canada
consacr=E9 au cin=E9ma ind=E9pendant, =E0 la vid=E9o et aux nouveaux m=E9dia=
Visionnaire, exigeant, provocateur et d=E9fricheur, le Festival internationa=
du nouveau Cin=E9ma et des nouveaux M=E9dias de Montr=E9al est un lieu de
d=E9couverte unique qui favorise la fusion des genres et la promotion
dynamique des oeuvres s=E9lectionn=E9es afin d'en encourager la diffusion et=

Ce qui est int=E9ressant dans ce festival, c'est le c=F4t=E9 =AB t=EAte=
 chercheuse =BB,
l'envie permanente de d=E9couvrir de nouveaux auteurs. La liste des cin=E9as=
pass=E9s par Montr=E9al depuis 1971 est grandiose. - Serge Toubiana, LES

Depuis ses d=E9buts en 1971, le Festival se consacre au cin=E9ma ind=E9penda=
nt en
r=E9v=E9lant la vision d'auteurs contemporains et audacieux. L'exploration
s'impose comme la ligne ma=EEtresse de la programmation. Au-del=E0 des limit=
et des normes, le Festival s'est notamment illustr=E9 avec ses
projections-=E9v=E9nements dans des lieux publics inusit=E9s, en plein air e=
m=EAme sous l'eau. Plaque tournante cin=E9matographique en Am=E9rique, le
=46estival a contribu=E9 =E0 l'=E9mergence de nombreux cin=E9astes qui ont d=
fait leur marque =E0 l'=E9chelle internationale. La fiction, le documentaire=
l'exp=E9rimental, le court et le moyen m=E9trage se c=F4toient et s'interpel=
dans la s=E9lection =E9clectique et cr=E9ative du Festival, une tradition vi=
de recherche et de renouveau.

Attention, zone libre ! Essais, portraits, documentaires, la s=E9lection
baroque d'=A6uvres vid=E9ographiques pr=E9sent=E9es au Festival, depuis dix-=
ans, sort d=E9cid=E9ment des sentiers battus. Les auteurs, qui en sont =E0 l=
d=E9but, voisinent ceux et celles qui sont d=E9j=E0 reconnus internationalem=
=C0 l'image du m=E9dium, la programmation du Festival r=E9cup=E8re, triture,
questionne et, surtout, fait le pont entre les genres et les formes, les
styles et les id=E9es, proposant un menu d'images con=E7u pour les esprits

Multim=E9dia, performances, installations,  projets en r=E9seaux... Plongean=
au c=A6ur de la diversit=E9 et de la mouvance qui caract=E9risent le champ d=
nouveaux m=E9dias, le Festival fait le pari d'une convergence progressive de=
formes d'expression audiovisuelle. =C0 l'aff=FBt de l'innovation technologiq=
des formes =E9mergentes de cr=E9ation et des modalit=E9s hybrides de diffusi=
la programmation nouveaux m=E9dias du Festival est un v=E9ritable happening
multidisciplinaire : stimulante, d=E9routante et toujours =E9tonnante.


Misant sur l'audace et l'innovation, le Festival international du nouveau
Cin=E9ma et des nouveaux M=E9dias de Montr=E9al est d=E9di=E9 au=
 d=E9veloppement et =E0
la diffusion des nouvelles tendances dans le domaine du cin=E9ma, de la vid=
et des nouveaux m=E9dias. Rampe de lancement pour les =A6uvres in=E9dites et
originales, forum de recherche et de cr=E9ation, lieu de rencontres, de
d=E9couvertes, de r=E9v=E9lations et d'=E9motions, le Festival accueille cha=
ann=E9e depuis vingt-six ans les cr=E9ateurs qu=E9b=E9cois, canadiens et =E9=
dans une atmosph=E8re chaleureuse et d=E9tendue. Encourageant l'=E9change=
 avec le
public et les professionnels, le Festival offre aux =A6uvres s=E9lectionn=E9=
es la
meilleure visibilit=E9 possible. Le march=E9, les conf=E9rences, les d=E9bat=
s et
les rencontres informelles favorisent la promotion, la diffusion et la
distribution des =A6uvres.

=C9v=E9nement =E9clat=E9 et inspir=E9, exigeant et visionnaire, provocateur =
d=E9fricheur, le Festival ose depuis toujours aller au-del=E0 des diff=E9ren=
entre les diverses formes de l'image en mouvement pour encourager une
fusion des m=E9diums et des genres.

Le programme du Festival, =E9tal=E9 sur onze jours, du 15 au 25 octobre 1998=
sera pr=E9sent=E9 dans diff=E9rentes salles situ=E9es au centre-ville de Mon=

Long m=E9trage (Tous les genres. Format film et vid=E9o).
Court et moyen m=E9trage (Tous les genres. Format film et vid=E9o. Oeuvres
n'exc=E9dant pas 60 minutes).
Nouveaux m=E9dias (Tous les genres. Performance, installation, multim=E9dia,
projets en r=E9seaux).

R=E9trospectives et portraits : Hommages =E0 des cr=E9ateurs r=E9put=E9s du =
du cin=E9ma, de la vid=E9o et des nouveaux m=E9dias pour leur contribution e=
leur d=E9marche artistique exceptionnelle.

- Seules les =A6uvres produites apr=E8s le 1er janvier 1997 seront admissibl=
- Seules les =A6uvres in=E9dites au Qu=E9bec seront accept=E9es.
- La copie de l'=A6uvre soumise doit =EAtre en version originale, sous-titr=
en fran=E7ais (de pr=E9f=E9rence) ou en anglais.
- Les dossiers soumis ne seront pas retourn=E9s aux soumissionnaires.

Date limite de r=E9ception des dossiers de soumission: le 15 juin 1998. Les
r=E9sultats de la s=E9lection seront transmis par la poste =E0 la mi-ao=FBt.=
dossier de soumission devra comprendre les =E9l=E9ments suivants:
- Un formulaire d'inscription d=FBment compl=E9t=E9
- Une copie VHS de l'=A6uvre soumise ou l'=E9quivalent pour une =A6uvre soum=
dans la section =ABNouveaux m=E9dias=BB
- Une photo extraite de l'=A6uvre soumise (noir et blanc, de format horizont=
- Une photo de l'auteur
- L'acquittement des frais d'inscription

Pour toute =A6uvre soumise, des frais d'inscription de 25$CAN sont exig=E9s
(oeuvres =E9trang=E8res: 20$US). Modes de paiement: Canada/=C9tats-Unis (ch=
et mandat-poste); autres pays (mandat poste international en dollars US; =E0
noter qu'aucun ch=E8que ne sera accept=E9).

Pour chaque =A6uvre s=E9lectionn=E9e, le Festival devra recevoir le mat=E9ri=
publicitaire ci-dessous pour la presse, la promotion et la mise en march=E9 =
- 20 cahiers de presse;
- 3 jeux de 5 photographies diff=E9rentes;
- 5 affiches;
- 1 cassette VHS (NTSC) de l'=A6uvre pour la presse;
- 1 cassette B=E9tacam SP (NTSC) d'extraits (pour la t=E9l=E9vision).

Le producteur autorise le Festival =E0 diffuser des extraits ou des segments
de l'=A6uvre =E0 des fins promotionnelles (site web, t=E9l=E9vision, journau=
revues, etc.)

Les frais de transport, de douane et d'assurances des oeuvres s=E9lectionn=
sont =E0 la charge des participants, =E0 l'aller et au retour. Le Festival
couvre les frais d'assurance entre la r=E9ception et le renvoi des copies. E=
cas de perte ou de d=E9t=E9rioration pendant cette p=E9riode, la responsabil=
du Festival n'est engag=E9e que pour la valeur de remplacement de la copie d=
Afin d'=E9viter les probl=E8mes de d=E9douanement, veuillez indiquer sur la
formulaire pro forma la valeur de remplacement de la cassette ou de la
copie film uniquement. Veuillez noter qu'il est important d'inscrire sur le

Des distinctions seront d=E9cern=E9es par des jurys ind=E9pendants form=E9s =
professionnels. Ces prix en argent seront d=E9cern=E9s afin de souligner
l'excellence et la qualit=E9 de l'=A6uvre. Prix du meilleur long m=E9trage -
Louve d'or - (film ou vid=E9o), Prix du meilleur court ou moyen m=E9trage -
Loup argent=E9 - (film ou vid=E9o), Prix nouveaux m=E9dias (performance,
installation, multim=E9dia, projet en r=E9seau), Prix de la meilleure =A6uvr=
canadienne (toutes cat=E9gories), Prix du public (toutes cat=E9gories).

=46avorisant l'=E9change entre les cr=E9ateurs, le public et les professionn=
le Festival organise une s=E9rie de conf=E9rences et de d=E9bats =E9manant d=
oeuvres diffus=E9es et des invit=E9s pr=E9sents.

Dans le but de favoriser le d=E9veloppement de projets, d'encourager la
formation de r=E9seaux de contacts et de soutenir la diffusion des oeuvres
s=E9lectionn=E9es, le Festival invite les intervenants des domaines du cin=
de la vid=E9o et des nouveaux m=E9dias du Qu=E9bec, du Canada et de=
 l'=E9tranger =E0
participer =E0 son premier march=E9 officiel. Diverses activit=E9s
professionnelles seront organis=E9es et un lieu de rencontre, un service de
renseignement, ainsi qu'une aire de visionnement seront mis =E0 la
disposition des participants.

Des unit=E9s de visionnement seront accessibles =E0 tous les professionnels =
invit=E9s du Festival. La vid=E9oth=E8que mettra =E0 leur disponibilit=E9=
 les oeuvres
s=E9lectionn=E9es au Festival.

Pour les membres accr=E9dit=E9s de la presse nationale et internationale, un
bureau de presse offrira un service complet de promotion qui mettra =E0 la
disposition des journalistes de la documentation, des photos et des
extraits sur cassettes des oeuvres ainsi que des visionnements
particuliers. Veuillez noter que le bureau de presse n'offre toutefois
qu'un service de promotion g=E9n=E9rale de la programmation et ne peut d=E9f=
chaque =A6uvre individuellement. Le Festival conseille aux participants qui
veulent s'assurer d'une plus grande couverture m=E9diatique d'engager leur
propre agent de presse.

La direction du Festival se r=E9serve les d=E9cisions finales sur toute autr=
question non pr=E9vue par le pr=E9sent r=E8glement. La r=E9ception du formul=
d'inscription sign=E9 par le participant sous-entend qu'il, elle accepte les
termes de ce r=E8glement.

Pour obtenir le formulaire d'inscription consultez le site web du Festival
(www.fcmm.com) ou envoyer une demande =E9crite par t=E9l=E9copieur au (514)

3668, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montr=E9al (Qu=E9bec) Canada H2X 2V4
T +1 514.843.4725 F +1 514.843.4631 - montrealfest@fcmm.com

DEADLINE: 31 May 1998

UNESCO has recently created the UNESCO Web Prize, as a part of its Prize
for the Promotion of the Arts, in order to better reflect the present day
cultural and artistic realities. This new prize, which will be awarded in
conjunction with the Prix Ars Electronica, will be granted in recognition
of outstanding achievements particularly by young artists, designers and
programmers in creating websites in UNESCO's fields of competence
education, sciences, culture and communication).

UNESCO invites the creation of websites in the two following categories :

* Category I
Websites on a free theme related to international co-operation in
education, science, culture and communication; the creation of contents
related to UNESCO's priority groups (women, young people and the least
developed countries) and to multilingualism and multiculturalism are
particularly encouraged.

* Category II
Websites on a given subject related to cultural heritage campaigns and to
intercultural dialogue. A minimum set of basic documentation consisting of
texts, images and audiovisual documents will be made available to any
person participating in the competition.

The UNESCO WEB PRIZE, amounting to $10,000, will be awarded annually to two
laureates. All projects will be submitted to an International Jury.

The provisional deadline for the submission of nominations is 31 May 1998;
projects should be submitted by 31 July 1998. The announcement of the
winner(s) will be made in autumn 1998.

Eligible for participation in the contest are artists, designers and
programmers. Nominations of groups are possible. Nomination forms will be
made available on-line on UNESCO's website

More information from:
Axel Plathe, UNESCO, Information and Informatics Division
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris - France

e a.plathe@unesco.org
http www.unesco.org/webworld/webprize
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
presents its First Annual Digital Art Competition

Winning artworks will be featured in:

- An exhibition at the New York Hall of Science (Sept.'98).(winners will
also be listed on the NYHOS website)
- A permanent exhibition on the ASCI website.(site received 41,500 hits in
March & 26,000 in April)
- Efforts will be made to travel the show to other venues.

- digital images
- websites

Tim Druckrey... is an independent curator and writer whose work focuses on
photographic history, electronic media, and theory.  He is the editor of
the 1996 tour-de-force, "Electronic Culture: Technology and Visual
Representation" (Aperture); "Culture on the Brink: Ideologies of
Technology," an anthology of essays (Bay Press, 1994); and "Iterations: The
New Image" (MIT Press, 1994).

Entries must be postmarked by May 31, 1998.

Prospectus & Entry Form:
Cynthia Pannucci
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
718 816-9796;    pannucci@asci.org
PO Box 358, Staten Island, NY 10301
URL:  http://www.asci.org

Greetings from the Multimedia '98 committee.

deadline May 29th

The ACM Multimedia conference goes to Europe

The sixth ACM Multimedia Conference (Multimedia 98) will be held at  the
University of Bristol in the UK. The conference is devoted to presenting
and exploring technological and artistic advancements and innovations in
the field of multimedia. Technical issues, theory and practice, business,
artistic and consumer market applications will be presented and discussed.


In 1998, there will be a focus on interdisciplinary systems. The definition
of interdisciplinary is up to the authors. Examples could be the
combination of multimedia technology with teaching experiences, content
processing tools working together with retrieval engines and many other
demonstrable ideas. As in any year, the constraints are equipment and
space. As we can supply only limited equipment, you should assume that you
will have to supply your own. Due to space constraints all proposals for
demos will be refereed to assure quality.

Please submit your work by email to:
David Slatter, HP Labs
Email: dns@hplb.hpl.hp.com

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED no later than May 29th, 1998.

Submission instructions can be found below or at our web site,


Are artists doing with multimedia what the technologists did not think of?
And, will it be the artists who define the paradigms and metaphors that are
the solutions of the problems the technologists have yet to identify? The
ACM MULTIMEDIA '98 ART PROGRAM challenges you to be  relevant and timely;
exploiting what technologies you can find to use, combining media in ways
beyond just voice/video/data, squeezing more from the standard authoring
tools and languages, to be creative and imaginative. Let's show that the
only place to be is in that hot mix of art and technology -- not safely
planted on either side peering in. And let's demonstrate that while even
though we can all use everyone else's tools, it takes more than learning a
paint program to create.

Submit. What? Something you can bring. Something we can access via the
Internet.  Something that is best shown on a video (such as a non portable
installation or one-time event). But most of all, something  that shows the
research community why you are indispensable.

=46ormat of submissions:
A description no longer than 5 pages of text describing your work, a video
tape if appropriate, and images (digital or other). You are encouraged to
write about what you have done: discuss the relevance of your work to
current uses of technologies, the problems it addresses, and what you feel
is important.

Please submit your work by email to:

Doree Duncan Seligmann, Bell Labs
Email: doree@bell-labs.com

If needed (e.g. video tape) submit your work to:

Doree Duncan Seligmann
Bell Labs
Room 4G-608
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Holmdel, NJ 07733-3030

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED no later than May 29th, 1998.


The POSTER SECTION will give a chance for researchers in the field of
multimedia to present new work and ideas that are not yet ready for the
full technical program. The deadline for submission is scheduled later than
the deadline for full technical papers to allow the incorporation of the
latest developments in the field.

Please submit your work described in app. 2 pages - either as a URL (you
must have the rights to all the material there, and guarantee stability of
the files until the conference), or - as a postscript file, formatted for
US letter paper (8.5 by 11 inches) to:

Dr. David C. De Roure, University of Southampton
Email: dder@ecs.soton.ac.uk

=46or more information, please the see the web site at


As everybody knows, there is no such thing as net.radio, but a great
variety of ideas and experiments around *sound* on the internet. as all of
you have your own unique experiences with "net.radio", we don't want to
provide a 24 hour schedule in a centralist planning style. instead we would
like to ask all of you to participate in creating the contents of the
meeting. to make it a little bit easier we have tried to define a matrix
for topics, that could be discussed and/or be subjects of direct action and

1) The economy of net.radio ranges from the realms of hobbyism, pirate
radio and the likes to well institutionalized practices in the boundaries
of political and art-institutions. how can net.radio be organized?
different individuals and groups have developed different ideas and methods
of organization and funding. exchange might bring some insights about media
activism under a variety of conditions.

2) The different politics of net.radio are strongly dependent on the
motivations of its creators. there are radio pirates, commercial digital
broadcasters, real audio archivars and sound afficionados out there, all
trying to find out what net.radio could be now and in the future. there is
a wide range from performance to new forms of digital dj-culture to various
hybrid forms that mix sound-archives, live-streams, text and image, which
brings us to:

3) net.radio is - as already pointed out - an extraordinary bad term for
the strange hybrid technologies and aesthetics that form sound on the net.
on the one hand live-streams seem to bring a certain radio-quality into the
net, on the other hand there are multitudes of real-audio- and
midi-archives (to name only a few) that resemble databases rather than good
old radio. last but not least there have been experiments within the
Xchange community, that brought about a new form of performing collectively
and live, trying to expand the boundaries of the medium. the following
discussions showed that this newly created open space is not yet defined
and asks for more questions than it solves. nevertheless those forms have
their roots in aesthetic and technical experiences with archaic
technologies before those golden days of net.radio. maybe the right time to
open our history databases...

This collection of topics can be expanded in any direction or be compressed
into a dense discussion-as-you-like.

We would be happy to receive propositions for live-streaming events,
sound-experiments etc.

If some of you would like to initiate a discussion with a text/statement -
push the send-button now! we also plan to collect statements, texts and
links on our net.radio-pages that also will be the public platform for
live-streams. currently we are also trying to get access to 'real'
radio-space to expand net.radio into the airwaves. in general berlin
net.radio-days don't want to be a strictly organized symposium, but an open
space for meeting and discussion. net.radio-days are organized by the
berlin based organisation of "mikro" in cooperation with the local convex
tv. collective and will take place at several locations in town. there will
be three afternoons with discussions and lectures and several
live-stream-events. the actual program will be provided within next week.

"trimm dich" - the motto of the gathering - has been borrowed from a west
german 1970s campaign for public health and means: get fit!

we are looking forward to hearing from you!

mikro e.v.
Ackerstrasse 1
D-10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 282 18 67

convex tv.
office: [test bed], schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin
phone++49 30 28384103/++49 30 2925936
fax  ++49 30 44053039

Videonale 8

Bonn/D, September 25 - 29, 1998

The 8th international video art festival Videonale will take place in
Bonn/Germany from September 25 - 29, 1998. This biennal event exhibits
contemporary currents in video and media art. An international jury will
award a DM 10.000 Videonale Prize for outstanding artistic videowork. A DM
5.000 prize for an extraordinary video by a female artist will be awarded
by Frau TV and Kulturszene, from the West German television, WDR in
Cologne. This year, for the first time, a DM 5.000 prize will be awarded to
an artistic CD-ROM production. This prize has been donated by the magazine

We would like to invite all interested artists to send their videotape or
CD-ROM production to the festival.

The festival will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue containing
information about the festival contributions. Essays by artists and writers
will reflect on recent developments in media art theory. There will be an
accompanying programme consisting of lectures, presentations of
work-in-progress as well as studio talks with artists .

Entry forms can be requested for by April 20th 1998. All contributions must
be received by July 15th 1998.

Videonale 8, Hochstadenring 22, D-53119 Bonn,
phone/fax +49 (0) 228 / 69 28 18
e-mail: videonal@viswiz.gmd.de
url: http://www.viswiz.gmd.de/videonale

Call for Entries

Secession Gallery is seeking artists for a temporary public exhibit: HIGH
SPEED ART.  This exhibit will not take place in a gallery;  instead it will
take place "in the streets." We hope to create an exhibit that addresses
the increasing impact of speed (and the tools of speed) in our lives. The
art can be static or mobile, and could relate to or include cars,
skateboards, bicycles, trains, planes, computers, and telephones.  Artists
working in all media are encouraged to apply.  Venues for projects may
include, but are not limited to:  rooftops, bus advertising space,
construction barriers, and storefronts. Artists could use signage of any
kind, radio broadcasts, sound installations, performances, and
interventions. Artists will receive stipends.

If you are interested in being considered for this exhibit, please send:
1) documentation of recent work
2) A one-page letter describing your interest in the show and your general
approach toward the project (not a specific proposal).

Send to:
Secession Gallery
Leona Terrace Research Center
20 Leona Terrace
San Francisco, CA 94115

June 23         Deadline for letter of interest  and documentation of work
July 7            Finalists selected
August 3       Deadline for final proposal
October 15   Exhibition opens

http://www.sirius.com/~ps313 now features online projects for you surfing

Int'l Society on VSMM presents the 4th Annual International Conference on
Virtual Systems and MultiMedia

"FutureFusion -- Application Realities for the Virtual Age." 18-20 November
1998, Gifu, Japan



In the spirit of exploring the fusion between engineering, creativity, and
commerce in virtual reality and multimedia technologies, VSMM98 will fuse
these main sessions together through an exciting lineup of invited talks
from world-renowned experts, lectures, workshops and social activities.

Currently, we are accepting papers that exemplify the use of virtual
reality and multimedia within the four main areas:

- VIRTUAL WORLD HERITAGE (with the kind support of UNESCO's WHC)

Abstract deadline is June 31, 1998


Virtual World Heritage Book to be Published
In addition to the official VSMM98 Conference Proceedings, the Society will
also be publishing (through IOS press) a special 400 page, color book of
the successful papers relating to Virtual World Heritage.

Special Call for Papers for the Technical Workshops on MPEG-7 and Speech
Recognition in VR Applications We have two outstanding workshop sessions
focus on "Ontologies for MPEG 7" and "Speech and Natural Language
Processing in Virtual Reality."  If this is your interest area, then this
is the place for you.

WIN a Scholarship!
VSMM Society has 10 Scholarships Available...

Invited Speakers to be Announced Soon, But We Need Your Say! We've searched
throughout the world to find the hottest and brightest in the industry but
we want to hear from you who you'd like to see!

Special Session on Virtual World Heritage
With the kind support of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre. To enhance the
quality of the Virtual World Heritage Session, we have asked for the
involvement of UNESCO...

UK and USA Fairs to be held during VSMM98
A special exhibition in the conference will host manufacturers, developers,
resellers and related industries from the UK and the US.

Prof. Takeo Kanade Named as Conference General Committee Chair
In recognition of Prof Kanade's outstanding work at Carnegie Mellon
University, we've asked him to be the General Committee Chair?

Carl Loeffler Named as Program Committee Chair
Carl's left CMU and now out on his own with "Simation," producing enough
activity to make the world spin a little faster. Now that he's on board
with the conference, you can expect an exciting program lineup...

Ancient, Cultural and Natural Heritage Papers Now Accepted
We have expanded our call for papers in the heritage area to now include
all ancient, cultural and natural heritage themes in virtual reality and
multimedia. This section will be independent and not related to the Virtual
Heritage session.

Onsens, Banquets and the first Virtual World Kareoke Championships
We're planning some great social activities for you - come have a
traditional Japanese banquet, see traditional and contemporary Japanese
performance arts, sit in a hot springs bath in the beautiful Japanese
countryside.  Need we say more?

Submission Form Now Online
As the deadline of 30 June approaches, you'll find all the information to
successfully submit a paper to the conference in our Paper section.

Registration Information Now Available.

VSMM Secretariat:  vsmm-sec@vsmm.vsl.gifu-u.ac.jp

2nd International CAiiA Research Conference

art and consciousness in the post-biological era.

19 - 23 August 1998

University of Wales College, Newport.

115  presentations by artists, theorists and researchers from Australia,
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel,
Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & Wales.

The University College, overlooking the ancient village of Caerleon is
located in some of the most beautiful unspoilt countryside in Britain, from
the Wye Valley in the east to the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons in the
north. www.newport.ac.uk/about/map.html>

Delegate Residential Conference Fee: (price per delegate)  GBP  415 pounds
Includes access to all presentations, Conference Proceedings, single
en-suite conference accommodation on the Caerleon Campus  on 19, 20, 21 &
22 August 1998, refreshment breaks and meals throughout the conference,
including the Conference Dinner.
Delegate Non Residential Conference Fee:
(price per delegate)  GBP  315 pounds
Includes access to all presentations, Conference Proceedings,  refreshment
breaks and meals throughout the conference including the Conference Dinner.

=46or further information contact:
 Kay Bosanko-Sheady at ACES, University of Wales College, Newport.
Tel +44(0)1633 432489     Fax +44(0)1633 432543    aces@newport.ac.uk

Programme Committee:
Roy Ascott (chair), Joseph Nechvatal, Michael Punt, Miroslaw Rogala, Bill
Seaman,  Victoria Vesna.

Convened by Roy Ascott, Director of CAiiA-STAR.

Workshop and Symposium: Curating and Conserving New Media.
Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada.

Workshop: May 25 - 28, 1998.

Leading up to the symposium, this workshop provides a practical opportunity
to develop working new media presentation, collection and conservation
strategies. Participants can take their ideas forward into the following
two-day international symposium that brings together museum and gallery
professionals, curators, cultural theorists, artists and media producers.
Participants will continue the philosophical and practical dialogue that
has emerged at events such as "The Total Museum", ISEA, "Art@TechnologiA",
and "Consciousness Reframed".  Both events are concurrent with Cyber
Hearts, the Walter Phillips Gallery 1998 new media show.

Workshop Structure: Over the first two days presenters will each give a
talk on their thematic and engage workshop participants in discussion
afterwards. Participants will come to the workshop prepared to work a
proposal through to its end and present it at on the final day in verbal
and document form to the rest of the group. Throughout the workshop
presenters will act as mentors to the group aiding them with logistical and
practical queries and engaging them in more theoretical discussion
surrounding their particular area of interest. Throughout the exercise both
presenters and participants will have the opportunity to critically discuss
and practically implement strategies for developing new ways of working
within new media practise under the broader thematic of curating and
conserving. Outdoor activities and social events are planned throughout the
workshop to allow participants and presenters to enjoy their surroundings
and relax in a less formal atmosphere while exchanging information and


1) Curating and Exhibition Concepts
2) Collecting
3) Audience Development
4) Conservation
5) Commissioning: How to Commission and How to Support
6) Technical Presentation and Installation Challenges

Symposium: May 29 - 31, 98

Developed in conjunction with the Banff Centre's Walter Phillips Gallery,
with its history of successful interactive media curatorial practise, this
event provides arts professionals with an opportunity to discuss and
exchange ideas related to the curatorial practise, collection and
conservation of new media. The symposium covers such themes as the World
Wide Web as a creative space, the critical and marketing environment for
new media, data base development, intellectual property, installation-based
interactive works, and resourcing technologies. It also considers support
for creative projects, commissioning, on-and off site production, the
development of audience for new media, and the relevance of new forms of
distribution and financing, such as broadband trials.

Symposium Structure: This intensive three day event will contain five
panels and interactive presentations, three a day, and include four key
note speeches which take the practical and theoretical discussions and
develop them through discussion, critique, and open dialogue.  For those in
the workshop discussion arising from the panels will add a critical and
theoretical edge to the already developed topics and interests of the
groups. On the final day of the symposium the last two presentations will
take place early in the morning allowing guests and participants the
afternoon off to enjoy the beauty of Banff with outdoor activities.  After
dinner everyone will reconvene for the plenary session, which will allow
for an overview of both workshop and symposium bringing these intensive
activities to a proper summation.


1) Curatorial Themes in New Media
2) Critical Dialogue in Interactive and New Media
3) Curating for the WEB and Net
4) Presentation Contexts: Galleries; Public Spaces; Commercial Sites; WWW;
5) Audience Development: Markets; Didatics; Education
6) Interdisciplinary Approach to  New Media
7) Access, Scalability, Cultural Diversity
8) Distribution, Intellectual Property
9) Future Needs, Strategies/Knowledge and Resource Sharing

List of presenters confirmed:

Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, Alain Mongeau, Alexei Shulgin, Archer Pechawis,
Barbara London, Carl Goodman, Catherine Richards, David Plant, Dot Tuer,
Doug Porter, Gabriele Strutzenberger, Gilberto Prado, Heath Bunting, Jean
Gagnon, Jocelyn Robert, Kathy Ray Huffman, Kim Tomaczak, Maria Natascha
Stukoff, Michael Century, Nina Czegledy, Sholto Ramsey, Skawennati Tricia
=46ragnito, Sue Ditta, Tom Leonhardt, Vuc Cosic.


Dates: 25 - 31 May, 1998

Banff Media Security Department
Banff Centre for the Arts

Subversives plan their next moves in Banff.

The Banff Media Security Department is pleased to announce the forthcoming
meeting "CONTEST AND CO-OPT" taking place over a 7 day period in the
Canadian Rockies.

"We regularly host meetings for the intelligence and policing communities
here, so what better place to hold secure subversive conspiracies," Cherie
With the revolutionary potential of the internet now recuperated by
institutional elitists and corporate fundamentalists, it is now imperative
that the underground formulate possible new zones of contestation.

The main thrust of discussions will be aimed towards the total destruction
of property and representation, combined with topics including:

- Democracy & formalism (artist vs context).
- Stupid vs serious (the power of dumb).
- Institution vs bedroom (elitistism vs antisocial).
- Programming (machines/ events).
- New media contestation possibilities.
- Potential new media (biotech/...).
- Professional vs amateur (work vs play).
- New funding sources (data trafficking/ media mercenaries).

Invited guests include:

Alexei Shulgin, alexei@easylife.org, http://www.easylife.org
Andreas Broeckmann, abroeck@v2.nl, http://www.v2.nl/east/
May N Eight, may98@irational.org, http://www.banff.org/biotech/
Josphine Stars, starrs@sysx.apana.org.au, http://www.icf.de/starrs/
Kathy Huffman, kathy@thing.at, http://thing.at/face/
Leon Cmielewski, leon@sysx.apana.org.au, http://www.icf.de/starrs/
Martin Schmitz, martin@vgtv.com, http://www.vgtv.com/
Natalie Bookchin, bookchin@calarts.edu, http://jupiter.ucsd.edu/~bookchin
Peter Ride, peter@artec.org.uk, http://www.channel.org.uk/cover/
Rachel Greene, rachel@rhizome.org, http://www.rhizome.org
Vuk Cosic, vuk@ljudmila.org, http://www.vuk.org
Wolfgang Staehle, wolfgangsta@thing.net, http://www.thing.net

During the meeting the visitors will be trained in team building activities
such as rock climbing, cycling, canoeing and hiking.

With kind Tactical Support from Radio 90FM, Banff, Canada.

=46or further information please contact mailto:cherie@banff.org

"Excellence in Publicity & Privacy"
Banff Media Security Department

Bunting, Heath L
832 S Schumaker Dr Apt 302, Salisbury, MD 21804-3025
Phone: (410)742-8511


A Conference and net.radio event by and about independent cultural internet
platforms from Europe. London, 30st June to 4th of July 1998, ICA New Media
Centre and Backspace.

The event is structured into three parts: closed working meetings at
backspace, a public conference and a net.radio night at the ICA.

The goal is to look at different working models of art server projects,
reflect about different strategies and, if possible, draft a paper which
gives recommendations for cultural policy making to art funding bodies and
raise awareness for topics such as public access and cultural content
providing, emphasizing notions of independent, self defined cultural and
artistic practice.

A number of art server projects from Central Europe and the UK have already
been contacted and confirmed their participation.

However, in the times of crumbling art servers (Adaweb, Internationale
Stadt Berlin, word and so on) and the instrumentalisation of culture by
governments for political and economical reasons (eg 'Cool Britannia') we
wanted to open up the event for more participants.
All who are actively involved in running "art servers" - environments that
support a blend of creative, experimental, artistic, non-commercial use of
the net - or who are thinking about launching an initiative of this kind
are invited to participate.

To combine the talks focusing the framework and interrelationships with
actual advanced cultural net practice, a net.radio live event is going to
be staged with multiple live broadcasting from and to London involving
Budapest, Vienna, Lubljana, Riga, Rimini and other cities.

There is no budget to support traveling costs and accommodation of new
participants, but we will do our best in seeking additional travel funds or
getting visas if necessary. So please don't hesitate to contact Manu
[manu@sil.at] or Armin [armin@easynet.co.uk] if you wish to participate or
for any other further inquiries.


Beginning of May 98: start of a mailing list for participants (and anyone
who is interested) in order to destillate issues

30st of June: arrival of participants in London

1st- 3rd of July: working meetings at backspace, swimming at Hampstead
Heath Park ;-)

4th of July at ICA New Media Center:
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Public Conference and Panel discussion, presentation of
art server activities and of working meeting results, made available as

8 p.m.: Net.Radio Live Event with ministry:of:x-periment (Slovenia),
Pararadio (Hungary),  OZOne (Latvia), t0 radio lounge (Austria), radio Lada
(Italy), Kunstradio (Austria) a.o.

Confirmed Participants coming to London:

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Peteris Kimelis (tbc): e-lab /xchange /ozone

Marko Kosnik: Institute Egon March [http://www.radiostudent.si/~march]

Heath Bunting: irational.org [http//www.irational.org]

Marko Pelijhan, Vuk Cosic, Luka Frelih: Ljubljana Digital Media Lab

Janos Sugar: Media Research Foundation [http://www.mrf.hu]

Borut Savski: ministry:of:x-periment [http://www.radiostudent.si/mzx]

Daniel Molnar: Pararadio [http://www.c3.hu/para]

James Wallbank: Redundant Technology Initiative [http://www.lowtech.org]

Oskar Obereder: Silverserver [http://www.silverserver.co.at]

Konrad Becker, Marie Ringler: t0 Public Netbase [http://www.t0.or.at]

Micz Flor: yourserver [http://www.yourserver.co.uk]

James Stevens, Kass Schmitt, Rachel Baker, Gio Angelo: backspace

C3 Center [http://www.c3.hu]

linked-in: Kunstradio, ministry:of:x-periment , Radio Lada, Pararadio, t0
radio lounge, backspace radio, OZOne.

ASU is part of the Festival of Central European Culture. In cooperation
with the Austrian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Slovenia, Embassy of
Hungary, Arts Council of England.

Initiative-Of / Organisation-By / Reply-To:
Manu Luksch [manu@sil.at] and Armin Medosch [armin@easynet.co.uk]
52B Andrews Rd, London E8 4RL
T: 0044.171.9238830 F: 9238831


Symposium, MAY 28-30, 1998


Scientific Committee: Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (President), Mario
Baroni, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Luca Francesconi, Egidio Pozzi.
Invited lectures: Rita Aiello (New York); Azio Corghi (Mantova); Irene
Deliege (Bruxelles); Michel Imberty (Paris); Carol Krumhansl (Ithaca);
Michele Lomuto (Bari); Eliezer Rapoport (Israel); Petri Toiviainen
(Finland); Giovanni B. Vicario (Padova).

Special events: 3 concerts - music by: A. Di Scipio, C. Mormile, P. Rotili,
R. Piacentini, P. Livorsi, G. Taglietti, G. Giuliano, L. Lombardi,A.
Cipriani, J. Dashow, S. Sciarrino, D. Pousser, O. Messiaen, L. Abbate, G.
Ligeti, G. Francesconi

Three types of sessions: 1. Cognitive processes in music listening; 2.
Cognitive problems in composer's music conceiving; 3. Musicological studies
and cognitive researches on music tradition. Cognitive scientists and
composers interested into music cognition will present the result of their
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Last Name: ______________________ First Name: _____________________
Affiliation: ______________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
=46ax: __________________
e-mail: _______________

2. Registration Fee
to be paid by international bank cheque
before March 31, 1998			after March 31, 1998
ESCOM Memb.: 120.000 It. Lire		ESCOM Memb.: 160.000 It. Lire
non-Memb.: 160.000 It. Lire		non-Memb.: 200.000 It. Lire

Please return this form by hard mail along with registration fee to:
Prof. Marta Olivetti Belardinelli
ECONA c/o Dipartimento di Psicologia
via dei Marsi 78 - 00185 ROMA
tel. ++39. 6. 49917533; fax. ++39. 6. 4462 449
e-mail: belarditecona@iol.it

Student fees (one session: 10000 lt. Lire; the full Symposium: 50000 lt.
Lire) payable against document proving student position.

3. Werkleitz Biennial 1998

September, 3rd to 6th, 1998

The Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. is running the Center for Artistic Visual
Media Saxony-Anhalt, provides the place of business for coordinating the
Media Association Saxony-Anhalt and is concerned with technical matters in
the field of production of the cultural public film funding of the state of

Alternating with ostranenie - The International Electronic Media Forum at
the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Werkleitz Gesellschaft stages the
Werkleitz Biennial.

The concept of the Werkleitz Biennial is that of a border crossing,
international forum  for media and art. Artists in the fields of Film,
Video, Photography, Performance and Multimedia as well as classical fields
of the Visual Arts get the opportunity to present their views on
contemporary issues with their artistic work. The artistic engagement on
the current development from the information to the communication society
is playing a significant role.

After the 2. Werkleitz Biennial Cluster Images in 1996 with 70
participating artists from 15 countries, the 3. Werkleitz Biennial will
take place in
1998 with the thematic line of SUB FICTION.

 - In science, fiction is, as the most important methodic tool, an
assumption which is accompanied by the consciousness of its incorrectness,
yet may help to gain the correct perception=93.
(Meyers Neues Gro=DFes Volkslexikon)

Due to the rigoros fragmentation of the notion of reality, triggered by the
recently  increasing mixing of fictional, scientific and social
constructions, it appears -also caused by the rapid technological
development of new media- , that the idea of fiction becomes less and less
homogenious to manage to capture the span of contemporary phenomena.

SUB FICTION serves as possible expression for a new development beyond the
original notion of fiction, especially since its terminological closeness
to smaller and subcultural groups, interests and actions much more take the
actual phenomena into account, these  fictions are trying to define
contentual distinctions with.

With SUB FICTION we want to present works which reflect their own fictional
content and/or enter into the experiment of breaking through conventional
fictions and forms.

The 3. Werkleitz Biennial intends to have different experts in the fields
of Film, Video, Internet/CD-Rom, Visual Arts and Performance to give their
opinion on which positions in the respective artistic field are current and

We are especially interested in the interaction of technology, art and
society, in  outlooks on the development of virtual media and the relation
to our idea of reality, fiction, identity and culture.

In this context the following questions occur:

Which significance has fiction for society, which for art? Are collective
fictions replaced by individual fictions? Which shiftings exist in the
evaluation of fiction - construction and virtuality -  reality?
Does fiction, following the already existing possibly of real-time data
transmission, appear increasingly in spatial and local specific qualities
and distinctions? How is fiction altered by new media? Which necessity of
dramaturgy is behind this development? Which relevant new forms and
contents are emerging in art and popular culture?

Approximately ten experts of different fields will each curate a programme
or exhibition section with a selection of works which is important to them
in that context.

These positions - which can be contrary and discursive - will be presented
and discussed together. For this reason we were choosing this open form and
the line of questions, not believing, that the function of curating can
replace the artistic, but to present these views as a spectrum which should
supply information on the current situation of SUB FICTION.


The event will take place on four days in Tornitz und Werkleitz.
Date: September 3rd to 6th 1998

Selected programmes and parts of the exhibition shall be presented before
and after the event in Magdeburg, Dessau and Halle, the major towns in the
state. Further presentations in 1999 are planned within a touring programme.

A printed catalogue as well as an online version of the catalogue,
containing the documentation of the artistic works and a selection of
theoretical contributions, will be published for the 1998 Biennial SUB


A group of about ten curators in the fields of Film, Video, Visual Arts,
New Media and Performance will be nominated by the Werkleitz Gesellschaft.
Considering the thematic questions described above, each curator will be
responsible for the respective programme, inviting artists with their work

Selections may include pieces of work of the classical static and time
based Visual Media, Performance and New Media as well as border crossing
artistic works. Suitable spaces and the respective technical equipment will
be supplied for the presentation proposals of the curators.

A series of lectures and a special programme on thematically relevant
features will complete the programme.

Local Realisation

One of the unique aspects of the Biennial is the rural situation. The
villages of Werkleitz and Tornitz, situated at the Saale river, make up the
local framework.
Space for venues can also be provided in the closeby towns of Barby and
Calbe, if necessary.

Information on Werkleitz and Tornitz can be looked up on or website as well
as on the webpages of SUB FICTION: http://www.werkleitz.de/sub-fiction

Peter Zorn, festival coordination
Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. / Centre for artistic visual media Saxony-Anhalt
Strasse des Friedens 26 / 39249 Tornitz / Germany
Tel. 0049 - (0)39298 - 675- 0 / Fax: - 55


=46rom May 30th to August 16th the ZKM Media Museum will present a
comprehensive retrospective of the works of the American media artist Perry

OPENING Friday 29 May 1998 beginning at 6 PM

=46riday 29 May 1998
6 PM Greeting: Dr. Gerd Schwandner
Talk: Erkki Huhtamo, University of Lappland &
Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz, Director ZKM Mediamuseum
9 PM REMOTE - Interactive Performance (IMPORTANT! Please bring your TV
remote control with you!)

Saturday 30 May 1998
2 PM Discussion:
Erkki Huhtamo, Timothy Druckrey
Jonathan Lethem, Sally Jane Norman
Moderation:  Prof. Dr.Hans-Peter Schwarz
6 PM Reading - Jonathan Lethem

Since the 1980s Hoberman has analyzed and commented on the influence of
technology on our perception and the determination of our everyday life
through the medium of sculpture, installations and interactive
environments. The artifacts of pop culture and the vast range of 20th
century technological equipment form an almost unlimited source for the
ironic style of his works.

The visitors to this retrospective are heading for unfamiliar experiences
with superficially familiar objects. Film sequences, advertising slogans,
kitchen appliances, and last but not least familiar computer monitors are
displaced from their usual context and are arranged in surprisingly novel
ways that are highly imaginative. Perry Hoberman uses these objects as a
starting point for developing totally new aesthetic systems of

In "Dead Space/Living Rooms", for example, film stills and fragments of
sound tracks from long forgotten movies spring to life again as huge 3D
projections. In the interactive installation "Faraday's Garden" the whole
arsenal of electrical household equipment comprising mixers, shavers and
fans turns into a kind of mechanical ballet. Starting up this kinetic
sculpture follows a hidden pattern and takes the viewers in an almost
ghostlike choreography through the room.

Perry Hoberman is an absolute expert in handling the full potential of the
new media in order to create representative new spaces for observation. In
his works the haptic character of objects is placed in juxtaposition with
the volatility of images. He contrasts the cold presentation of a virtual
reality with imaginative dreams. In this way he expresses his comment on
the euphoria of many progressive utopias in both a nostalgic and satiric

EXHIBITION EVENTS - all events take place at 11 AM Sunday

14 June/12 July:  Unexpected Obstacles - The Apparatus of Consumer Society:
Lecture by Gabriele Blome
21 June/19 July   Film Recycling - Film as an Artists' Material: Lecture by
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schwarz
28 June/2 August  Home of the Brave - Directed by Laurie Anderson - Film
5 July/26 July Technology - Art - Pop: Lecture by Dr. Gerhard Blechinger

CLOSING EVENTS - Saturday 15 August 1998

17 PM	Test Patterns: Video Works from New York presented by Perry Hoberman
20 PM	Artist's Conversation in the Night Cafe: Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter
Schwarz in conversation with Perry Hoberman

ONLINE PROJECT opening 29 May 1998
Cathartic User Interface Worldwide
go to: http://www.zkm.de/hoberman/

ZKM / Media Museum		Wednesday-Saturday 12 AM - 8 PM
Lorenzstr. 19			Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM
76135 Karlsruhe, Germany 		Monday/Tuesday closed
Tel. 0721-8100 1200		admission 10 / 5 DM
=46ax. 0721-8100 1139		http://www.zkm.de/

Unexpected Obstacles is produced by ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany
and Galleria Otso, Espoo, Finland

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