Extra Aug 1996

                        THE ISEA NEWSLETTER
                           EXTRA EDITION
Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Peter Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko
(US/Canada), Paul Brown (Australia), Annick Bureaud (France), Jurgen  Claus
(Germany), James Faure Walker (UK), Roger Malina (US), Rejane Spitz  (Brazil)
Lay-out: Rene Pare (Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth
Shostak. Honorary Member: Herbert W. Franke
               ISEA, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
                             Tel/fax 31-10-4778605, 
         Email: ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@XS4ALL.NL (Newsletter)   
                      WWW URL http://www.xs4all.nl/~isea

Our annual meeting at SIGGRAPH, the world's largest conference and exhibit
on computer graphics and interactive techniques, will take place:

Thursday, August 8
12.15 - 1.30
Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
Royal Golden Terrace Room
New Orleans, USA

-Announcements from the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
-News on final program of ISEA96 (Rotterdam, Holland)
-Plans for ISEA97 (Chicago, USA)
-Plans for ISEA98 (Liverpool/Manchester, UK)
-Proposals from ISEA99 host candidates (if available)
-Announcements from ISAST/LEONARDO
-Other Electronic Arts announcements

ISEA96, Rotterdam, Holland, September 16-20.
We are preparing a Newsletter, containing the complete program schedule of
the conference and the contents of the exhibition, electronic theater,
concerts and performances, a summary of the programs of R96 and DEAF , and
This Newsletter will be distributed at SIGGRAPH and airmailed to the ISEA96
mailing list. It will also be distributed via e-mail.
ISEA96 promises to be a huge success. Since the appearance of the Preliminary
Program, people from all over the World rush to register. On Monday and 
Tuesday,  Workshops & Tutorials will take place at the Rotterdam Music
Conservatory and other locations. From Wednesday to Friday the conference
takes place at the Rotterdam World Trade Center. On Wednesday evening the
Electronic Theater will be held, while both on Thursday and Friday evening
there will be a program of Concerts and Performances. At the WTC Congress
Center an electronic art exhibition will be staged, as well as further
exhibitions are held at the location of V2 and the Dutch Photography Institute. 
DEAF and R96 will stage lectures, performances and public events.
On behalf of R96 and DEAF, we like to point out that a number
of electronic art activities will take place directly *following* ISEA96. 
If you have a chance: stay longer!

Languages of Design
Two new issues of LoD have recently appeared. Regular ISEA Members have a
free subscription to this Journal. For reasons of convenience, the two
issues will be airmailed together.

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members
can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses mentioned in this
Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept),  Amsterdam University,
V2 Organisation,  Museum der Stad Gladbeck, The Council for the Int. Bienale
in Nagoya,  KITT Engineering,  Viking Eggeling-Salskapet,  Bratislava Academy
of Fine Arts & Design,  Softimage, Inc,  Lokman Productions, ARTCOM in
Deutschland e.V., Painatuskeskus Oy, Tallinn Art University, School of the 
Art Institute of Chicago, BSO Medialab, Koln Academy for Media Arts, Monitor
Information Systems, , Centre Georges Pompidou, Rotterdam Academy of Art & 
Design , ANAT, Moviola, ZKM.

End of Newsletter

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