#006 Jun 1992

                             THE ISEA NEWSLETTER

                                # 6, JUNE 1992


Editorial                                         Wim van der Plas
Call for Submissions                              Jim Demmers
Elegba's Stratagem                                Wim van der Plas
Lasers                                            Jim Demmers
Computer Interactive Installation                 Sonya Rapoport
Differentiel(s) 92                                Paul Sermon
Invitation to artists working in new technologies Roger Malina
7th Congress International Color Association      Antal Nemcsis
Ars Technica Association                          Roger Malina


As you may have noticed, the Newsletter is improving. The new ISEA logo
and letterhead (in the hard copy version of this Newsletter) were created
by Dutch artist Geert-Jan Talens. Content is increasing. We hope to be
able to continue on this road. Our aim is to make the Newsletter into
something more than a calender of electronic art events. We want to
publish opinions, reviews, profiles etc as well.
Eventually, we hope to get a professional quarterly Journal on the Electr-
onic Arts off the ground (although we will continue publishing a monthly
Newsletter as well).

You are invited to send us:
- announcements
- profiles of studios, organizations, individual artists etc
- descriptions of projects
- reviews of books, festivals, events, exhibitions etc
- opinions, discussion pieces

Of course all of these only if relevant for the electronic arts.
We are looking for regular correspondents from the different European
countries and other parts of the world. Regular correspondents should
preferably have access to Electronic Mail, although a fax will do for
those countries that have no easy access to Email, like the East European
countries, Greece, etc.

ISEA has needed some time to get its activities started after the suc-
cessful First and Second International Symposia on Electronic Art (Utrecht
1988 and Groningen 1990). The train is picking up speed now though and you
are invited to join us actively. A first annual report is in preparation
and will soon be sent to all members. Enclosed will be information on
board elections and a financial report.
Wim van der Plas
ISEA Board

Jim Demmers

Perforations 4:  Shifting States - (un)certain observations of cities on
the verge.

Uncertainty defines the age in which we live.  As former systems of
perception and interpretation break down they are replaced by a shifting
and unstable state of being.  Transportation and communications tech-
nologies have radically altered the traditional symbiotic roles of ar-
chitecture and the city.  Architecture, long the static reenforcement of
the status quo and the arbiter of place, is in crisis.  The historic form
of the city is obsolete. Replacing it is a vital but discontinuous collec-
tion of infrastructure, technology, corporate imaging, and transportation
systems. Architecture has been relegated to a sort of packaging, an
imagemaking that is largely arbitrary and whose value as cultural artifice
is in question. _Perforations 4_ will examine the issues involved with the
new city, its social, technological, and political genesis, and its
implications for the future.

Submission is open to all media, including: drawings, text, Diskette
(subject to software and hardware availability), and video (for alternate
showing outside of publication).  Submission materials are not returnable.

Submission deadline is October 15, 1992.  All submissions should include
the author's name, address, and phone number (if available).

Address inquiries and submissions to:
Perforations 4, c/o Public Domain, P.O. Box 8899, Atlanta, Georgia,
30306-0899, U.S.A
Contact: David Hamilton, issue editor, Internet: pdomain@emory.edu

Wim van der Plas

ISEA organizes a lecture by Collis Davis, professor at the Ohio State
University Art Department, in cooperation with Time Based Arts, Amsterdam.
Collis Davis will tell about his interactive project, involving three
picture disks and a computer with speech recognition. The lecture takes
place :
Friday August 14, 20.15 hours.
Time Based Arts, Bloemgracht 121, Amsterdam, Holland.
More info will follow in the next issue of the ISEA newsletter.

Jim Demmers

I'm a holographer and I'm designing a laser sculpture to define a virtual
space above a installation structure. I'm in search mode for a source of
inexpensive (free?) low-wattage HeNe lasers (5 to 25 mW will do nicely).

Jim Demmers - Public Domain, Inc.
P.O. Box 8899,   Atlanta, GA  30306-0899, USA, jd21@prism.gatech.edu


Selected items from Fineart Forum, Volume 6 #6.
The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts contributes to Fineart Forum
and republishes the items on electronic art on behalf of its members.
FAF is published by the International Society for Art, Science and
Technology on behalf of The Art, Science and Technology Network.

Sonya Rapoport (actize@well.sf.ca.us)

Which portal do you enter to find your ka ?
Which choice of body part reveals your ancient double ?
Which declaration of innocence do you feel comfortable with ?

The answers will be found in Sonya Rapoport's computer interactive instal-
lation THE ANIMATED SOUL - GATEWAY TO YOUR KA at the Kuopio Museum in
Finland from June 4 to mid-September. The computer program was designed by
Kathryn Woods.

Paul Sermon

is an extensive international programme of exhibitions, workshops and
conferences covering artists' use of telecommunications, robotics and
artificial life organised by the research group CYPRES at the Ecole des
Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence, 5th - 17th July 1992. The workshops are
CONNECTIVITY (led by Roy Ascott, UK), BEHAVIOR (led by Gerald Heffernon,
USA) and ARTIFICIAL LIFE (led by Louis Bec, France).

You are invited to participate on-line to workshop CONNECTIVITY which will
run throughout the twelve day period. This will be:

- an international on-line project reflecting the rich range of connective
  media currently being employed by artists around the world - fax,
  e-mail, computer networking (image, text, sound) and ISDN

- an opportunity to build on extended 'interface environment' at a number
  of nodes in various countries, each one attempting to penetrate and
  embrace its immediate environment.

The project invites partners at nodes in various countries to develop
their own distinctive interface environments, and to feed an account of
these environments back into the network ...the aim is to create a fusion
of the "artificial" and the "real" ... to assert the reality of the
artificial so that the networks seamlessly flow in and out of the
locations that host their nodes, and to enable the distributed personality
of each on-line participant to move freely throughout the whole network.
Please send response to Paul Sermon, email : LQPSERMN@cms.am.rdg.ac.uk

Roger Malina

GRAM (Research Group on Media Art) is on the look out for files with a
view to producing a hypermedia on:
*electronic art * video * holographs * electronic music * * multimedia *
other art involving new technology ( laser, fax, satellites, etc).
The first edition will cover the 80's.  Other projects will document the
70's, 60's etc.  A future project will document the 90's.  Nothing will be
published without the written consent of the artist.
If you are interested in participating, please send us your file including
a CV, a brief summary of the technologies employed, slides, or video
tapes.  Please identify clearly each document.  Address files as follows
to arrive before August 1, 1992 to:
GRAM, Departement des Art Plastiques,
University du Quebec, CP 8888, Succ. A.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 3P8.
Please mention that you saw this announcement in the ISEA Newsletter.

Antal Nemcsis

Colour '93, 14-18 June 1993, Budapest, Hungary

The 7th Congress of the International Colour Association is being
organized by the Hungarian National Colour Committee.  The subject of the
conference include: coloured vision and the adaption of colours, colour
contrast, irradiation, invariance of colours, colour memory; colorimetry,
colour standardization, colour difference, fluorescence, colorimeters;
colour order systems; research into colour dynamics; applications of
colour in industry and colour design.  There will be lectures, a poster
session and an exhibition.  Papers must be submitted with three copies of
an abstract by August 1992.  For more information and send papers to:
Antal Nemcsics, Technical University of Budapest, Conference Office,
Building Z, Room 101/b, H1521 Budapest, Muegyetem rkp. 3-9, Hungary,
tel: 36-1-1852218.

Roger Malina

The Ars Technica Association (8 Bis Rue du Buisson Saint Louis, 75010
Paris, France) is planning an exhibition "Ars Technica Premiere" for the
fall of 1992 which follows on from their Arslab exhibit in Turin, Italy in
March of 1992.  Ars Technica also publishes an annual newsletter
describing the activities of the organization,  Membership is 200 FF.
The president of the organization is Piotr Kowalski.

                  (Thanks: Interface, Ohio State University)

June 22-27, Linz, Austria
Theme: Endo & Nano, the World from Within
Competitions, Exhibition, Performances, Panels
Tel 43-732-76120
ORF Studio
Tel 43-732-534810
Fax 43-732-53481270

July 22-26
10th World Festival of Animated Films
Info: Kneza Mislava
18 41000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel 38-41-446011, 446436, 446439
Fax 38-41-443022

Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques
July 26-31, Chicago, USA
Art & Design Show: July 27-31
Electronic Theatre: July 28-31
Papers/Panels: July 29-31
Info: ACM-Siggraph 92
POB 95316, Chicago, IL 60694-5316 USA
Tel 1-312-3216830

4th International Animation Festival
August 20-24
Info: Festival Office
4-17 Kako-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730 Japan
Tel 81-82-2450245
Fax 81-82-2450246

September 2-6 1992
Osnabruck Germany
Info: POB 1861, D-4500 Osnabruck, Germany
Tel 49-541-21658
Fax 49-541-28327

September 30 - October 4
Deadline for entries: July 17, 1992
Info: Ottawa 92 Animaytion Festival
c/o Canadian Film Institute
2 Daly Ave., Ottawa, Canada K1N 6E2
Tel 1-613-2326727
Fax 1-613-2326315

October 16-20, Toulouse, France
IVth International Trade Show on Creative Technologies
FAUST, Mairie de Toulouse
34, rue Pargaminieres
31000 Toulouse, France
Tel 33-61-214474 & 222300
Fax 33-61-298611

November 3-5 1992, Montreal Canada
3D Film, Video & TV, Stereo Computer Graphics & Animation,
Virtual Reality, Holography, Spatial Sound Systems, 3-D Multi
Media, 3D Theory & Research
Info: 3Dmt Center Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke Street, West Montreal, Canada H4B 1R6
Tel 1-514-8482539
Fax 1-514-8483492
Email hal@vax2.concordia.ca

November 9-13 1992
Sydney Australia
POB A307, Sydney South NSW 2000
Tel 61-2-3605607
Fax 61-2-3602943
Email anat@peg.pegasus.oz.au

                           CALLS FOR PARTICIPATION

30-minute art party on Century Cable, Los Angeles, seeks work
from visual artists in all media. Works with political, social,
religious subjects encouraged.
Submit 3/4" tapes (probably NTSC only) to:
Janathan X
Box 3898 Hollywood, CA 90078 USA
Tel 1-213-6650171

Seeking proposals for 92-93 exhibition season. Installations and
mixed media welcome. Artists receive small honoraria.
Info: Patricia Gardner
Photo-Four Gallery
South Suburban College
15800 S. State St., South Holland, IL 60473 USA

Regional program for student film and video, seeks works
(experimental, documentaries, animation, performance, activist)
by students. Send work and info to:
Unquote TV
c/o DUTV
33rd & hestnut Sts., Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA
Tel 1-215-8952927

Amiga computer work wanted for new public access series. Send
materials on 3,5" Amiga formatted disks, VHS or U-matic (probably
NTSC only), with descriptions to:
Tobe Carey
Willow Mixed Media
Box 194, Lenox Ave., Glenford, NY 12433, USA
Tel 1-914-6572914

ISEA distributes a hard copy version of this Newsletter in order to keep
its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those
members can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresses
mentioned in this Newsletter by contacting ISEA.

The Inter-Society aims at joining an already existing world-wide network
of artists, scientists and their institutes, making it easier for the
institutes and individual members to share expertise with each other.
The aims of the Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to
electronic art and to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For
membership information contact ISEA at the address below.

ISEA Newsletter #6, June 1992
Editors : Wim van der Plas, Dirk Boon
Correspondent :
- Japan:   Yoshiyuki Abe, Y.ABE@COMPMAIL.COM

ISEA, POB 60103, 9703 BC Groningen, Holland
Tel 31-50-425254, Fax 31-75-701906


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