#036 Dec 1994


                               THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                               #36, DECEMBER 1994

Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Fernando Araujo (Colombia), Peter
Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko (US/Canada), Paul Brown (Australia), Annick
Bureaud (France), Jurgen Claus (Germany), Pier Luigi Capucci (Italy),
Roger Malina (US), Ivan Pope (UK), Rejane Spitz (Brazil). Lay-out: Rene
Pare (Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth Shostak. 
ISEA, POB 8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tel/fax 31-10-4778605, 
Email: ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@SARA.NL (Newsletter)

Montreal, September 17-24, 1995

Since 1988, artists, researchers and educators from throughout the world
have gathered annually for the International Symposium on Electronic Art
(ISEA). They come together to make new contacts and to renew old ones, to
present their creative work and research, and to become up-to-date on the
latest developments in electronic art.

Montreal today is a metropolis where new art and technologies are
blossoming. Now is the time to invite the international community to
experience the special diversity and vitality of this city.

ISEA95_Montreal is preparing a multifaceted event, in collaboration with
several of the most creative artists and organizations in Montreal.

The central theme of ISEA95_Montreal is Emergent Senses/Sens emergents.
This event will focus on the new means of extending our senses through
electronic technology, including: new ways of combining our senses of
vision, touch, hearing, and smell; the emerging use of biological
metaphors and artificial life; the new relationship of artists to their
tools; the new processes of creation; the new links between
state-of-the-art industry and the art market, and among those who invent
new technology, the creative users of that technology, and the public.

We invite you to respond to this call for proposals by submitting projects
which engage or expand the theme Emergent Senses/Sens emergents.

ISEA95_Montreal has two centers of activity: the Conference and the

[A] Paper and Round Tables
[B] Poster Sessions
[C] Workshops
[D] Exhibitions of Visual and Media Art
[E] Music, Sound Art and Multimedia Performances
[F] Electronic Cinema presentations
[G] New Art Marketplace
[H] Emergent Senses' Cafe, Network Art and Other Special Projects

Sponsored by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (based in The
Netherlands) ISEA95_Montreal is a non-profit organization funded by the
Canadian Heritage Department, CITI. (Centre for Information Technology
Innovation - Industry Canada Department) and the CACUM (Conseil des
arts de la Communaute urbaine de Montreal).


The Conference is designed to encourage discussion and debates on the theme
of Emergent Senses/Sens emergents. There will be [A] Papers and Round Tables,
[B] Poster Sessions, and [C] Workshops.

[A] Papers and Round Tables
Reception Deadline: March 1, 1995
Maximum duration: 30 minutes
ISEA95_Montreal will group Papers by theme to form Panel sessions in order to
encourage discussion between the participants. The selected Papers should be
sent in two forms (printed and on diskette - Mac or DOS) and received by
ISEA95_Montreal no later than June 30, 1995; the proceedings will be
available at the beginning of the Conference. Those who want to organize a
panel discussion must contact 4 or 5 participants in advance, and insure that
they represent a wide range of tendencies. Submissions for "Papers and Round
Tables" must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and a 150-word abstract
+3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material form 
A curriculum vitae.

[B] Poster Sessions
Reception Deadline: March 1, 1995
Maximum duration: 20 minutes
These sessions are a privileged and informal opportunity to present and
discuss one's work with the participants. Submissions for "Poster Sessions"
must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and a 150-word abstract
+3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material form
A curriculum vitae
Any other pertinent documentation.

[C] Workshops
Reception Deadline: January 15, 1995
Duration: 1/2 day; 1 day
Artists, institutions and corporations are invited to propose workshops on
specific topics of their choice. Submissions for "Workshops" must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and a 150-word abstract
+3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material form
A curriculum vitae
A detailed description and the logistics of the workshop (including the fees,
the duration, the knowledge level of enrollees and the minimum and maximum
number of enrollees).

The Festival complements the Conference by presenting recent works of
electronic art. There will be [D] Exhibitions of Visual and Media Art, [E]
Music, Sound Art, and Multimedia Performances, [F] Electronic Cinema
screenings, [G] the New Art Marketplace, and [H] the Emergent Senses' Cafe,
Network Art, and Other Special Projects including an interactive television
event and, in collaboration with the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal,
the creation of new stage work.

[D] Exhibitions of Visual and Media Art
Reception Deadline: January 15, 1995
All works which demonstrate the creative use of electronic media will be
considered. ISEA95_Montreal is particularly interested in works that have not
been previously exhibited. Artists who want to propose work currently under
development must include examples of previous completed achievements in their
project description. Submissions for "Exhibitions of Visual and Media Art"
must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and a 150-word description
+3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material form
A curriculum vitae
A detailed description (technical list and a diagram of the space needed)
and/or any pertinent documentation (slides, photographs, videocassette,
audiocassetteI ).

[E] Music, Sound Art and Performances
in coproduction with ACREQ (Association pour la creation et la
recherche electroacoustiques du Quebec).
Reception Deadline: January 15, 1995
Artists who want to propose a sound work, a musical piece, a program of
pieces, a concert, or a performance are invited to present the following
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title, duration, and a 150-word
description +3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material
A curriculum vitae
A recording (audio or video) of the project
A detailed description of technical (stage size, sound equipment, lightning,
electricityI ) and all other material needs (accessories, dressing room,
setup timeI )
A list of performers/technicians required for the performance.

[F] Electronic Cinema
in coproduction with Images du futur and Champ libre.
Reception Deadline: April 24, 1995
All submitted works of computer animation and video using computer image
processing will be available for screening throughout ISEA95_Montreal. The
computer animation entries containing at least 60% of computer images will be
considered for the 9th International Computer Animation Competition,
organized by Images du futur/Cite des arts et des nouvelles technologies de
Montreal. The video entries using computer image processing will be also be
sent to the Manifestation internationale video et art electronique de
Montreal organized by Champ libre. Submissions to the "Electronic Cinema"
must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and duration +3-The
Technical Requirements form (the master tape format) +4-The Supporting
Material form
A curriculum vitae
A VHS version (PAL, NTSC, or SECAM) for jury preselection
Credits and any pertinent documentation.

[G] New Art Marketplace
Reception Deadline: June 1, 1995
A prototype for a new kind of arts and culture marketplace, the New Art
Marketplace will offer artists, publishers and producers the opportunity to
make their works and products available to the participants and public. At
once a bookstore, video center, art gallery, record, software and CD-ROM
store, multimedia demonstration center, the New Art Marketplace is the
perfect place to browse, discover, and purchase the avant-garde in electronic
art. People who would like to have their products put in the "New Art
Marketplace", on consignment, are invited to include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2- The title and a short description
of every product (the product format: CD-ROM, diskette, CD-Audio,
Videocassette, book, posterI ) +3-The Technical Requirements form (for
browsing) +4-The Supporting Material form
A first copy of every item (if available)
The retail price in Canadian dollars. Of that price will be deducted the
Quebec tax (6.5%), the Canadian tax (7%) and the New Art Marketplace's share

[H] Emergent Senses' Cafe, Network Art and Other Special Projects
Reception Deadline: January 15, 1995
The Emergent Senses' Cafe, the culmination of the Mosaic site launched in
January, 95, will be the heart of ISEA95_Montreal. It will serve as a meeting
point, will house mailboxes for registered participants to leave and get
messages, and will be the location to pick up Conference and Festival
updates. It will also include an electronic loundge with screening and
listening booths, multimedia exploration stations, and network access points.
Proposals for projects which will stimulate activity in this space are
welcome. Special Projects which do not fit in any of the previous categories
are also eligible here. Submissions to the "Emergent Senses' Cafe, Network
Art and Other Special Projects" must include:
1-The signed Call for proposals' Form +2-The title and a 150-word description
+3-The Technical Requirements form +4-The Supporting Material form
A curriculum vitae
A detailed description of the project with any pertinent documentation.

All proposals may be submitted in English or in French. If possible, in order
to allow for a wider dispersal of information (in print and electronically),
please include your abstract or short description in both languages.

Proposals must be received at the latest by the following dates:

January 15, 1995
Exhibitions of Visual and Media Art
Music, Sound Art and Multimedia Performances
Emergent Senses' Cafe, Network Art and Other Special Projects.

March 1, 1995
Papers and Round Tables, Poster Sessions.

April 24, 1995
Electronic Cinema.

June 1, 1995
New Art Marketplace.


307, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest #310, Montreal, QC, Canada H2X 2A3

Telephone:           1-514-990-0229
Fax:                 1-514-842-7459
Email:               isea95@er.uqam.ca
ftp anonymous:       isea95.com.uqam.ca
URL (Mosaic, Lynx):  http://isea95.com.uqam.ca


* As part of the Centennial Celebration of the Biennale Visual Arts 
Exhibition, the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice is hosting a symposium 
on June 8, 1995, entitled < Art and Technology: Creativity and Its Methods >.  

* The symposium will focus on the influence of advanced technology -- such as
virtual reality, interactive television, and other high-tech forms -- on the
creative process, and will represent the perspective of artists,  critics,
philosophers, and scientific and business leaders from technological fields. 
The panel will consist of internationally renowned figures, most of whom will
already be in Venice at the invitation of the Biennale.  

* The symposium will receive international coverage from the world's major 
media sources.  Live, interactive broadcasting of the symposium via the 
Internet and satellite is also envisioned.  

* The space of the theater itself will be transformed by artists working 
within technological media.  The outcome will be a CD-ROM that can be 
marketed and sold.  

To make this event a success, the Associazione Fondamenta Nuove is presently 
seeking financial support or commercial sponsors to help fund the symposium;
artists working within technological media to recast the theater space; and
interns interested in spending time in Italy to help with general


Enrica Abbate, Director, Associazione Fondamenta Nuove
Cannaregio 5013, 30131 Venice, Italy
Tel:  39-(0)-41-522-4498, Fax: 39-(0)-41-523-1988, E-mail: davis@unive.it  


The Leonardo WWW site announces a new service: The Collaboration Meeting
Rooms.  A primary purpose of the Leonardo WWW site is to foster collaboration
between individuals and organisations on projects which seek to build links
between the arts, sciences and technology in an international context.

The Collaboration Meeting Rooms provides a mechanism for interested
individuals and organisations to find collaborators with specific skills,
experience or interests. Projects seeking collaborators can post requests for
collaborators, persons interested in collaborating can contact project

Current collaborations posted include the Solart Global Network ( artists
working with solar energy or other renewable resources) and the
Leonardo-Prometheus Collaboration which seeks to make visible the work of
technological artists in Eastern Europe, and republics of the Former Soviet

The Leonardo WWW Collaboration Meeting Rooms are accessible on the Leonardo
Electronic Members Forum on:



Time-based Computer Artist
Assistant/Associate Professor, tenure track. Starts August 17, 1994. Salary
commens w/ qualifications & experience. MFA or equivalent, extensive
background in computer animation, and strong exhibition record required.
Previous University teaching experience, interest in integrating computer
animation with film & video and experience with multi-media desired. 
Successful candidate will maintain an active exhibition record, teach courses
on all levels from foundation to graduate, and will participate in developing
recently established MFA program in Digital and Imaging Arts (digital media,
film, video, photography, art theory). Our teaching facilities include
Macintosh labs in addition to Silicon Graphics labs running Wavefront & 
Alias connected via Ethernet to an Amiga based real-time video input/output
system. For their own work, our faculty have 24 hour access to Imaging
Research Center whose facilities include ONYX and Reality Engine SGI
machines, Betacam SP video input/output, IRIS printer, over 50G disk space.
UMBC is a research university located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  
Aplication deadline January 10, 1995. Send cover letter, resume, tapes and
other visual material, 3 letters of reference, SASE to Prof. David Yager,
Computer Artist Search Committee, Visual Arts Department, Fine Arts 
Bldg. #111, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 21228.
AM-INT. UMBC is Affirmative/Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes
applications from minorities, woman, and disabled persons.

Interactive Multimedia/Computer-based Design.
Assistant Professor. $29,931-52,213. Tenure track. Start Sept. 1, 1995.
Qualifications include M.F.A. or equivalent, college teaching;
excellent design skills in screen and print media  design and experience
in multimedia design and production; strong exhibition  and/or
professional record of achievement. Teach undergrad. and grad. courses
in computer-based design, publishing and interactive multimedia,
develop a multimedia curriculum which includes design for the Internet,
and  participate in the publishing and design activities of The Robinson
Center for  Graphic Arts and Communication Design. Shared responsibility
for program administration and management, technical support, and
fundraising. Committee work; student advisement. Include letter of
application with teaching philosophy; CV; 20 slides of own and up to 20
slides of student work plus examples of multimedia projects on disk or
tape. SASE; names, addresses & phone numbers of 3 references.
Application deadline March 24,  1995. Affirmative Action; Equal
Opportunity Employer; Women and Minorities Encouraged to Apply. Send
application to: Prof. Elizabeth O'Connor, Chair, Art Depart., Convent
Avenue at 138th Street, NY, NY 10031.


Trimaran Arts Promotion sent us a catalogue of Infografia 94, held in Spain
in October. The (electronic art) program looks impressive. Infografia was
organized in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts. They also cooperated
with Ars Electronica, Imagina, ZKM (Karlsruhe) and other institutes. (Why not
with ISEA?) If you want to get hold of the catalogue or Trimaran's Artists
Catalogue, contact them at: Hortaleza, 54-4 B, 28004 Madrid, Spain, tel/fax

                             CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION
Roger Malina

Prix Ars Electronica has just announced - they are cancelling the computer
graphics category of the Prix and starting a new Prix for WWW sites.
The three categories this year are Interactive Art, Music and WWW sites
The deadline is in March for entries.
Contact Christine Schopf, fax: 43-732-6900-270


International exhibition of work by artists using CD-ROM, is proposed for
Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney, Australia in mid-1995.  Seeking
innovative presentations by artists using CD-ROM, of work in variety of
media (eg., photography, video, slide). Artists requested to submit work
for consideration; no original materials, please. Also interested in
receiving info about discs planned for completion by early 1995. 
Institutions and writers welcome to send info about works by artists using
CD-ROM that they consider to be of interest to curators.  Deadline for
submissions: Feb. 17. 
Send inquiries and material to: Mike Leggett; Artists' CD (ROM)
Exhibition, c/o Museum of Contemporary Art, PO Box R1286; Sydney 2000

Computer Art Festival, 
April 13 - 17  1995, Palazzo del Turismo, Riccione, ITALY.

Many artists, designers worked together to grow the interest in Bit.Movie,
that is now a keenly-awaited international event. 
For the last years Bit.Movie's task has been that of giving animators and
designers the opportunity to confront the creative tendencies, the ideas, the
innovating techniques, the new narrative forms born out of those digital
images created thanks to personal computers.

The past two editions of the contest show a constant increase of
participants: the total number of artworks arrived in '94 was 534, 129 more
compared with 405 in 1993. The athors were 226, 52 more compared with 174 in

Bit.Movie is an artistic event more and more known and appreciated on the
international scene, the more so because it has not commercial or lucrative
interests and is conceived expecially for the young and for those productions 
based on low cost systems. It presents the actual condition of the art
derived from the production of synthesis images, computer animation and
musical composition on personal computers.

Bit.Movie is organized by the Commune of Riccione in partnership with a non
profit association of fans of computer graphics and multimedia. In the
seventh edition Bit.Movie had the sponsorship of the Commission of European 
Economic Community, through the programme "Kaleidoscope", which is intent to
promote a better access of the public to knowledge and the diffusion of
culture between the european countries, and the artistic, cultural and
professional cooperation.

Join us! Participate in a session which suits your interests and become a
part of the eclectic network of people who are providing the Bit.Movie public
with the most exciting emotions. 

Carlo Mainardi
Chairman of the Bit.Movie program.

Do you want to get the contest rules and entry forms of Bit.Movie 95 ? 
you will need to ftp to:     cnuce-arch.cnr.it    and download the file:
If you do not have ftp access, just send us a request via email, and we can
send a copy to you. Mail a request to:  bitmovie@mclink.it

If you can read files in ZIP mode, specify it in your request and we shall
mail to you the uuencoded copy of the contest rules compressed in ZIP mode,
otherwise we shall mail to you the file in TXT format splitted in part 1 and
part 2.

Be fast! The deadline for entries is 31st January 1995
Free catalogue and videotape of Bit.Movie '95 for every selected author. And
$$$ for the winners!!

In case you want to receive via postal service the printed brochure with the
competition rules and entry forms, you should mail a request to the Press
Department:  Bit.Movie 95, Via Bologna, 13,  47036 Riccione, Italy.
Add $2 for shipping charges.

February 9 - 19  1995, Berlin, Germany.
Artists and creative producers working with interactive multimedia are
invited to submit works for consideration for inclusion in the multimedia
program of the 1995 Berlin Videofest.
Deadline 31 January 1995
Submissions or statements of interest should be sent to:
Videofest 95, Mediopolis, Potsdamerstr.96, 10785, Berlin, Germany
Tel: 49-30-2628714, Fax: 49-30-2628713, Email: vf-info@cintrib.de
or direct to Simon Biggs, Email: simon@babar.demon.co.uk


Submit your latest work in computer animation by January 28, 1995. Selected
films will be shown on public screening. Several awards including the Award
of the City of Geneva will be decerned by an international panel of judges.
Films should be submitted in video preferably UMATIC (PAL or NTSC). Please
include film credits and complete description of the work.
Send films and requests for information to:  
Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, MIRALab, CUI, 24 rue du General-Dufour,
CH-1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland.
Tel:  41-22-705-7769, Fax: 41-22-320-2927, Email: thalmann@cui.unige.ch


Expected in the Montevideo Gallery, Spuistraat 104, Amsterdam, Holland:
January: Marc Burkett/Thomas Mohr
February: Peter Bogers
March: Fiona Tan
April: Woody Vasulka (workshop)


January 4 - 7  1995, San Francisco, USA
Info: Tel: 1-617-361-2001, fax 3389

January 13 - 16  1995, Cannes, France
Info: 1-212-689-4220, fax 4348

January 25 - 27  1995,  London, UK.
Info: Tel: 44-81-9439700

January 25 - 27  1995,  The Hague, Holland
The Royal Academy of The Hague presents Lumenex (Luigi's New Media
Extravaganza), by students video design.
Performances, Video's, 3-D computer animation, Symposium (in Dutch). 
Info: Lumenex (or PR person Rob Verhoeven), Tarwekamp 3, 2592 XG 
The Hague, Holland. Tel: 31-70-3643835, Fax: 3819520.

February 1 - 3  1995, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Info: tel 33-93-159394, fax 159395, email: lydia@imagina.ina.fr

February 7 - 9  1995, San Francisco, USA
Info: tel 1-203-8405322, fax 8409670

April 1995 , Bogota, Colombia.
Directed by Cecilia Casas.
Inquiries can be made to : Cra 9 74-99 Bogota, Colombia.
Tel: 57-1-2484969, Fax : 571-2484969

June 18 - 21  1995, Graz, Austria
World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
Papers, short papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, demonstration, posters
Info: ED-MEDIA 95/AACE, P.O. Box 2966, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA.
Tel: 1-804-973-3987, Fax: 1-804-9787449, E-mail: AACE@Virginia.Edu

June 20 - 24  1995, Linz, Austria
Theme: Mythos Information; Welcome to the Net Worlds.
"Ars Electronica 95 will ask critical questions to dogmas and myths of
postmodern information society".
Info: Brucknerhaus, Untere Donaulande 7, A-4010 Linz, Austria
Tel: 43-732-7612244, Fax: 7612350

September 17 - 24  1995, Montreal, Canada.
Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art
Info: ISEA 95, 307 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Bureau 515B, Montreal, Quebec,
Canada. Tel: 1-514-990-0229, Fax: 1-514-842-7459, Email: ISEA95@ER.UQAM.CA

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members
can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses mentioned in this
Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept),   Amsterdam University,
V2 Organisation,  YLEM,  ISAST,  Renderstar Technology, Media Research, 
Museum der Stad Gladbeck,  Corel Corporation,  The Council for the Int.
Bienale in Nagoya,  CSL Computers,  Viking Eggeling-Salskapet,  Bratislava
Academy of Fine Arts & Design,  Softimage Inc,  Lokman Productions, 
ARTCOM in DEUTSCHLAND e.V., Tampere School of Art & Communications, Nordiska
End of Newsletter

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