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ISEA International HQ call



ISEA International is calling for expressions of interest from organisations wishing to be considered for taking the role of Head Quarters (HQ) once the current Brighton University HQ stands down. Any arts, academic or other organisation is welcome to apply and it may be based in any country. Informal advice may be obtained from the current HQ Director, Sue Gollifer (S.C.Gollifer@brighton.ac.uk) and the Chair of ISEA’s Board, Ernest Edmonds (ernest@ernestedmonds.com).

Expressions of interest should cover the following points:

  • The organisation’s fit to
  • The reasons why the role is interesting to the
  • The contributions that the organisation would make to the operation of HQ. The expression of interest should be delivered to Ernest Edmonds by email no later than 30th July


ISEA International

ISEA International is a non-profit organisation that fosters interdisciplinary discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working across art, science, design and technology. The main activity is the annual international symposium, ISEA, which provides an international academic and cultural forum, including a wide array of exhibitions, presentations, performances, and public events. Committed to sustaining diversity of practices and practitioners, it takes place in a different country each year and serves as a cultural bridge between local and international artists and scholars.



ISEA International fosters and promotes high quality interdisciplinary creative practice, education. learning and research in art, science, design, the creative industries and emergent technologies through its nomadic, annual international symposia. Of paramount importance is to encourage and promote creative exchange between diverse groups and to acknowledge different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, practices and experiences that contribute to the advancement of the area. Equally important is to ensure a high standard of creative and academic contributions to each symposium and that these are archived and made available in a sustained, permanent way.




ISEA works within a dynamic and evolving framework that provides a structure within which its mission can be fulfilled. The components of the framework are:


  • An annual symposium about art and technology that takes place in a different country each year, selected by the Board from competing bids. Each symposium will:
    • present a blend of high quality academic theory and innovative quality art practice
    • ensure that the academic component is managed by an experienced conference chair and includes papers that are double blind peer-reviewed
    • publish or arrange to publish the material in a bona fide scholarly form
    • ensure that the exhibited work is documented in a sustainable way
    • seek to enable independent artists to attend ISEA
    • seek to enable students to attend ISEA
    • respect and encourage diversity
  • An archiving system that ensures that past and future contributions are publically available from an on-line
  • A symposium management system that provides continuity from year to year, assistance to conference organizers and a mechanism for passing on lessons learnt.
  • An executive HQ that manages the day-to-day implementation of ISEA International’s work as specified by the
  • A financial structure that supports the sustainable operation of ISEA



ISEA International will:

  • strive for high quality in all it undertakings by adopting the best symposium review, selection and presentation policies
  • ensure that the symposia archives are made available in a sustainable way by forming appropriate partnerships
  • provide continuity from symposium to symposium by developing a supportive information recording and exchange mechanism
  • construct a financial model that can support a sustainable operation of ISEA



ISEA is inclusive and encourages diversity

ISEA seeks to conduct transparent and ethical practices in all that it does ISEA supports collaboration and seeks to achieve strong partnerships ISEA embraces creativity and encourages innovation

ISEA values uniqueness and respects individual differences


HQ Role

The ISEA Head Quarters (HQ) will:

  1. be the primary public contact point for ISEA International; responding to queries and maintain the ISEA website, contact database and mailing list. It will keep the Board informed as
  2. solicit and advise potential Symposia hosts, act as their primary contact and advise the Board on short-listing and
  3. be the contact for all agreed Symposium organisers, ensuring good governance and that contractual obligations are met. It will advise hosts on all matters that bear on the quality of an ISEA Symposium, including physical facilities, selection and reviewing procedures, IPC selection, publication, copyright permission, publicity and promotion. HQ will ensure that the Board receives all reports due from these
  4. attend and support ISEA International Board meetings, including assisting with funding applications initiated by the


ISEA/HQ partnership

  1. ISEA International will provide an agreed annual payment to support travel, subsistence and other agreed expenses incurred in carrying out its duties.
  2. The HQ host organisation will contribute the time of the HQ Director, administrative and technical support together with the necessary overheads.
  3. The HQ host organisation may be able to offer digital archive storage for ISEA



ISEA International is a voluntary organisation with an impressive cultural outreach and academic impact, we expect the new HQ also to work in the same spirit.

ISEA International provides coverage for HQ costs up to a max. of 6750 Euro (incl VAT/TAX) and will support applications for additional funding as required.

It is expected that HQ will offer in-kind support, which could include office space and the time of staff, for example.


The starting date has to be agreed, but it is hoped that it will be within 2022.


Examples of HQ’s role in detail

  • Day to day answering emails, phone calls, disseminate ISEA information to the mailing list,
  • Making prospective site visits
  • Dealing with Copyright implications re publications and artistic
  • Reviewing work for Symposia on a procedural level
  • Organising meetings at the annual Symposium
  • Follow up questionnaire and final reports for .
  • Working with prospective Symposium host bidding teams, such as Conference Centres, Business Cities organisations and Academic
  • Organising meetings at the annual Symposium
  • Working with Board Sub-Committees
  • Provide administrative support to the Board’s Secretary
  • Manage and maintain the online work environment for the ISEA Board
  • Organising meetings at Symposium, such as the AGM, future Symposium host presentations and expressions of interest
  • Managing the expression of interest bid and review
  • Helping with future strategies
  • Support the transfer of knowledge and knowhow between
  • Support the use of standard templates for the review, ticketing
  • Build strategic networks and relationships regionally, nationally and
  • Communicate and engage with other similar organisations, such as DACS, New Media Caucus, ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM C&C, Leonardo, Ars Electronica, Lumen,
  • Be responsible for the hosting and timely maintenance of the ISEA website and the ISEA electronic archive as it is
  • Maintain a full physical archive and
  • Maintain and promote the ISEA


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ISEA’s (2022- Barcelona) a pre-conference in 2021 (10 June)

ISEA’s 2021 pre-conference will be held on 10th June 2021 in the framework of the Biennial of Science in Barcelona, focused on the topic of limits and in direct connection with ISEA 2022, focused on the topic of the possible.

It will consist of a virtual presentation of some of the contributions to be published in Artnodes Journal issue 28, on July 2021, followed next day by a roundtable discussion.

Pre-programme of the event

June 10th 2021

16 – 19 h (CEST) 10 – 15 minutes presentations and discussion. List of authors to be announced.

June 11th 2021

Roundtable (timetable to be announced)

Link to the streaming and options to participate will be posted in advance.

People interested in sending contributions please visit the specific call for papers.

Submission process

To submit an article, register an account on the Artnodes site and follow the submission instructions. You can review the author guidelines and submission checklist at https://artnodes.uoc.edu/about/submissions/

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CFP ISEA2022 Barcelona

Upcoming ISEA Symposium

27th The International Symposium on Electronic Art



Barcelona 10-16  June 2022

ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art, is one of the most important annual events worldwide dedicated to the crossroads where art, design, science, technology, and society meet.

The event has been held over 26 times all over the world, and after more than 10 since it last graced European soil, it touches down in Barcelona. With it comes an enthusiastic international and local community, ready to work together to develop this interdisciplinary field.

As it has travelled the globe over the years,ISEA has served as a meeting point for artists, scientists, technologists and theorists to share their research along with their latest prototypes, technological developments or artistic works linked to science and technology.


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CFN ACM SIGGRAPH2021 Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art.

CFN: ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art.

Polite reminder the  deadline of 1st January 2021 is fast approaching. So, time to submit your nominations for the award through the ACM SIGGRAPH website!

The Distinguished Artist Award is awarded annually to an artist who has created a substantial and important body of work that significantly advances the aesthetic content in the field of digital art.

Visit the URL listed below and click on Artist Award Chair. Please include as much information about your nominee as possible, including web links.

Distinguished Artist Award

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ISEA International Advisory Committee (IIAC) update

“The ISEA International BOARD would like to announce that Tanya Ravn Ag has been selected to serve as the new Chair of the ISEA International Advisory Committee (IIAC).

“Tanya Ravn Ag (Ph.D.) is a Danish curator and scholar examining perceptual experience, expanded reality, temporality, and technogenesis in relation to urban and virtual media aesthetic phenomena and art. She was a visiting fellow at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and is currently a postdoc researcher at the Center for Art as Forum, Institute of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. See http://www.tanyaravnag.net.

Tanya will work with the ISEA board and the IIAC on furthering the ISEA mission and overseeing the three IIAC subcommittees focusing on the future of ISEA, the ISEA archives and communication.

Congratulations, Tanya.

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ISEA2020 – Recap Video

To wrap up the great ISEA2020. They are sharing their  ISEA2020 Recap Video!
Also, good news, the symposium presentations have been archived and are now available on the Symposium platform for ISEA2020 Pass Holders
Last, but not the least, the Catalogue and Presentation Proceedings are now available on ISEA2020 website!
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ISEA2020 Workshops Registration: ONE WEEK LEFT!

Montreal, September 25th — With the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art just over two weeks away, ISEA2020 FULL PASS holders have only seven days left to sign up to our eye-opening and exhilarating hands-on/online workshops. The workshops are free for pass holders, but require registration and work on a first-come first-served basis. make sure you follow your heart, and quickly, before all the spots are filled up!
https://isea2020.isea-international.org/isea2020-online-program/Montreal, September 25th — With the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art just over two weeks away, ISEA2020 FULL PASS holders have only seven days left to sign up to our eye-opening and exhilarating hands-on/online workshops. The workshops are free for pass holders, but require registration and work on a first-come first-served basis. make sure you follow your heart, and quickly, before all the spots are filled up!
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Organised by the archives of:

  • SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show
  • Archive of Digital Art (ADA)
  • Ars Electronica
  • ISEA


final programme

October 16, 2020

All sessions via ISEA2020*) except

Break-out & Concluding sessions**)

Name of Presenter

Country (City) of Presenter


Clock (Montreal time)


8.00: 1 min intro

Melanie Swalwell

Australia (Melbourne)

Archiving Australian Media Arts: Towards a method and a national collection


Rodrigo Guzman Serrano

Hong Kong

A History of the Internet through MoMA’s Exhibition Sites. Web-Archiving Art Content at NYARC


Hava Alboudy


Archiving and Researching Media Art in Israel: Challenges, Innovative Solutions, and Potential International Collaborations


Vladlena Gromova

Russia (Saint Petersburg)

A Database of Interdisciplinary Art in Russia





Oliver Grau


Museum-Network Digital Arts: For a concerted Collection, Documentation and Conservation Strategy (Including intro to ADA)


Christina Radner


The Ars Electronica Archives


Bonnie Mitchell

USA (Ohio)

The SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archives


Wim van der Plas& Bonnie Mitchell


The ISEA Symposium Archives





Scott Rettberg


ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base


Camille Baker


Brief history of STARTS and STARTS related EU policy overview


Adam Lockhart


VR as a Preservation and Simulation Tool for Media Artwork Installations





Tadeus Mucelli

Brazil (Belo Horizonte)

Digital Art Festival, Biennial Of Digital Art and Labcult (UFMG/PPGCI)


Elisa Arca Jarque

Peru (Lima)

ePPA: Space/ Platform for Audiovisual preservation


Bertrand Gervais

Canada (Montreal)

Carving out a Path: Building Research and Knowledge environments (RKE) in a Digital Culture





Devon Mordell

Canada (Ontario)

Preservation Begins at Creation: An Embedded Digital Archivist Within the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts


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Montreal, September 1st, 2020 — Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique), host of the 26th edition of the International Symposium on Electronic Art, is thrilled to announce the complete official programme, with over 300 international speakers and artists from over 40 countries.

In our time of unprecedented upheaval, ISEA2020 and Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique) have developed the 2020 edition in response to the current circumstances and with their shared ethos—community, exchange, and technological innovation—at heart. The result is an entirely virtual interactive symposium accessible to anyone anywhere in the world; a symposium that truly inhabits the digital space.

From October 13 to the 18, participants will be able to actively engage in conferences, posters, artistic programme and workshops, and engage with speakers, artists and other attendees to foster the creative and professional dialogues and connections that are at the core of ISEA.

Photo © Clea T. Waite – Ice-Time: Immersive Cine-installation and Embodied Perception

Today, the theme of ISEA2020 – Why Sentience? – resonates more than ever. What does it mean to feel and to perceive during these unstable times? How do we foster connections across communities, generations, and borders through a screen? The value of our innate differences and the ways in which we come together is critical to our current survival and growth. The programme of the 26th edition of ISEA opens into reflection on the sociopolitical, environmental and technological modes of experience that allow breaking the distance as much as they mediate remote dialogue.


  • From 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (GMT-5) from October 13 to 16, the academic programme and talks — including keynote speakers, paper presentations, posters, institutional presentations, artist talks and workshops — will be entirely presented through an online platform by Swapcard, which allows networking and exchanges between registered participants during presentation sessions and throughout the duration of the symposium: • Three simultaneous broadcasting channels dedicated to the academic programme;
  • With the exception of the three keynote speakers and posters, presentations will be pre-recorded and broadcast to ensure the quality and fluidity of the programme. Each session will include live question-and-answer periods with the speakers and the session Chair.

HYBRID ARTISTIC PROGRAMME  The artistic programme presents a selection of 80 artworks by 105 local and international artists including installations, videos, VR pieces, web art, online performances, and interventions in the public space, which can be experienced on the ISEA2020 online platform and on a dedicated website. While we are aware that our proposed online solutions do not replace the real, embodied experience of the artworks, we hope the artistic programme can, in this way, enter a dialogue with the academic programme of the symposium.

While we do not encourage delegates to travel to Montreal specifically for ISEA2020, given that some social distancing and congregation restrictions were recently lifted, we have resumed collaborations with some partner organizations in Montreal. A small number of artworks by local artists will be exhibited at Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée and Maison de la culture Janine Sutto, and a programme of interventions will be presented in public spaces. These works will also be documented on the ISEA2020 Online platform and on the artistic programme website.


SPECIAL EVENTS NOT TO MISS! Delegates are also invited to special events, including the Summit on New Media Art Archiving, also to take place online on October 16, coordinated by representatives from the ISEA Symposium Online Archive, the Archive of Digital Art (ADA), the Ars Electronica Archive and the SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archive.

Composite #25 will take place on October 15, in collaboration with CREO. Six to eight artists, creators, and digital entrepreneurs will share their initiatives with professionals from various backgrounds and with the general public. This event is Free. Register to receive the link.


ISEA2020 Online stands for the creativity pavilion of MTL connect: Digital Week. There are two distinct virtual platforms for MTL Connect and ISEA2020, but delegates registered for ISEA2020 will have full access to both.


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