#063 Mar 1998


#63 March 1998

		ISEA,  P.O. Box 508, Succ. Desjardins,
		Montreal (Qc), H5B 1B6, CANADA

		Phone: (514) 281-6543, Fax: (514) 281-6728
		Email: isea@sat.qc.ca
		URL: http://www.sat.qc.ca/isea

ISEA Board Members: Peter Beyls, Janice Cheddie, Amanda McDonald Crowley,
Tapio Makela, Alain Mongeau, Simon Penny, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Patricia
Search, Wim van der Plas. Ex-officio Board members: Shawn Decker (ISEA97),
John Hyatt (ISEA98), John Brady (ISEA98)
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With timid first signs of spring in Montreal, the ISEA HQ is steadily
picking up its cruising speed. As of the month of February, the Montreal
ISEA HQ has a staff of 5, most of which are part time:

Alain Mongeau - Director
Maria Stukoff - International Liaison Officer
Isabelle Painchaud - Information Officer
Eva Quintas - Development Officer
Valerie Jodoin - Online Projects Officer

These days, the HQ is concentrating on the following tasks:
-Preparation of ISEA affairs for the 9th International Symposium on
Electronic Arts that will take place in September at Liverpool/Manchester
-Definition of an ISEA related event in Brazil for 1999, in collaboration
with the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAiiA - UK)
and the ITAU Cultural Center in Sao Paolo
-Assistance to symposium bids for ISEA2000, by Paris and Milan
-Launching of the activities of the ISEA International Advisory Committee
(IIAC), co-chaired by Roger Malina and Amanda McDonald-Crowley
-Launching of the activities of the ISEA Diversity Committee, chaired by
Cynthia Beth Rubin

ISEA98 will be the ground for the first ISEA General Meeting ever held. The
current ISEA Board will be dissolved and a new Board will be elected. The
procedures for the elections will be communicated to all members in the
April Newsletter.

The deadline to submit a bid for hosting the ISEA99 symposium was last
December. The ISEA HQ in Montreal didn't receive any official bid. We think
it is mainly due to the fact that moving the HQ from Rotterdam to Montreal
created a gap in ISEA's leadership. However, ISEA is currently examining
the possibility of an involvement in an event that would take place in
Brazil, co-sponsored with ITAU and CAiiA. The nature and the scope of the
event have not been agreed upon yet.  A meeting between representatives of
the 3 parties is due in early April.  Details of the whole issue will be
released as soon as they are defined.

In February, Alain Mongeau met with Nils Aziosmanoff, from ART3000, who is
preparing a bid for ISEA2000 Paris.  A few days later, a meeting with Maria
Grazia Mattei from MGM Communications also took place, in which she
confirmed her intention to submit a bid for ISEA2000 Milan. At the time of
these meetings, the deadline for the ISEA2000 bids was March 15th. However,
both requested an extension that has been granted. The deadline is now May
1st, 1998.

The by-laws of the IIAC (ISEA International Advisory Committee) have been
approved by the ISEA Board. You can read all about it in the ISEA NEWS
section of this Newsletter.
The composition of the Comittee needs to be approved by the Board, as the
recommendation have been made by the co-chairs. We'll keep you posted of
the development.

You have received last week a message inviting you to participate to the
Cultural Diversity Committee, many of you responded and we thank you for
your participation. The commitee will launch its activities in the next
couple of weeks.

Feel free to send us your comments, feedback, proposals...




To assist in the development of ISEA, the ISEA Board decided to establish
an ISEA International Advisory Committee, known as the IIAC.
The IIAC brings together of group international experts to advise on issues
related to the impact of art and technology in a culturally and socially
diverse community.

The Board's objectives is to conciliate these inputs to assist ISEA's
activities on an international platform.
The following agendas are proposed by the acting IIAC chairs:

-The goals and priorities of ISEA
-The projects and programs of ISEA
-The operating methods of ISEA

The IIAC members will report to the co-chairs, namely Roger Malina and
Amanda McDonald Crowley, and are nominated and voted by the ISEA Board.


1.1 The purpose of the IIAC is to provide advice to the ISEA Board of
Directors on:
a) The goals and priorities of ISEA
b) The projects and programs of ISEA
c) The operating methods of ISEA

1.2 Products
The IIAC shall be responsible for developing formal a) Recommendations to
the Board for their consideration b) White papers, which are position
papers of ISEA, for approval by the Board. White papers once approved by
the Board shall be official positions of the ISEA organisation on issues of
importance to the ISEA membership

2.1 The IIAC shall be co-chaired by two members of ISEA to be appointed by
the ISEA Board for two year terms.

2.2 One co-chair shall be a member of the ISEA Board of Directors who will
be responsible for coordination between the Board and the IIAC

2.3 The other co-chair shall be an ISEA member not belonging to the Board

2.4 The two IIAC co-chairs shall be of different genders

2.5 The two IIAC co-chairs shall be from different continents of the world

2.6 The ISEA Chair shall name an ISEA staff member who will be responsible
for day to day operation of the IIAC and support the IIAC work

The two co-chairs and the staff member shall work as a steering committee
responsible for establishing the work plan of the IIAC

2.7 The co-chairs shall be authorized to appoint IIAC vice-chairs who will
chair IIAC Working Groups on specific topics

Working group chairs (IIAC VCs) must be ISEA members.

Working group members will be appointed by the VC, and these individuals
need not be ISEA members. A majority of the working group members must be
ISEA members.

3.1 Members
The IIAC co-chairs shall nominate individuals for membership to the IIAC to
the ISEA Board for approval.

There shall be no more than 20 named members.

Terms shall be two years.

3.2 Balance
The IIAC co-chairs shall endeavor to achieve a balance of views within the
IIAC representing not just the ISEA membership but the broader field of the
electronic arts.

The co-chairs will seek balance in the areas of a) Regional or geographic
origin of residence b) Disciplines (visual, sound, text, performance) c)
d) Artists employed by organisations and independent artists e) Artists and
professional in other fields (science, engineering, etc.) of relevance to
the electronic arts.

4.1 Functioning and operation of the IIAC shall primarily be on line. The
ISEA staff person shall maintain an up to date electronic list and manage
the IIAC web site or the ISEA web site.

4.2 Face to face meetings
The co-chairs of the IIAC shall from time to time call face to face
meetings of the IIAC. Such meetings shall be hosted at an ISEA's
organisational members facility, or the IIAC will seek to hold advisory
meetings during the ISEA Symposia and major events organised meetings by
ISEA organisational meetings All meetings of theIIAC will be open to the
ISEA membership.

4.3 Powers
The IIAC co-chairs will consult broadly and in an open-manner with the
membership of the IIAC on all matters. Whenever possible formal votes will
be taken on specific recommendations that are submitted to the ISEA Board.

4.4 Agenda Items
The IIAC will issue formal and written recommendations on agenda items
which may be requested by the ISEA Board or the IIAC co-chairs. All members
may propose agenda items to the IIAC co-chairs for discussion by the IIAC.

4.5 Working Groups
Working Groups are established by the IIAC co-chairs to address specific
topics or issues areas. Working Groups shall be required to have:
1) A written statement of the goal of the working group, and of projects
that the working group will provide.
2) A limited term which may not extend beyond the term of the co-chairs. 3)
A written list of members. Members of Working groups shall be nominated by
the chair of the working group subject to approval by the co-chairs.
Working group members do not have to be ISEA members.

4.6 White Papers
Working groups may develop position papers on organisational topics of
relevance to the membership of ISEA. Such position papers may be submitted
to the IIAC for discussion and endorsement. Any position paper receiving
more than 2/3 positive vote of the IIAC will be submitted to the ISEA Board
of Directors for approval and will become 'White Papers' which are official
statements of position of ISEA on issues and topics.

LEA Launches the New LEA Gallery

Leonardo Electronic Almanac announces the launching of its
newly-reconstructed Gallery with Carl DiSalvo's "Blinded.... as I stared
into the Heavens." This work is based on the work of Georges Bataille,
primarily on Bataille's notion of "The Impossible" - the indefinite reality
of actions taken to the extreme: sacrifice, pornography, death. DiSalvo
writes, "I began spending time with the writings of Bataille about the time
that I began engaging technology and was soon drawn into attempts to
represent not Bataille's work itself, but rather its meaning through this

The redesign of the LEA Gallery represents Phase II of the overall redesign
initiated by Patrick Maun. One of the main challenges faced is the
exploration of where the LEA Gallery fits into the larger picture of
web-based new media work. The gallery is conceived to be ever-changing --
adapting itself to both complement new projects and to offer a framework
for archiving older works. We need to hear from our visitors: if you have
comments, ideas or would like to propose a project for the gallery, please
contact curator Patrick Maun at

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