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Candidates for the organization of FISEA 94


– The First International Symposium on Electronic Art (FISEA) took place

in 1988 in Utrecht, Holland. It was sponsored by the Foundation for   Creative Computer Applications and the Utrecht School of Arts.

– The Second International Symposium on Electronic Art (SISEA) took place   in 1990 in Groningen, Holland. It was sponsored by the Groningen   Polytechnic.

– The Third International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA) will be held   in Sydney, Australia in 1992, sponsored by the Australian Network for   Art & Technology (ANAT) and the Australian Film Commission.

– The Fourth symposium (FISEA 93) takes place in Minneapolis, USA, in   1993, and is sponsored by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.


The ISEA is looking for (preferably) European candidates for the organization of the Fifth International Symposium on Electronic Art (FISEA 94). There is already a candidate for this symposium in the U.S., but ISEA aims at having the symposia alternately in Europe and elsewhere. Preferably, the Fifth symposium (FISEA 94) takes place in Europe. The organizer must be able to raise the necessary funding by itself. ISEA will give all the assistance it can provide, but is not able to assist financially.


Potential candidates (non-european candidates too) can write to:


ISEA, POB 6013, 9703 BC Groningen, Holland

Phone: 31-50-425254

Fax  : 31-75-701906





10th World-wide Video Festival

April 7-12, 1992 11-01 hrs daily

Kijkhuis, The Hague, Holland

Admission Free

Address:  Noordeinde 140, 2514 GP Den Haag, The Netherlands

Phone: 31-70-3644805 Fax: 31-70-3614448



– Approx. 80 new video art productions (the makers are often present)

– Video Installations (by, among others, Alexander Hahn)

– Photo Exhibition

– Music Videos (featuring Dutch independent music videos,   ‘Industrial Techno Dance’ and Black Rappers)

– Lectures by (among others) Yoichiro Kawaguchi and Steven Partridge Preceding the festival there is an exhibition of three new video installations by Tony Oursler in the Kijkhuis. February 2 – March 15, Wednesday-Sunday, 13-17 hours. Selected items from Fineart Forum ,  Volume 6 #2 and Leonardo Electronic News, February 15, 1992


The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts contributes to Fineart Forum and republishes the items on electronic art on behalf of its members. FAF and LEN are published by the International Society for Art, Science and Technology on behalf of The Art, Science and Technology Network. ISEA distributes this Newsletter in order to keep its members, who have no access to Electronic Mail, informed. Those members can, if they desire, get in touch with the Email addresse mentioned in this newsletter by contacting ISEA.



Wim van der Plas

ISEA Announcements




TISEA, the Third International Symposium on Electronic Art, is      scheduled for 11-15 November 1992, in Sydney, Australia. The address:


PO Box 259

Paddington, NSW 2021, Australia

Phone : 61-2-3399555

Fax   : 61-2-3399506



The Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art will take place in 1993 in Minneapolis, USA. It will be called FISEA 93.  Responsible for the organization is Roman Verostko.

His address:

MPLS College of Art & Design

5535 Clinton Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA

Phone/fax    : 1-612-8223800 (private)

Phone College: 1-612-8743737

Fax College  : 1-612-8743704

Email        : FISEA93@MCAD.EDU




Nigel Netteim

Announcement of Conference


The Musicological Society of Australia is to hold its 15th National Conference in Sydney, October 7-11, 1992. I am convening a session entitled “Computer/Statistical Applications in Music Analysis”.  If you would like to present a paper in person, please contact me as soon as possible and well before 28th February 1992, indicating your intended topic. Unfortunately the Society has no funds to assist with travel or other expenses, so it is hoped that your institution would support your attendance.


Dr. Nigel Nettheim < nigel@cumulus.csd.unsw.oz.au >

204A Beecroft Road

Cheltenham NSW 2119


Phone  (612)-868-4005

Fax    (612)-313-7682


Francesco Giomi

Call for Participation – AI and Music





Context: The workshop will take place in the context of the 10th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-92)


Date: Monday, August 3, or Tuesday, August 4, 1992 – Main topic: REPRESENTATION OF MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE


The aims of the workshop are to discuss, in an informal way, current topics in research on Artificial Intelligence and Music, especially problems and approaches related to the representation of musical knowledge. This concerns both epistemological and methodological issues.

Possible topics include:

– foundational and epistemological aspects;

– abstraction and data structures;

– integration of symbolic and subsymbolic models;

– Implemented knowledge representation systems and languages;

– Intelligent human-computer interaction (Implications of AIM in multimedia systems etc.); The workshop will feature some papers presented in the form of talks, but the main stress will be put on discussions. There will also be some extended panel or round-table discussions with invited speakers on specific topics of interest.Researchers interested in participating in the workshop are invited to submit abstracts (one page) or full-length papers on completed or on-going research related to the above-mentioned topics. All submissions must be in triplicate. Submissions should be sent to the local workshop organizer (address see below). ECAI regulations require that participants register for the main ECAI-92 conference. For more information on ECAI-92, please contact the ECAI-92 conference office:

ADV  c/o ECAI 92

Trattnerhof 2

A-1010 Vienna


Phone: +43 – 1 – 5330913-74

Fax:   +43 – 1 – 5330913-77

Telex: 75311178 adv a

Email: ecai92@ai.univie.ac.at



Abstracts/papers due by                       : March 31, 1992

Notice of acceptance                          : May   15, 1992

Deadline for early ECAI registration (cheaper): June   1, 1992.


For more information about the workshop, please contact the workshop organizer. Please send abstracts/papers or any questions to the LOCAL WORKSHOP ORGANIZER:

Gerhard Widmer

Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Schottengasse 3

A-1010 Vienna


Phone : +43 – 222 – 53532810

Fax   : +43 – 222 – 630652

e-mail: gerhard@ai.univie.ac.at

Robert Trappl

Cybernetics and Systems Research



Eleventh European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research

Vienna, Austria

April 21 – 24, 1992

Eighteen symposia will be presented including Connectivism and Cognitive Processing, Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Telepresence, Virtual Environments and Interactive Fantasy and Impacts of Artificial Intelligence.

Contact: EMSCR, Osterreichische Studiengesellschaft fur Kybernetik, A-

1010 Wien 1, Schottengasse 3, Austria, tel: 43 1 53532810, fax: 43 1

630 652, email: sec%ai-vie.uucp@relay.eu.net



Roger Malina



Hyperculture: Virtual Presence in Complex Systems

Faculty of Art and Design

Gwent College of Higher Education

Caerleon, Wales

30 April – 4 May 1992


A conference designed to explore the cultural forms and attitudes emerging as a consequence of the impact of new technologies on art, architecture, science, philosophy, education and leisure.  The approach of the conference will be transdisciplinary, with the goal of developing strategies for creative thought and action within the new environment of computer-mediated systems and global communications networks.


For further information, contact; Sheila Hill, Faculty of Art and Design, Gwent College of Higher Education, Caerleon NP6 1XJ, Wales, tel: 44 0 467 20584 or 44 0 633 421292, fax: 44 0 467 25181.



Roger Malina

Computer Music Workshop June 22 – July 10. 1992


The Banff Computer Music Workshop is an intensive three-week workshop offered to composers, performers and other practitioners of computer music who have considerable prior experience with small computer systems. Participants will work with a faculty of distinguished artists in the field.  The workshop will consist of group seminar presentations on advanced computer music topics by both faculty and participants and individual faculty coaching as appropriate to each participant’s workshop project.  Each participant will have access to an individual workstation.

The application deadline is March 2, 1992.


The application must include a resume, two letters of recommendation, a project statement and a tape portfolio including examples of computer music or electroacoustic work.  The workshop is limited to 12 participants.  For further information, contact: The Banff Center for the Arts, Office of the Registrar, 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive, Box 1020, Banff, Alberta, Canada T0L 0C0, tel: 403 762 6180, fax: 403 762 76345, telex: Artsbanff 03-826657.


Eric Rauch

Computers and Music


International Meeting on Computer and Music, 30th of March to the 4th of April 1992.

Contact: Direccion de Musica del I.N.B.A.,Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas

No. 2, Piso 31, Torre Latinoamericana, Col. Centro, Mexico 06000, D.F.

FAX: 518-11-18




Roger Malina

New art and Technology lab


Professor Jenny Zinner, Head of the School of Art and Design, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia reports the launch of Pro-Tec Art, an in-house experimental art and technology laboratory at Monash University.  An exhibition of technologically-assisted works of art was held with works of Bashir Baraki, Isobel Clement, Gillian Dallwitz, Petra Ellis, Tim Jones, Andrew Hirle, Jean Knox, Dinae Mantzaris, Gerard Minogue and Fran Van Riemsdyk.



Yves Pilon

Poduction  92

Production 92, which consists of Festival International du Film par Ordinateur de Montreal (FIFOM), is scheduled for May 22, 1992 through May 31, 1992 and COMMUNICATIONS92, a symposium for professionals in the cultural and communications fields.  During last year’s festival, over 200 films were presented, of which 60 were in competition.  FIFOM 92 provides an opportunity for the public as well as for professionals to view the most recent computer graphic works produced throughout the world.  Screening will take place in a number of theaters.  FIFOM, in conjunction with Infographie Canada, will present the international symposium on computer graphics as part of the Production 92 line-up of events.  Sixty international experts will be on hand to lead the symposium conferences, seminars and workshops.  The deadline for entry is March 15, 1992.



Yves Pilon

1276, rue Amherst

Montreal Quebec, Canada H2L 3K8.



The Inter-Society aims at joining an already existing world-wide network of artists, scientists and their institutes, making it easier for the institutes and individual members to share expertise with each other. The aims of the Inter-Society are to promote a structured approach to electronic art and to help finance worthy electronic art projects. For membership information contact : ISEA, POB 60103, 9703 BC Groningen, NL.



2 February – 15 March 1992

Video Installations by Tony Oursler

Kijhuis, The Hague, Holland

Contact:  Noordeinde 140, 2514 GP Den Haag, The Netherlands,           tel: 31 70 3644805, fax: 31 70 3614448


01 March 1991

Deadline for application for video production grant The Canada Council Contact:  The Canada Council, 99 Metcalfe Street, P.O. Box 1047, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5V8, Canada, tel: 613 598 4350, fax: 613 598 4390.


01 March 1992

Deadline for registration for Third International Conference on Cyberspace, Montreal (conference dates: 29-30 May 1992)

Contact:  Allucquere Rosanne Stone, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0102, USA, tel: 619.534.0525, fax: 619.534.4753, email: virtual@cats.ucsc.edu


06 March 1992

Dalia Judowitz at Public Domain

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Contact:  Jim Demmers at pdomain@emory.edu or at



15 March 1992

Deadline for films for FIFOM – Festival International du Film par ordinateur de Montreal.  (festival dates: 29 – 31 May 1992)

Contact:  Yves Pilon, FIFOM, 1276, rue Amherst, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2L 3K8.


19-21 March 1992

Prints and the Main Stream: Paper Boat or Flag Ship?

Southern Graphics Council Meeting

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Contact:  Beauvais Lyons, Department of Art, 1715 Volunteer Blvd., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-2410, USA.


20 March 1992

Shirlene Holmes at Public Domain

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Contact:  Jim Demmers at pdomain@emory.edu or at



30 – 31 March 1992

IRCAM symposium “Musique, Creation et Television”

Contact: Marc Battier < Marc.Battier@ircam.fr >.


30 March – 4 April 1992

International Meeting on Computers and Music

Mexico City, Mexico

Contact:  Direccion de Musica del INBA, Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas #2, Piso 31, Torre Latinoamericana, Col. Centro, Mexico 06000, DF, fax: 518 11 18.

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