#021 Sep 1993


                             THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                            # 21, SEPTEMBER 1993

Editors: Dirk Boon, Wim van der Plas (Holland). Correspondents: Yoshiyuki
Abe (Japan), Ray Archee (Australia), Peter Beyls (Belgium), Leslie Bishko
(US), Paul Brown (US), Annick Bureaud (France), Jurgen Claus (Germany),
Roger Malina (US), Ivan Pope (UK), Rejane Spitz (Brazil). Lay-out: Rene
Pare (Grafico de Poost). Text editors: Ray Archee, Seth Shostak. ISEA, POB
8656, 3009 AR Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Tel 31-10-2020850, 31-79-612930,
Fax 31-79-611737. Email ISEA@MBR.FRG.EUR.NL (Board) or ISEA@SARA.NL


     Although the Inter-Society was founded in the summer of 1990, it took
until the beginning of 1992 before it became active with the appearance of
this newsletter. Since January 1992, this Newsletter has appeared every

     The founders had organized the First and Second International
SymposIA on Electronic Art before that time - serving to establish the
the founding of the Inter-Society. The Inter-Society is meant to be a
communication structure for artists, scientists and technologists who are
interested in electronic art. As one of its main activities, the Inter-
Society continues to coordinate the organisation of the International

     The ISEA symposia have been very succesful, gaining world-wide
recognition as the most serious annual electronic art event.
The Inter-Society does not automatically profit from this. After all, the
Inter-Society had to start from scratch, has no financial back-up and
needs membership fees and volunteer work in order to survive.
The Inter-Society has its Newsletter to offer, can give help in
individual cases, and offers a discount for the member-attendees of the

     All things considered ISEA is not doing so badly. In this period,
from January 1992 until now, several hundreds of members have signed up
from 29 different countries. That is you, readers of this Newsletter:
consider yourselves pioneers. The aim of the Inter-Society is to get
10.000 members within the next few years. It must be possible. The Fourth
International Symposium on Electronic Art in November is supposed to be a
break through. We will seek closer cooperation with SiGGraph and the
International Computer Music Association. One can clearly see what the
actions by one or two active individuals can do: see Brasil and also
Japan. We will inform you of our strategy. We welcome your suggestions.


WESTERN EUROPE             NORTH AMERICA                 ASIA
The Netherlands   23.5     USA             21.5          Australia  7.0
Germany            8.0     Canada           4.0          Japan      3.5
France             3.0                                   Indonesia  0.5
Austria            2.5     SOUTH AMERICA                 India      0.5
Belgium            2.0     Brazil          11.0
Italia             1.5     Colombia         0.5
Switzerland        1.5     Bolivia          0.5
UK                 1.5
Spain              1.0     EASTERN EUROPE
Portugal           1.0     Slovakia         1.5
Norway             1.0     Bulgaria         0.5
Greece             0.5     Hungary          0.5
Finland            0.5     Poland           0.5
Denmark            0.5     Russia           0.5
Sweden             0.5     Czech Republic   0.5


     YLEM is a thriving organization of artists and art lovers who look to
science and technology for ideas and inspiration. That particulary means
artists who work with video, ionized gases, computers, lasers, holograms,
robotics and other new media. It also includes artists who use traditional
media in new ways. YLEM helps keep members informed of opportunities to
show their work in upcoming exhibits, competitions, conferences, etc.
It also brings members' work directly to the public through its own
publications, events and exhibits.
     Diverse techno-aesthetic interests are demonstrated every other month
at the YLEM Forums. They include presentations by practicing scientists
who appreciate the aesthetic values within their disciplines, and artists
who enjoy the science and technology that underly art.
     YLEMS's feature annual publication is the Directory of Artists Using
Science and Technology. This is a directory of the over two hundred
current members of YLEM. YLEM also publishes a montly newsletter that
features short articles about and by members on the tech-art scene.
YLEM, Box 749, Orinda, CA 94563, USA

                           CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION

FUTURA is a new festival which will occur yearly in Crest, France. The
first edition will be from May 21st to May 29th 1994. FUTURA deals with
acousmatic art. Acousmatic art is sound art producing sound works on tapes
or digital recordings and "played" on loud-speakers. FUTURA will propose
concerts, sound installtions, lectures and a competition.

Composers interested by the competition should send :
- copy of their work(s) (on tape 6,35 mm - 38 cm/s or DAT)
- note on the work(s) submitted
- biography
- complete list of their acousmatic works with dates and length before
OCTOBER 31st 1993 to :
Les Taillas
26400 Crest - France


September 12 - 16  1994, Oslo, Norway.
At EG'94 we wish to highlight three major R&D topics and three application
areas. These are: Visualization, Graphical interaction, Algorithms in
Computer Aided Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Multimedia

Papers on any topics related to computer-graphics are invited, and those
who address the above themes will be especially welcome. Other topics
include (but are not limited to):

Graphics hardware, Parallell and distributed graphics, Computational
geometry, Computer animation, Solid modelling,Curve and surface modelling,
Data compression, Distributed graphics, Graphics standards and packages,
Physically based modelling, Fundamental algorithms, Page description
languages, Document processing, Image processing, Geometric reasoning,
Object oriented graphics, Real-time graphics, Computer vision, Desktop
publishing, Volume rendering, Graphics software architecture, Human
factors, Virtual reality, Visual programming, Graphical interaction
Graphics in education, Graphics in Arts, Colour theory and applications,
High quality image synthesis, Scientific visualization, Applications in
computer graphics

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished papers. These may
be research contributions or contributions based on experimental studies.
Authors must declare that their paper has not been submitted to any other
conference or journal and must be prepared to present their paper of the
conference, if it is accepted. Papers must be written in English and the
presentation must also be given in English. Accepted papers will be
published in the Conference Proceedings, which will be a special issue of
the international journal Computer Graphics Forum.

The first page of a paper must include the title, names of the authors and
their affiliations, address, an abstract of 250 words maximum, and a list
of keywords indicating the principal content of the paper. A paper should
not exceed 5000 words in length and should include copies of illustrations
and photographs as refered to in the text. To submit a paper, send five
copies of the full paper to the Conference Secretariat, to arrive not
later than 10 January 1994. The paper should be accompanied by a cover
page containing the name, address, telephone, fax and electronic mail
address of the author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Authors
will be notified of acceptance or rejection by 11 March 1994 and a
final, camera-ready copy will be due by 11 April 1994.

An International Jury will select the three best papers presented at the
conference and will award prizes to the authors.The best overall paper
will receive the Gunter Enderle Award which carries a cash prize of 1000
Swiss Francs.

Submissions are invited to two competitions, one for 35 mm computer
generated slides and one for computer-generated videos.
Each participant may submit up to five contributions to each of the slide
and video competitions.The contributions for both the slide and video
competitions will be judged in the following categories:
  1) Technology, science, and architecture
  2) Advertising, art, and presentation graphics
  3) Visualisation of geographical and environmental data.
The deadline for submission to both competitions is 31 May, 1994.

Submissions are invited for relevant videos to be included in the daily
state-of-the-art video show. Any relevant computer generated video se-
quence will be welcomed to this section. The deadline for submission is 31
May, 1994. Video tapes must be submitted in either U-matic, VHS, or S-VHS
format. Even though both PAL and NTSC encoding are accepted, PAL is
preferred. A fact sheet and a brief description of the work must accompany
the submission. All items (videos and slides) must be properly marked with
name, affiliation and address  of author.

Tutorials will be designated as entry-level, medium or advanced,to cover a
wide range of experience and skills. Tutorials will last for approximately
five hours and notes will be provided

Preliminary list of topics: Computer animation, Broadcast commercials,
PEX, OpenGl, Fractals, Object oriented computer graphics, Graphics Equip-
ment (Hardware and Software), Paint and image processing systems-tools for
the artist, Photorealistic image generation, User interface design,
Virtual reality, Visual communication and multimedia, Visualisation in
Scientific Computing-tools and techniques


Deadline for Papers                     10 January 1994
Notification of Acceptance              11 March 1994
Final Camera-Ready Copy                 11 April 1994
Slide & Video Competition Deadline      31 May 1994
State of the Art Videos                 31 May 1994

Info: EG'94, P.O. Box 124, Blindern, N-0314 Oslo, Norway.
Tel: 47-22-067300 (main switchboard) or 47-22-067654 (Secretariat),
Fax: 47-22-067350, Email: eg94@si.sintef.no



A selection of 13 papers delivered at the Third International Symposium
on Electronic Art has been published in the August issue of Media
Information Australia. The collection, entitled "Art & Cyberculture",
brings together a range of critical essays and approaches to the
discussion and analysis of emerging forms of new electronic media.
Following one thread of the many questions raised at the Symposium, this
140 page publication focuses on the ways artists and critics are
responding to the globalisation of culture that tends to come with the
introduction of new electronic forms.

Papers include:

"Lust & Wanderlust", Nancy Paterson
"Interactivity Means Interpassivity", Mona Sarkis
"Virtual Bodybuilding", Simon Penny
"Cultural Maintenance & Change", Beverly Jones
"A Computer Controlled Marionette for Out of Body Theatre", Jennifer Hall
"Will it take Sanctions Against Australia to Get Us Into the Black?"
Marshall Bell
"The Techno/Cultural Interface", David Tafler & Peter d'Agostino
"Computer Graphics as a Cross-Cultural Experience", Rejane Spitz
"Under Threat From the West? Thai Art & Culture" Helen Michaelsen
"The Rhythm & Structure of Multicultural Communication", Patricia Search
"Suck on This, Planet of Noise", McKenzie Wark
"Quoting & Appropriation: Whose Work Is It?", Cynthia Beth Rubin
Diagnosing the Computer User", Norie Neumark

To order a copy, send $AUD15 to:
Irene Gabrielle
Direct Sales
PO Box 126
North Ryde

or Tel: 61-2-8056454, Fax: 61-2-8871030 to order direct.

(Additional papers presented at TISEA and not included in this volume
will be made available in a separate publication by November 93. For
further information contact Ross Harley (r.harley@unsw.edu.au) or
Wim van der Plas (ISEA@MBR.FRG.eur.nl).)


an exhibition of computer-based art sponsored by Art Initiatives
at the New York Law School

Digital information and information processing is invading virtually every
aspect of contemporary life and this pervasive influence is making itself
felt in art as artists turn to the computer as a fine arts tool.
A diverse range of approaches to computer-based art will be presented by
Art Initiatives as part of their  *Visual Evidence* Series with the first
exhibition of the artists group PICTURE ELEMENT. This exhibition will open
Thursday, September 30th, 1993 at The New York Law School Student Center,
47 Worth Street. The opening reception will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The eight PICTURE ELEMENT artists use the computer as a fine arts tool,
taking the technology beyond its initial reason for being in industry,
commerce and the military to explore its impact on our lives. Diverse in
imagery, content and process, artists Steve Bradley, Clay Debevoise, Roz
Dimon, Rachel Gellman, Kenneth Sean Golden, Michi Itami, Leah Siegel and
Annette Weintraub variously begin with imagery, texts and materials in
divers forms and end with equally distinct output engaging all aspects
of the digital environment. Often using other tools and media in
conjunction with the computer, their work suggests an expanded field of
what the computer can mean for art.

Given The New York Law School as its site, this exhibition addresses
social structures like copyright issues raised by the nature of computers,
as well as personal perceptions induced by technological aspects of our
PICTURE ELEMENT: Visual Evidence-Exhibit C continues through November 28,
1993. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-10; Saturday-Sunday, 10-10.
Info: Gail Swithemban, Art Initiatives, Tel: 1-212-4064073 or Roz Dimon,
PICTURE ELEMENT, 1-212-6453608


Artistical Skills.
The project Interactive Woods is developed out of the enthusiasm of the
artist for nature and techonolgy. Both have great importance towards a
good functioning of the society and should be better connected with each
other. To be able to share these thoughts with a bigger audience we let
the audience react on such a combination of nature and technology.

Dutch Winner.
The project is one of the nine winning projects of an European competition
for young artists under 30 years and was selected out of 120 contributions
for exhibtion on the Biennial in Maastricht (Holland).

About the project and how it is realised.
In the middle of an area in th eowwds of max 25 by 25 meters a musical
piece is performed by a member of a woodwind quintet or an oboe-like
object. On the outside of this area there are boxes in trees which "play",
manipulated by a computer, the other members of the woodwind quintet. If
the public enters the area they trigger special devices. The more they
move to the middle of the area, the more devices will be triggered. This
is resulting in more and more activity of the woodwind-manipulated sounds
from the speakers on the borders of the area. When everybody in the area
stands still (to save nature we need combined action), the concert of
technology will stop and the concert of nature will begin. In   the best
situation it rins on solar energy.

Meant for whom, and place of performance.
Interactive Woods is a project aimed at a big audience. Preferably it
takes place in a wooden surrounding of 5 by 8 till 25 by 25 meters. It is
also very well possible to perform the project in a museum or another area
where trees can be configured with projectors and the project will
function automatically. A live concert performance of half an hour will be
part of the exhibition. The project is not bound to start and ending
times. Next performances: September 12, 1993, from 12.00 till 18.00 innn
Sonsbeek, Arnhem, Holland an October 12, European Cultural Unlimited '93
at the University of Nijmegen, Holland.

Han H. de Groot
Music Design,
Burg. Weertsstraat 25 II
6814 HL Arnhem, The Netherlands

September 23 - October 11 1993, Tokyo, Japan
"Perceptual Arena: Space Paradox Interactive Environment". Artist: Ulrike
Gabriel. From sept. 23 - oct. 11, 1993 at Hillside Plaza, Sarugaku-cho,
Shibuya, Tokyo. Info: Artlab, Tel: 81-3-5410-3611, Fax: 81-3-5410-3615

October 1 - 10  1993, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
"The Dissolving Body"
Info: V2 Organization, P.O. Box 1107, 5200 EA 's-Hertogenbosch, The
Netherlands. Tel: 31-73-137958, Fax: 31-73-122238

Ocober 5 - 8  1993, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Info: SIGDOC, The Univ. of Waterloo, 200 University Ave, Waterloo,
Ontario, canada, N2L 3G1. Tel: 1-519-8851211, Fax: 1-519-7251701
Email: sigdoc@watarts.uwaterloo.ca

October 8 - 9  1993, Biel, Switzerland
International Video Art Party. Info: VVV, PO Box 3607, CH-2500 Biel,
Switzerland. Tel: 41-32-228335, Fax: 41-32-233696

October 11 - 13 1993, New York, USA
Contact: Victor Harwood, Tel: 1-212-2264141, Fax: 1-212-2264983

October 12 - 14  1993, Wembley, London, UK.
Info: Lowndes Exhibition Organisers Limited, Newcombe Way, Orton South-
gate, Peterborough PE2 6UL, UK. Tel: 44-733-394304, Fax: 44-733-390042.

October 16 1993, Paris, France
Info: INA, Imagina, piece 3224, 4 Av. de l'Europe, 94366 Bry sur Marne
CBedex, France. Tel: 33-1-49832684, Fax: 33-1-49833185

October 25 - 26  1993, Red Lion Innnnnn, San Jose, CA, USA.
IEEE Symposium on Research Frontiers in Virtual Reality.
Info: Steve Bryson, MS T045-1, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field,
CA 94035, USA. Tel: 1-415-6044524, Email: bryson@nas.nasa.gov

October 29 - November 6 1993, Geneve, Switzerland.
International competition, art school programmes and world premieres.
Info: S.I.V., Saint-Gervais Geneve, 5 Rue du Temple, 1201 Geneve, Switzer-
land. Tel: 41-22-7322060, Fax: 41-22-7384215

November 2 - 4 1993, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
International exhibition and conference for tele- and datacommunnication.
Info: Amsterdam Rai, EuroComNet 93, PO Box 77777, NL-1070 MS, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands. Fax: 31-20-6464469

November 3 - 7  1993, Minneapolis, USA.
Theme "the art factor". Exhibitions include interactive,
sound/performance, electronic theater, networking, 2-D/3-D. Projects,
papers & panels on theory & practice. Participants: artists, musicians,
performers, scientists, arts critics, curators, educators, and others
interested in the use of electronics in the arts. Preliminary program &
Registration information available now.
Info: FISEA 93, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, 2501 Stevens Av S,
Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA.
Tel: 1-612-8743754, Fax: 1-612-8743732, Email: fisea93@mcad.edu

November 3 - 5  1993, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
6th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology.
Info: UIST93, 55 Walkers Brook Drive, Reading, MA 01867, USA.
Tel: 1-617-9422000, ext 2180, Fax: 1-617-9427100

November 4 - 10  1993, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Films, videos, installations, performances and other artistic manifes-
tations. Lectures on experimental film, experimental music and their
relationship. Art from East European countries and special-feature: media
art from the USA (normally not within the scope of this festival).  Info:
AVE, POB 307, 6800 AH Arnhem, Holland. Tel: 31-85-511300, Fax: 517681

November 9 - 12  1993, Singapore, Rep. of Singapore
The International Conf. on Multi-Media Modeling.
Info:  Ms Veronica Ho, MMM'93 Secretariat, Dept of Information Systems and
Comp. Sci., National Univ. of Singapore, Kent Ridge, Singapore.
Tel: 65-772 2730, Fax: 65-779 4580, Email: hosf@iscs.nus.sg

November 14 - 18  1993, Seattle, Washington, USA.
Info: Steven Poltrock, Boing Computer Services, P.O. Box 24346, MS 7L-64,
Seattle, WA 98124-0346, USA.
Tel: 1-206/865-3270, E-mail: ht93@atc.boing.com.

November 15 - 19  1993, Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA
Info: The Interface Group, Fax: 1-617-4992674

November 16 - 17  1993, London, UK
Europe's first international congress to address the requirement for the
document interoperability and how it can be achieved.
Info: Technology Appraisals Ltd., 82 Hampton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex,
TW2 5QS, UK. Tel: 44-81-8933986, Fax: 44-81-7441149

November 25 - 28  1993, Farnham, England, UK
The 1993 Animation Studies Conference of The Society for Animation Studies
will be held at West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham, England
from Thursday 25th November to Sunday 28th November 1993.
Info: Roger Noake, Animation Studies Conference, West Surrey College of
Art and Design, Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DS, UK.
Fax: 44-252-733869

December 1 - 3  1993, Vienna, Austria
International symposium on Virtual Reality and New Technologies in Com-
puter Simulation. Contact:
Hannes Davidek, Fax: 43-222-5265749, Email: christian.bauer@uibk.ac.at

December 2 - 3  1993, Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany
Contact:  Susanne Neubert, Univ. Karlsruhe,
Inst. fur Angewandte Informatik und  Formale Beschreibungsverfahren,
Postfach 6980, D W-7500 Karlsruhe 1, Germany. Tel: 49-721-6084751,
Fax: 49-721-693717, Email: neubert@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de

December 2 - 4  1993, Milan, Italy
The Colloquium on Musical Informatics is an international biennial meeting
of researchers in computer applications to music. The special topic of
this 10th edition is musical informatics and hypermedia systems.
Info: Comitato Organizzatore del X Colloquio di Informatica Musicale
c/o L.I.M. - Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale, Dipartimento di Scienze
dell'Informazione, Universita' degli Studi di Milano
via Comelico 35, I-20135 Milano, Italy.
Tel: 39-2-55006.338/.382, Fax: 39-2-55006.373,
E-mail: MacLim@hermes.mc.dsi.unimi.it

December 2 - 5  1993, Graz, Austria
Film and architecture - two artistic disciplines in which vision takes
form. International competition, forum and conference.
Info: Artimage, Katzianerstrasse 3, A-8010 Graz, Austria.
Tel: 43-316-829513/842487, Fax: 43-316-829511

December 6 - 10  1993, Hotel Alvor Praia, Alvor, Algarve,  Portugal
The First International Conference on Graphics Education and the Third
International Conference on Computational Graphics and Visualization
Organizer and Chairman : Harold P. Santo, Department of Civil Engineering,
IST - Advanced Technical Institute, Technical University of Lisbon
Av. Rovisco Pais 1, 1096 Lisboa Codex, Portugal.
Tel. + Fax: 351-1-848-2425, E-mail: d1663@beta.ist.utl.pt

December 7 - 9  1993, Olympia 2, London, UK.
Seventhteenth International Online Information Meeting.
Themes: Online and Internet, Mulimedia Solutions, VR, CD-ROM, New methods
of Information Delivery. Info: The Organizing Secretary, Learned Infor-
mation Ltd, Woodside, Hinksey Hill, Oxford, OX1 5AU, UK. Fax:44-865-736354

January 23 - 28, 1994, Perth, Australia
Topics: Education, training & public information, Industry applications &
contexts, Finding markets and niches, Creative design, Management &
marketing, Research & evaluation
Info: John W. Brown, Western Australia House, 115 Strand, London WC2R OAJ,
UK. Tel: 44-71-2402881, Fax: 2406637
or Promaco, Unit 9a Canning Bridge Commercial Centre, 890-892 Canning
Highway Applecross, Western Australia 6153. Tel 61-9-3648311, Fax: 3161453

February 21 - 25  1994, Darmstadt, Germany
Info: Erich J. Neuhold,  GMD-IPSI / T.H. Darmstadt, Dolivostrasse 15
P.O. Box 104326, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany.
Tel: 49-6151-869802, Fax: 49-6151-869818, Email: neuhold@darmstadt.gmd.de

April 13 -15  1994, Darmstadt, Germany.
EP94, the Conference on Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation and
Typography. For more info (or Call for Papers) contact ISEA or:
EP94 - GMD-IPSI, Dolivistr. 15, D-6100 Darmstadt, Germany.
Tel: 49-224114-2473, Fax: 49-224114-2618, E-mail: ep94@gmd.de

June 25 - 29  1994, Vancouver, Canada.
World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia.
Info: ED-MEDIA 94/AACE, P.O. Box 2966, Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA.
Tel: 1-804-973-3987,  Fax: 1-804-978-7449, E-mail: AACE@Virginia.Edu

The Inter-Society aims at joining a world-wide network of artists, scien-
tists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and
individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the
Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and
to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information
contact ISEA at the address on the front page.

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those
members can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses men-
tioned in this Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

Support: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Law Dept), Amsterdam University,
V2  Organisation,  Tell Productions,  YLEM,  ISAST,  Renderstar Tech-
nology,  Media Research,  Museum der Stad Gladbeck, Corel Corporation.
End of Newsletter